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    'He should be sacked for that'. Seriously?? How dare you suggest that someone with 20+ years service should be summarily dismissed for featuring a worthwhile news story that he has a minor stake in. These videos are great Xmas gifts, made by a local company with local talent, and are a great showcase for the IOM. So it was a newsworthy piece. Typical of the Facebook/SJW mob mentality these days that people should be fired if you don't agree with someting about them.
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    According to Manx Radio, the Government has now got all indignant:
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    They'll need to keep it full now more than ever. Mind how you go everyone.
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    MEA was not a 'fuck-up'. Those involved and those that advised knew exactly what they were doing.
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    Bloody Hell Jonny Moss got 4k for that?
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    "I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics." —Richard Feynman, The Character of Physical Law (MIT Press: Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1995), 129.
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    PGW, the original one-legged man in an arse-kicking competition...
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    Might be a good thing, when people start to realise we are banging people up for carrying an eighth of weed.
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    In all honesty who dreamt this up? Cash Strapped Cannan or Washing Machine Repairman Malarkey. The island is in a mess, due to its own incompetence, and we have this idea, coupled with the revelation that cameras have been filming. Don’t tell me that filming and access has been granted gratis, like the mountain road closures. I’m struggling to see the benefits of this ............. tourism? Don’t make me laugh!
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    Stu should be barred from this thread for not disclosing his link as a colleague of Moss.
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    Indeed. In an ideal world. Unfortunately there is one small hitch. This is the IoM. And the Govt do not necessarily represent "we" (the shareholders). As with previous, it has been known to represent itself and its incumbent egos first and foremost.
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    Boris in charge is more frightening and economically dangerous than no deal Brexit.
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    Do you not understand the difference between news, which is something stated as fact, and prediction/conjecture? Or do you just put #fakenews on everything you don’t like?
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    My personal thiughts sponsored by costains scrap metal on this issue is good on john moss for this dvd. A real stocking filler. He should still be sacked on the spot though.
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    It was “The Year of Our Island”. 2019 is scheduled to be “The Year of Our Increasing Outrage at Pointless Government Improvidence” and 2020 will be “The Year of Our Shuddering Financial Collapse”.
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    Marlarkey must have agreed to this farcical situation and he now needs to justify why he allowed it and if our Government has some editorial rights over this programme, will these idiots ever get anything right, we will be a bloody laughing stock if this is true.
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    The terms member and shareholder are interchangeable in respect of corporate ownership. A Manx tax payer or voter is not a member, rather a stakeholder. The Treasury, a Government Department, is the legal entity which owns the ultimate parent company which owns IOMSPC.
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    What is quite baffling is the 'newest member" notification. For a fortnight the 'newest member' remained the same member yet the number of 'Total Members' has risen daily... Odd.
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    Never mind the UK how about some gen on what it will all mean for the Isle of Man....?....There could be a few apples rolling about if the cart gets upset..
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    Only missing, if you miss them.
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    I’m going to have to go all Paxman here. @paul's got wright - can you answer the question? If you don’t understand it please say and I’ll try to simplify the phrasing.
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    But maths does cause maths!
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    I believe it to be representative of your reasoning, or may as well be. I note you're being much more civilised today, I appreciate it. You're alot nicer to deal with when your civil. I mean it's still a nightmare but it's a nicer experience all the same. I know Manxy raised the issue of water sticking to a ball, I thought you'd condoned this notion. Apologies if I'm mistaken. xx
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    To say nothing of advice from the most powerful/most untouchable advocates firm.
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    I'm laughing because you amuse me. No harm in spreading a little joy Porl. Maths causes enhanced survival chances and improved Efficiencies xx
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    It's a social experiment. Sort of like Big Brother but with a load of inbred people.
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    Does maths call you up and say hey, potty mouth, got something to show you? No lease x
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    Sorry, but my irony meter is exploding here.
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    To be fair Stu, I'd be absolutely gutted if I got that for Christmas.
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    From sourcing massive loans to taking their wives on jollies and claiming it all on X's they were completely out of control. So no, an annual meeting isn't managing the activity at all. It's worth remembering that the MEA disasters happened when the company had a Board full of businessmen and a 'dynamic' Chief Executive.
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    Reality TV will continue to be appealing to the masses, it appeals to the voyeur in most people, however, Why anyone gives a fuck about prisoners is beyond me....but hen again all reality TV is beyond my understanding as to why people watch it....Made in Chelsea is an example of semi-scripted reality TV that baffles me completely.
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    Perhaps Duke could have paid for some advertising to help ease the financial burdens that Manx Radio are under. I hear their rates are very competitive...
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    Out of all the deluded, sneering mental, this one struck me quite funny.
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    Let's not get into that kind of argument. This is just about a public debate on a very specific vaccine for a very specific issue.
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    I always trust in science over faith/suspicion/vague belief. Vaccines are demonstrated to be effective.
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    That's disgraceful. Product placement I believe it's known as (if true), deeply unethical. He should be sacked for that.
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    Moorhouse down south saying how good the trial of new buses was going, he certainly is becoming an expert very quickly.Seagulls /Bus service what next for this diamond? He could always get Spit out of the box and revive the old act. Sorry wrong one meant Perkins, I would be no use in an identity parade of the (Useless) twats
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    It amounts to unrecorded motorsport subsidy via a stealth tax.
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    You are Courtney Headcase and I claim my £5
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    Brexit predictions: 1. The vote on 11th December will go against May’s plan 2. May resigns 3. Boris comes in as leader, promising 2nd referendum 4. Referendum votes against Brexit, article 50 revoked, UK stays in the EU 5. Massive boost to UK economy on back of this 6. Boris calls general election to secure his own mandate, and secures a landslide victory on the back of point 5. Which was Boris’ plan all along. He never wanted Brexit, it was all part of his scheme to achieve world domination. You read it here first.
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    To be fair, advocates do that sort of thing. It's a tactic. When they are in a hole they bring in non-related matters and blow them up into a pseudo argument. A bit like in court when an advocate says "Yes, I'll come back to that point" and of course, never do, unless the other side is smart enough or hasn't been (metaphorically speaking) paid off.
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    No bushes in Essex these days.
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    How very dare you. That’s the next Chief Minister.
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    I think everyone, including probably Mr Boot and the Climate Change coalition, is unrealistic about the problem facing us which is essentially unsolvable. People would like to reduce carbon emissions, increase renewable energy production, maintain economic growth, grow the island's population, increase our standard of living and reduce taxes (or at least, not pay any more taxes than we do already) all at the same time. One or two of these are probably achievable but only at the expense of the rest. For example, if we adopt a much less energy intensive lifestyle (think: no cars, no kerosene jet fuel, no heating oil, no natural gas, no coal) and reduce the island's population, we can have low carbon emissions and minimal climate change, just like the island did in the 1700s. But that's not what people want, or are even prepared to talk about.
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    ........I do agree, very little factory emissions, low vehicle emissions and a small population, what the hell do these idiots want us to do? Do they really think our minuscule little rock has any effect whatsoever on the world's pollution statistics...............
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    they can smell green taxes. they'll run with it.
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    Out of principle i refuse to travel executive class on the steampacket anymore. I find the live orchestra puts me off the daily star crossword and i never end up having the time to finish it.
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