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    Seems to me the road safety strategy is basically going to be to reduce or introduce speed limits. Over the last ten or more years, a lot of speed limits have been brought in. Is there any info on wether these have brought down accidents? How about hammering drivers overtaking on double white lines, talking/texting on mobiles, blasting through existing speed limits. See how much that improves things over a year or so. Let’s face it, idiots are going to do all the above anyway, so what difference is a lower number on a road sign going to make? It’s lack of a deterrent at the moment that’s making things dangerous, not lack of a national speed limit.
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    What if you are posting on here AND working well after midnight, or even a couple of hours later? And again by 8 the next morning? I've certainly done that at pressurised times. On here while waiting for responses, then minimise to do a bit more work. I might be in bed for 10 hours the following day though. I would have thought you of all people here would be alive to the flexibility of the 24 hour global economy.
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    when you have driving instructors parking on corners/double yellow lines/white zig zag markings whilst talking to their pupil, what chance is there for better driver training?
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    I’m not I am advocating safer roads.
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    Big clubs don’t care about the FA cup. I’d go as far as saying they see it as a distraction and extra unnecessary games that get in the way of the premiership and champions league. It started some years ago when Man U were kings and didn’t even enter the competition to concentrate on the world club championships.
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    Bad driving. Mobile phones. I work next to a road and if I had a quid for each person I see using their phone especially when slowed down or stopped for the junction (is that ok to do?) I wouldn't have to work. When driving behind a car, take a look at the wing mirrors. If you can see the driver, well at least the mirrors are set correctly, but as in so many cases, the mirrors are either set at some random position or set to the pavement so the driver can say "hi" or beep or whatever if they see one of their mates. Would you really trust either of these types to drive safely up on the mountain, or indeed anywhere?
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    I'm not saying I disagree with you, but we're completely missing the purpose of Stinky's original point with regards to motorists going 35 mph is a 50 zone. If it wasn't so painfully common for people to travel well under the speed limit, the conversation of safe/unsafe overtaking would never have occurred. P.s. before some wise-crack says 'its a limit, not a target', if you were to re-sit your driving test and do 35 in a 50, you will fail. Why? Because it is argued that it can be unsafe to drive well below the legal limit.
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    That would mean breaking the limit. So no, it isn’t.
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    It is possible to enforce. you don’t get out of the sea terminal unless you’ve got a proper one. Ports presence is slowly getting more robust.
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    I think that you are right about this. However no responsible government anywhere has ever based a road safety policy in support of road users who intend to drive /ride in a manner that is dangerous and anti social. A road safety policy is one thing. Allowing people to drive at dangerous speeds is a separate issue and with some vision both could be catered for. Allowing motor cyclists and car drivers to use a closed roads circuit for a fee and proof of suitable insurance could be an option and a money earner. But doing nohing just gives us the worst of all worlds.
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    A few speed cameras wouldn't go amiss particularly where the unrestricted stretches end. Anyone with an objection probably has a problem complying with speed limits in any event.
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    Lest we forget. 4 years ago today...
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    Steady on Phil.
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    Perhaps this helps https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/more-bbc-staff-planned-for-island/ The money's not being given either. He works for it. You're an especially bitter troll too.
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    Before moving to the Island some years back I lived in Cornwall for 30 odd years - I have a Merc V8 AMG and a Ducati with the 1262cc engine - both can 'make progress' when required. The odd thing is - I drive faster on the (similar) Cornish roads than on the Island roads due to the appalling standards of driving over here. My daughter has survived her first three years as a new driver over here - I have genuinely lost sleep over her safety - and it is all totally self inflicted for no good reason. Sadly, some of her teenage mates did not make it through. Derek is correct, whilst 'living in the past' is one of the great attractions of the Island - road safety and driving standards need to be brought right up to date without delay.
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    Just grannies. They're heavily farmed on a four-yearly basis.
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    Since the referendum, brexiteers have constantly had to put up with being called "nazi's" amongst the other despicable sour-grapery, as in the mantra of "xenophobic, thick-as-pigshit, Daily Wail reading, etc., etc. Makes a nice change...
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    A couple of points 1.You only overtake where it can be done safely. If you have to break the speed limit to overtake a vehicle you shouldn't be overtaking it. A speed limit on a road is a speed limit. It isn't "50mph but a bit more is ok if you are overtaking" 2. I said cameras should be placed particularly points where unrestricted roads end...nothing to do with overtaking but more to do with people taking it upon themselves to decide when to slow down
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    did you see the clips of her repeatedly calling voters nazi's? yet anyone says the same to her she goes bsc........ then bangs on about freedom of speech.......
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    My visitors over the last 40 years enjoy at least one full lap of the course during their visit, especially the freedom of the unrestricted Mountain. Although they may think so, they don't actually go that fast. but it is the perception that they could if they wished that is the enjoyment. The freedom to choose. My motorcycle rarely leaves Douglas these days, but it is a huge comfort to me, to know that at any time I could take it for a lap round the course and go as fast as I feel safe on the ever diminishing unrestricted sections. In fact, I know that I will rarely touch say 60 or 70 mph anywhere, but that is not the point. I value that feeling of freedom and as a biker it is one of the huge benefits of living on this Island. And it is that feeling of freedom that our visitors value during TT.
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    A few years ago I was standing talking to a collection of Irish guys on large powerful motorcycles at the pre TT races. The subject of speed limits came up and they said to a man that the only reason they came to the island was the lack of speed limits, all their motorcycles had the tiny unreadable number plates on. This is the reason that COMIN don't want to limit speed the perceived tourist pound !
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    So where's the problem? You can watch Strictly on your device while she watches the docudrama on the 55 inch. Then you're both done and more time for making love. Or there's always online catch up of course.
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    Correct re the pans - they must be ferrous metal as the induction relies on magnetism (sort of). You’ll wait a long time for your soup if it’s in a copper pan!
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    As I can’t read the reply I assume that’s useless Neil trolling already hoping to create a pointless argument again. A quirky reply no doubt.