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    Perhaps they could move the Co-op there. That's very cramped.
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    As a nation we are not blessed with good leadership or any evidence of lessons being learned. Planning was a feature yesterday on Manx Radio, one million pounds was spent on the Mount Murray enquire which exposed appalling malpractice by Ministers and civil servants. Recommendation were made, none have been implemented and the report went into the long grass. Your in very good company Derek.
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    I'm not particularly opposed to the MOT., it's just not the most important element of improving road safety. There is the false sense of security to factor in. Maybe the Govt should make more effort in roadside recommendations? Safe speed for the road, safe cornering speed? The Govt allow a max speed of 50 for 'R' plate drivers but 50 is too much for some corners!
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    Yes, any cancer pre 1980 should be a good place to start. You know, before mobile phones existed...
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    Nobody has said "do it this way", but the very fact that the modus operandi of these tests in other jurisdictions is being discussed has progressed the debate beyond "whether to" and on to "how to". Subtle progress.
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    I like the way this has gone from "Is it time?" to a discussion about how we should go about it. That's how they sneak these things in folks. No thanks!
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    For the first time in its 127 year history. I think that this is good news.
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    Ahhhhh......"Callow's Yard".....the heart of Port Erin....
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    they'll show roy the boy how it's done.
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    There was a rather cloud covered lunar eclipse a few days ago and just as the moon fully entered the earth's umbra a meteorite smashed into the moon. These two tweets capture the start of totality (and the meteorite impact) and its end very well. Click through for the entire tweet thread with lots of different exposures giving different details.
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    I’ve done that observation pink dog...do please keep up!
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    At the moment he's in a bad plaice.
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    It would need someone with a slide rule and a list of the Islands cars, their age groupings and an idea of how often a certain age group should be tested. However, none of this would allow for detecting a fairly new car, 5 year to testing, that has a driver who stomps on the brakes and has worn them to a dangerously inefficient level. The guy who 'hangs' on the clutch at halt signs and wears his clutch to the point he cannot disengage to stop the car. Will an MOT detect a worn clutch? Hopefully someone at the DoI has these skills! I say again, there are other areas of Road Safety that should take priority over MOTs.
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    Tanya's looking Woody, you could be in there
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    It's completely impractical to implement here. Bet Jacksons will be pushing for it behind the scenes though.
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    That's a whole other subject in its own right. No doubt there is an old thread on it. I think it will have to be debated as time goes on. I for one don't want to be a gaga wreck of a body dribbling into my soup and to undergo suffering that you would be prosecuted for putting an animal through.
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    Of course it is financially unsustainable. It is woefully inefficient. There are record amounts of money going in every year, and more projected in the next few years already surpassing the "Brexit bus" amount. It is a demand led service, and demand is at an all time high and growing, so no matter how much you pour in it will never be enough. So what do you suggest?
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    Now I've never said this, ever. This is your slant, not mine, Corporal. Lying again...
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    I believe it's what sanctions do. Modern day siege. As in days past, the peasants are always revolting if you can just make their lives unbearable enough.
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    Funnily enough, no, and I often told people that I felt safer here than in my house in Douglas. At least here I have armed guards downstairs who can freely shoot any intruder with zero questions asked. Having said that, there's enough other crime here and I know of colleagues and friends who were robbed, mugged at knife point and other not so funny things. Plus there's the small matter of extra judicial killings, terrorism, and other dangers. You don't know how much a functioning police force is worth until you don't have one available.
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    If you’re starting to wonder how on earth anyone thinks Brexit is worth it, have a look at the link below. The Brexit message is this; standards of living are falling, so blame the EU, blame immigrants, blame universal credit claimants, blame Guardian readers, blame ‘snowflakes’ or whoever, but do not blame it on successive governments prioritising investment in failed banks and illegal wars instead of vital services. UK politicians have enabled a system wherein taxes are for the little people. We all know that that is the truth. Now, if only something could be done about that ... If Brexit ever happens and, if it turns out to not be a complete disaster, then fine. If it does, no need to apologise, but you will have the moral obligation to make sure these laws get enacted in the U.K. too ... that really would bring millions upon millions to the NHS. https://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/business/company-tax/anti-tax-avoidance-package/anti-tax-avoidance-directive_en
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    At least 95% of humans are made from doesn't matter.
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    How about introducing a new 'P' plate in addition to L and R. The P could be penalty (or prick!) so if you've been caught on your phone, speeding, driving like a knob, whatever, in addition to your trip to court and pointless £200 fine you also have to display a P plate on your car and have similar restrictions to R plates for 6 months with clear and obvious notice given that if you transgress in your P period you'll straight up get a year ban. That might incentivise people to take some notice?