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    Wilfy Young will be mustering his army of 18th century luddites to oppose any suggestion of this, as we speak. Ramsey Small Boat Owners must have their mudflats preserved.
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    The combined cash at bank value for all businesses where ROBIN holds a current appointment equals £0, a combined total current assets value of £1.2k with a total current liabilities of £815 and a total current net worth of £352. Roles associated with Mr Robin Hampden Bromley-martin within the recorded businesses include: Director, Company Secretary
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    The Island offers complete critical and resilient infrastructure with access to Regulators, key stakeholders and Government. My arse!
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    the thing for ramsey does look good on paper though. ties in nicely with the queens pier.
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    Decent balance sheet that.
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    For a proposed £100m development, the architect's impression doesn't even tie in with the plan! It's a nice idea, but looks like it's totally unfunded at present. Think will file it in the wishful thinking drawer.
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    Good luck to the investor. If this works Ramsey could be transformed for the better.
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    I've caught sight of a couple of threads that you have started now in relation to your frustration at not being allowed to urinate in public. Although not a passion I share, I do really enjoy your enthusiasm on the topic. Kudos to you!
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    Half day? God awful blogs don't just write themselves, y'know!
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    I did not go there thinking this was a normal holiday destination. I went there in the full knowledge that it was a site where humanity was lost. A place where normal people were blinded by hate. It was a harrowing experience but one which enriched my life. I was able to face the worst of humanity and understand that it should never be allowed to happen again I have also been to the graves of people who I have no connection with throughout Europe who.gave their lives in the two World wars. I know how lucky i am to live in a world of relative peace and tolerance due to those experiences. Personally, I think remembering the civilians, especially those killed for their religion and beliefs during the wars is just as important as remembering those who fought for freedom. We shall remember....
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    Not being: Quayle; Boot; Cregeen; Corlett; Harmer; Perkins; Moorhouse; Bettinson; Robertshaw; Edge; Calllister; Skelly..etc etc.
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    Funnily enough there was a lecture on comparative crown dependency constitutional law featuring Jersey at the Nunnery last night and none of the The Nine were there
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    Whatever you want to call it, the taxpayer was paying your wages. John's point was well made - public servants lose sight of who pays the bills.
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    With Britain out of the EU it is instantly much weaker. Why should Cypriots agree to a country, that has left the EU and complained vociferously about the very idea of EU collective defensive, to continue maintaining control of land on their island? The bases there are significantly larger in area than the Isle of Man. Two thirds of Falklands tax receipts come from income made on squid exports to Spain. WTO rules means that in a no deal scenario tariffs of 18% must be applied to squid. The Lisbon Treaty requires all EU states to assist the U.K. over matters of sovereignty, such as its claim over the Falklands. After Brexit, especially seeing as the U.K. never properly resolved U.N. General Assembly Resolution 2065, passed back in 1965, there’s no reason at all for EU states to support Britain’s claim over the islands. Gibraltar voted almost unanimously to remain. Woolley assures us that Gibraltarians are very pro British. I wonder how pro-British they would be with a hard border? EU wide support for U.K. overseas sovereignty claims was guaranteed by the Lisbon Treaty. If the U.K. wants to be sure Jacob, Boris and Nigel can continue to live in the style to which they are accustomed and avoid paying their fair share in taxes then the U.K. will have to defend its claims to the little bits of empire it has left on its own in future.
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    Plenty of walters in this thread.
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    It was hard not to listen to the recent, media-wide coverage about the British army bolstering supplies and ammunition in the event of a no-deal brexit. Project Fear or reality? Future social unrest is probably inevitable, whatever the result, it won't please some.
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    There's definitely the possibility of unrest amongst the natives.
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    JAM ??? What about the bloody unicorns that were promised.
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    You're right, we can leave that to the local crew.
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    .......smacks of the long wave aerial off the Point!
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    Its a conservation zone
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    Here we are in the middle of an electricity outage in an area, Onchan, with quite a lot of older folk, some living on their own. Suddenly...all is in darkness. Scramble for a torch, light a few candles. you're nervous...what's happened. You phone the above mentioned 'name change, no change'...No answer. Never mind, we know Manx Radio is live at this time of night, let's call the late night presenter. Having done his best to obtain any information after lots of calls from concerned listeners he admits that he cannot help because no-one from M U has answered his phone calls, or contacted the station to even reassure Onchanites that they are working on it and hope to restore services as soon as possible. This is 2019...so many ways now to provide information. But not if you are Manx Utilities. Just pay our enourmous bills and be thankfull! What an antiquated service and attitude... Hopeless! (Cue the usual) Edit; 01:17 Back on. Thank you.
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    If it is private investment fair do.
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    And still nobody has said what the benefits are. Only that they outweighed the cost. So what are they?
