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    I see Howard was down in London again today, offering wise words to Minister Walker.
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    It's a good job us yokels are a supine and passive lot - simple and gutless to boot. No chance of yellow-vestage on this rock. They can do as they please without fear of dissent. The delay of the law and the arrogance of office.
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    And whatever you enter, the answer is always 404. It's difficult to see what this is doing that the Samaritans don't do already and with 24-7 coverage and guaranteed anonymity. Except no doubt spending more money on more expensive IT development[1] in the belief that if you add e- to the start of something it makes it cool and trendy. And enables you to call it something it isn't, like a clinic. More time and money devoted to what they are supposed to deliver and less to PR might be a better idea. [1] And like most IOMG IT projects will be badly thought through (because no one bothered to talk to the people who would use it) and never maintained.
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    What the hell is that supposed to mean John? “Ex public servant” I was a copper. A crown servant, not a civil servant. My view on this is absolutely, totally on par with yours. It’s a bloody junket for which nobody sees a cost/benefit analysis. I wasn’t ignoring anything, just trying to work out how the Baron can do a few days away in Jersey for just £250. Like you say, directly or indirectly, ‘we’ have footed the bill. I love you to bits buddy believe it or not, but sometimes you can be a bit of an arse!
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    The issue for me is twofold. Firstly it's clearly completely out of control. There seems no justification process at all. There should be to prevent totally stupid jollies like swanning off to The South Atlantic and then banging in really petty, penny-pinching expense claims. Instead there should be clear objectives BEFORE IT GETS SIGNED OFF. The person to sign it off? The CM. And he had better have bloody good reasons why he did so. Secondly a part of the process should be to write up what was discussed, the decisions agreed and made, the outputs etc etc. But instead of feedback you get zip, zero, zilch, nada. Not good enough.
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    What can be done with a visit that can't be done via a conferencing facility? I could understand if they were there to get some business but to discuss matters of mutual interest seems to me a waste of public funds.
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    The similarities are that they're islands surrounded by wet stuff. Er, that's it.
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    Post Office celebrates Year of the Pig no mention of snouts in the trough.........
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    Never forget, the money being spent on these junkets is NOT the taxpayers money. Eddie Teare told me, so it must be right.
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    If the public cannot know what happens to 8.5 million a year in countryside care grants then I doubt anyone is going to bother to justify a few thousand on trips like this. We all need to be quiet and pay the tax ! at least thats their attitude !
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    Sure. But the rules should be the same for everyone. Justification before he goes and feedback on return.
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    If it were truly IOM plc then the trip and subsequent costs wouldn't be necessary. Isle of Man Where You Can..... spend money without considering where it all comes from or generally giving a shite for others.
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    Did I read it was nine ? what takes nine people the time to evaluate ? really difficult to justify taking nine of them !! mind you I would have been happier for them to take all 24 and keep them !!
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    It was productive. The CM said so on Twitter. I’ve asked him to expand on that, but as he never responds to Twitter I’ve asked @WalkerWorcester as well.
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    Derek there are different "laws" and in order to discuss this, its not a case of looking at one type or set. We have to understand where laws originate and how they are applied. There is common law and statutory law. Both are man made. We have civil law and criminal law. We are governed by the laws of nature first and foremost. This is where we derived our man made laws, by observation of the natural world. We have the laws of physics, and again, we are governed first by those laws, whether we are aware of it or not. The most important question is to simply ask yourself, is misconduct in public office a criminal offence? The answer is yes, as it is a breach of trust, and carries a mighty sentence as a deterrent. Acts of parliament require consent, and are only given "the force of law" by consent. They can be repealed at the stroke of a pen, proving their lower standing regarding criminal law. Statutory "law" requires consent of the governed. Common/criminal law supersedes any statute. Any jury can nullify a case based on common law understanding. As i have written previously, a jury can and has nullified a case where a man was charged with growing cannabis for medical reasons, and there was a jury nullification, not guilty verdict. There are many cases of jury nullification. Murder and the highest crimes will always be punishable with the full severity the law, written in stone. Thats what makes common law supreme. Or are we to believe that somehow, the isle of man has no criminal procedure for misconduct in public office? Even though it can carry a maximum sentence! I highly doubt it derek. Also, any member of the public could bring a private prosecution for a breach of trust, or any group within a public trust, who have suffered a breach. Like i said, its something that should be discussed with the correct context and common sense. Too many people just think they have to follow the laws and others dont. Its simply not the case. Criminal law applies to everyone x
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    wasn't that 5 years ago?
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    Aye, but the Chief Minister loves these jollies more than anyone. New Zealand, Spain and all that immersion in Westminster with the big boys.
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    You’ve lost me Richard. I still think in 1/8ths
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    He’s using IoM Police prices, not Tottenham or Brixton
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    Exactly. They have the tech to do it already.
