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    You would have expected a subject like this to grow organically over time, bearing in mind the tiny percentage of the population that it actually affects. However it's come crashing in out of the leftfield, with legislation changes, movements, flags, dominating the media and unfortunately young impressionable minds will be caught and lives ruined along the way. As is the case with an increasing number of people who underwent the process of sex change now regretting it. I've no issue with people who genuinely feeling like they don't belong and have issues with their sexuality and gender, I genuinely sympathise and of course we should over time decide what the best courses of action should be in terms of how society evolves to fully include and incorporate people who feel excluded or misrepresented. However I can't help thinking that it's a bit soon and completely over the top to try and turn generations of societal norms on their head in the blink of an eye. It benefits no-one and as I mentioned creates the opposite effect to what it is purported to do.
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    Proving you Khan win ‘em all.
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    Less than a minute!! Have you been sitting there 24/7 like Mrs Doyle with the tea tray?
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    "I'm fascinated by the way that concepts apparently arise from nowhere, take hold in popular imagination, then become naturalised and beyond question. One such idea is that individuals can be "born in the wrong body," so that men can be women. Since there is no scientific evidence, neuroscientific or otherwise, that an unambiguously biological male can in fact, be female, how can society have arrived at a stage where people who question the claim that, "Trans women are women" are routinely labelled Nazis, bigots and 'Trans-phobes?' A new nomenclature has arisen which bifurcates women into two groups: 'Cis' (biological women) and 'Trans.' This performs a linguistic sleight of hand that enables the idea that some men can be women. But no matter how cultivated their 'feminine' outward-appearance, 'Trans-women' (as opposed to Transsexuals) have penises. The concept that 'Trans-women' are women, and that we must believe this because they affirm it is further translated into the idea that 'Trans-women' are even more oppressed by the patriarchy than their 'Cis' sisters. Progressives routinely turn with vitriol on women who challenge this newly-minted 'Truth,' labelling them "Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists' or TERFS, no matter how moderate, thoughtful or indeed 'Trans-friendly' those women are. This new definition of womanhood is having bizarre effects on our political institutions. The Labour Party now admits men who identify as women on to all-women shortlists, without any necessity for a gender-recognition certificate. A number of these men have successfully applied to the Jo Cox Women In Leadership programme. Then there's the misogyny. Labour continues to support Lily Madigan (Trans) in the role of Women's Officer for Rochester and Strood, despite His bullying of gender-critical feminists and other women. One of his latest Twitter missives states that, "TERFS can go fuck themselves" and he is allowed to say this (amongst other profane insults) with impunity not only by the party but by Twitter itself. Labour also (briefly) appointed Munroe Bergdorf (Trans) to an LGBT working group. Bergdorf had recently been quoted in the magazine 'Grazia' saying that feminists are "biological-essentialists" because they "summarise women as walking vaginas... ...a similar approach to that of misogynists." A kind of informal, 'Ministry of Truth' has emerged around the Trans issue -- or rather a, 'Ministry of Propaganda' since it is responsible for the falsification of historical events and biological facts. In keeping with the concept of 'doublethink' the Ministry creates and then spreads 'Truth' through the new language of 'Cis' and 'Trans.' And in a chilling twist, it is now feminists who are the alleged misogynists, purely because they don't allow human beings with penises to control the political narrative. The statement -- both mundane and tautological -- that women don't have penises is now considered inflammatory! A feminist group distributed stickers making this observation recently in Liverpool, the Police opened an investigation! A cold wind of authoritarianism is blowing through our allegedly progressive, Liberal-democratic society. And not only in regards to this issue. When telling the truth becomes hate-speech, when oppression becomes ethics, when non-facts become Truth, we all better watch out..."
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    The bigger and more incomprehensible misdemeanour is that of the Telegraph in paying good money for the outpourings of the blathering buffoon.
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    Richard seems to have his panties in a bit of a twist.