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    Thank you for being insightful, but your comments do nothing to assist. If you want to do something useful and as you're a negative blinkered guy, why not look into how 5G 'cannot' be a danger to people, animals and plants and is 100% safe. I leave that for you to provide your wisdom and knowledge about that area
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    No she is declaring it is harmful and killing people, and that we dont care. And Li-fi will solve all problems.
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    The comments section on here speak volumes about how the public value the contributions of our elected ! http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=45333&headline=Worried about Brexit%3F Talk to us&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2019
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    The problem to my mind is that as those who experienced these horrors pass away once it's no longer a "living" memory it sort-of drops off the event horizon. So in order to keep the memory alive, and thus guard against it ever happening again, you have to visit these places so they leave an imprint on your mind you can carry forward. Every British sqaddie who ended up in Munsterlager / Celle / Trauen visited Bergen-Belsen.....
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    Well, it keeps it alive in the mind. As opposed to generations who never have, and hopefully never will have to bear witness to those sort of horrors and sacrifice. To the extent that they're unsure that it ever happened. And would even deny it now in some quarters.
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    I would not say Okells were importers of fine wine and spirits, but let's blame Brexit.
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    I have just been and given my travel agent a price of my mind he is not doing a great job I only asked for a few days in Jersey in a decent hotel, full board of course, and he said thathe could not find anyway he could help me for a budget of two hundred and fifty smackers, that is after he had finished laughing that is.
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    I find it very sad. I feel we are building a future Isle of Man for people who are not economically active. Which probably makes sense to Government. Can’t park your car anywhere and shops are closing but you can go for a nice walk at 10:45 on a Tuesday morning and look at an empty horse tram to remind you of when the IOM was totally rammed and going places.
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    It’s been a bit of a disgrace I’m no longer homeless and moved into a small house just before Christmas. It’s got gas central heating and gas cooker and hot water. I’m living on a very small amount so don’t use the heating and boil water on top of the wood burner. My bill for the first month was £16 for the gas and £5 standing charge. That’s 33% extra on my bill for the privilege of giving Manx gas my custom. If you’ve got loads of dosh then maybe it’s not so bad but for those living on the breadline it’s a bit pants.
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    None of their charges pass the "Man in the street test", who on earth has ever understood their utilities bill, smoke and mirrors?
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    "Man in the street test"? Is that a fancy way of saying we tried it on but couldn't get away with it. This Plenderleith guy doesn't seem the sharpest.
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    To be fair, it's nice to see Howard has managed to acquire some dress sense. I wonder has he dumped his lucky two tone shirt/s with the white stay tatty collars. I see where he is coming from though. I have always had shit dress sense. As a spotty teenager I became very attached to my lucky snorkel parka and wore it for ages after they went out of fashion. The blue nylon type, not even the cool green mod type. (In hindsight it was surely a most effective form of birth control). Anyway, at least Howard now looks something like the part down there in Westminster.
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    I see Howard was down in London again today, offering wise words to Minister Walker.
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    If the public cannot know what happens to 8.5 million a year in countryside care grants then I doubt anyone is going to bother to justify a few thousand on trips like this. We all need to be quiet and pay the tax ! at least thats their attitude !
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    The issue for me is twofold. Firstly it's clearly completely out of control. There seems no justification process at all. There should be to prevent totally stupid jollies like swanning off to The South Atlantic and then banging in really petty, penny-pinching expense claims. Instead there should be clear objectives BEFORE IT GETS SIGNED OFF. The person to sign it off? The CM. And he had better have bloody good reasons why he did so. Secondly a part of the process should be to write up what was discussed, the decisions agreed and made, the outputs etc etc. But instead of feedback you get zip, zero, zilch, nada. Not good enough.
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    In my experience video conferencing is fine and you get everything on DVD for reference. The ONLY time you need to face-to-face is to build trust. Which really does make this farrago a complete and utter waste of time and (other peoples) money.
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    Booty says there are similarities between the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. Ie. neither has a fucking clue what's going to happen.
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    Typical ex public servant Derek, sorry. How much do we pay into CPA against how much do we get out? Those tickets cost some tax payers, somewhere. Where that was is immaterial. I’m not against CPA or other such organisations, indeed I’m all in favour of work placements, job swaps, by public servants between jurisdictions. Secondments are good learning and improvement opportunities. And it’s not just one way. You can’t just ignore the transport costs because someone else pays. Neither can you ignore the cost of the public service wages when they are busy travelling and meeting, rather than doing their actual jobs. What I want to see is total transparency. True cost.
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    As I said earlier, the best roast lunch is at home, freshly cooked, plated and eaten!! Catering... microwave, bain marie and the meat in a water bath!!! Yes, some chefs keep the roast beef in a water bath! Boiled roast beef!!! Better chosing from the menu and having your sunday lunch on a Wednesday at HOME!!!
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    Absolutely no hope for you or trump.
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    There'll be nostalgic glances towards the Bottleneck when it pisses down and the Villa gardens turn into a swamp.
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    I know a lot of people go, but why? You already know what went on there surely, hardly likely to be a fun day out.
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