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    I find it difficult to believe that anyone could possibly look at the CV of this islands Government, and take anyone seriously about best practices in financial management ! I wonder if they introduced them to terms like "commercially confidential" and " in run off mode" and " cannot say which farms actually get the money those records aren't kept in that format" and " FOI does not apply prior to 2011" and the latest de rigueur one "brought us advertising worth zillions of pounds" Always handy phrases to roll off the tongue when using other peoples money !!
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    The farce continues as they are repairing the old Castletown road as well, at the new bridge they installed and closed the road for for 6 months last winter. I presume to soften the ‘landing’ when you come off the bridge. Something which should never have been signed off in the first place. You can only imagine the clusterfuck the promenade is going to be.
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    And so many deaths on our lightly populated island, are associated with and, caused by, heroin. Either directly or as a severe side effect of the addiction, which are predominantly alcoholism and prescription drugs. For our population, the deaths are a shocking amount. Many of my friends are now gone due to the path of heroin and where it can lead. Its had a big effect on the families of those poor souls. I could name 20 without even thinking about it, probably double if i really thought of all those who are now gone. Its a very sad situation for anyone to be in, but its the families i feel sorry for, and any victims of crime of course. I dont think the problem is hidden by the press, i may be wrong, but i do see reports in the papers over the years regarding cases etc. I know one ex user was initiating a scheme with the help of government, to tackle aspects of the problem, a few years ago. I dont know how that went, or if its still going. Obviously the biggest danger to the user is the unknowns of the product they receive, and sharing of needles with all its risks etc. On top of that they have to worry about police, debts, threats from other users, dealers and possibly thieving to get money etc etc. The whole situation is so sad and pointless considering the waste and loss of life, of once innocent children x
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    it is the time of year where ALL departments are looking to spend the money they haven't used up yet on unnecessary nice to have for the sake of its. whether that is new vehicles, kitchen equipment, PC's, ipads, or sofas for the staff lounge. or even road surfaces for the sake of it if you are a useless cunt from the south, maybe they should have used that half a million on richmond hill instead?? it's getting to the state where pikeys are doing a better job with tarmac than governments.
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    Nigel Farage is a rare example of a successful politician. You may not like him or agree with his principles, but he has achieved his aim of taking the UK out of the EU (assuming there isn’t a U-turn in the next few weeks). The vast majority of political careers end in failure - that’s a quote by someone, probably Churchill.
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    It seems that a lot of the skills involved in maintaining our roads have been lost in the mists of time?
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    DfE loves to spend money off island
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    There was little wrong with the original Richmond Hill that some enforcement of speed limits wouldn't have cured ! I can't remember it falling to pieces all the time.
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    Pictures in Indy with Beavers or Brownies with lovely little fairy houses they had made to replace the ones that were vandalised in Summer Hill Glen. So instead of paying thousands of pounds to someone from over the water why did not our various art departments, schools, anyone get approached to make the houses for not a lot ? Why, because the department responsible have little or no imagination plus of course it is not their cash they are spending. Could have had a competition even like the lovely Christmas tree one at the airport. This money could have been spent on something much more worthwhile. I think that it is time the various departments had their budgets scrutinised and the Health Service was given a bigger slice and other departments who seem to have money galore have their portion reduced. There is so much waste and so much deprivation I despair.
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    Which will basically prove that the Department's political heads are nothing more than sacrificial pawns for the egos and incompetence of the Dept's hierachy. Entirely expendable in the march from cock up to cock up. And why not? Who's going to stop it?
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    That’ll have been metal-detected, dug up, and passed off as £2 to a short-sighted shop assistant by now
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    Maybe quirky will turn up on stu's show to fill in a few details, as he does on every other subject
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    Could you please try to post that in English to give those of us without 8senses a chance to know what you are trying to say.?
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    Short and stout that lad...
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    Correct, but it isn't all incompetence -- some of the corruption and abuse is very competently done.
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    Assume it was “marketing fees” and “consulting” costs for the geniuses who decided to pitch it to IOMG? The houses can’t possibly have cost £6500 each.
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    It’s a clusterfuck of epic proportions. Reading that I think you’re right so it will be single lane, 30mph, with no overtaking for months. Where else on earth would they come up with such a utterly moronic solution to a shit road job?
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    No that was the one I couldn't make but wanted to see. Unlike others on this forum I don't think it's some kind of heinous crime to go and see politicians across the whole political spectrum. They've led interesting lives and had insights into areas most will never get to see. It's a decent few hours of your life. Unless you're an arsehole.
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    Dunning-Kruger is meaningless in this context. Do you see the major road to the only airport in a country effectively impeded for months on end anywhere else in the world due to both poor workmanship and poor management of the poor workmanship? Or the major commuter route into a country’s main business and finance centre impeded for 3 years anywhere else just so they can replace a road? You don’t need to be an arm chair expert to observe that it’s completely shit and embarrassing.
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    I reckon the Sultan is a civil servant. Probably stuck in some bullshit job in Markwell House.
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    Release of report now delayed, apparently? Gracious me, why would that be, after leaking that some of its findings might be construed as being "shocking"? Major consignment of redaction pens on the way? Space being cleared on the shelf next to the SP report?
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    That’s an unbelievably stupid solution. We can’t stop people overtaking so now we’ll just half shut the whole bloody road and make it one lane to further inconvenience the public. The DOI must be the most incompetent department of IOMG by miles. It’s a breathtakingly stupid solution. Why not just hand out push bikes and make people cycle up the hill and give them their car back at the top? That would be about as stupid as this action. All because the DOI totally fucked up in the first place. This must be 6 weeks of increasingly stupid solutions to the fact that they did a totally shit job in the first place!
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    Jailed for funding isis. That's a good one. Every taxpayer in the UK must be next then