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    Every H&B pub closure is self inflicted!
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    A little bit more than 500k. Chief c.£140k (but it isn’t disclosed what the actual sum is). Supts nominally £70k, CI nominally £60k. the biggest issue I found working in a low-crime, small jurisdiction is that the top had too much time to spend thinking, rather than doing. And then when they did “do” we ended up with another reform and reorganization. I think they are on with another one at the moment. We are due for a new Chief Officer in the next few years. The last real external influence was Mike Langdon, who arrived c.2005. It would also be good to start sending our senior bods on the College of Policing Strategic Command Course, to help with networking and a wider perspective. I can’t remember the last time the force was last externally inspected by HMICFR or whatever it is now. Don’t get me wrong, there are some very good people, doing a great job at all ranks, but as with so much on the Island, it runs in an over-complex way. The job of the top team should be to make it as easy as possible for the boots on the ground to do their job.
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    Development managers positions won't be down to Union membership. They'll be part of the PS/CS obsession with management level job creation. See other threads for Derek Flint's take on Police command structures and my post on new Cabinet Office recruitment. A decent downsizing contractor would tear IoMG structures to pieces.
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    It's a classic Chris Thomas appointment. He seems to have carta blanca and an open chequebook when it comes to recruitment. Makes you wonder if anyone in COMIN ever questions the costs or modus operandi of these positions. But no doubt it will all be part of CT's "strategic" policy for something or other. Isle of Man Where You Can ..... have a building full of technocrats without worrying about the cost because some other poor bugger stumps up.
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    You have to admire the bloke standing against him in Lonan. Read his pledges to the end. It’s not the most subtle campaign in the world.
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    I know that the climate is challenging Dilli, and if the brewery are throwing in the towel on the Liverpool Arms then, of course, that is their prerogative. No argument. What is not their prerogative is to throw in the towel on behalf of every other prospective proprietor by seeking to bar anyone from even having a go. It should not be allowed. Once the property is sold their influence over it should be extinguished. Covenants are not designed as tools for the restriction of trade and competition and they should not be allowed to be used as such.
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    Cops. In between donuts and policework.
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    It reflected UK practice and the DHA were thick enough to swallow it.
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    Certainly seems like it, PK. Certainly seems like it.
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    Plenty of travel-necessary pubs still operating. People travel from afield to Sulby Glen, Raven and the aforementioned Hawthorn. It's what you get when you get there that's the biggest influence.
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    Is this not supposed to be a free-market capitalist economy we live in? What one man fails at, another will try harder and make a success of. It's what it's about and what moves things forward. Oh, sorry I forgot. This is IoM. Home to Establishment non-competitive and corrupt practices without higher scrutiny or question.
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    Yes it’s business but to me you can’t then go to planning saying “We can’t sell this pub, we have to redevelop it and you have to sign that off as it’s the only way we can sell the site” when the only reason you can’t sell it is that you’ve made it almost unsalable by slamming a load of covenants all over it. It’s either one thing or the other. I think they’re trying to manipulate the planning process by making a perfectly salable commercial premises unsalable.
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    So why the covenant(s) then? If it's such a write off as a pub business it shouldn't matter what it's sold for, use wise? An experienced operator could make a go of it. If it then fails, it's their pigeon. But they should at leadt be given the option. H&B are just terrified it would be a success. Further highlighting their failure into the bargain.
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    Bill Malarkey and David Ashford all in one evening... fuck that, pass the bong.
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    This is the Isle of Man though where honest competition does not exist. The following model usually applies. Shop A was set up in 1910 by the owner of shop A’s great-grandfather. Shop A has been selling different versions the same thing for over 50 years giving a really nice living to three generations of Shop A family members. Shop B opens up in the same street undercutting Shop A in a competitive situation. On lodge night over and few pints the owner of Shop A manages to convince a man he went to school with that Shop B should not exist. The following Wednesday Shop B is found to be in breach of several planning rules and regulations and must cease trading until it can prove to the person spoken to by the owner of Shop A that it complies. Eventually the owner of Shop B sells the property to the owner of Shop A as he can’t get a license to trade and can’t pay his mortgage. The owner of Shop A leaves the Shop B property lying empty for the next 20 years.
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    The CC used to be paid 20% more than a UK Supt, in the days of Robin Oake. Then Mike Culverhouse came and it all went a bit “Rock Star” - company car, bonuses for low crime (which were outrageous). GR to his credit ditched the bonuses but kept the company motor. Several years ago, I suggested the DHA should take an “Emergency Services Commissioner” model, where there is an Executive Chief across Fire, Police and Paramedic Services, with specialist service delivery officers (likely at Supt equivalent) for each area. I believe the Fire Chief out-earns the CC. Either way, there is little doubt it has all gone the way as the rest of the Civil Service. There is now a Chief, three supers and at least 4 Chief Inspectors. And that model has changed at least four times in the last 10 yrs.
