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    In what way is this sentiment unique to Skelly?
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    Some of the power tool snobbery you see on-site is hilarious. The industrial equivalent of women discussing Jimmy Choo against Saxone.
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    This should please the dafties who think it’s our duty to re-home “refugees”
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    It isn’t a sentence, because there isn’t a conviction. It’s a quasi civil thing. It can be issued by any court. The person promises to behave for a period of time on the basis that if they don’t then they will have to pay a fixed sum. It can be used for any offence, it is more likely to be used for lower tariffs offences, where prosecution evidence is weak, defendant is indicating a not guilty plea, but wants it over. So both sides compromise. The charges go away. The defendant doesn’t admit anything. There are two types of binding over in IoM. To be of good behaviour - which is a bit nebulous, and, as in this case, to keep the peace, which implies that there has been a breach of the peace, but that’s very low level in terms of violence threatened or actual, it’s less than assault, or assault would be the appropriate charge. How you show a risk of future “violence” is really problematic. Unless there is an ongoing repeated offending. A course of action.
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    Why wouldn't I trust a word this guy says ! I do wonder how much the silence of vision 9 and others has cost the taxpayers ?! http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=44665&headline=We're confident of growth in tourism%2C minister tells House of Keys&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2018
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    Skelly might be the lesser concern. How much belief in it by how many people and how much in salaries and employment costs to contrive this guff and lay it before Skelly for delivery?
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    Careful now, Lxxx, you'll have RIchard Britten et al on attempting to rubbish your source and therefore you. Matters not if there's any sense in it...
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    There’s nothing like a joined up government. And this is nothing like a joined up government
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    You can see from the comments what people think of Skelly and the DfE. I’m still baffled as to why he still has a job as the Minister in the DfE. Between him and the other departmental cock-womble no wonder our tourist sector is in such a mess.
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    Why do they allow such bollocks in these press releases. "The same period from 2013 the visitor spend which has increased by 23%" The person who comes up with these figures I guessing (Like he does) is the person who stated the fairy houses advertising figures. I want that job obviously it will mean a University degree in Mechanical Mathematical Hypothesis stating to the stupid. But I could easily make that visitor spend over 200% just by using a cup of coffee in Douglas cost in 2013 £1.00 now a coffee cost over £3.00 therefore the average visitors spend has increased by over 200% well done Mr Skelly and Mr Callister keep the good work up.
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    Never underestimate some of the stupidity on t'internet. However, the difference in cost is because they chose to wreck the budget non-XR Dewalt. They make a metal gearbox brushless version of this which would have been a fairer but still stupid test. Can't believe I'm talking about power tools on here. Time to switch the computer off and go for a walk.
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    Just 5 posts in, no wonder I don’t look at this very often!
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    Brilliant that. It would be a shame if we were denied this wonderful actor's talent because of his personal failings. He just gets better and better and few could deliver those lines with such subtlety and gravitas as Spacey. I don't excuse what he's alleged to have done (Has he appeared in court for anything ?) but I'd like to see him back on the screen before too long.
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    Totally agree, my McAllister sds/breaker (cabled - £35) is absolutely superb and is better than my dewalt one.
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    Closely related to Jack Carter by the looks of the postings...
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    Not at all. It became obvious after a delightful absence you are back with your usual style of posting. You weren’t missed at all
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    Why does Linz feel compelled to destroy any vestige of goodwill and friendliness he really is a sad individual.
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    It's a sentence. Or should have been. It would make a very good film. The full story of which would be considered fiction, but of course, it is all fact.
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    Whilst doing almost nothing to make that empty promise a reality.
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    Thats lawyer speak for 'I was wrong'
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    Yes get your facts straight. The fire crew had already spent over 10 hours solid playing snooker and darts and polishing their unused fire engines all day and were totally worn out and out of hours and the airport couldn’t possibly stay open to accommodate people who had the only chance to get home for Christmas before Boxing Day. We’re not running a public service you know.
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    Aha, it's obviously not the hot issue that it is with some MF members?
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    For years IOMPO paid about a million and half quid to treasury from profits annually. Now their making a loss, treasury are raiding the reserve fund for it. All this stuff is in the public domain if you wade through hansard.