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    This is not the Island's most expensive house, you can buy mine for £40 million.
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    I once arrived before we left.
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    Your theory which is yours:
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    Why do we actually need to go to Liverpool at all? And if we do, why do we need to spend shedloads of. Only, when facilities already exist nearby at Birkenhead? asking for a friend.
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    Basically delegation (which I presume is what is happening here) is an administrative matter and can only take place within the bounds set by legislation. So if the legislation changes the powers which have been delegated are affected as well. And even these sort of agreements are carried out under the Crown and I assume have to signed by the Governor or whoever. Beneficial ownerships and the registers that list them are a matter of agreement between countries and so, in the end, a matter over which Westminster is fully entitled to intervene. But in any case they have the ultimate sanction of imposing even local legislation is they feel like it - it's just that Tynwald usually does as it's told before things get to that point. As we tend to have seen recently, the Manx Government seem to be handling the associated PR rather badly. Quayle getting all indignant and spluttering "How very dare you!" may play well with the less perceptive inhabitants of Athol Street, but it's not going to look good among MPs or wider in the world. They would be better emphasising the need for all jurisdictions to move together and continuing to point out the uselessness of moving to open registers if they are as notoriously inaccurate as the UK one.
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    so what . threads evolve into the general subject or even a totally different one round here in short order. get over yourself.
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    Aside from anything else would you really want to stick your johnson somewhere Corbyn had parked his porridge?
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    There'll be no food on the shelves. Thank the lord we give all that money to landowners. They'll be able to keep us supplied with food. Thanks Phil for your wonderful foresight.
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    zero- it won't sell at that price.......
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    Manxy's posts are a great resouce for non-science.
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    The night boat from Heysham is just depressing.
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    Derek - because Liverpool is or at least was a good shopping centre and the Pier Head was as about as central as possible - no hassles re luggage + reasonably fast security, with check in time about 30mins prior to departure for footies. Birkenhead needs a coach journey from boat to terminal and then a longer coach journey back to Lime Street - there is no convenient + easy footie access. Ok for car drivers heading south tho.. As to the Night boat from Heysham - no public transport access to terminal late night - taxis to/from Lancaster are about £15 during day - suspect considerably higher late night and the terminal is a good walk from nearest pubs.
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    I rely on a feeling in my water. With an ageing prostate I get it much more often too! So I've always had a problem believing the 97% of scientists who assert that climate change (or global warming in old money) is man made. My aqueous membranes disputed that, and today I watched a video that explains all and has led to the Peters Hypothesis On Climate Change: Apparently the poles are moving faster than predicted. Magnetic North (and South) always drift a bit so navigators need to allow for magnetic variation when plotting a course, but it's gone mental and could be a precursor to a complete swapping of the poles - which has happened before every gazillion years or so. Of course, as Our World is one big magnet with a molten core that creates electricity, there's a magnetic force field that surrounds the planet and protects us from deadly sun rays and cosmic winds. So my hypothesis is that it's predominantly changes in this magnetic force field that are causing climate change. And that is my theory. The End. Except to say that you can all buy coal fires and V8 motors again and tell the eco warriors to fuck right off.
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    I suppose the finals would be atTossaby.
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    It’s just up from Port Grenaugh beach.
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    In yesterday's Daily Mail the charmless Dianne says she is frightened of being raped.....I do not think she has a lot to worry about.
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    Hitler didn't kill all those people. Actually, it was his doing 100%. Read Hansards. He whinged and whined and then weedled all those £millions out of the taxpayer via the fools/his mates in Tywnald.
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    Deeply unpleasant thread. Trivialising threats of violence against a woman. It must take a very thick skin to be a woman politician and a resilience against a real nasty streak in human nature to trivialise and joke about violence against women.
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    I think it is a clever ploy on behalf of IOM governemnt to allow overblown tasteless builds that blight the countryside, no one will ever buy it so they can't leave...
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    Albert a 'leftie'!!! That must be why he wears a Flat Cap?
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    I just hate stupidity and waste. You're getting close on the stupidity scale tonight. Try and understand that he's created something that's unsaleable.
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    Bollocks. It's commonsense. What idiot would do that even winning 100m on the lottery?
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    Well googling his name produces a number of previous convictions and charges, including for burglary and assault (and swearing at a policeman out of a window). But no explicit sex offences. Of course he might be on remand for such charges, but in this case this ridiculous prosecution would give any competent defence advocate the excuse to claim that his client's reputation had been so tarnished by the publicity - with much pointing to the Facebook pitchforks - that a fair trial would be impossible.
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    If there are not going to be any food shortages, Why is Phil gathering in all that Knotweed? He must know something!
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    The amendment was pulled because there was a risk it would not have been passed and as May expects to lose at least three votes very soon she did not need a fourth!
