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    I know of someone who recently had his career wrecked and needed mental health care after pointing out the misdemeanors of his superior at one of our local government departments. Try telling him it was worth it!
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    https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/whistleblowing-policy-a-last-resort-says-chief-secretary/ Really? No I mean...really?? Sorry folks, but rubbish like this boils my piss. I know a number of people who had the careers either put on hold or wrecked because they have had the courage to report either bad behaviour or practices. In Government whistleblowing IS a last resort, because most sane sensible civil servants are too shit scared of the consequences! Fact.
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    If anything ever needed an independent ombudsman, this is it. There were a number of us in the cops who never believed our concerns were taken seriously.
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    How did that pan out for Woolworths then...
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    It's the liberal extremists and antifa Frankenstein's like him that created the so-called monsters like Tommy Robinson and Sir Nige et al in the first place. Pk suggests that the freedom to travel will be curtailed and all sorts of indescribable obstacles will be put in the way. Even though some EU countries have made very public assurances that this will not be the case.
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    Jailed for funding isis. That's a good one. Every taxpayer in the UK must be next then
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    Joking apart, it’s a good way to learn.
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    I’m out in Catalonia at present. It’s not a smart, but a lightweight micro car with plastic body. They have scooter engines and can be driven without a driving licence here. Lots of older people in the country villages drive them. Wandering all over the road. Bit like driving in the IoM really. Several makes. Aixam, Ligier ( as in F1! ). The twist & go refers to the CVT transmission, belt and two cones. Clunks.
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    teapot and declan on the mp3 wheels of steel...... it would be like the intrepid fox......... just with less class.......
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    Manxy, look, you really should reconsider your research sources. This post is straight out of the minds of the morons who post to r/the_donald and suck on the imagined cock of Q. You aren't being very free thinking here, you are being programmed.
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    They’ll be the only Virgins in Ballasalla.
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    Don't expect many replies to this thread. The Isle of Man government know who you are and where you live.
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    Nobody is ever going to challenge the CS or get them in a position where any of their incompetence can ever be exposed. As you say in the meantime anyone with valid concerns is being churned and burned at their discretion .. because they can.
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    Hilarious. Never mind RIchard, you can go and live elsewhere...
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    There is no deal. Everything you were told about super deals and CountyX ++ deals and how great things are going to be...lies. I say roll on hard no deal Brexit. Then we shall reap what was sown, and the only people to blame will be the 16+ million fools who got lead down the garden path worrying about "dem immigrunts!!!"
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    Manx Radio have a number of adverts on the go just now that use doorbells and phones ringing, and someone thumping on a door. That is the adman's desperation tactic to get the listeners attention. It gets my attention, I explete at the radio and hit the dial.
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    That’s not what a wall is, woody.
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    Haha, the Democrats 2004 fake news springs into life again It would have been weird if he had been talking about the Mexican/America wall though, but lets face it, we all know CNN is anti Trump and they've had to hand pick a few words from history to twist it into a negative story. Yep. fake news
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    nah- you need a strong opposition to concentrate mp's minds........ corbyn isn't it........ if he can't get his flagship policy past, then it must be time for someone else to have a go...... just as he says about may......
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    sad report of an inquest in the news on a biker who died at the same spot and 24hrs after another of the same group met a similar end. spot the difference Brandywell - one footy arrow, elsewhere damn great warning signs, multiple arrows and roadside markers roads have to be safe for people who don't know them as well as those who do WHEN will the DoI put some WARNING SIGNS on corners you can't just steer around ? there's not even a 'Black Spot' sign (remember them ? where have they all disappeared to ?)
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    Speed isn’t the only issue. This Strategy, if properly resourced and driven, has the potential to completely change a damaged culture. I want to see that happen, but if Government policy makes the tactician’s job more difficult then there is little hope. I think that if politicians bothered to read this thread, they would be surprised to see the leaning towards more controls on speed than currently exists. There is a cohort that seem to want to persist with the status quo on derestriction, whilst saying that there will be a risk-based approach to speed. Are they unable to see the contradiction there? The Mountain Road would immediately be subject to nothing higher than 60mph - not a figure plucked out of the air but based on current road engineering methodology. But can we see that happening? Despite the DOI policy on speed limit setting stating that it’s not a political matter, government has made it so. So when there is a speed- related fatality on that route, it is not beyond the realm of possibility that the Coroner will call the DOI and ask why, despite policy saying a risk based approach will prevail, a limit wasn’t set? When the chief Exec tells him that it was because of political pressure, then who does he call? The Chief Minister? That is where it really gets interesting.
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    That is meant to be a fairy. It is crap though.
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    I’d say whoever does the jingles must be over 55. Maybe it is Stu? I say that as all the tunes seem to be based on 1970s songs that nobody has even heard of half the time. The most modern is the A and B Metals one which is a terrible and annoying Madness style jingle that also seems to make me violently ill. I won’t be using them for any steel fabrication needs I might have either.
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    Everyone is a remoaner compared to Woody, he's the alpha leaver.
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    I’d like to see a second driving test being done after 1 year which you need to pass to get rid of your R plates. It’s always said that your “learning” continues after passing your test, so let’s see how it’s gone!