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    The real argument here, as most of us know, is this: If (It's a big if) a pub chain like Wetherspoon's ever did see enough business here to even express an interest; we all know that with one phone call H&B would have it blocked. No planning, no appeal, nothing. It wouldn't go anywhere. Because H&B can do that, and have done that. The Isle of Man - Where You Can.
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    I was referring to the gentleman from Bride, caught hopping in Andreas School playing field, rather the worse for refreshment.
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    It's definitely a good idea, the updates when the weather is shit can be really useful. Here's another good idea, remind the officers who are posting that these are very public announcements and that they should check, check and check again before hitting post. The standard of English used is frequently poor.
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    Only the Manx government could so roundly reject the idea of accepting a handful of Syrian refugees a few weeks before deciding to throw long hundreds of thousands of pounds trying to bribe people to come and live here. Perhaps if we have a skills shortage we should start not pulling down the pants and raping anyone who wants to go into higher education. #fuckwits
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    You can see how it goes at the start of shift "Alright PC Beth what are we going to do today to justify our jobs?" "How about we go tazer a dog again PC Bob?" "Nah, lets go bust that little shit who made us look stupid on the telly 5 years ago, there's bound to be a roach kicking around in his flat" Score 1 for the good guys keeping us all safe.
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    Why are older people so into tea and cake?
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    And it’s hard to work out which is which!
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    Yeah, been in the museum, and the museum library too asking obscure questions. The staff in there are great, they know loads, and when they don't know they are quite prepared to help you find out.
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    I worked at the home/estate of one of those HNWI individuals for a while, he spent a fortune on doing his place up with 3 local companies, our little team of 5 got about 18 months worth of (well paid) work spread over 3 years, he directly employed a guy too, plus he moved a couple of his businesses over here, rented office space and employed around 15 people there, had some kind of deal with a local garage as he was always showing up with different new motors, kids at king bills, had a big yacht moored too, don't think it moved for a couple of years, bought loads of electronics from Colebourns (guy I know there loved him), had a few other things going on too so he was definitely throwing a fair bit of cash about on Island. I realise that's only one example, but it got me thinking there might be something in this trickle down lark. Another guy I know knocked a substantial chunk off his mortgage and took some nice holidays after spending a lot of time down at that Ballamann monstrosity. Then again, some of the richer people are some of the stingiest. You do a big house gardening spend a day a week and they'll be out nagging about this and that but no cup of tea, little old lady you do a quick grass cut for 20 minutes once a fortnight and she'll be right out with a cuppa - and biscuits.
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    Because the Government (the real government in charge here, not Tynwald) isn't controlled by Manx people or people who have the interest of Manx people in mind.
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    You do come out with some absolute shite! I've never made it clear I know how to fix the 'problem', or asked for more money, just offering an alternative view. And I'm either the unofficial mouthpiece or I'm contractually not allowed to post - make your mind up! I applied for the Programme Controller job a dozen (IIRC) years ago and probably came fifth out of six applicants. I have thanked my lucky stars ever since - what a thankless task! Government mandates the type of content, launches regular 'reports' which destabilise the workforce, and allow two competitors to dilute the commercial income stream and reduce external funding. At least in the thread there are finally some negative comments about Energy and 3FM too - far more fertile ground I would have thought for criticism. Yet you pay for them indirectly rather than through a subvention, so it must be the 30p a week that makes people angry. I like George and Ron and wish them well - but theirs is a fast food joint and Manx Radio is a restaurant. I'm amazed that 'more music' stations still exist, with mobile devices capable of providing a thousand of your favourite choons, which is another reason I'm not the person to be in charge. I especially find the comments about 'MR needs to move with the times - radio is dead' irritating. The same people complained about the cameras in the studios and ignore the vast number of video clips posted daily. 'We want podcasts' you said. You have them now. The whole media landscape is changing in both print and broadcast, but I think few organisations are as proactive in seeking new platforms and ways of doing business. And let's put an end to this nonsense about 'the subvention allows MR to undercut the others'. The OFT looked into that and found it was baseless.
