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    It is very easy to spend other people's (ie taxpayers') money when you can use some doss justification for spending it. Skelly is the absolute master at it.
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    Well, on the first page of this thread, enbee pointed to the PWC report from the joint liquidators, which has some fairly eyebrow-raising pieces of information in it. To quote from page 6 their summary: But I suppose that the short answer to your question is that they ran out of money and ran out of mugs. Incidentally it's quite clear from the Report that the receivers thought there were grounds for prosecutions, not just disqualifications. Though I wonder how much that would have depended on electronic evidence that would have been ruled 'hearsay' because the AG's Office never bothered to update the law. Or thought that doing so would inconvenience the wrong people.
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    I went along with Marty Downey and his employees to the Lancashire on their Friday payday before Christmas, so that’s 30+ years ago. It was referred to as black eyed Friday by them. Maybe Irish Origins?
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    "And a never more diligent and hard working group of people". Quote one Mr R. Callister, Fiduciary Manager?
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    Essentially £987 million in Skelly advertising equivalent revenue......
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    ............thank goodness daughter just made it here, home at last!.............
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    Well that's another one done and dusted: Busy Black Eye Friday for Police I agree with Robert McAleer when he suggested that the naming of the Friday before Christmas is a recent phenomenon. Busy and boozy Black Eye Friday is back I had never heard it named until 20 years ago, when I heard it referred to by a policeman, and then of course it got its annual outing on Manx Radio, and then it's part of the vocabulary. Like that Black Friday thing where couch potatoes tear themselves away from Jeremy Kyle to go do some shopping.
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    It would do to make a protest, like the woman who, as an emblem of women's emancipation, chucked herself in front of the kings race horse. I am told there were similar demonstrations on the Isle of Man when hordes of 16 year-olds were demanding the vote and one chucked herself in front of a horse tram. Actually, I made that last bit up. There were only hordes pf 16 year-olds glued to their X-box and sulking in their bedrooms.
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    No it wasn't. Have you heard of the multi-speed Europe? We got an opt out like we did for the euro. Doesn't mean that there is no aspiration to complete these projects in the future. As I've said before, the EU probes and pushes against the defences of the nation state, taking what it can and then strategically pausing or withdrawing before returning for more. If they didn't do this the objections of one state could derail the whole show and provoke the detractors elsewhere. This way they can move things along and pick off the laggards at a more auspicious moment. Do you really think that Brussels would not want everyone in Schengen and the euro? When they have reduced nations to mere regions of the EU, they will have the power to do it. It will take a long time but they have much patience.
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    I read that one. Like others have said it does seem to be over-sensationalised. They’re presenting the ‘militant trans’ view as if it’s chapter and verse on the matter, when the reality will likely be more balanced, along the lines of what I posted earlier.
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    .............while lots of the others do a "Nelson" when it comes to EU law. UK idiot civil service gold plates them.
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    You simply do not understand the issue that you bang on about day and night. There is no other free trade area in the world that behaves like a state in ways that the EU increasingly behaves and it needs to be reined in. You will not accept that. We joined a free trade area "The Common Market". If the Italian government wants to take a "stupid" path, then that is up to the Italian government and ultimately the Italian people who can dispense with the government if they so choose. It is not up to some bureaucracy in Brussels to usurp their singular sovereignty and direct them or "make" them. Same goes for Greece. Same goes for Poland and Hungary. Same goes for every other country. Sovereignty is indivisible. The EU workers rights directives have no effect on me because it is minutiae in the bigger picture. Everyone I have ever employed has far superior terms to anything issued in Brussels or London for that matter.
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    Overgrown kids? Given that Clarkson's whole media persona is based around being an overgrown boy who likes to play with expensive toys, you must admit that it's quite funny when people like him get all indignant when other people do similarly. You can't help feeling that if some mate of his had closed down an airport with a drone he'd be going on about people having no sense of humour and health and safety gone made.
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    At the next election you should vote for a candidate who states in their manifesto that they will work tirelessly to end the TT.
