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    The weather is unappealing to many too. It is equivalent to North West England but with even more wind and rain, so that's why we have a lot of people from the nearest part of Britain and less from further afield. It takes a certain type of person to get on with our climate. It can be a big thing if you are used to a lot more sunshine and you get one of our Decembers where it hardly comes light and rains incessantly. Many have come here over the years, find they just can't hack it and go back. You aren't ever going to market it as Monaco. The isolation is a big thing too for people who are extended family oriented and simply feel cut off. Even the HNWI we have encompass a lot of northerners who don't mind the weather, but are as tight as hell. I love the Island, but I am not blind to the negatives others find.
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    What we need are more entrepreneurs, people with a passion for innovation. We don't need to look off island for that, we just need to invest properly in our education system to give the right support to the right people who need it.
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    It has to be said that the fact our Government seems to be always attracted by the new and latest "shiny thing" like a small child in a toy shop hasn't helped our situation. It's probably not far off the mark to say that in some instances it has taken little more than an expensive lunch paid for by a silver-tongued salesman to extract dollops of taxpayers wonga to fund some scheme out of someone like Mr Skelly - and one to which many layperson would readily identify as being utterly fucking bonkers. Yes, the gaming industry has created thousands of jobs and incredible wealth (for the shareholders), but if they start slowly consolidating and moving away like the banks did - then what next? I really am not sure there is a "next" that would sustain us. But fear not, I'm sure our Government would create a new department to deal with that too. Until our leaders realise that there is small niche of people who would want to move here now - chasing the dream of increasing our economically active population to bail us to of the Pension deficit fiasco is living pretty much on false hope and what I would refer to as "Wing and Prayer" politics.
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    Tempted to say that they can take their "new" (copied from UK) ideas and go away again. The island wan't perfect when I moved here but it was what it was and that's a big part of why I moved here. At times it feels like these "new" ideas are making it less distinctive, less attractive, and more like another bit of the UK. Which brings me back on topic - WTF should anyone migrate to here if we make the place like just another bit of the UK? Where's the differentiation, the USP? Might as well stay in or migrate to the UK.
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    Now that nearly all the local expertise has been forced out and lost to the Health Service, ( both general medical and mental ) there are lots of headless chickens running around trying to make our system a smaller version of the English one. Good luck with that. More millions wasted and will eventually go back to how it was and should have been left at. Change for change's sake is expensive.
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    Unfortunately Max I suspect the acquisition of SPCo with taxpayers fund's will be used bleed said taxpayers dry in an attempt plug the pension black hole!
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    Here's my missive posted on IOMToday:
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    A lot of this is needing to be seen to be doing something, anything, to address a problem. Groups such as ourselves tend to put added pressure on politicians to act, even if that action has unintended consequences. Like you I don't think that there is a 'next big thing', maybe lots of next small things perhaps? As I have said many times, improving the ambiance and vibrancy of the island for locals and what tourism we already have left will help to make our home more appealing to visitors and new residents alike, increasing tourism and making it easier to recruit? Addressing the negatives such as the pension transfer issues should be relatively easy I would have thought, combined with making the island easier and cheaper to travel to and from? We do have three government directors on the SPCo board fighting the island's corner after all!
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    Aaagghhh!! What? In a tax haven? No chance.
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    Says the voice of experience!
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    In some respects, yes. I hate the fact that so many locals have spent their whole lives working for and trying to improve a service, only to be squeezed out in some insane chess game. Headless chickens running around watched over by turkeys
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    It seems to me that if you are to make a career out of being pretty much useless but want to be highly paid for this, just join IOM Government
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    It’s even cleverer than that as also there is no pension pot. So they just seize your money when you transfer it over to the IOM, give it to someone else to meet their pension, and then they make you an empty promise that they’ll see you right when you retire back in the UK. If you were a professional or educated in any way you’d just tell them to get lost because if you’re going to have an empty promise to live on in old age at least have it from a government like the UK which can at least print money or issue gilts to meet their unfunded debt to you!
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    It is from a survey looking at where Wellington Bombers needed strengthening from the damage they received on raids. It was the start of understanding how survivor bias can distort results. The areas that needed strengthening were where there were no bullet holes not where there were lots. Damage in the areas lacking bullet holes was fatal. Those areas with lots of damage were the most robust and needed strengthening least. The opposite of a naive analysis.
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    Chris Thomas is now embarking on rates reform to try and find a fairer method of assessing them, good luck with that. Whichever way the coin falls it will cost more that is the only certainty.
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    We have to have stuff that excites youngsters in their 20s to bring them here Which to my mind means the best internet services available to humanity & an innovative green tech based economy
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    Yes, quite. Although I have read on here in the past that we shouldn’t be encouraging this type of immigration, for some reason. Like minimum wage eastern European workers without a pot to piss in ahould be more of a priority as they are more economically viable. Which is bollocks. We need as many as possible to make the local economy function and pensioners with a few million in the bank are just as needed as those at the opposite end of the scale.
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    No he’s not...
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    Yawn. I look forward to this subject being given wider scrutiny in the coming weeks. We the taxpayer can no longer afford to fund these scroungers. The flow of money and party is going to have to stop. It's not complex to fix this, it's just that recipients have a lot of sway in Tynwald. Only more public pressure will ensure this gets fixed.
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    It is flat, there's no proof that it isn't.
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    Looks/sounds to me as if the Minister for Reform has already made up his mind what matrix will be used. I don't expect that to change.
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    Where's that? Probably my fault, knocked a third off my annual bill by converting all the house lights to LEDs.
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    No, I can't agree with that. A person need only have a job here for influence to exist. Being some toff from the UK is not going to make you any less influenced by "connections" than a Manx person.
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    proper driver instruction is important