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    I'd like to know how they even think they can work that out to that kind of accuracy.
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    They're wrong. What they mean is that they don't like it. I don't mind that some people don't like the music, the ads, the reporters, the presenters or anything else about the station. But to say it's amateurish hospital radio and crap quality is simply wrong by any professional measure. I don't like seafood so avoid it, rather than eat it and moan like fuck at every possible opportunity. And yes, some of my tax probably goes towards the seafood industry.
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    Er, not quite true there Kopek...
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    There was general agreement that the only possible explanations of the existence of Flannels and their price levels were: (a) the Department of Enterprise (or whatever it was called that year) had deluded them into believing that the Island was full of multimillionaires, simultaneously willing to splash out on overpriced tat and unable to work out how to get off the Island. While in fact the ones we do have are all tight and only too willing to swan off to Bond Street if they do need to splash the cash; (b) the Sports Direct empire had some complicated tax scam going on that required a physical store presence; (c) the aforementioned D of E was paying them cash for some strange reason, just like all the other strange reasons it hands out money. I did wonder if it could be a front for selling drugs (the prices would make sense if they came with a free 'gift''), but obviously it would be much busier if that were the case.
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    Why would they need a mole? The FUBAR propositions, gaffes and subsequent attempts at keeping things quiet are a matter of public and journalistic record for years. Hardly a matter requiring any undercover digging. Just read the papers and log on to MF
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    I love the fact that Ewan has to report on so many items which are a direct consequence of his dad's hare-brained legacy.
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    Nope wasn't even advocating stop and search, the Police will know who the hardcore gang members are and it is those people who I would target with disruptive policing ! whatever their colour or religion or ethnicity or whatever. The reason for clamping down on them would be purely from an intelligence led operation, no stop and search, the operation would already know who the targets were ! The Police can make those peoples lives difficult and difficult to carry on the business of being a gang member. I really don't care who that upsets !
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    He had just robbed a bank though.
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    I've been following a travel journal on youtube about 2 motorcyclists going through Europe. In Switzerland one was caught by an average speed trap at slightly under twice the limit of 80kph for that stretch mountain road. The on the spot fine was £3000 . That's right , 3 grand. On top of that, an immediate 3 month ban so he had to get the bike transported out of the country. If he had been twice the limit it would have been a prison sentence as well. I think that might get everyone's attention if we went down that route.
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    This amused me, and Evan Davies when he interviewed the guy on R4 earlier. Report from the Mirror here They basically wrote fake research papers and submitted them to journals. In one they claimed to have inspected 10000 dogs' genitals to see if they could correlate them with dogs' rape tendencies. The reviewers (seriously) questioned if the dogs had been violated in carrying out the study. I think they were trying to prove that studies on 'trendy' leftist topics were likely to be published even if they were completely ludicrous. 7/20 got in. Just because something's published in a 'leading' academic journal doesn't necessarily mean it's the truth.
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    Agree, I heard that they’ve been thinking of how to get rid of him for a while. New guy is on a fixed term contract which suggests they’ve learned that offering a job for life is not the answer. Many are just hoping he doesn’t come back post retirement after taking a huge rake of cash from his pension and take over again. If that happens he will no doubt end up in special projects for the SPC where his cost is covered by SPC customers not the taxpayer directly. So it’s a taxpayer “saving” really.
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    A big nightclub would be what is very much needed. Not for me I might add, but there is nothing now like what we used to have with the Cave, Lido etc. Anything that will suit our youngsters is what it has to become. ( We also had Paramount, Jefferson's, Studebaker's Niki Dow, Dow Jones, etc. etc.)
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    It's more a matter of making it look like you're doing something when you actually aren't. I've a feeling that Longworth had been due for retirement for a while and normally a civil servant retiring at standard age wouldn't be announced so prominently. Of course, rather than letting him go, they've moved him sideways into a 'special projects' role, so he can continue to swan around and spend on new toys, all at taxpayers expense.
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    Maybe that’s what Longworth does three days a week.
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    It would be amazing if there were not one.
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    Pathetic !
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    I am not prepared to answer your question re positions held as this is an anonymous forum, whether you consider I have experience or not is irrelevant to me. I am well versed in Policing techniques from Regional Crime squad (historical) operations downwards. Whatever is happening isn't working, that much is obvious !