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    I can take or leave manx radio, some things they do very well and some of it is complete rubbish to me but I still believe it has a place, my worry is political interference will come as the government don’t like criticism or healthy debate on certain programmes it runs. I am sure there are savings than can be made at management level or reverting to a jukebox station from early evening maybe? our government always seems to go for the easy targets when it should be looking inwardly at our bloated civil service. How about they absolutely demand bbc pays something toward its running cost and top slice 24 mhks down to 20 with 4 mlcs to go now that would more than make up the shortfall and we certainly wouldn’t miss some of them now would we.
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    I think the very senior cs responsible for this has just retired. So we're already into 'lessons learnt ' territory. Ultimately I agree, very few, apart from family and mates care, and when you see big decisions about walls, steps and Christmas trees, you can kinda see why
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    This is the trouble, Peter and the wolf syndrome, this could be absolutely spot on or a load of bollocks, if it is correct it is scandalous. Questions should be asked.
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    The problem is, as it always is, the stakeholders have to buy into the results before the review takes place. That's why it will never happen. The CS/PS are the largest employer and therefore the largest political lobby on the island. Which is why the CS/PS dictate to Tynwald how things will be and not, which is how it should be, the other way around. Because those on the Tynwald gravy train want it to stay that way. Altruism rules ok. As long as they can go on Commonwealth jollies and get dressed up and ponce about like a bunch of Little Lord Fauntleroys they're happy to be told what to do to maintain the status quo. Self-centred prats....
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    Just answer the following questionnaire. 1. Do you have encyclopaedic knowledge of politics and philosophy? 2. Are you Manx, if yes please state full details of both Grandparents. 3. Are you Jewish or do you think Rob Callister is god?
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    My Thing for Christmas this year to going around taking Pictures of as many Christmas Trees as I can find. Here is a couple. The one at a Streamkeeper Friend's Place: One at my Legion: and the one at my Local Grocery Store: 3X3
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    Some business travel; some kicking back and relaxing. Mainly Venice and Spain with a few days in Greece. Good for the soul, you know. I looked in now and then but didn't see anything very much different that would have invoked a different view from me than I've already posted. The mention of the erstwhile populist darling Johnson, who has idiotically managed to get himself hated in equal measure by both sides of the argument, finally got my keyboard finger twitching. Don't worry, I shan't be hogging the limelight.
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    I trust Manx Radio a damn sight more than I trust Howard Quayle, his shady government and the lick-spittles in Tynwald.
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    I'm sure it has but that doesn't detract from the fact that it still attracts the tiniest percentage of the whole population. We shouldn't be turning society upside down on the basis of a small number of people and their needs/desires. You can address the requirements of minorities sensitively and inclusively, indeed the vast majority of trans individuals would prefer this to be the case, I would imagine. However we do seem to have a militant fringe which seems to have hijacked this subject and as humans are great mimickers it'll run and run regardless of the collateral damage.
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    I like MR and think it is a valuable asset although I do think it is bloated. It is however proving a welcome distraction for the government to keep attention off the real issues the Island is facing. As someone has already said always attack the easy option, this is what Beecroft did when she stopped Meals on Whees instead of sorting out the hospital, I wonder if the vulnerable people are alright with eating frozen meals 365 days a year, frozen food is ok now and then but I would not like it all the time. Unfortunately the firm who was providing chilled food has stopped, it was obviously uneconomical so perhaps the money Meals on Wheels were getting was not so over the top after all. The other companies who do this are expensive if someone is on a basic starter pension. Sorry to go off topic but the cuts and attacks are always aimed at the poorest and the easy targets, distraction is the oldest trick in the book and the most effective. Perhaps if they had not had the underwhelming Year of 2018 which cost apparently £300,000 we could have left Manx Radio alone and even fed some very vulnerable people. These vanity projects sicken me.
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    Aye. I haven't seen Daftne the crusader highlighting this huge injustice. Maybe because she's not associated with a charity on this subject.
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    Yes. Took every wicket against (the Earl of) Surrey at Stirling Bridge in 1297.
