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    I agree Max, but those handling, braking and safety aids do encourage people to drive faster, often beyond their abilities and the prevailing conditions. BL Minis would do 80 if pushed but you knew you were getting there when you reached 50 . Nowadays you can be sitting comfortably at twice that speed. Which is fine until it all goes wrong, i.e. you encounter the ice or the traffic situation in which case it all happens a lot faster and takes a lot more recovering than if you were doing 50. Which is where the ability level and/or experience comes in. But it's ok cos we've all got airbags now?
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    Stu says he produces ads in his other business. Can't he offer the clients some better thought out ones than these? Poor show if not.
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    ...........I just knew that MOTs would be brought up. Just a money making scam ............roadside checks and if something is found then off to the govt test site is the way to go..........
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    It's more a matter of making it look like you're doing something when you actually aren't. I've a feeling that Longworth had been due for retirement for a while and normally a civil servant retiring at standard age wouldn't be announced so prominently. Of course, rather than letting him go, they've moved him sideways into a 'special projects' role, so he can continue to swan around and spend on new toys, all at taxpayers expense.
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    Complain to who exactly? Us.
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    This amused me, and Evan Davies when he interviewed the guy on R4 earlier. Report from the Mirror here They basically wrote fake research papers and submitted them to journals. In one they claimed to have inspected 10000 dogs' genitals to see if they could correlate them with dogs' rape tendencies. The reviewers (seriously) questioned if the dogs had been violated in carrying out the study. I think they were trying to prove that studies on 'trendy' leftist topics were likely to be published even if they were completely ludicrous. 7/20 got in. Just because something's published in a 'leading' academic journal doesn't necessarily mean it's the truth.
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    Shows you how retail is in the IOM though. Can’t see any other supermarket taking the space. It made sense when it was built as there was loads of parking available for the supermarket customers. Now between the floors allocated to the great and the good of the Manx public sector which we pay for and the Doctors surgery there isn’t enough parking to meet the demands of another supermarket anyway. You’d build out of town instead. And you wonder why the idiots at the DOI want to take out even more parking in the centre of town with the new prom layout so that more idiot cyclists can cycle through the horse shit. No wonder Braddan is booming as a retail park.
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    MOT comes up all of the time and it is total nonsense. There is no evidence to suggest that accidents are being caused by vehicles being driven in poor condition and the police and DoI have confirmed this. The only fatality that was caused by a vehicle fault was the tragic death of the young cyclist some years ago who was hit by a wheel that had come adrift from a truck. HGVs are subject to yearly testing. Vehicle testing is a complete red herring. I would be in favour of a lot more roadside random checks with failures taken straight off the road and scrapped. The vast majority of motorists are responsible and they keep their vehicles in good condition. One of the remaining plus points of living in the IOM is that you are treated like an adult in this respect and you are trusted not to drive around in a death trap.
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    Using bloody indicators seems to be discouraged judging by a large number of numpties on the road...
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    just short of screws...........
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    I’d like to see a second driving test being done after 1 year which you need to pass to get rid of your R plates. It’s always said that your “learning” continues after passing your test, so let’s see how it’s gone!
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    I thought that vehicle defects were a relatively minor contributor to accidents on IoM, I believe Derek has posted that on a number of occasions? Entirely personal opinion? Most of it boils down to sheer bad driving, lack of experience or even poor training. First frost yesterday and the Mountain is shut because somebody couldn't drive to the conditions. Vehicles whose speed and power far exceeds their predecessors of years gone by. But our roads haven't changed. They remain narrow roads and lanes, occasionally difficult to negotiate. A Driving Test that is now reportedly(?) only 30min in length. Offering little time to check standards or the candidate to make a failure of judgement that could otherwise call their driving into question.
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    You seem to be forgetting it is the English who taught you to drive. Not our fault you have forgotten how to...
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    It was bigger when it was the Tardis.
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    Focused targets made up by thinking of a number. there is no point in them. Just work tirelessly toward the ambition of zero fatalities
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    Knife crime is very much a black problem though, moreover it's a black perpetrator on black victim problem substantially rooted in the gang culture, and if you don't accept that you are living on another planet. I realise it's hard to keep a grip on reality when you read the Guardian, but denying or minimising the problem will not make it better. The problem with the liberal approach is that it appears more acceptable to allow the carnage to continue rather than to hurt delicate sensibilities and "community cohesion" by trying to disrupt the perpetrators.
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    There was general agreement that the only possible explanations of the existence of Flannels and their price levels were: (a) the Department of Enterprise (or whatever it was called that year) had deluded them into believing that the Island was full of multimillionaires, simultaneously willing to splash out on overpriced tat and unable to work out how to get off the Island. While in fact the ones we do have are all tight and only too willing to swan off to Bond Street if they do need to splash the cash; (b) the Sports Direct empire had some complicated tax scam going on that required a physical store presence; (c) the aforementioned D of E was paying them cash for some strange reason, just like all the other strange reasons it hands out money. I did wonder if it could be a front for selling drugs (the prices would make sense if they came with a free 'gift''), but obviously it would be much busier if that were the case.
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    I don't respond to your posts, but if I did I would say that all the old music used for the ads is "rights free"
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    Yanks, they don't see the funny side...
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    when are the bendy boat trials?
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    The legality of driving if there is no MOT equivalent in the state of registration isn’t really the issue. It’s that the EU had looser arrangements than provided by Vienna. After Brexit all those vehicles, after 6 or 12 months, will be illegal, subject to seizure and confiscation, until customs duty, import taxes and VAT are paid.
