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    It's not a question of "at the minute". It's been the game since forever. Look at those who bailed with the lump sum after the last term after 4+ years of failing to address anything. And they were previously at least partly responsible for some of the "anythings".
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    1 to tell us how much better Cornish spark plugs are
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    There are a lot of one term politicians in power at the minute I feel at the next election they will be out of favour, out of work and still none the wiser as to what they have done wrong. If they listened to the voters they would realise they have failed to address any of the big issues facing the Island at present and will escalate as time rolls on. The pension problem ? The rateable system ? The Health Service ? The trimming down of Government and civil service !!!!! Instead they hade tiddled around with various schemes such as Manx Radio, seagulls, goats, wallabies, fairy houses to smoke screen their total lack of appetite to sort the big, unpopular, issues out....means testing...do not be silly that may cost me votes etc.. They are cowards simply covering their own backs for the next election and not giving a flying duck for the good of the Island and it's people. Their day will come, unfortunately for them voters do not remember any good , if they have done any good they have done just the silly, insignificant things that they have wasted time and tax payers money on.
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    its called the vehicle licence, but the DOI isn't holding up its side of the deal.
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    My opinion? The exact kind of people I expected to be "offended" are doing exactly what I expected them to. If man babys are so snowflake that they get offended by an advert trying to ask them not be arseholes, then the problem isn't with the advert.
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    I’d suggest the DOI brings in a no fuck up charge. Where as a commuter you pay extra for the promise of them not to totally fuck up your ability to get from A to B like a normal person in any normal country subject only to normal rules of state funded incompetence.
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    I went out with an Italian woman once. Never bothered with a razor, anywhere. In fact, she was so hairy she use to plait the hairs on her legs and say, "how's that for a pair of fishnet stockings!"
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    He actually speaks pretty much every sitting - one of the few that do (probably more often than Onchan's local hero Callister I may add).I don't agree with what he says most of the time but what is wrong with a 20 mph speed limit in towns? I am sure he mentioned an all island speed limit as well. As to why 20mph check this out. This vote was a bit odd today Malarkey talked about wanting better enforcement but then didn't want to introduce speed cameras (with an under strength police force how else are they going to monitor speed). One member of comin talked about how wonderful peoples driving is over here then in the same breath how people don't know how to use roundabouts (think that was either Malarkey or Cregeen). Still it's in and it's a start as Derek says.
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    In agree to a point. But when the roads are full of parked commercial vans and trucks ( don't even start me on fucking campers ) which should be off road parked and what has been forgotten, named on both sides to know who's they are. A road near me is full of vans without names and mostly owned by people who have run out of parking permits and who live in council houses. They rock up each morning in their cars, jump into their vans on just piss off to work. Not giving two f**** about those who actually live here and would like to park their car somewhere near their houses.
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    Although I suppose with the former nurseries there was once a Dutch connection at the bottom of Richmond Hill.
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    Manxy is about as Manx as stroganoff.
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    I remember reading reports of the same experiment. They should do the same here. I noticed Circular Road seemed to function a lot better this morning with bust traffic lights.
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    With all due respect Doc, who would give two fucks what those clog wearing badly dressed fuckers do ? I mean, what have the dutch done for the world? (apart from crap cheese and silly cars).
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    You're not even trying now. Why equate the 'Bilderberg Club' to the democrats? That's just bizarre.
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    It’s sort of ignoring that we live in a time where people’s primary means of getting about is a car though!
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    Rob conveniently failed to mention that he as an MHK and a department member failed to participate in what had been a public consultation.
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    "The People's Prince" is busy posting on Facetube what a privilege it is to sign the Abortion Reform Bill into law today. In a gracious gesture he gives a side note of thanks to Dr Allinson - struggling to uncurl my toes......
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    Quite remarkable how anonymous posters advocate violence as a solution. Let's play a game of fuck off. You go first...
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    I've read through the road safety strategy, and I have to say it's very disappointing. It seems to be all about gathering data and 'evidence' and discussing stuff rather than actually doing anything. Amazingly, it also dismisses at the start any suggestion of an all-island speed limit. There is obviously already plenty of evidence of serious RTC's on roads with no speed limit, such as the A18, so what they hope to achieve by gathering more for more years I don't know. In the time they spend gathering evidence, many more people are going to be KSI'd. It also refers a lot to our 'special' circumstances; ie unlimited roads and motorsport events. I really do think it's just a massive cop out. How on earth you can talk about an evidence based strategy, then dismiss speed control before you've even started... clearly somebody has already made their mind up about this.
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    the whole shebang is an absolute farce on both sides
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    That was ‘Treasure Island’. Mind you, I reckon it was Blind Pew that surfaced Richmond Hill.
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    Posting accusations of me drinking heavily (because you have again lost the argument) sort of loses credibility somewhat when you post it at 2am on a Saturday night / Sunday morning don't you think?
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    There was little wrong with the original Richmond Hill that some enforcement of speed limits wouldn't have cured ! I can't remember it falling to pieces all the time.
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    Probably Paul Phillips....
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    Hilarious. Never mind RIchard, you can go and live elsewhere...