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    She's a career politician. There will always be a job for her within the political establishment if she plays the game. See Tony Blair. She's not bothered about what comes after her. She didn't want Brexit, she doesn't want to deliver Brexit but she's found herself backed into a corner by her own party. We should sideline her, deliver a Brexit on our terms or crash out. It's only the vast majority of the planet that trade on WTO terms, not like we'll be on our own. The powerful German car industry will be knocking down the door as we speak to get something sorted. The EU really aren't in the position of power they like to pretend they are, within their own echo chamber in Brussels.
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    Actually, what I think your action has shown up is the complete disregard and contempt that IOMG had/has for consumers. Had they consulted with them they could have saved themselves and MG from this embarrassing situation. And from the taxpayers view of things the whole exercise was a pointless waste of time as MG accounts will never see the light of day, so we won't (and still don't) know if their charging structure is fair. Quite why the OFT was involved is mystery to me. Aren't they supposed to be the guardian of/for the consumer, protect the rights of the consumer? All they've done is aid and abet a company to guarantee it's profits at the expense of the consumer in a very opaque way. A total feck up from start to finish and is absolutely indicative of the way IOMG fails to understand how a business is run. The next feck up will be IOMSPCo.
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    Wilfy Young will be mustering his army of 18th century luddites to oppose any suggestion of this, as we speak. Ramsey Small Boat Owners must have their mudflats preserved.
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    Its a bit worrying actually I'll not get my usual sackload of valentines cards ! ........... unless I post them a bit earl ...shit
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    There will be no smooth transition via UK, we will crash out unless and/or until EU start being realistic. If i were May I wouldn't bother getting on a flight. Send the 27 leaders (exclude the EU Sir Humphries) an email and tell them that the ball is in their court and prepare for a no deal exit. Then wait and see what happens.
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    The is the afore mentioned Mr Murphy. What is important here is this I think. The Committee report into IOM gas provision is due now. Some say overdue. I think Comin will study the report this week and it will be discussed at Tynwald in February. The 2015 agreement is still in place. Either side can lawfully apply a six month notice period from January 2019. I do not know if this notice has been served by the IOM GOVT. What was not expected is that Manx Gas would undertake a PR operation at this stage of the 2015 agreement. They certainly had no legal responsibility to do so. Getting back to the important bit. Everything about the 2015 agreement is still in place. Assuming no notice has been served the agreement will be in place until at least July 2019. I have no idea what the Committee report will state but a whole number of options are possible. This story whilst not the most amazing thing ever, is only starting. Those interested on here should watch the news over the next few weeks. *Shocking Conclusions" is what Minister Thomas said. We shall see. Thank you for your interest. I hope fairness prevails. Barry.
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    The combined cash at bank value for all businesses where ROBIN holds a current appointment equals £0, a combined total current assets value of £1.2k with a total current liabilities of £815 and a total current net worth of £352. Roles associated with Mr Robin Hampden Bromley-martin within the recorded businesses include: Director, Company Secretary
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    Very best of luck to them. Looks like a good initial proposal.
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    The Island offers complete critical and resilient infrastructure with access to Regulators, key stakeholders and Government. My arse!
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    Well done to you and your colleagues Barry.
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    Post Office celebrates Year of the Pig no mention of snouts in the trough.........
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    the thing for ramsey does look good on paper though. ties in nicely with the queens pier.
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    Decent balance sheet that.
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    For a proposed £100m development, the architect's impression doesn't even tie in with the plan! It's a nice idea, but looks like it's totally unfunded at present. Think will file it in the wishful thinking drawer.
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    Good luck to the investor. If this works Ramsey could be transformed for the better.
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    Keep everyone in the tent pissing out thats why !!!!!!!
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    If you look back at one time the "experts" assured the population that asbestos was safe , as was radioactive material and the medical profession ridiculed the chap who linked stomach ulcers to a bacterium. It is perfectly legitimate to have concerns IMO
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    They voted for continued, creeping, ever closer union to the projected United States of Europe, that brave new world that dare not speak its name. They did not vote for the status quo although most of them, and you, think that they did. In fact, they had no idea what they were voting for, apart from the genuine enthusiasts of a "united" Europe like Ken Clarke.
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    It's like this stinky...
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    I very much doubt that anyone ridiculing manxy for having concerns about 5g could state categorically that there are no risks from this 5g either.
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    Manxy I get all that and I do share many of your concerns about 5G and the fact it is untested. Just don't share David Icke videos if you want to be taken seriously. There are plenty of qualified professionals in this field who have shared their concerns in academic studies. Focus on evidence not bluster.
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    Why do you think May is not keen on having a binding no deal amendment? It's time call the EU's bluff. If not, we'll crash out. The Tory party will disintegrate and there'll be a hung parliament with a resurgence of the LimpDems.