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    There was a second dickhead down there with him can't remember who it was though.
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    Was the silverdale guy Thurston?
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    And neither of them were the Silverdale chap.
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    Cried wolf? Explain...
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    3. Isle of Man salaries are 19% than UK salaries. who knew?
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    A company called Goldwell marketed that along with "Snowball" and "Wicked Lady" Ah nostalgia isn't what it used to be.!
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    You called me a "thick as pigshit daily mail reading little englander " and a rabid "brexiteer , a fairly derogatory post and a disgrace considering I had not made any anti EU posts. I said had I been OBLIGED to vote (as in compelled), but I chose not to vote so I could not be considered a "brexiteer". Ergo to identify me as a "brexiter" is a lie . My response to your offensive post was a tad robust and in a similar vein to yours and like a big baby you played the "victim card" , don't dish it out if you can't take it It is interesting to note that you declined to say how you voted or if you were entitled to vote . I have responded to correct your post, hope this helps.
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    This "drunken biker hooligan" does not drink alcohol ,and at weekends rides to a cafe for a slice of cake and a pot of tea . Perhaps the days of seeing signs saying "No bikers/pensioners " would be welcomed by the likes of you ?
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    Speaks volumes then doesn't it, he's obviously into pot so legalise it and then he, and all other partakers, will be happy and not criminals whilst happily getting stoned at home or house parties or coffee shops....no one ever heard of stoned people fighting (anyone stoned really couldn't be arsed, they'd rather discuss the meaning of life and coming up with solutions to the world's problems whilst listening to some ace music and eating food...lots of it). .as opposed to fights breaking out all over due to alcohol consumption!
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    That's all just typical local paper anywhere stuff. It's good they still even do a free local paper. Otherwise we would need to buy firelighters.
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    Ok sorry P I must have missed that.
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    Care to explain which part of this is it you don't understand? Off you go lad....
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    Still is!* *This is a joke, I quite like Ramsey.
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    in amongst the money laundering, organized crime, cigarette and drug smuggling, and outright in your face political corruption etc.
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    Things change with the times and Bride has a tearooms and a graveyard now. Hard to make a night out work though
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    And over 22 in Ramsey up to the 70s/80s. All busy with their own and "general" clientele. Seem to remember Anne Craine saying something objecting to it in her MHK days. Killjoy. There are probably many reasons for the fall off in pub trade, changing society views etc etc. But nobody, but nobody, will ever convince me that H&Bs policies haven't been one of the major reasons. From product pricing to the running down and lack of investment in many of, other than their few allegedly "flagship", pubs. Most of which are empty or closed for much of the time. They have probably irrepairably damaged much of the local pub trade for many years to come. And now they seek to cement that damage by placing covenants on what can and can't be done with what they're now trying to offload. As posted previously, local pricing of £4.40 a pint vs £2.50 in Liverpool for the same product. And that's without considering mark ups on spirits, mixers and soft drinks. Cowboys.
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    Get down to the museum, the poor conditions in Douglas and Ramsey are also well documented in the Isle of Man Antiquarian Society proceedings of many years ago.
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    It’s a business choice by the selling land owner as to whether they decide to impose a restriction and any potential purchaser as to whether they agree to purchase subject to the restriction. Everyone seems to overlook that anyone can try to establish a pub, or restaurant, or jewellers, or a butchers, where they want, subject to planning and licensing food hygiene, fire, etc.approvals. The LA ha planning, indeed planning to change to residential has been refused. Does it have a licence? If a new one was applied for would it pass ( in its present form ) food and fire regs checks?
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    Just found the strategy on Tynwald Order Paper - link here No detail as to how DFE plans to spend the £400,000.
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    TJ will you give it a rest.
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    I agree there Derek, I think what I'm trying to say is that we have a lot of very boorish people around the towns of the island more than a huge volume of criminal activity. Some of them don't bother to change their trackies when they get up in the morning! Don't let the faux Scouse accents fool you, unfortunately there's quite a few Manx names which crop up.
