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    Wrighty - I’m afraid you’ve fallen into what is known as The Chinahand Vortex. It involves an informed, articulate, commentator attempting to engage in rational, reasoned discussion with PGW. The result is as inevitable as it is fruitless. The Chinahand Vortex.
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    I am going to buy this DVD and thank you so much Jonny Moss for telling us all. Can I just have one tiny little rant about Jonny Moss and I do not mean to be nasty (as it's Christmas etc) but listen to one of his interviews just to see if it's only me that hears him constantly butting in and interrupting answers to questions he has asked, no offence Jonny, just let the person being interviewed bloody finish answering you. Happy Christmas Manx Radio and Stu my family love you and your great lunchtime listening and banter :-) LT
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    'He should be sacked for that'. Seriously?? How dare you suggest that someone with 20+ years service should be summarily dismissed for featuring a worthwhile news story that he has a minor stake in. These videos are great Xmas gifts, made by a local company with local talent, and are a great showcase for the IOM. So it was a newsworthy piece. Typical of the Facebook/SJW mob mentality these days that people should be fired if you don't agree with someting about them.
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    I always laugh at the phrase "Government money" Governments don't have any money, they have executive power over money that other people give to them via tax etc ! Unless of course you are Eddie Teare !
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    According to Manx Radio, the Government has now got all indignant:
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    Dynamic is not the word I would have chosen.
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    It would seem that Mr Ježek has also chosen to avoid actual facts and go for conjecture. He also clearly does not understand principles of international taxation. The existence of a zero tax rate in Country A does not prevent Country B taxing the income of its own residents in the manner of its own choosing (subject to any tax treaties it has freely chosen to enter in to with Country A). If he wants to look at real avoidance, he should trouble to learn more about how income / profits are made to 'vanish' through the use of hybrid financial instruments. Probably one of the world''s leading experts on that subject is Jean Claude Juncker, who during his 10 years as Luxembourg's Finance Minister and 18 as PM, has been reported to have been the architect* of one of the most significant regimes exploiting hybrids, backed up by favourable private rulings and (allegedly) 'sweetheart' tax deals. *He denies it. Apparently [edit] we are to believe that the "Grand Duchy authority acted on an ‘autonomous basis’ with little oversight from finance minister".
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    We'll change our anti gay image if it kills us!
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    They'll need to keep it full now more than ever. Mind how you go everyone.
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    MEA was not a 'fuck-up'. Those involved and those that advised knew exactly what they were doing.
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    WTF is this : https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/is-islands-prison-to-feature-in-tv-series/ Sun suggests "Island Prison" will be "Big Brother" replacement It's claimed the Island's prison could feature in a "Big Brother" style reality TV series. "The Sun" suggests the show - which they claim will be called simply "Island Prison" will "follow the inmates locked up on the Isle of Man and will chart their romances and clashes". It's claimed it will be "one of the grittiest reality shows ever" In his "Bizarre TV" column Andy Hall writes that "it will be filmed in a similar way to Big Brother and Love Island, with producers focusing on a group of central characters and the drama that is their daily life behind bars. It describes the Island's facility as being a "five-wing prison which has more than 100 inmates. Facilities include private rooms with en-suite bathrooms, TVs and even PlayStations." The Sun suggests the series will be screened sometime next year. Manx Radio understands that filming has been taking place at the prison this summer, but with an emphasis on innovative practices taking place there, including inmates growing vegetables and beekeeping.
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    Bloody Hell Jonny Moss got 4k for that?
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    PM? I'll eat my underpants if he ever makes PM!
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    Because anything resembling actual journalism from a Manx resident tends to catch the attention of the Athol St Mafia and makes you unemployable. I rather enjoy paying my bills on their less-than-scrupulous shilling.
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    "I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics." —Richard Feynman, The Character of Physical Law (MIT Press: Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1995), 129.
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    "A five (star) wing prison" eh? See if you can spot a non sleeping or non comatose inmate. Can't wait for the "Hunt the soap" scenes.
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    Indeed. The problem for the Hodges and Ježeks of this world though, is that once they've finished their grandstanding / playing to the gallery, there's the tricky business of changing the rules such that they actually bring about the results they seem to want (or think they want). That requires detailed work with those who draft, implement and operate the rules: legal draftsmen, legislators, lawyers, accountants, tax authorities, law enforcement agencies etc. If your grandstanding position has been "never mind what the rules say", that's probably not going to go very well.
