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    Rubbish. Just publishing this report has brought in £500K of free advertising for the island.
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    I've never been able to work it out. Whether it is screwing around with perfectly good legislation to 'Manxify' it, having our 'Own' CAA which then can't do everything the UK one can, MEA loans which in any other jurisdiction would have seen people jailed, I just don't know. Its some 'holier than thou' attitude, which seems to think that anything that isn't developed here without reference to a wider and valid research base is wrong. I suspect this is all about the TT - an event that any other jurisdiction would have consigned to history well over forty years ago. I love the road racing, and that is what people come to watch. There seems to be some belief that if we put in a speed limit on the Mountain Road (which is about the only unrestricted one) then people won't come any more. There is no evidence to support this - and even if there was, doesn't matter! I love a fast run as much as the next bloke, but I am scarred by the continued exposure to trauma that a long career dealing with road death brings with it. I know that the right thing, for a grown up jurisdiction to do, is to put in place an overarching road safety strategy that enables each and every tactic to be at the disposal of those charged with its implementation. Some of you will likely know that I was unsuccessful in becoming the Road Safety Manager. Setting aside all the 'gold plated pension' stuff, for me it was an opportunity to see to some unfinished business that I wasn't able to deal with during my police career. Suffice it to say, if things are going the way I suspect they are, I would have been making a very public resignation on principle in any case.
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    Youtube is good...world science festival and much more...such as full lecture series from Stanford University etc. And a few good books.
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    I study PGW’s comments...
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    My old copies of “Look and Learn” from the 1960s. I’m still grappling with that stuff.
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    Yes, which we gifted Manx gas 28 million to install on the promise of cheap energy!
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    It is in the Indy, so it must be true,. some of the houses are looking a bit worse for wear....how long is it since they appeared ? By the time the thousands of tourists come over to gaze on them they will be shabby, perhaps we could call them tholtans and say they are really ancient and just be discovered. It is a good job we only paid £6.75 for them.
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    Those knuckles are by now numb and impervious to any amount of vigorous rapping after years of being dragged along the ground.
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    Yes. Youtube generally, and organisation in-house sites like NASA.
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    June was mildly funny but Terry just tried to hard... and failed
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    You’re being polite. It was dogshit.
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    So does this Equality Act protect MF members from harassment, victimisation, humiliation or offensive language on social media from local politicians.
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    Wasn't there a fairy cottage in Nobles Park years ago?
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    That's true BB, but the natives have their sweaters and coats on, and they look at the sunbathers as though they are nuts.
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    I don't think Cannan single-handedly put together the budget. I think Cannan and Thomas are economically literate enough to know they are not expert economists and therefore they have formulated policy and budgets factoring in guidance from those who are adept in the area of economics and fiscal responsibility.
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    No. It's obviously a convenient abbreviation for "metropolitan liberals". What is "Gammon" short for? Oh, hold on. It isn't short for anything, is it? It's a pejorative insult for a certain demographic. The type of insult which you are supposed to abhor with all your might. YOU massive hypocrite.
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    I take it you don't drive a car, eat food, use public transport, use any form of microwave, drink water, watch tv, etc, etc. There is not one single thing in life that is "proven 100% none dangerous".
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    I doubt Corrin is qualified to assess anyone’s mental health to be honest. A bit like asking a shark to be a swimming pool attendant.
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    A hybrid of transnational corporatism, fascism, state capitalism, welfare state, and oligarchy.
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    Sea Terminal or Strand Street?