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    Exactly which is why Margaret Thatcher would say a forced federal Europe will not work because we are already established long warring peoples....I do not believe the UK will fit into a federal EU but voted Remain to preserve our own Union and as the lesser of the two evils at present...At present!... The tune or anthem to the Star Spangled Banner was written by church organist and musician John Stafford Smith 1750-1836. He came from Gloucester and did not go to America. He wrote as a sideline Glee Club male quartet harmony songs which is why singing the Star Spangled Banner is difficult!..It was more like "Barbershop" and was called Anacreon in Heaven...The song and tune travelled to the USA and was current in Baltimore in 1814 when the British bombarded Fort McHeny. The lyric to Star Spangled Banner was penned by American lawyer Francis Scott Key who was on board a British warship negotiating parole terms for captured American officers...He saw the stars and stripes still flying over the fort after a massive shelling and wrote that which evolved as the USA national anthem... Strictly speaking the term anthem refers to the music bereft of lyric so one could say that technically a Brit (John Stafford Smith) wrote the American national anthem.
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    Hey Al (can I call you Al?), ICYMI, paul's point in this Topic is nothing to do with the actual shape of the earth, on which he thinks he has expressed no opinion (although he's slipped up a couple of times and exposed his true belief). The last 200 pages or so is his attempt at refuting the position made early in the Topic that there is no discussion about FE. Hence a dreary procession of videos of faceless drones talking pointlessly about it. China et al have posted some termendously interesting posts about how you would easily go about demonstrating the general shape of the planet and these have been quite informative and educational. All paul has done unfortunately is (a) show he has a very unusual hobby shitposting his rubbishy videos and (b) there's a lot of crazies on the internet. When China, perhaps the most patient poster on MF, decides he's not going to get anywhere (see his post the last page or two) you know you're on a hiding to nothing. Of course you can still crack on if you want to, it's a free country after all
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    Oh Hell, is no one safe.
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    Yep...that’s a flattie... https://www.theguardian.com/science/2018/dec/21/earthrise-photo-at-50-apollo-8-mission-space-nasa
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    Don’t know if anyone saw the Last Leg on Channel 4? The Tynwald Mills Polar Bears put in an appearance, along with pictures of the Bears on the bridge steering the Ben. Overall a fun article giving the island publicity without overkill. Unlike the fairy houses which despite its originality has left a bitter taste as to its cost, and the endless boasts and bullshit emanating from the lips of our Politicos.
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    Post a short synopsis, I haven’t the will to watch 80 minutes of conspiracy theory clap trap.
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    That whole pile of shite you posted there could have been shortened to “I have no idea how an audit works”
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    PGW did not reply to a single point I made. And he wont. Ever. I honestly struggle to explain this. How can clever people act so stupid. How can someone that understands the art of arguement fail at the base of facts. It might be a bit of fun for these folk. Troll a bit. Maybe a bit of wu mao. But what is a moment of fun for them is serious for us. As we strive for improvement, eradication of disease, environmental protection and an understanding of harmony with nature.. These guys just want to burn coal, elect thick presidents and campaign against vacination because.. well.. just because. They dont want to be second best. They dont want a normal job, such as cutting grass or cleaning hotel rooms. They want youtube millions.. But the irony is that they are projecting a right wing message, while hoping for sponsorship from a right wing fund, in effect, they are hoping to jump onto the righr wing welfare state. The ultimate aim being a bit on fox news. Look up Gorka, Sebastion.. what a cunt. Its not about flat earth. Its about tax cuts.Its about getting rid of EPA rules. Its a well funded campaign to say thay science is wrong, making money is good. Funded by the people who make money. Is the earth a globe? Of course it is. I cant think of any reason for prople to think it is flat, apart from anti science propaganda. Funded by the fossil fuel industry.
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    I think I'd follow your approach. However, if you have a child that's been adamant from a very young age that they were the other gender. When you've tried your approach and they're still very unhappy and convince you that they'll not change their mind. Is there then circumstances where it would be better to act early, before the changes of puberty, for example. Is it better to let a boy become a man only to become a woman at 18 or help a boy to become a girl that grows into a woman?