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    It seems that a lot of the skills involved in maintaining our roads have been lost in the mists of time?
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    I’d have had a go. I’d have subbed the job to Men In Sheds.
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    Pictures in Indy with Beavers or Brownies with lovely little fairy houses they had made to replace the ones that were vandalised in Summer Hill Glen. So instead of paying thousands of pounds to someone from over the water why did not our various art departments, schools, anyone get approached to make the houses for not a lot ? Why, because the department responsible have little or no imagination plus of course it is not their cash they are spending. Could have had a competition even like the lovely Christmas tree one at the airport. This money could have been spent on something much more worthwhile. I think that it is time the various departments had their budgets scrutinised and the Health Service was given a bigger slice and other departments who seem to have money galore have their portion reduced. There is so much waste and so much deprivation I despair.
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    Property in IoM early 80s was surely dirt cheap (relatively)? FS hadn't established, average wage was @£100 a week and it (property) was still at a natural level. Late 80s it started to boom, as did wages but I can't personally remember any massive crashes or repo spells? Interest rates went massive in the early 90s (Norman Lamont and the ERM) but I don't know if it impacted over here?
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    I think there's been too much emphasis placed on trying to catch kids with some dope or pills on them when the evil of Heroin has been allowed to take hold! Of course the old chestnut about recreational drugs being a gateway to the hard stuff is what has driven the policy but that just hasn't proven to be the case. In the 90s and Noughties there was a lot of stuff floating about with a huge number of young people partaking at weekends. They have all mostly grown up to be responsible citizens with many in quite influential positions. None, or very very few of them are Heroin addicts. We need to come down hard on those who put this stuff under the noses of people on this island.
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    Having heroin cases plastered over the news all the time does not give a good image for IOM plc overseas. Pub rumours tell me this is actively discouraged high up in Gov. I have no evidence to back this up, an ex plod told me too, but he’s a cock as well. I mean disbanding the Alcohol and Drugs team gives the impression, “look we don’t need help, we’re clean living here, come and join us. “ Port Erin isn’t called Port Heroin for a laugh you know.
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    That’ll have been metal-detected, dug up, and passed off as £2 to a short-sighted shop assistant by now
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    Short and stout that lad...
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    No that was the one I couldn't make but wanted to see. Unlike others on this forum I don't think it's some kind of heinous crime to go and see politicians across the whole political spectrum. They've led interesting lives and had insights into areas most will never get to see. It's a decent few hours of your life. Unless you're an arsehole.
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    The place has been awash (relatively) with money since the early 90s up until @ 10 years ago, the "good times" (which is why we had a burgeoning nightlife, as an indicator?). For most people anyway. They could afford silly mortgages to pay the silly house prices. If there's going to be repos, look to the next ten years. I posted somewhere else recently - going on a good look around the economy and a general "feel", I wouldn't be surprised if TRUE economic figures put us close to recession.
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    I agree with Manximus. It’s a poor attitude to say it’ll take a generation. Leaders like Lammy need to work at selling increased s&s and increased sentencing to their communities. Inner cities have always had problems with violence, almost whichever ethnic group was in the majority there. Historical racist policing shouldn’t be a reason to deny these areas the police protection they need.
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    Ever considered leaving the island?
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    Nobody in their right mind would trust you with a bloody horse...
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    I say that you (and Khan) are looking for complex answers to simple questions as an excuse for incompetence.
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    Yes it does - it's called 'Local Government'.
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    I can't play any instrument, but I know when "music" is shit. Pink Floyd can't be copied by many and in fact I think only " Brit Floyd" have done it. In fact some of Brit Floyd's covers are better than the original PF stuff.
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    Yep, I think you said it in a different way dilli. The bouncers/.thugs wanted to let everyone know they were in charge. They use the stare-out tactic to let people know they were there, regardless of what or who they were. All the pejorative words you use dilli are about spot on Doesn't Douglas Councillor Pitts own it? He tried to get it going but I think the writing was on the wall by then.
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    Parties stopped when drugs took over. Well, they have 'parties' if you call a handful of druggies in a clique sharing whatever they have managed to obtain. Parties used to be spontaneous events, and in the outlying towns and villages (ie not Douglas) if there was a party then there was open house. There just was. On a weekend night there would usually be a choice of parties so they usually found their own respective crowds. It was the extension to the pub. There is little respect for others amongst druggies and they are not the sort of people you would want on your property uninvited. A generalisation but a fair one. The parties I remember from my teenage/early twenties tailed off. And yes, in one way or another I largely blame the proliferation of illegal drugs for that.
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    It’s a bit early to be on the pop Raging up a storm already.
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    Unless I'm very much mistaken there's been at least one fatality on the new road? All that was needed was enforced speed limit on the old road. And as you've posted, the fact that somebody STILL managed to put a car sunnyside down speaks volumes for the standard of driving and the need for that limit? Let alone all the ongoing problems and revisits. At what expense? Not forgetting of course, the unauthorised £130k Horses Home car park.
