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    I think that is the point .... you don't get tractors ,horses , cyclists on a straight multi lane motorway which has a National speed limit of 70 mph in the UK and similar speeds throughout europe . Yet we allow cars /bikes to travel along a fairly narrow ,rural road with all these hazards , and more, at speeds well in excess of this . Just doesn't make sense .
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    What if you are posting on here AND working well after midnight, or even a couple of hours later? And again by 8 the next morning? I've certainly done that at pressurised times. On here while waiting for responses, then minimise to do a bit more work. I might be in bed for 10 hours the following day though. I would have thought you of all people here would be alive to the flexibility of the 24 hour global economy.
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    No, I get that. Hence why I said that I wasn't disagreeing with you. I know that you've clearly said that you haven't missed the point... but I'm a bit nervous that you may have still missed the point. We're still getting strung up on Stinky's question about how to safely (or unsafely) overtake somebody travelling at 35 mph in a 50 mph zone. I gathered that the aim (or at least part of the aim) of Stinky's original question wasn't for a literal response to the question but to magnify that so many people do fail to make progress in these zones and a 50 mph limit is very often too slow to safely (and legally) complete an overtake. If we read backwards, I understood that Stinky was trying to argue that a national limit of 50 mph in non-built up areas would be too slow given the fact it could be unsafe to overtake within this limit, as outlined above. Judging by the subsequent string of responses within this thread, I think it was a good question by Stinky with quite an interesting argument - 50 mph might be too slow of a national speed limit. Good food for thought!
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    when you have driving instructors parking on corners/double yellow lines/white zig zag markings whilst talking to their pupil, what chance is there for better driver training?
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    I’m not I am advocating safer roads.
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    Big clubs don’t care about the FA cup. I’d go as far as saying they see it as a distraction and extra unnecessary games that get in the way of the premiership and champions league. It started some years ago when Man U were kings and didn’t even enter the competition to concentrate on the world club championships.
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    I'm not saying I disagree with you, but we're completely missing the purpose of Stinky's original point with regards to motorists going 35 mph is a 50 zone. If it wasn't so painfully common for people to travel well under the speed limit, the conversation of safe/unsafe overtaking would never have occurred. P.s. before some wise-crack says 'its a limit, not a target', if you were to re-sit your driving test and do 35 in a 50, you will fail. Why? Because it is argued that it can be unsafe to drive well below the legal limit.
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    That would mean breaking the limit. So no, it isn’t.
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    A few speed cameras wouldn't go amiss particularly where the unrestricted stretches end. Anyone with an objection probably has a problem complying with speed limits in any event.
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    Lest we forget. 4 years ago today...
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    I don't think TSOS sees how stupidly creepy his posting is of late. Poacher turned gamekeeper does not come close.
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    Well ok...but do we really want to model ourselves on fruitcakes like the Swiss?
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    Good to know, thanks. Good to see you’re back as a moderator now too. Hope that as things are improving after the reasons you gave for standing down.
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    Against the law in Germany so I think they must live in some sort of Euro Fantasy World where the laws in one country are the same in all of them? Oh wait....
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    Some are geared for 22.5 mph. Some are geared for 45 mph. I was (clearly poorly) trying to illustrate that there are other slow things on the road other than grannies in Micras.
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    I wonder whether you’d feel different if his Dad was someone else? People complain that the BBC don’t provide value for money on the Island. Here’s a method to increase BBC spend on the Island. There do need to be oversight within that these roles aren’t just replacing an employee but adding to what’s being offered.
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    You have a point. I'm a keen cyclist and riders breaking the law or riding without consideration for other road users really winds me up. I'd like to see more pulled and ticketed for indiscretions to get the message across.
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    Steady on Phil.
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    Just grannies. They're heavily farmed on a four-yearly basis.
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    Since the referendum, brexiteers have constantly had to put up with being called "nazi's" amongst the other despicable sour-grapery, as in the mantra of "xenophobic, thick-as-pigshit, Daily Wail reading, etc., etc. Makes a nice change...
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    So where's the problem? You can watch Strictly on your device while she watches the docudrama on the 55 inch. Then you're both done and more time for making love. Or there's always online catch up of course.
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    Any way ... Manx Radio .. many don’t think it’s much good ... discuss?
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    Don’t cherry pick the PM, I was not embarrassed more shocked that you would stoop so low as to have yet another unfounded go at me via a post wishing JW well. Bit by bit your true colours are starting to show
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    He had just robbed a bank though.
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    I do appreciate the effort. Thank you.
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    Having said that, they do wear wooden shoes and their hats sideways and mostly ride pushbikes. They even blacklisted us, so as far as I am concerned they can p*** off
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    While we are on the subject of a safer roads strategy (or in fact, lack of it by this Government) perhaps we could add our own ideas ,maybe gleaned from other more forward looking countries.Some of these would undoubtedly be taken up by the Government and passed off as their ideas .... but who cares if it makes our roads safer. One thing I came across a while ago while driving in the Netherlands was a thing called the Dutch Reach. ----Possibly not what you think It involves always opening your car door with the hand furthest from that door. By doing this it automatically makes you turn your body and look into the door mirror and also puts you in a position to look back before you open the door. It is claimed that this simple action has saved thousands of collisions between cyclists and car doors and one assumes many lives and injuries and damage . Simple but effective . Just Google it and there are plenty of videos showing it in action . Lets have some more innovative ideas that maybe one day will be translated into safer roads for all road users .