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    The Treasury really should step in and put a stop to this stupid move as I don't believe it's fiscally responsible.
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    It's just another example of corruption on the island with private businesses using their influence on government to get subsidies which will ultimately benefit those companies and allow them to reduce the remuneration they give to staff from overseas.
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    The Island is intrinsically Safe. The “headlines” in the courier would fill a column in a provincial town - and they are published daily. Volume Crime is the least of our worries.
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    I live in Lonan. One candidate came to the door, while we were in, but did not manage to knock or ring the bell, just left a card saying "sorry you were out", which gave no information other than his name. We had no information whatsoever about any of them, other than their home addresses, which are all in the parish of Laxey. They each did a short piece on Manx Radio (in the Mandate programme), in which 3 (including the winner) talked about Laxey projects, such as the sea wall, and the other 2 said nothing. None appeared to have any interest in the parish of Lonan. No information was delivered to us. The candidate who got the landslide win with 59 votes was at one time chairman of the Laxey Commissioners. Is it possible he was just aiming to get back into Laxey by the back door? All being well, he'll get kicked out in 14 months time. I saw nothing of any dirty tricks campaigns, other than a couple of big signs that I only saw this morning, which seemed to refer to a certain person's past. If I am correct that the person concerned was not one of the candidates, this was completely irrelevant. Did any of them deserve a vote?
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    Maybe it's one way of getting people off the unemployment/social benefits registers - but it's not going to make IOMG more 'efficient' [if the word can be used in the context of IOMG] 'Spect Alf Cannan has a plan to put young mums to work in the civil service for 6 hours a day Maybe they could work on an economic development plan as all the hugely paid peeps in DfE can't seem to manage it
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    Not at all I’m just tired of the circular arguments that are going on by the same people just to try to show they have won an argument. I don’t want to see that site developed for housing. But with the restrictions placed on the building that’s all that is going to happen as nobody in their right mind would buy it as commercial premises. I think that it’s grossly unfair of the brewery to devalue their own asset to such an extent that the only viable option is to knock it down and put housing on it. That’s all. And they have had many chances to get that right as a pub / restaurant and failed. I dont see why someone else should not now have a go at trying to make it a success as licensed premises. I accept that’s their commercial decision but I think it stinks and makes a mockery of the planning application.
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    Basic and hardwired cost benefit analysis - if humans are supreme at anything it is this. The majority of people are comfortable enough to not really care, so the cost / benefit of voting isn't worth it, as we rightly know it will have little if any effect on the outcome no matter who is elected. Even those who should be voting as the current system fails them still know it will make so little difference it's not worth it. Only a change in the system will change that.
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    Whatever everyone thinks about the brewery, I believe that as a general principle, nobody should be able to sell a commercial property with a condition that it cannot be used for its purpose. Simple as that. What gives them the right to close it for all time when they no longer own it? It's an affront.
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    They are normally used to preserve a right, for example you sell a building but there is a covenant allowing users to continue to enjoy their existing right of access to it etc. Or perhaps to stop the owner doing something that would affect the rights of neighbours. To me, the use of covenants to stifle a potential business rival should not be allowed in a free market economy.
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    Legalization of Cannabis has happened in Canada and I have already Indulged. Nothing wrong with it as far as I am concerned. 3X3
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    Why would you quote my post and then ask a question that is clearly answered in it?
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    Which would have no bearing on his ability to be an effective driving instructor. Yes it does. If one does not know or cannot understand the traffic laws, then one should not try to teach others what is right or wrong. Simple as that. You are just being stupid and trying yet again to get peoples backs up to the point where they get banned. Your MO. shit though it is , is obvious.
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    Just can't say that you were wrong eh ? "ooh I wasn't talking to you" ?? Yeah right
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    Rattled one even
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    It dosen`t ring my bell .
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    Now that is a comical response from someone who is quite prepared to attempt to ridicule another poster without offering any evidence to counter their assertions.
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