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    Hardly an airfield FFS. How often do planes land there . We don't even have an airshow these days and that was the most that the place was used by aircraft. Gone are the days when planes landed there instead of R'way in the event of fog or whatever. It is a bike track now.
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    Yes. That was absolute quality! Sure Major was boring but courage NEVER goes out of fashion. So just think Vindaloo and it's obvious he has more cojones than Farage will EVER have....
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    if that was all the inconvenience boiled down to they wouldn't have spent long thousands putting the overtaking lane in in the first place..................................................
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    I’d have had a go. I’d have subbed the job to Men In Sheds. and all for just 2 mil.
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    I think this sums up just how our government works, or doesn't at times.
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    i was just checking if you remoans had a clue........clearly not...... its on the bbc...... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-46853689
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    Dunning-Kruger is meaningless in this context. Do you see the major road to the only airport in a country effectively impeded for months on end anywhere else in the world due to both poor workmanship and poor management of the poor workmanship? Or the major commuter route into a country’s main business and finance centre impeded for 3 years anywhere else just so they can replace a road? You don’t need to be an arm chair expert to observe that it’s completely shit and embarrassing.
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    What puzzles me is the fact that a political member seem the need to justify that the real cost of each Fairy House at only £2,750.00 as though that is total fine and the rest of the £6,500 for each Fairy House went to promote the said item. The point if it was a local firm or off island company is irrelevant compared to the cost of said items.
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    Am I right in that this was an off Island company too? that is the bit that is puzzles me.
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    Martin Moore is an unrecognised genius, you naysayers haven't a clue.
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    I reckon the Sultan is a civil servant. Probably stuck in some bullshit job in Markwell House.
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    Exactly as described. Smackhead, grass, cunt. Lives down south, has a boat. Oh, so not the Trevor from Peel then. The bit about boats and cunts confused me for a while.
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    Release of report now delayed, apparently? Gracious me, why would that be, after leaking that some of its findings might be construed as being "shocking"? Major consignment of redaction pens on the way? Space being cleared on the shelf next to the SP report?
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    So we've got £80k worth of Class A heroin seized in just 3 weeks on an Island 15 miles by 30. With a population +/- 80k. And an unknown quantity in circulation, the seizure may or may not be the tip of the iceberg. Alarming for anybody right-minded, surely? What does that say about the scale of the problem and local society, that the problem rarely makes the press?
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    Will my Continental Quilt still work after March 29th?
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    https://www.facebook.com/IOMpolicemedia/?__tn__=kC-R&eid=ARDiXgJu7rfSYB_5ffOr70OCCrtM_lVPiK9bPPgenW4biQT-u5BM3cPq0xt9a9PErbf0bxKNZDNHWv3z&hc_ref=ARSfWA5-EkNNVuUr187sISMI2dcdcRXopSgDX1b6gGf4E2wQRxuLhujQXj7c9B11obo&fref=nf&__xts__[0]=68.ARC0o_a3efVJ6knhVPhAZ2ZnIoH-0vyD64zNG-myqb9uCrLps8xBR1T7fp3a2Br3P-P2OpUSfLxLrDoW2Yn91AR4oc6AX1upfWfziNEa23PyLS9VG-gv7kFVeSsFY3j6avF-N-IUc8Br5-1wcuMRMjfTF9RD_AQZnjczWzdK28gOI62ClxNG6o5ePwreh7QYYotF67VEFXwbXUvDdwkjQPKfWzXIcgEWD0YdxDxZFse-SNeju41z1DdMKTMnb-LXN5IbIlVfQ0y3Rxq4ctwbygHgH5GzQxwIzFfh0PdnPU-DgT_k4yByDoDTdK2pVf52j7GBzoYppNHPi2ll5UetRe5AkikIRlibt_GuZK6UFV7Y_CoVXWc It does day that the work will be carried out when the weather is warmer, so i read from that, it won`t be any time soon, maybe mid may / early June, ( if this was the TT course it would be a main priority, and done next week ). Who is covering the cost of this mess ?
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    I can assure you that the contrary is the case. I am very close to this issue and can say that most of what you are told will be bollocks. If a worker is reprimanded they usually cry bullying. Ask them to do what they are paid big money for and they cry harassment. In government, managers are rarely allowed to manage. If you want about 100 examples, I will PM them.
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    Exactly. It is not a race course, it is a public road. Drive at a speed and at a distance you can see to be clear and stop in time. How the fuck is that hard to understand. It is not a rally depending on pace notes. Look ahead and see what is coming up. I don't know how some people actually got out of nappies.
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    Here's a newspaper clip from back then:
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    Absolutely. Any normal parent would have instantly shuffled their kids through the front door and out of harms way. But not JRM. Oh no. Mr Arrogance has to have it out with them as if his kids just weren't there. Appalling individual.
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    Lest we forget. 4 years ago today...
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    I’m guessing Puerto Rico.
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