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    I don't think that there was any reasonable expectation of instant transformation. The SPCo was a foreign-owned monopoly cash cow preying on IoM residents, with another big re-financing in the offing which would have further increased the financial burden on users and freight. The needs of the owners were not remotely aligned with the customers and the profits were leeching out of the Manx economy. The transformation so far is: Profits retained in the Manx economy (albeit going into the Treasury) Owner and customer interests much better aligned and protected Which are genuinely two pretty big changes in favour of IoM residents & businesses. If the UA had expired without renewal we would have had a potential sea services crisis. If it had been renewed without significant changes then the SPCo would likely have changed hands again with a substantially increased debt burden to be paid for by customers. I would expect the new owner and directors to be cautious about re-jigging the commercially successful current operating model until they've got a few years under their belts and digested the cost of buying the business and re-investing in new vessels etc. The new UA includes 5-yearly reviews, so it can be revisited, but significant changes in services, fares or operating model are unrealistic in the first five years and we would all be whining like buggery if they cut fares now only to find that public subsidy was needed a few years down the line. Buying the SPCo was a strategic play with a lot of potential upside for the island, but enormous potential for cock-up. It's commercially successful and whilst it has scope for improvement like any business I would be hoping to see a conservative attitude from the directors along the lines of "if it ain't broke don't fix it". I'm actually surprised and encouraged by the modest fare re-jigging this soon - they may be modest improvements but they're modest improvements which will benefit many of us who use the ferries. New vessel by the end of 2021 sounds ambitious, but the SPCo has been working on the specifications for the BMC replacement for at least three years - and consulting with some stakeholders about that - so they may be further down the track than we realise. Next up, maybe we should take Manx Gas back into Manx ownership? :rofl:
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    Bought lock stock etc. by David Dorricot. He has gone on to spend a fortune on it. Using it as a tech business incubator. Loads more potential, and DD isn’t short of vision, or money. Its a nice place to be, and will only continue to benefit the North.
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    If i was a criminal i'd rather bob malarkey was making the decision on my release rather than someone with a bit of sense.
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    Is this why Manx health services are so poor? 'it appears to us that the Department has been wrestling with aspects of job planning and the ability to link that with performance management for at least five years and under former management some consultants have been able to negotiate very favourable remuneration packages with little performance assurance. When compared to England and Wales we would appear to be in the unenviable position of having some of the highest paid consultants responsible for some of the longest waiting lists, in a Hospital which is only operating at an average of 65% of its full capacity;' source : 3rd bullet on p54 of http://www.tynwald.org.im/business/opqp/sittings/20182021/2019-PP-0032.pdf
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    It's an odd document. It lays out the well rehearsed problem and then sets out six remedies that have been worked up, before all but dismissing each of them twice, in case you missed it the first time. The conclusion is in essence "please receive the report and we'll carry on looking at it". In other words, something will turn up. There are other possible actions but none of them are expedient or politically approachable at the moment. In the end it is a bugger's muddle and it will be approached year by year, piecemeal. A bit of extra VAT, a bit of extra tax and stealth charges, benefits reduced over time, a bit of reserves raiding, a bit of grabbing investment income from reserves that would otherwise have stayed in reserves, hopefully many don't live as long as the actuarial forecasts say they will and yes, in the end, a bit of borrowing - very long term bonds.
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    You haven't been forced there at all. You arrived at the flawed conclusion voluntarily and full of glee because it is exactly what you want to believe.
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    To be fair not only did he warn others but he then went on to selflessly demonstrate what a bad mix weak-willed people and strong drink can be! Above and beyond....
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    It's the overall problems at the hospital that are causing concerns, not just the individual departments
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    quite possibly more interesting than most of the crap you post on here...
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    how about people just serve the sentence they were given?
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    Isle of Man Panic Page would be proud to post that picture.
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    I cannot understand people buying water in plastic bottles, the quality of our water is fine, just buy a reusable bottle and fill it from your tap. The price we get charged for water rates is high enough why not use it and I bet the quality of our tap water is better than the bottled stuff.
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    It depends on how it's calculated. To put purely imaginary figures on it suppose for each Santander transaction there are external costs of 1p, the sub post office charges 2p to do its work and IOM Post adds 3p to cover overheads etc. Giving a total of 6p. If Santander are only prepared to pay 5p, then according to that the contract is 'losing' money. But if the contract is cancelled, the sub-post office loses 2p times however many transactions there were but probably has to keep the same number of staff. And IOM Post continues to have the same overheads but is down in terms of income by the same amount. Only 1p per transaction is being saved, but both are losing twice that in additional income. So the 'saving' is costing money and that's even before you take into account the social benefits that might accrue in this case such as providing banking facilities in places that don't otherwise have them or helping keep sub-post offices open.