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    They are normally used to preserve a right, for example you sell a building but there is a covenant allowing users to continue to enjoy their existing right of access to it etc. Or perhaps to stop the owner doing something that would affect the rights of neighbours. To me, the use of covenants to stifle a potential business rival should not be allowed in a free market economy.
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    There isn’t anybody employed to do that. and regardless of the rights or wrongs and facts of the matter, I’m sure any of us in dads shoes would be a bit angry. hopefully the cops will take a pragmatic approach. The young lad involved seems to be an all round good egg.
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    If these figures are correct then Juan Turner, as a taxpayer, has as much right to make a point as anyone else even Nelly...who although she has never met him and does not know him has decided he is not nice.
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    No the one she got obsessed with as it totally ripped her to shreds and she couldn’t work out who was behind it.
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    https://media.info/radio/stations/manx-radio/listening-figures https://media.info/radio/stations/3fm/listening-figures Juan might have a point, to be fair. 3FM nearly bagging as much of the market as Manx, but at no cost to the taxpayer.
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    We've heard something similar to that involving farm grants in recent years.....
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    To be fair he's right regarding MR's audience figures. Year on year they've lost 5000 listeners, a loss of 73000 listening hours. That's one in seven. Or 15%. Gone. Meaning our effective annual contribution to Manx Radio keeps getting more expensive.. In the same period, 3fm stayed pretty flat at 25000 listeners, showing those who like it are loyal and listening for longer. The've actually increased their total listening hours by 30000. Right now there are only 7000 more hours of listening to Manx Radio than there are to 3fm. And just to twist the knife a little more - MR have LOST ten times that in the last year. Any commercially focused radio station across would have made some big changes by now. Whatever your feelings toward Mr Turner, he's right. The failure of those in charge at MR to arrest the decline in audience is abysmal.
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    And yet I'm told that some of these electrically "assisted" mountain bikes can do over 40mph on the road in the right conditions. With none of the above legal requirements. Though you'd be daft not to wear a lid.
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    Probably safest to bury this girl and her mum at landfill. The amount they must have got on them could kill literally millions.
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    And I was given one ~ 45 years ago. Not mine
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    You. You're the only one who has ever come up with the ridiculous concept.
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    Their core business of 'Royal' Mail is indeed all but knackered. But not so other types of courier business. For Gods sake they have 5 development managers. WTF do they do all day? They can only still be on the books because they are members of the Union??
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    They could just have told him not to use it rather than confiscate it. It does seem heavy handed treatment of a 13 year old kid.
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    Not to run, just to fund. Not like he doesn't have an axe to grind though, is it? Why is he so anti-MR? Didn't they give him his first break as a kid? Bet they're sorry they did now! I know he started a competitor station later on, but there does seem to be a lot of venom in the relationship now. Was he sacked? That would be the only reason I could imagine for the ill feeling. If he just left to set up in competition, well, he knew better than most the nature of the playing field and the available market. MR does seem to have an awful lot of disgruntled ex-employees. Or is it a lot of awful, disgruntled ex-employees?
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    My bad. Yes, they were all of course cheeky, cuddly scousers. And had been all their lives.
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    During TT week, outside Bushy's watching riders doing stunts etc. None of whom slot into your description of them.
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    Roses are red Violets are blue We've gone on strike So fuck all of you
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    Legalization of Cannabis has happened in Canada and I have already Indulged. Nothing wrong with it as far as I am concerned. 3X3
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    Why thank you, Freggy. I think that you're generally reasonable too. I always enjoy reading your stuff on here because some thought obviously goes into it, even if we seldom agree on much. With the mutual appreciation society out of the way then, you are totally wrong in second guessing my motives and, unlike some around here, I take any propaganda whatever the agenda with a very large pinch of salt. I look at the information available from multiple sources and I make up my own mind. I assure you that after over 30 years in building, investing and selling businesses, I'm not easily manipulated. Tax avoidance is largely a whore of globalisation rather than Brexit, but I accept that Britain benefits from it more than most. Paradoxically, financial services based on worldwide tax avoidance funds a great deal of actual taxation raised in the UK through the City, and that is substantially the reason why it is jealously guarded. I genuinely do not believe your take about weakening the standing of the country, etc. I think that outside the EU our prospects will be far brighter and there will not be the sustained attacks, treaty by treaty, on its self-determination and the need for constant vigilance over its very survival as an independent state. Good thing Blair didn't get his way and take us into the Euro is all I can say! I'm not proud, incidentally. If I suddenly had a Damascus moment and realised I had been "talking utter shite" as you put it, I would say as much and start batting for the other side. I wouldn't keep up a pretence just for the sake of appearances. What would be the point on an anonymous forum? I do appreciate that the negotiation has not been the best, because it has been conducted largely on the EU's terms. I could live with the existing withdrawal deal though. At least it gets us out to a degree. I simply can't go along with the conspiracy theories that Brexit is such a bad idea that the populace could only have voted for it at the behest of malign foreign influence. I also take what you say about not being anti-British at face value. Sometimes I have discerned what I took as a Celtic style eagerness to belittle British interests in your posts, but I am pleased to acknowledge my error if this was not the case. I appreciate that some people even believe that remaining in the EU would be a patriotic stance for Britain, although I cannot see how that is compatible with the ultimate aims of "ever closer union" or indeed the opposite, a messy collapse of the bloc, which is also quite possible. Don't get me wrong. I'm not your narrow minded egg and bacon, chips and fish, foreigner hating type Englishman who goes abroad and refuses to speak the language, gets drunk and acts boorish. They are a bloody embarrassment! I spend a lot of my time in Southern Europe - particularly Spain - and I absolutely love the continent of Europe. All the more reason that I don't like what the EU, and particularly the Euro, is doing to it. I think it is built on flawed foundations, developed by lies, expanded on hubris and heading ultimately to a very dark place. Now if they just made it a free trade bloc........