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    What utter tripe. Let's count some money we never had and were never likely to have and blame the loss on Brexit. This despite record employment and massive inward investment figures. "Remainerstoolkit" eh? That'll be objective then! Really!
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    At least you'll help the Guild hit its target for recycling.
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    Booty says there are similarities between the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. Ie. neither has a fucking clue what's going to happen.
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    Those are contributing factors to the larger picture.
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    This cannot surely be my favourite Roger Mexico in the wrong? IOM is not a member of the Commonwealth and isn't an ordinary member of the CPA Tubby Quayle boasted about a special membership without mentioning that this is a paid (by us) membership form that allows obscure bodies to market/promote themselves to the genuine membership
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    All of what you've posted is correct except that there are big profits to made from selling drugs on the street. Many of those you describe are hardly poor and they might consider the purveying of product to be their employment and the prospect of working in a proper job less attractive than the relatively easy money to be made by the bag. And it's not just small bags of weed we're talking about here. The crossing of 'county lines' gives some indication of the level of remuneration involved. It is mafia-like in its substance and violent reactions. Putting it down to poverty and lack of opportunity is a bit simplistic.
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    Different in IoM, they are employed via a department of central government, Del is correct that technically, in Manx law they are Crown servants, which is why I very carefully used the word public servant, rather than civil servant. Their salary comes from public funds. my term covers Dr's, nurses, other health service workers, teachers in the public sector, plus local and central government employees and the uniformed civilian and military services.
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    David Icke on Youtube? Well that is all the peer reviewed evidence I need to see...
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    even far left john "millionaire" mcdonnall (with his eu pension) said it was sub human how greece was treated by the eu......
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    To be fair, it's nice to see Howard has managed to acquire some dress sense. I wonder has he dumped his lucky two tone shirt/s with the white stay tatty collars. I see where he is coming from though. I have always had shit dress sense. As a spotty teenager I became very attached to my lucky snorkel parka and wore it for ages after they went out of fashion. The blue nylon type, not even the cool green mod type. (In hindsight it was surely a most effective form of birth control). Anyway, at least Howard now looks something like the part down there in Westminster.
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    Nah! I’m not funny. (As you must have noticed).
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    Saw the thread title and thought somebody'd finally made the decision to push the nuke button...
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    You’ve even less sense of humour than I have
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    Best TT anchor since Geoff Cannell Maybe she will be picked up by the rival radio channel when MR loses the TT contract.
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    Tynwald having approved the Strategy last week, the Action Plan is here https://www.gov.im/media/1364204/road-safety-action-plan.pdf
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    I'm from Belfast, it should have read "parnds"
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    Fuck the outcry, get it done...
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    Apart from the appalling grammar (not nit-picking, just groaning in pain!) the IC is one of my requirements. Simple as.
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    The Yanks holding Venezuela over a barrel.
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    I am actually doubting it was a worthwhile trip.
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    Boot is very confident that this trip had benefits. Well, apart from any G&T and nice steak that he benefitted from, let’s have a comprehensive, clear and unambiguous report of the way in which the residents of the Island have benefitted that demonstrates advantages that we now have, that didn’t exist when they boarded the ‘plane on the way out.
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    "Germany is one of only four countries with a dedicated insurance system for long-term care. But as the population ages rapidly and birth rates remain low, the system in its current form may not be sustainable. Jan Dirk Herbermann and Débora Miranda report" (World Health Organisation). "Germany and Japan looking at Economic time bomb due to demographics" - World Bank. Above two quick quotes found after googling 'Germany demographic time bomb' - You might wish to try it. Try telling Greece that its second bout of social and economic misery in 100 years at the hands of Germany is a 'Humane gesture'.
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    Don't go confusing the issue with facts Woody, they won't like that
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    What I mean is; When are we going to see the actual plan for where the European Superstate is actually heading? In 1951 it was a 'European Coal & Steel Community to prevent Germany re-emerging as a major power- that was understandable, but it turned out to be a lie. Then in 1973 the UK joined what was the European Economic Community (EEC) - That turned out to also be a lie. Then it transformed into European Union Project Then 'Ever closer Union' As recently as 4 or 5 years ago (in the run up to the 2016 referendum) we were told 'No EU foreign Policy' - now a lie. Then 'No EU' Army - now a lie. Now they have admitted that from the very beginning it was designed as the 'European Project towards Federation' (The latest term to be used by the EU Parliament itself). So, to go back to my question "When are we going to see the actual plan for where the European Superstate is actually heading?" I mean when will the 67 years of lying stop, and when will the EU citizens be told what they have actually signed up for?
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    She’s my MHK, I think she does a good job.
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    She wasn't leading the march, but parasiting on it, like any vote-for-me politician. If the current fickle trend happened to be, say, Votes for Dogs, there she'd be with her pet poodle. She's not the only one.
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