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    What clown in DHA thought this would be a good idea? C'mon hands up!
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    A statement from government on the Island says the programme is in fact "a serious documentary looking at the work of the Isle of Man Prison and probation service." that's what the producers told them anyway....... should of stuck buster in......
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    PGW, the original one-legged man in an arse-kicking competition...
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    Might be a good thing, when people start to realise we are banging people up for carrying an eighth of weed.
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    In all honesty who dreamt this up? Cash Strapped Cannan or Washing Machine Repairman Malarkey. The island is in a mess, due to its own incompetence, and we have this idea, coupled with the revelation that cameras have been filming. Don’t tell me that filming and access has been granted gratis, like the mountain road closures. I’m struggling to see the benefits of this ............. tourism? Don’t make me laugh!
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    Stu should be barred from this thread for not disclosing his link as a colleague of Moss.
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    From sourcing massive loans to taking their wives on jollies and claiming it all on X's they were completely out of control. So no, an annual meeting isn't managing the activity at all.
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    Indeed. In an ideal world. Unfortunately there is one small hitch. This is the IoM. And the Govt do not necessarily represent "we" (the shareholders). As with previous, it has been known to represent itself and its incumbent egos first and foremost.
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    Annual meeting with directors? No! Directors run she show and are responsible for it. Annual meeting with shareholders, yes, they own it .....
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    Boris in charge is more frightening and economically dangerous than no deal Brexit.
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    Do you not understand the difference between news, which is something stated as fact, and prediction/conjecture? Or do you just put #fakenews on everything you don’t like?
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    It was “The Year of Our Island”. 2019 is scheduled to be “The Year of Our Increasing Outrage at Pointless Government Improvidence” and 2020 will be “The Year of Our Shuddering Financial Collapse”.
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    I’m going to have to go all Paxman here. @paul's got wright - can you answer the question? If you don’t understand it please say and I’ll try to simplify the phrasing.
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    I believe it to be representative of your reasoning, or may as well be. I note you're being much more civilised today, I appreciate it. You're alot nicer to deal with when your civil. I mean it's still a nightmare but it's a nicer experience all the same. I know Manxy raised the issue of water sticking to a ball, I thought you'd condoned this notion. Apologies if I'm mistaken. xx
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    To say nothing of advice from the most powerful/most untouchable advocates firm.
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    Another student from the Margaret Hodge School of "never mind the facts, let just go for the jugular"
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    Reality TV will continue to be appealing to the masses, it appeals to the voyeur in most people, however, Why anyone gives a fuck about prisoners is beyond me....but hen again all reality TV is beyond my understanding as to why people watch it....Made in Chelsea is an example of semi-scripted reality TV that baffles me completely.
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    How unusual from someone who was even too awful for UKIP....
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    I always trust in science over faith/suspicion/vague belief. Vaccines are demonstrated to be effective.
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    The mythical non-existant "Bank of Government" money-pit that funds "everything" - apparently.
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    John Moss gushing about the new Isle if Man from the air video from Dukes and how it would make a great Christmas present. A nice free plug. Only problem seems to be that Mr Moss failed to mention he was involved in the production by doing the voice over. Surely it’s important to be transparent on such things?
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    It amounts to unrecorded motorsport subsidy via a stealth tax.
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    Bruce Dickinson, of Iron Maiden fame, was an international standard fencer. Sorry, couldn’t resist
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    No bushes in Essex these days.
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    I'll wager without evidence that our rip of leccy prices are due in part to subsidising the the e-gambling industries electric prices.
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    How very dare you. That’s the next Chief Minister.
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    I think everyone, including probably Mr Boot and the Climate Change coalition, is unrealistic about the problem facing us which is essentially unsolvable. People would like to reduce carbon emissions, increase renewable energy production, maintain economic growth, grow the island's population, increase our standard of living and reduce taxes (or at least, not pay any more taxes than we do already) all at the same time. One or two of these are probably achievable but only at the expense of the rest. For example, if we adopt a much less energy intensive lifestyle (think: no cars, no kerosene jet fuel, no heating oil, no natural gas, no coal) and reduce the island's population, we can have low carbon emissions and minimal climate change, just like the island did in the 1700s. But that's not what people want, or are even prepared to talk about.
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    they can smell green taxes. they'll run with it.
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    Out of principle i refuse to travel executive class on the steampacket anymore. I find the live orchestra puts me off the daily star crossword and i never end up having the time to finish it.
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