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    Exactly. No reason to go there other than the basics with a pint at brewery prices. And who was the operator? Not just the manager but the owner? And now they'd like to stop anybody who'd be minded to better it. Good example going back 8-odd years. Raven, Ballaugh had a couple in there doing Thai. It was rammed, 7 nights a week, struggle to book a table (think I posted on this in the Food and Drink thread at the time). They left, went to the Horse and Plough, I think? Raven food after that went to shit. Usual H&B fayre. Cold, unimaginative or warmed over. The pub was devoid of custom other than a few hardy locals. It stayed that way for six-odd years. Including a brewery manager and his wife getting up and leaving their meals on one occasion. New managers in there for a year making an effort now and it's picking up again, even midweek. It can be done. But it takes the right people and/or the right owners. And H&B generally provenly aren't.
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    There's the catchment area of Baldrine and Baldrine Park. I bet some of them make their way the opposite direction to get to Laxey. LA is also 5 minute's drive from Onchan catchment area. If people weren't going there from Onchan it's because of what wasn't on offer? Personal guess? Poor service and zero inward investment in the place, usual brewery policy of milk it to the max and spend bugger all on it unless it involves turning it into a soulless box. Then try and flog it as a near ruin (a la Brit Ramsey). But you can't use it as a pub.
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    That’s not true several posters have said above that they have and I’ve also spent a fair bit of time in there as well over the years. I do find it difficult to follow these threads where 95% of posters seem to say one thing, and 5% of posters seem to say the exact opposite ten times more frequently.
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    Are you seriously going to stand by that last post? Of course it matters what the manager/staff are like. Of course it matters if the food is hit and miss I think you will find there are a number of people who think the closure is a shame
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    The pub manager always matters. Dobson was just a drunk useless idiot. I see they’re trying to oust him from Lonan Commissioners as well. I wouldn’t set foot again in a pub he was manager off. Not that he will ever get a license again as a result of his numerous convictions for being drunk in charge.
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    I and my family were regulars up until 5 or so years ago, reason we stopped going was because food and service was hit and miss, nothing to do with its location that's for certain.
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    Food/drink, drink/food. Same thing if it's going to be a success story these days. It's the quality of service and what's on offer that makes the difference. And overpriced drink and overpriced, low quality cuisine served by poorly trained, ill motivated, poorly rewarded staff in surroundings that have seen next to no and/or unsympathetic investment is only going to end one way.
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    Bathed in main beam every few seconds all evening, no thanks.
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    Jesus Dilli, you're reaching Notwell levels of belligerent nonsense
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    Then remove the covenant and let fate take its toll
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    @ The Teapot I decided not to quote to avoid replicating your long post which in the main I agree with. I don’t see why individuals should have to pay for a licence to possess, use and grow personal amounts but I agree that it would provide an extra revenue stream to IOMG that would incline them more to full legalisation. Deceiminalisation is a pointless fudge that only benefits criminal gangs.
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    No. Buy stuff and be allowed to let it rot? Just to get a financial result and win? When planning has said it's a pub not some private housing development. Forced sale. Brewery get the f**k out. It's a pub. Sell it as one and disallow any covenants.
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    Went passed the Liverpool Arms today...what a shit site all boarded up. Shame on you H&B - sell it to someone that CAN run a pub - and f**k your covenants.
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    that's the answer I'm waiting for. Could be a lengthy wait.
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    It's a bit like selling you a house on the condition that you can't live in it!
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