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    somebody has upset the yellow socialist.........
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    As I said, tokenism.
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    Not at all. But a lot of the victims are also black and deaths are so commonplace that they are hardly even news anymore! Surely you cannot advocate sacrificing more lives on the altar of political correctness? Safe streets must be the priority? And currently they are not safe.
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    What struck me was for all the fuss and bother, I can't even remember what the subject under discussion was.
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    This isn't what he's saying though, is he? You're making things up again. The facts are hardly "nonsense." Typical SJW...
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    It's supposed to be an additional role - I would hope as part of the BBC's due diligence they check that Manx Radio and all the other hosts don't replace an additional head. It's seems a basic part of managing a project like that. Perhaps you could put in a Freedom of Info request to the BBC to see that this done? Basically it is an extra reporter paid out of the licence fee. The brief on the BBC site is - I'm struggling to see why it's a bad thing that the BBC provides a service to the Isle of Man that it is providing everywhere else. This funding would only be allocated elsewhere.
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    It makes one wonder how we and Manx Radio managed without a Local Democracy Reporter.
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    There’s no need, as explained already in this thread, that is the role. He’s not moonlighting, the BBC are paying him to provide content to Manx Radio.
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    The SUS laws targeted urban youths. That was fair in so far as urban youths were most likely to be involved in crime. That’s always been the case, whatever the predominant skin tone of the urban poor in any particular decade. The problems with SUS in the 80s were the harsh anti-weed laws and the institutional racism of both the Met and the justice system. That wasn’t a problem in Glasgow because Strathclyde Police didn’t have a reputation for institutional racism directed against suspects from specific backgrounds. Times have changed and twenty years after the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry I’d imagine the Met has genuinely done its best to address those issues. London isn’t like parts of the US, or like England was twenty years ago - it’s a professional and fair force. Urban communities should acknowledge that and work with the police to make their communities safer for their own children. Lammy & co should recognise that it’s not the police that victimising their communities - it’s the criminals. Asitis is completely correct, pretending that it would be reasonable and fair to match stop-and-search rates of hoody wearing youth in Streatham with those of middle-aged, tweed suited gents in the Cotswolds is just stupid.
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    Dutch cyclists don't wear Lycra. Says a lot!!!
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    I'll split the difference with you it was 80% LOL The newspaper accused Sir Paul of wrecking a decade of improving police and community relations when he said that 80 per cent of muggings in some areas were committed by young black men. A true story of how pervasive this is .... many years ago I was attending a meeting as an advisor to an inner city council. They had a problem with a large group of black youths who every Saturday were causing mayhem for the Police and shoppers in a premium shopping area. Without any bias at all, to a man this group of young males and also girls were black. I was advised by a senior politician for the area that at the meeting I could only tell the full council meeting that they were "young people" and if asked couldn't quote their colour. Of course I was asked the question about this large group what part of the city they came from and what their colour was, I had to repeat with monotonous regularity "young people". The meeting did no one any favours and this was over 35yrs ago ! Goodness knows how we can possibly deal with a problem when we can't even discuss it !!
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    Russia, Nazis! I can't help but think you have missed a whole bunch of history there sonny.
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    That’s Johnny Moss to you, unhip prole.
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    I agree 100% and have said on here before that I can’t understand why inner-city parents and community leaders wouldn’t want more stop-and-search as its their kids who make up the majority of the victims. Instead, you get ideological muppets like David Lammy demanding less. I’d say your memory is playing tricks on you when you come up with a figure like 98% though. It was Paul Condon who got into trouble for mentioning race, but I’m pretty sure he just mentioned that the majority of street robberies were carried out by black males - and I think the figures at the time were around 65%. Anyway, more than enough reason to target young black males, or probably more accurately, young inner-city males, for stop-and-search - if the officers were available. Also, and I know it’s not in the power of the Commisioner, but I’d argue for much tougher sentencing and community outreach - that’s what worked in Glasgow.
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    Well ok...but do we really want to model ourselves on fruitcakes like the Swiss?
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    Hey tough guy, when you’re in less of a state, why not ask an English speaker to explain ‘physically intimidate’ to you.