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    Good to know you’re officially in remission and on the up relatively speaking. I hope your mobility starts improving over time too. Just seen your edits. Indeed it’s not the death sentence that it often was which is comfort / inspiration to us all as I’m sure it has been for you. Your news brought back your announcement to me and just as a reminder how sad and pathetic some posters have been in the past and continue to be so it’s worth re-posting. Woolley summed it all up nicely in the end and turns out he was right!
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    That’s what I was trying to get at. Rather than bringing in new restrictions, enforce existing legislation and use the maximum fines/penalties available. Do that and it would be self financing, at least for the first year or two until the message gets through.
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    Who gives the title local democracy reporter? Is it a Manx Radio thing, or some silly BBC corporate title for local news reporter? Every time I hear him called the local democracy reporter on the radio I think we might live in Beijing.
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    That is a falsehood... "The club's chief executive, Martin Edwards, and their manager Alex Ferguson put on a united front with David Davies, the FA's interim executive director, as they tried to justify the unpopular decision. In the background the recurring theme was of England's 2006 World Cup bid and the guidance from the Government which persuaded United to ditch the game's oldest domestic tournament for its newest global prize because of fixture congestion. United say they were left with little choice when the FA told them of the possible risks to England's hopes of staging the World Cup if they did not take part in Fifa's new tournament, the World Club Championship in Brazil next January." https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football-united-withdraw-from-fa-cup-1103601.html It was the FA and not United that pressed for this.
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    Too many. Needs addressing with education, enforcement and technology
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    Agree with you Kitten ----- while you were busy writing this I was editing to add a final few words .
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    ........do we still have an RPU?..........I don't seem to be seeing many road patrol vehicles...........
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    In that case let's derestrict speed on all roads and leave speed safety to the judgment of the motorists...oh hang on a minute.
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    your another typical yellow snowflake....... soubry can't have it both ways- she either supports free speech or not....... jrm has also had abuse from the remoaners in the same spot...... how many mp's waded in then.......
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    JRM’s encounter with the anarchist shouty man was terrible, and I said words to that effect on here at the time. At the time you #Woodyfactored Ian Bone as a labour supporter when he is no more of a labour supporter than I am - he can’t stand labour. Soubry is a lone woman being harassed by groups of aggressive shouty men as she tries to make her way to Parliament, or make her case in an interview. She is also apparently subject to regular online death threats, when it isn’t so long since a fellow female mp was murdered by an unhinged extremist. Think about that. If your response is still; ‘yeah, but what about JRM, he got shouted at by a pensioner’ then it’s probably time to look in the mirror and ask yourself what your ideology has reduced you to.
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    What makes speed limit+1 mph any less safe than speed limit-1 mph?
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    Absolutely. Any normal parent would have instantly shuffled their kids through the front door and out of harms way. But not JRM. Oh no. Mr Arrogance has to have it out with them as if his kids just weren't there. Appalling individual.
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    A poor man's Tony Mepham. All this guff about the importance of the fa cup. It's absolute bollocks. The fa cup used to be a big event but only because that was one of the only times football used to be on the telly.
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    racist......... Last time I was there it was " Black tag" day
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    You do realise that the only one picking fights is you, as per usual. Thought it would be good to point that out...
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    Thanks John.
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    We got shafted when decimalisation came into play. Everything rounded up with neck end of feck all rounded down. Don’t go giving the clowns in tynpotwald any ideas. They’ll get rid of all coins lower than the £1 and round everything up...
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    Found it on an old hard drive, just for you. HNY Just to avoid any doubt. That HNY is Happy New Year, not "Honey"
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    If he is actually letting the interviewees answer his questions before butting in and answering them himself then it is an improvement to be welcomed.
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    Approximately 500 shells containing Chemical Weapons were found in Iraq after the War. If you are trying to claim he didn't use them in the Iran Iraq war your being blind to a huge amount of evidence, ditto with the Kurds.
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    ... the issue is motivation. I do not believe any of the people in the chain of command would have wanted to attack a hospital, to kill and injure doctors and nurses. The Geneva conventions are very clear on the status of hospitals and medical personnel. There was a command & control break down, and a tragic error occurred - and that is being investigated by the UN, NATO and the US Military to see if there was a crime or negligence involved - when crimes have been committed there are prosecutions from Mi Lai, to Abu Ghrab to Nisour Square - we know about these things because they were investigated and prosecuted - compare that to what happens in ISIS prisons & town squares. The US and UK militaries attempt under the hugely difficult circumstances of war to reduce civilian deaths and prosecute soldiers who fail to do that. There are multiple failures in that and justice is too often a casualty of war, but even so the motivation is there to try to reduce civilian deaths. ISIS are motivated to kill civilians, it is their aim and objective. I find it amazing when people time and time again see some moral equivalence between war and terrorism. The motivations involved are totally different.
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