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    “ We’d like you to relocate with your family to this rock” ”what’s in it for me?” ”well, you’ll pay less tax” ”what else?” ......... this place doesn’t suit everyone.
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    But like the Murphys, you're not bitter
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    Thursday sees Manx Radio make their pitch to MHK’s to save the station in its present form. They have been in full PR mode over the last week with a current and ex-director being put on the news, yet almost making the same points. The strange one was keeping advertising, not for the money and the £500,000 costs each year, but to let people know what’s going on! Surely they can do that without those very odd/doggy singing jingles. Ex-newsroom reporters tell of news stories that have had to be removed or rewritten due to pressure. If advertisers have had input into how some stories are reported that can’t be good. What we should have been hearing is the other local broadcasters and newspaper editor invited on to give other views. Sadly it seems no one has bothered to try to balance this story. What we should be hearing is how the station will cut its cloth to do what it can on money raised or given by the government and the end to the overspend in the future.
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    A marvellous strike bowler though.
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    If the observations made by Mr. Jones of Peel Commissioners in the interview (audio file in link) are accurate and reliable, then this is really rather serious. And Howard Quayle asks an individual who was complained about to investigate themselves? What? https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/grave-mistake-over-removal-of-voters-must-be-answered-for-peel-commissioners/
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    No I understand the law. Just not the logic of an irrational split-personality flouncer.
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    Yet Buster did time (I have no issue with that) for possibly a lot less.
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    Buster is not well. Can people not see that. Shame nobody close to him can not get him the professional help he needs.
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    I have no idea which doctors he's referring to but given that kind of salary on their hourly rate is mathematically impossible unless they work 106 hour weeks I think we can conclude that Busters medication is not working again . I also heard he has been telling the nurses there that he's a wealthy businessman that owns a lot of property in the US .... where was all that money when he was going through bankruptcy proceedings?
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    Did anyone see that BBC nature program in which a female fish turned into a male fish? Well, it actually happens very frequently in the animal kingdom, and the gene that does it is in humans too. explained in this excellent radio lab podcast. https://www.wnycstudios.org/story/gonads-xy
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    Could signal the end of deiceing your car on a frosty morning!
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    I know women who are cocks and men who are cunts.
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    Orl I have to say on this subject is: "Merry Christmas dahrling . . . . wherever you are"
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    Which one is your favourite?
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    Inconvenient questions dodged or misunderstood. The definition of the commencement of pregnancy has no consequence to the presence of a new life or not? Really? No, not at all. Regarding other definitions of the start of pregnancy that differ to the one I agree with: 1) It ? starts with the commencement of the first trimester - No the first trimester is taken to start before conception. 2) It ? starts at conception - no because that means millions of hosts become "pregnant" every day only to then become non- pregnant 6 or so days later, should implantation naturally fail = natural 'abortion'. The other inconsistency is that we don't worry about these millions of 6 day "pregnancies" (of course not, it would be ludicrous), yet we chose to think differently should the same result happen by, say, IUD or "morning after pill". That inconsistency, or the 6 day pregnancies don't come into the discussion if pregnancy is considered to start at implantation. I therefore think it's a practical definition and helpful in the subject under discussion.
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    I saw an interesting comment the other day: "not long ago transexual people were simply called fetishists". And didn't a bloke prisoner claim to identify as a woman so he could be transferred to a women's jail and abuse women? Meanwhile, live and let live etc.
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    But, as history has shown, certain elements of society are resistant to change, especially when being asked to recognise minorities. Blacks, Gays, Trans...you pick your choise of minority and there has been violent and vocal resistance against recognition. Lets not forget that relatively recently (in the grand scheme of things) "we" used to criminalise and chemically maim Gay and Trans people for the crime of being themselves, "legally" and at the insitance of the Government of the time. This issue isn't going to go away any time soon, just ask any person of colour if racism isn't still a real and present bane in their lives.