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    My god you have totally and utterly gone off the deep end haven't you? At least PGW is obvious in his taking the piss, but you are genuinely drinking the kool-aid in bulk aren't you? You have zero comprehension in what you are trying to debate, demand others prove a negative and refuse to research you own claims yet demand others do so. There is no reasonable point in trying to discuss this further with you and I pity anyone else who attempts to do so.
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    I've caught sight of a couple of threads that you have started now in relation to your frustration at not being allowed to urinate in public. Although not a passion I share, I do really enjoy your enthusiasm on the topic. Kudos to you!
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    Half day? God awful blogs don't just write themselves, y'know!
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    Is normally the guy with the big knife eating turkey, drinking wine and thinking Christmas cracker jokes are funny! Meanwhile the turkey, after several months of.good eating, is not laughing any more....
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    I did not go there thinking this was a normal holiday destination. I went there in the full knowledge that it was a site where humanity was lost. A place where normal people were blinded by hate. It was a harrowing experience but one which enriched my life. I was able to face the worst of humanity and understand that it should never be allowed to happen again I have also been to the graves of people who I have no connection with throughout Europe who.gave their lives in the two World wars. I know how lucky i am to live in a world of relative peace and tolerance due to those experiences. Personally, I think remembering the civilians, especially those killed for their religion and beliefs during the wars is just as important as remembering those who fought for freedom. We shall remember....
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    Not being: Quayle; Boot; Cregeen; Corlett; Harmer; Perkins; Moorhouse; Bettinson; Robertshaw; Edge; Calllister; Skelly..etc etc.
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    But the DOI are preparing the prom for a Mad Max style post apocalyptic world where cars dont exist, and nobody needs or wants to do anything that involves visiting their commercial ratepayers to buy things. No wonder Braddan business park is positively booming.
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    Nunnery - boring No free buffet - boring No jolly away from home - boring Brexit - boring
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    Funnily enough there was a lecture on comparative crown dependency constitutional law featuring Jersey at the Nunnery last night and none of the The Nine were there
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    Whatever you want to call it, the taxpayer was paying your wages. John's point was well made - public servants lose sight of who pays the bills.
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    Plenty of walters in this thread.
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    He's resigned from 34 companies!
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    Wonders never cease. You have something right at last. Thus it is incompatible with national sovereignty and self-determination.
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    This is a reply to a question - Does WiFi and 4G penetrate the skin? Answer link here from Quora Further down, there is information on 1. Contributes to the Development of Insomnia 2. Damaging to Childhood Development 3. Affects Cell Growth 4. Derails Brain Function 5. Reduces Brain Activity in Females 6. Provokes Cardiac Stress
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    No she is declaring it is harmful and killing people, and that we dont care. And Li-fi will solve all problems.
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    But nobody can say with certainty either way. I thought manxy was calling for more research.
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    The problem to my mind is that as those who experienced these horrors pass away once it's no longer a "living" memory it sort-of drops off the event horizon. So in order to keep the memory alive, and thus guard against it ever happening again, you have to visit these places so they leave an imprint on your mind you can carry forward. Every British sqaddie who ended up in Munsterlager / Celle / Trauen visited Bergen-Belsen.....
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    I think it is great the promenade is just that not a dirty big car park. There should be a car park on the Summerland site and the Villiers site and the charges should be minimal. People need to remember why they have legs.
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    To be fair, it's nice to see Howard has managed to acquire some dress sense. I wonder has he dumped his lucky two tone shirt/s with the white stay tatty collars. I see where he is coming from though. I have always had shit dress sense. As a spotty teenager I became very attached to my lucky snorkel parka and wore it for ages after they went out of fashion. The blue nylon type, not even the cool green mod type. (In hindsight it was surely a most effective form of birth control). Anyway, at least Howard now looks something like the part down there in Westminster.
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    What can be done with a visit that can't be done via a conferencing facility? I could understand if they were there to get some business but to discuss matters of mutual interest seems to me a waste of public funds.
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    Typical ex public servant Derek, sorry. How much do we pay into CPA against how much do we get out? Those tickets cost some tax payers, somewhere. Where that was is immaterial. I’m not against CPA or other such organisations, indeed I’m all in favour of work placements, job swaps, by public servants between jurisdictions. Secondments are good learning and improvement opportunities. And it’s not just one way. You can’t just ignore the transport costs because someone else pays. Neither can you ignore the cost of the public service wages when they are busy travelling and meeting, rather than doing their actual jobs. What I want to see is total transparency. True cost.
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    There'll be nostalgic glances towards the Bottleneck when it pisses down and the Villa gardens turn into a swamp.
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