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    nah-thats just an example of how bad the new roads signs will turn out when they add manx to all the road signs....... Be better if they added the English to our local Manx signs
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    It's the reasoned positions and finely nuanced arguments that I visit MF for!
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    I once published a quotation from Albert Einstein in the British Medical Journal, something along the lines of “The pressure to publish leads to superficiality and should be resisted”. The citation for it is on my CV, which I think is quite ironic.
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    Last year our VW Camper was MOT exempted. No-one mentioned a Vienna Convention....
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    I complain all the time about my tax money funding both of those things.
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    Yes are you with Ross Gower? Yes I’m with Ross Gower, and are you with Ross Gower? Yes I’m with Ross Gower, and so am I, and so am I. Me too! ...... oh fuck off Ross Gower ... the last place I would ever go for a quote because of your bloody irritating radio ads!
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    Right or wrong I think you will find after Brexit that in order to drive a car in any other country you will have to be able to show a certificate of roadworthiness whether it is called an MOT or something else . Guernsey and Jersey are already some way down that route but as yet it doesn't seem to have been made public here .
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    all this new tests and regular tests idea is just bollox and a money spinner. anybody taking a 'test' drives in a manner that should see them pass that test, as soon as the test is passed you drive the same as every other blinkered inconsiderate cunt on the roads. how many people who drive most days keep 2 hands on the steering wheel in about the 10 to 2 position and never cross their arms when turning the wheel?? less than 10% would be my guess, and these are the twats that dither along at 30 mph or less speed limit or not.
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    No - I don't think there's a skid pan here, although they were going to put one (or one of those spider rigs) up at Jurby some years ago. Until the money ran out. Derek Flint is joining me live on Talking Heads tomorrow at noon to discuss this 'strategy' so feel free to chip in (661368 to talk, 166177 to text, email: talk@manxradio.com)
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    now there isn't...
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    is that what the girls say to you???????????????????????????????
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    is that like the dirty chinese and russian coal that germany is burning...........while remoaners go on about the environmental protection the eu brings.......
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    Have we ever done a root cause analysis of fatal and serious accidents? We have small enough numbers to make this possible over a ten year period and yet be meaningful. We all hear about the fatalities but the fact that quite a few happen within speed restricted areas and involve carelessness on behalf of one or two parties. These are always interpreted as an out of control, speed addicted population when this is generally the cause of a minority of incidents! For example, a car running budget worn shock absorbers, or with the steering geometry out of tolerance, a car with headlights out of adjustment, a road with poor adhesion qualities, a driver who is tired after a long shift? Any of these and more could be the root cause of a serious accident and would not be picked up in a vehicle inspection as the vehicle and driver conform to all legal requirements. Speed can be a contributory factor in any accident but that speed can still be 30mph or less.
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    more a brothel without having to pay.......
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    It's because of brexit!
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    He went against advice and precedent for his own prejudices. His rulings will make it difficult for governments of all colours in the future to progress their business through Parliament. He is out of order.
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    Most requested song is 'One Day at a Time (sweet Jesus)' by Lena Martell...
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    Well, I hope they don't pay for laces because the little buggers don't do them up! What is the World coming to? I don't know.
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    Indeed. I have no great problem with MR (although the news pages on their website are often amateurish)...except for those fucking adverts. They seem to be tailored for/aimed at people with a mental age of six. They’ve been so shit for so long that presumably they work, or the emphasis would change; that’s a very disturbing indicator of the MR listenership.
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    They were discussing this on Talking Heads today and Stu put his finger right on the spot he said there were loads of laws such as speed limits that were never administered and he was dead right. The only way to stop or cut down the road kill human and otherwise is to adopt speed cameras and introduce MOT some of the condition that cars and vans, mostly vans, whiz around is is unbelievable. If the Government really want to make the Island safer roadwise they need to be brave and make unpopular decisions. Think of all the revenue in speeding fines it would generate and no one could complain because if they obey the limits they would not be penalised, much fairer than whacking road tax up every year.
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    He had just robbed a bank though.
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    Instead of jailing and fining them, confiscate the vehicle and crush it... Saves costs on feeding them in prison and avoids admin costs for fines. RESULT...
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    Thank you. I’m in remission. I’ve got bone marrow biopsy tests every three months to check it doesn’t return. Ive quite serious side effects neurologically, from the arsenic trioxide chemo, in my hands and feet, severe, continuous pins and needles or numbness. Having to use a wheel chair to get any distance. But I’m alive, got a second chance at life. i know that sounds soppy. But 30 years ago APL type Leukaemia was fatal. Diagnosis life expectancy was 6 weeks. Now, if you survive the first 6 weeks ( which 95% do ) the chances of it returning are nearly zero.
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    Good to know, thanks. Good to see you’re back as a moderator now too. Hope that as things are improving after the reasons you gave for standing down.
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    I'm not saying I disagree with you, but we're completely missing the purpose of Stinky's original point with regards to motorists going 35 mph is a 50 zone. If it wasn't so painfully common for people to travel well under the speed limit, the conversation of safe/unsafe overtaking would never have occurred. P.s. before some wise-crack says 'its a limit, not a target', if you were to re-sit your driving test and do 35 in a 50, you will fail. Why? Because it is argued that it can be unsafe to drive well below the legal limit.
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    Impressed me. My money would have been on The Beano.
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