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    If we only spent money on things that actually matter government would be about 1/10th of the size it currently is. We need to spend money on useless vanity projects to justify employing the numbers we do, otherwise the dole queue would stretch round the island.
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    "And this week in Island Prison we see how Martin who is serving 2 weeks for stealing milk from his neighbour spends his day entering holiday competitions in Take a Break magazine, and all hell breaks out when Dave has his bottle of Au Sauvage stolen whist he was out doing community work at the local farm shop". This is life at its toughest - this is Island Prison!"
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    I was listening to him on the radio today and I have to say that for a school teacher and someone I thought should be clever and well spoken he does sound like a bit of a mong really. Is he getting any media training like the others have had? It’s a bit like listening Benny off Crossroads trying to explain quantum physics to a cat.
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    Whilst agreeing with a lot of what you've posted, the focus should also sharpen on the scurrilous and cowardly Imran Khan and the culture that allowed it to happen. Giving in to the threats of raving extremists, an'that...
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    You could always start an introductory post I guess in the General section listing your hobbies, interests and trigger points
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    Having recently watched some WRC coverage from Greece or somewhere, I'd say that some of these events are currently a mass spectator tragedy waiting to happen. Makes the TT look positively antiseptic
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    BS. Stop deflecting enquiry. I am addressing it to you as, so far, it's your postulation. If you however provide a credible link instead of trying to dodge reasonable enquiry, I'll decide for myself after studying the link and examining who this is and whether his qualifications are applicable. IF, and only if his claims can be backed up. After showing a 'printed circuit' track and saying is a high gain aerial, he has got a bit more work to do to convince me and the reasonably appropriately qualified* other person in my household. Having unexaminable and open technical papers in a vid whilst arriving at various unsupported conclusions means absolutely nothing on its own, although it might impress some. Until you produce a link, I'll just consign this to the conspiracy theory bin. *M.Eng in Electrical and Electronic engineering.
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    The problem is, this is not an overtly attractive posting. You have to pay over the odds to get consultants to co e and SETTLE here so you get that continuity of care. Its a fact of life. That said, the management side could be certainly streamlined.
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    I don't know why people here fall into cynicism. The Year of our Island was a resounding success and significantly raised the global profile and reputation of the Isle of Man with a series of innovative and well-received events. Chris Thomas will be able to prove this with an exciting presentation, including an array of tables and statistics, shortly.
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    Another point of view:
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    I think that’s worth a #fakenews, a #snowflake and a ‘your a remoaner thicko’.
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    I think you are getting mixed up with Sadiq Khan, ex cricketer Imran is the premier of Pakistan.
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    Nice idea - maybe Sir Nigel could fly from town to town in a two-seater light aircraft with a promotion banner tied to the tail-fin.
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    It's hard to believe William Wallace was hanged, drawn and quartered in that city. If only the British leadership today was like it was back in King Edward I's day. Not only would Imran Khan never have been mayor, he would have been flogged out of the city and deported from the country. An utterly vile, disgusting low life.
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    I'd happily trade Daffy Caine for genuine asylum seeker Asia Bibi, a Christian lady from Pakistan who spent eight years on death row for unfounded blasphemy charges and who remains in hiding to this day because her life is at critical risk from Islamic extremists. The UK Foreign Office has rejected her request for asylum for no apparent reason other than that it would offend Muslims. It is such a cowardly and pathetic decision by the British Government. This just adds a final nail in the coffin confirming that the British are now a laughing stock to the rest of the world. My advice to Asia Bibi's family would be to seek asylum from a respected country like Russia.
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    Company approaches IOMGOV to run an event on their estate. can they: provide evidence of competency secure sufficient insurance produce risk assessments, safety and event plans to an auditable standard? if all the above are ticked, I cannot see how any risk continues with the Govt?
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    Wont make much difference. Just like America, if you want to trade with them then you need to follow their rules.
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    I have a fitbit blaze which is a few years old now but I would recommend fitbit and the versa does look good.
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    Actually, I thought it was a good post RB and nice to see comments made which isn't personal. Thank you for that
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    Ah the good ol'd "abdicating responsibility" of the organisers. How do you think people would feel about a televised Russian Roulette Tournament - endorsed, sponsored, organised and ultimately making money off of by IOMG? No one would force them to enter, or tell them which finger to use to pull the trigger, etc.
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    Unique and at the top level (consultant) scarce. If you find a good one you pay to keep them.