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    No foot passenger price increases until the Ben is replaced? So less than £20 one way* until 2032 then, that's alright. *Conditions apply, midweek travel booked 3 years in advance, no refunds, no luggage, last on last off, bullshit etc
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    I suspect the Russians have read Brave New World so yes Dilli it should be included!
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    I don't know what that is. Perhaps you should supply some examples?
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    He's a horrible whiny little shit, who represents the absolute worst of the modern liberal world. If he wasn't likely to storm off having totally wet himself I'd immediately turn any program with him on it off. This kind of thing is funny though
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    she's gonna end up paying him more than he paid her..........funded by people like you........
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    I have been forced to conclude that Brexit is an expression of English bigotry and racism.
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    The bar for Home Affairs minister isn't exactly set high. Let's not forget about the last one and his responsible drinking warnings
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    Given they usually serve about half of their sentence, hardly a deterrent is it. If parole is to be given then it should go to those convicted who hold their hands up in the beginning rather than waste our tax money on legal aid fighting something they know they are guilty of
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    What's your point Woody? What are you laughing at? Apart from Trump himself.
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    that iomg will end up with a big bill......
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    Can’t praise the efficiency and service from the urology department highly enough over the past few months. Especially Mr Duffy.
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    Lord knows what they all do
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    There are so many people waltzing around up at new Nobles it is like a town in it's own right
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    Dorricot is heavily involved behind the Marina scheme which to me gives it some credence. Thank god the Victorians had more imagination than some of the negative people around now. Manx crab at its finest.
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    Yes that sounds better, because it has a completely different meaning to what you said initially. Are you therefore saying there is no benefit to the community (other than monetary benefit) from things like sub post offices?
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    Full report to Tynwald and draft Heads of Agreement. (.pdf) http://www.tynwald.org.im/business/opqp/sittings/20182021/2019-GD-0009.pdf
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    and yet they don't apply that to government staff or wages or pensions, it's all carry on regardless because 30 years ago, when things were a lot different , someone said you can have this.
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    Back in the day On the Move was more for adult education, were as Seame Street would have been the chosen viewing for children with learning difficulties.
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    Actually, on balance I suspect it makes little impact on the basis that: The majority of serious criminals are packed off to the adjacent Isle to serve their sentence, and; Judging by the Court Listings, a fair percentage of people going through our prison system seem to be repeat offenders so will be back inside sooner or later. I do agree with Roger Mexico though - its seems disjointed to allow a politician to have the final say. Especially one with no expertise.
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    The thing is Roger that they have never had to do anything. The UA didn't really force them to do much and they were making more profit than any other similar ferry company in the world! This was by their own admission, mainly through their freight operation and it has seen shrinkage in our tourism sector overall. I've said many times that any enterprise which the island enters into is strictly controlled by SPCo capacity and pricing. Just look at the decline in TT visitors since the loss of the third vessel.
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    The statement from the DoI about the Steam Packet is actually quite revealing, though perhaps not as intended. What actually strikes you about it is how few actual changes are proposed to the services. An increase in annual return sailings to NW of England, from 936 to 947. I mean that's an increase of 1.2% - transformative, man!! The "range of benefits" is also rather underwhelming: Of course these are the sort of special offers that any normal travel company would be churning out and adjusting all the time with appropriate advertising so as to generate new business and fill up empty spaces. Some of these aren't even new and the implication that they have to be forced into it by government action shows just how the Steam Packet has been content to sit back and watch the money roll in. Similarly saying that there will be a mechanism to work with the Department for Enterprise to identify particular tourist markets and provide special offer fares, merely makes you astonished that there isn't such a thing already. Stuff that any remotely competent organisation would have been doing for the last 50 years is seen as a thrilling innovation.
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    Actually it's a very bad idea indeed. Justice is very rarely well served by 'democracy' and a Minister (or a judge) who is concentrating on what is popular rather than what is right is not doing their job.
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    No, I think the original command from above was missing something as you say. Services should have been the last things to be cut and this should have been made clear!
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    “On the move, on the move, we’re on the road again”...with Bob Hoskins. From literacy education, to Pennies from Heaven, to Jessica Rabbit!
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    He's in the Department for Enterprise, he's obliged to help spin this one on behalf of tourism.
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    Rob is not always flavour of the month on here, but he is one of the few MHK's that take things seriously and I have no doubt that he is fully conversant with the agreement. I am not always a fan of Rob, but he does not deserve the vitriol on here.
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    who the fuck told you he thinks ???
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    I believe Phil Gawne used glass bottles in the resurfacing of the Sloc...
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    Port Erin would be far more convenient for the yacht-importation of drugs though. Just shipping it in direct to the users.
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    Lots of countries run deposit bottle return systems. The machinery has existed for years and is capable of dealing with drink cans, plastic bottles, glass bottles, jam jars, drink crates etc. I don’t think that the IoM is big enough to sustain such a system but I do wonder why the UK doesn’t do it.
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    Something will be done, once the architects and main beneficiaries of the original scheme have taken and guaranteed their future pensions.
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