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    All little things that can be part of an evolving culture. However; Many years ago, I was a bobby in Blackpool. A lot of policing in that town is geared around maintaining order in the night time economy. One of the biggest problems was the transient population of about 17 million visitors a year. It meant it was very difficult to set culture in a positive way. We have a similar issue with 35,000 visitors on bikes each year. They come to have a good time, but if you carry the analogy from Blackpool, there are a number who come to “get pissed up and have a fight”, but more in motoring terms. That is why we have to try much harder on this than other places might. When they turn up, they have to know that this is a motoring utopia, but also an unapologetically safe place.
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    ......sorry to disagree about tractors but many tractors can't get near 25mph and some of the more modern ones can travel much faster than that even with a big trailer on. It all depends on the suspension and braking system.........If any one wants to research the legislation it will be clearer.........like most things it's not a simple thing to sort out........... Less modern tractors are limited to about 17mph. But isn't the whole thing here about safety ? If all drivers/riders drove/rode at a speed and a distance that they could see to be clear and stop in, there would be no problem.
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    A huge enemy is Political Correctness, it means policing cannot be targeted, it means resources cannot be used in an area where they are most needed, and some diffraction has to be wasted on areas where it is not a priority. The met commissioner some years ago and I cannot now recall which one, identified that 98% of street robberies were committed by young black males and had the evidence to support his assertion. It didn't make any difference he was hung out to dry and a targeted operation was diluted to lessen the weight of what appeared to be an entirely true statement free of any bias ! I have heard nothing from the commander which fills me with confidence that she is willing to enforce the law whatever that might take, all I hear is cultured soundbites which are offence free to any and all. In my view it does no one any favours by pretending that a problem does not exist within a certain community, and it is true to say that even amongst easily offended communities some are worse than others, and the Police are more scared of using their powers within certain sections than they are amongst others for fear of outrage. I have known officers who shy away from dealing with certain members of society simply because they know there is a real risk of them losing their job, should there be the slightest implication of wrong doing proven or not ! The very worst offenders in society do not respond to sound bites, care nothing for decency or the views of their peers and for these criminals enforcement is the only option and we have long forgotten how to do that !!
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    unless it was all in latin........
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    Too many. Needs addressing with education, enforcement and technology
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    Well, it could be said that some in Onchan live on a different planet. That, at least, wouldn't be far from the truth.
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    Whilst I fully accept the funding situation, you do not Police by money, you Police by leadership , enforcing the law whoever it may offend, and securing the streets for the safety of the public. Political correctness and the balance sheets are not going to make London a safe place to live and work anytime soon !
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    Would it not be safer to overtake at 60 rather than 50?
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    Can't be bothered to read through all this thread but if the thrust of it is Sadiq Khan and the state of the UK capital, my observations are that, the reason that London is out of control is because we have a Mayor who ticks all the right PC boxes and a Chief Officer who is also PC and ticks all the right boxes. Both are utterly useless when it comes to crime, its causes and enforcement ! If the Met Chief Officer is the best that they have, god help London !!!
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    Retail needs to change its business model. We have 30 thousand people working in offices and elsewhere - working the same hours as retail. Retail needs to shift to 10.30am to 8/9pm work patterns. But a raft of other things need to change in parallel...such as a reduction in rents, lower business rates and much more free parking. People do not have much spare cash due to overly priced domestic house prices and rents, with £millions leaving the IOM each month going off to UK mortgage lenders. Resident based ownership and inheritance tax also need to be considered. The island has been raped by outsiders, and crippled by government driven artificially high property prices and stealth taxes, and local authority charges. Little wonder we are losing nearly 1000 18-30 year olds each year.
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    It used to be the same in Britain. Supermarkets sold groceries. Then of course they put the small grocers out of business and eventually realised the margins weren't great, so they started selling everything else under the sun and set about ruining established businesses in those markets too. Specialists who knew their trade and stocked in depth rather than just the few best selling lines were lost. Race to the bottom.
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    I’ve got a good general grounding from school and university. I pick up biological science from medical journals, but for physics I tend to try and drill down into a subject rather than just get a superficial idea. I spent a few years on general relativity, trying now for particle physics/QED through books that cover the fundamentals and the maths in detail.
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    My old copies of “Look and Learn” from the 1960s. I’m still grappling with that stuff.
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    no doubt that's just no true either..........
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    Not sure. There’s rumours that he is in line for a “special project” role at the SPC once he’s taken his huge sack of gold pension lump sum.
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