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    Not local news I realise, but you never know it may be one day, particularly seeing how the Isle of Man craves attention and publicity, especially on the celebrity circus of TV and film. I have this idea for a reality TV series. It's about a country, not Zimbabwe or anything like that, although maybe but smaller. A person can rise within months, from being say, a fridge fixer, or a scaffolder, a house painter, a farmer or a chimney sweep, etc.......to running the country. Well,at least providing the illusion of running the country. A Parliamentarian Minister indeed. This little country makes up its own laws, and has its very own (wink wink) 'judges' and legal system and a whole load of lawyer advocates, who basically run, advise and control the place, à la Godfather* I s'pose. Is just an idea at this stage but with a bit of fly on the wall and candid camera shots I think it could be a winner. Not sure if it would be a David Brent style comedy or a (don't laugh) The White House style documentary. *au Godfather, in case LC reads this
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    Twas ever thus. 'Progressive' western society and it's planners love to divide people up into ever smaller boxes, far easier to rule over if everyone is at each others throats and people are unsure what is and isn't 'allowed' to come out of their mouths, let alone pass through their brain. Beam me up Scotty.
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    I won't bloat quote the above but in reply: You, for some reason, seem to imply that I have dreamed up a brand new definition of pregnancy. You really know that is not the case, so what are you up to? Anyone with a search engine can find dozens of reputable views that match mine so if you don't mind we'll consign constructed parallels with religious and/or faith based evidence where it belongs. The bin. I ignored that last time but you have repeated the faith point by using the word bible. You are aware that the first trimester is taken to actually start before conception aren't you? (For good reasons of course.) Before I answer any more of the points in your post above (and I will, if you can answer a question I previously put, in bold type plus the trimester point above). The question which seems to have been dodged is therefore repeated: So again: If it is agreed with your view that pregnancy begins at conception, and the blastocyst doesn't implant for entirely natural reasons, as happens millions of times a day wordwide, "how long are those potential mothers pregnant"? 5 days? 6 days? what? Let's get this sorted before we start providing references that anyone can find for themselves anyway, but it's pointless so doing until this question is answered.
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    This Khan guy sounds like a bit of a superman to me!
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    I worked full time in the newsroom for 5 years producing and presenting Mandate. At no time was I EVER asked not to cover a story because of a commercial conflict. Not once, ever! I can't answer for my former colleagues but I suspect you are spouting bullshit or you've been talking to someone with their own warped agenda. ETA: Of course the station is fighting back. It's under attack from politicians who know the cost of everything (including their massive PS pension shortfall) and the value of nothing, despite numerous glowing (and costly) reports commissioned by pretty much every new administration over the last 20 years. Would YOU roll over and take it? As to the advertising, I took from Charles Fargher's letter that he found it odd that they would consider removing over half of the station's funding if what MHK's really want to do is save the taxpayer money. And other local broadcasters and the papers won't hesitate in covering this story as it unfolds. Can you really imagine me getting Ron or Juan on to bolster MR's case and provide 'balance'? The overspend is not the real problem - which is about the fundamental basis of the public having its own radio station. It's no good cutting the coat until you know what cloth will be available after Tynwald has had its say.
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    You might be confused, although I have heard that the water is queer down south. The GMC is the medical regulator and concentrates on professional standards. The BMA is a union and concentrates on our consultants bank balances. There is definitely a closed shop at Nobles, led by a Bentley driving geezer who has a a pair of testicles hanging from the rear of his car, I kid you not (well, he is a plumbing specialist).
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    Found it myself - and I’m going to award myself with a #faceityoulosteunazi.
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    Find me a nice vid of Boris in the commons today saying he could get a better deal from the EU - then getting roasted mercilessly from all sides and him realising his political career is over - I heard it on the radio but didn’t see it - do that and you can have a #baldbiker.
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    I think you are getting mixed up with Sadiq Khan, ex cricketer Imran is the premier of Pakistan.
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    Do as PL says, but remember it’s mandatory to give your real name, e-mail and phone number.
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