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    It reads like an entry for "Pseuds Corner"....
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    All those words to say “we spent a tiny bit to promote a few local things, and we will do it again, but call it something different”
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    I don't wish to get involved in the endless bickering that now prevails in most topics on the forum but i will make the following comment. There was a time when politicos would use this forum as a barometer of public opinion. Nowadays any points worth considering are lost in a sea of infighting, there is no longer any credibility.
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    I doubt it. I’m sure he would like too, but with most of them, Minister Thomas included, they haven’t any backbone, bottle or political will to do it, so will fall on the fail safe - do nothing and kick the can down Prospect Hill. They haven’t got the guts to make unpopular decisions which affect rich, poor and the Chamber of Commerce.
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    Waxing lyrical. Any substance behind it? What actually happened that was particularly special that wasn't already planned? "The rainbow at the tail of the storm of the difficult years of this decade" indeed. I suspect that we're not even half way through it.
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    Why dont people just act like adults agree to disagree move on and keep on topic?
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    Send him your instructions on how to flounce Dilli...
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    I question the judgement of a driving instructor father who is happy to allow his son to ride around the roads on a vehicle that contravenes the construction and use regulations. I'm not saying dad isn't technically good at what he does but that's not the point i'm making. The bike wasn't road legal, if the lad had been in an accident he would have been on to a hiding to nothing regardless of whether or not (a) the engine was engaged or (b) the accident was his fault. No way would I allow one of my kids out in or on something that isn't road legal.
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    That’s where we disagree then. I’d feel the same if I saw my family being priced out of the IOM. I think people do have a right to maintaining roots in communities they’ve been born into if they want to.
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    Minister Thomas explains the ethos behind 'Year of Our Island' and www.locate.im to Mr Martin Moore
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    There’s more chance of a unicorn taking a dump in the Tynpotwald Chamber than anything remotely good or profitable arising from Year of our Island. What’s this year? Year of the Fairytale? Hans Christian Anderson would have had a field day!
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    Excellent book that.
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    Yep. It's been global for at least 200 years. A constantly shifting population. Every new generation making it briefly their own. People moaning about prices should move somewhere they can better afford.
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    I know what you're saying Dilli, but general day to day costs are lower and that's what I consider the cost of living, the cost of buying is a different story.
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    Maybe so, but the actual price of stuff food and drink etc have been noticeably cheaper than here whenever I've been down there.
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    You are quite correct (and i have been shot down for this many times) but he cost of living here is in most cases a lot more than in London.
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    Wonder what the theme of Budget 2019 will be? "Young mums must earn their way, ordinary folks must do at least two jobs to survive, state pensioners will be paid at subsistence levels, privatise the Manx NHS, etc, etc"
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    How about, "3. Isle of Man salaries for years were 19% of UK salaries"...?
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    Defence Minister of Canada is a Qualtrough I thought people should know that
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    While we're on stats, the very last section in the strategy is called Measuring Success... and then offers a wishlist without publishing either any quantifiable target metrics, nor where we are starting from.
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    Isn’t that the case now. Youngsters can’t afford to get on the property ladder
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    I've always found eating and drinking out plus getting about much more palatable unless you like to frequent the likes of the Dorchester!
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    Buckfast was more expensive there 10 years ago.
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    Essentially £987 million in Skelly advertising equivalent revenue......