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    Seems HQ agrees with my suspicions: http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=44373&headline=MEPs had made up their minds before visit&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2018
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    Mrs X uses a Fitbit three. Heart rate, sleep tracker, steps, miles, Waterproof, gps tracking when used with the app on the ‘phone, sms text and email review, sms reply (basic preset responses (out swimming call you back etc.). Slim, battery lasts ages, swappable wrist bands so it can be worn as a watch for a night out. Great support from Fitbit, user community and it works. She likes to report to me when I get in that she has 7 miles today, and the heart rate monitor is a laugh after a trip to Tesco, the doctors or dentist.
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    Not many to be honest. Medicine is an unique talent pool. Civil service generally gets by on local advancement. AG's and the police do transfer people in, but certainly in the latter instance, its at the standard pay rates. We've imported others - such as the head of Cabinet Office Comms, but again, that was at general civ service rates
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    Number of "tractors jumping over a bus" deaths in the IOM: 0 If the IOMG hosted, sponsored and promoted a "tractors jumping over a bus" event and someone dies who is ultimately responsible? Rally drivers/riders/spectators who come the IOM to watch/participate in the IOM TT/FoM/Rally would not be here if not for the event(s), and chances are those that suffer injuries/death would still be alive is not for said events.
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    This unfortunately is something our MHK'S choose to ignore in their sound bites. They see the Island in all its promotional video glory which as beautiful as it seems, doesn't reflect the lack of facilities, the long Manx winter and the high cost of living.
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    Which version, the actual provable and visited version, or the flat earth version which encircles the "perimeter" of the flat earth?
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    i'd say if he was a dog you'd get him put down.
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    He does really look like Benny. He also seems to often roll his shirt sleeves up to look like a demented Morris Dancer as well. The voice really surprised me coming through the radio though. I’d say he needs some media training to not come across as someone who might have special needs.
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    The garden is nice though, if you like crap garden makeover shows.
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    Balls - it was an utter waste of money
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    But you wonder why they bother with pretending to do a risk assessment etc as it clearly makes no actual difference to the outcomes. The DOI needs to stop deluding itself that they have any particular skills or expertise in anything. It’s just a box ticking exercise to keep civil servants employed and in control and at the end of the day clearly makes no difference as they’ve signed it all off this time and someone sadly died. Just like what happens at the TT almost every year too.
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    I agree he simply can’t help trying to be a smart arse and failing in a very embarrassing way.
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    It was “The Year of Our Island”. 2019 is scheduled to be “The Year of Our Increasing Outrage at Pointless Government Improvidence” and 2020 will be “The Year of Our Shuddering Financial Collapse”.
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    You can only go on what he has achieved while in Government. I don't know what happened with him in DfE in charge of construction, but he didn't last long. As for Tourism he has relaxed work permits and sunday opinion showed it doesn't make any difference, you need someone who comes up with ideas to attract people into hospitality. Tourism has plummeted so again he has failed it needs someone who has an interest in what they are doing, not just popularity on social media. If he worked as hard at tourism as he does on his blog tourism might increase.
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    And what did we gain from it? Sod all i'd wager!
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    I know this is an old post, but I joined the site specifically to answer your question, I had also been searching for the song for a number of years. I have finally found two references to the song which seems to date back to 1951, and can actually give you a link to one version on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1UIDkWOwO8 I had only ever remembered the first two lines, 'It was down by the Rhine I met Rosaline, her hair was so fair and her eyes did shine'. I was 4 years old when I first...and last heard it! I was born in Gloucester and my dad had one of those case style record players, and he collected the old 78's, this song was one of them. Both versions that I found are sung by a male but I have not heard the other version..I can't seem to find it. However the version on you tube is not the one I remember. I don't know if it was also done by a female singer, but can find no other references to it. It would be interesting to know if you have found out any more about the song yourself, over the years. One version is by Billy Cotton and the youtube version is by Teddy Johnson
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    Jeremy Corbyn's brother Piers, challenged Brian Cox on this subject a while ago and still does to this day. With no reply so far i think
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    Who also had access to a pile of wonga sitting in the bank he was running..... If the new owners want monthly meetings with the board, and they should to my mind, then why not? After all, the IOMSPCo has been purchased for OUR benefit.
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    Mrs Wilson had an nteresting first episode last night
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    ........I do agree, very little factory emissions, low vehicle emissions and a small population, what the hell do these idiots want us to do? Do they really think our minuscule little rock has any effect whatsoever on the world's pollution statistics...............
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    The bull dressed up as a butcher. Particularly the look in the eyes that says “Help! I don’t know how I got this job but I’m certain I’m not qualified.”
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    What's with that guys face? He needs to lay off the viagra a bit if you ask me.
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    perhaps offer a part of it to house the 'homeless' ? Edit to add ..... could never understand why the old prison was not used to provide accommodation for TT /MGP visitors and perhaps the 'homeless' during the winter until the site was on the point of being redeveloped. Just saying
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