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    Mitchell showed his true colours over Pleb-gate. Hes a nasty piece of crap with an over inflated sense of self importance.
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    Thank you for providing a concise example of the banality of evil. Eichmann would be proud.
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    Well written, thanks At least Quayle has said that IOM will comply with EU requirments if we do not already Jersey & Guernsey say they will not Is OECD compliance different to EU compliance?
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    Forced abortion aimed at specific population groups is genocide.
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    Perhaps they’ll meet in the middle? I can’t see any justification for different ages to have sex, drive, vote, to be criminally responsible, to kill for your country, marry without consent or form contracts. However, age of consent hasn’t shifted, except for gay men, for a very long time, 100+ years (1880’s) and the last few times it shifted it was upwards from 10 to 12 to 13to 16 (17 in Ireland). Age of majority has stuck at 18 since 1970’s.
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    And the prosecutors are salaried, so there’s no financial imperative to prosecute. Youve got to remember that the decision to charge and prosecute is taken before the defence is able to put up its case.
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    https://order-order.com/2019/03/08/judge-crushes-remainers-claims-referendum-result-invalid/ In the froth of the last few weeks, the hapless antics of the tiny remaining cabal of diehard anti-Brexit lawyers have almost been overlooked, as yet another legal challenge to Brexit was crushed. Jessica Simor QC was judged wrong on more or less every argument she tried to make as she went down in flames Jolyon-style… Simor tried to seek a judicial review of May’s triggering of Article 50, arguing that it was unlawful because it was “based upon the result of a referendum that was itself unlawful as a result of corrupt and illegal practices, notably offences of overspending committed by those involved in the campaign to leave the EU”. Simor’s initial case had already been rejected in December, she appealed against this on seven grounds. The judges hearing the appeal shredded every single one… Simor’s first ground was that the referendum failed to comply with Common Law due to “corrupt and illegal practices” and therefore “could not properly be taken to express the democratic will of the people”. The judge said he was “unable to accept [Simor’s] submission as even arguable”… The judge rejected any notion that any breaches of the rules affected the outcome of the referendum result, stating “there is simply no evidential basis for the proposition that the breaches, or any of them, are material in the sense that, had they not occurred, the result of the referendum would have been different.” The car crash attempt from the Oxford Internet Institute to try to “prove” that Vote Leave’s alleged overspending had already been dismissed by the original judge as “essentially speculative and based on propositions that were patently unsound.” The Carole crowd won’t enjoy hearing that… To quote the Lord Justice Hickinbottom, “Ms Simor’s difficulties do not end there.” Simor submitted three other substantive grounds, trying to argue that May’s Article 50 notification was unlawful and that she was guilty of a “continuing failure to respond to the developing evidence of illegality in the EU referendum”, which were all also rejected by the judge as “unarguable”. Three further technical grounds were also dismissed. About as crushing a defeat as you can get… The judge noted that “the Applicants clearly oppose the UK leaving the EU; and hold strong views to that effect”, before adding a warning that “Judicial review is not, and should not be regarded as, politics by another means.” Not that it’ll stop Jolyon & Co. taking gullible people’s money for his never-ending series of unsuccessful lawfare campaigns any time soon…
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    Birkenhead is not really available regularly, or consistently. The Stena boats get priority, it’s their terminal and link spans. At the moment we use it 3 hours a week for 4.5 months of the year. Don’t think Mannanan can berth. Liverpool, because it’s traditional, shopping is better, hospital visits, IKEA day trips. Liverpool because of transport links. Liverpool because Heysham is a dump. But do people really go shopping in Liverpool as foot passengers? Struggling back on the boat with lots of bags and boxes? Liverpool would be better if we had got freight capacity. Yes, a Liverpool linkspan and berthing facility is good, but do we need a big terminal paid for by government. After all the Steam Packet have provided the, inadequate, facilities for 40 years. For cars and onward motor travel Heysham is better, especially with the Bay Gateway - as long as there isn’t a shunt at Lancaster & Morecambe College/McDonalds traffic lights or no one attempts to take the roundabouts at speed. But it’s not good for foot passengers, or at some ungodly hour, or when there’s delay.
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    dilli never actually states the man in the picture looks like a paedo. you have made that association. it may be implied, but not stated. edit; yes, i think it's funny. going for a while now to do some work, let us know what the samaritans tell you.
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    dilli hasn't named anybody and is quite right about how we have pre defined images of what something or someone will look like.
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    I think that’s the different logistics and timing requirements of freight and passengers. People want to leave here in the morning. Those coming here need enough time to get to Heysham. Freight wants to catch the overnight to be on the shelves in the morning
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    If your history lessons are bible stories then yeah, they were bullshit.
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    Well let's start with asking why tax payers should subsidise. People's kids. Especially as it's a universal benefit. Then there's the matter of increasing overpopulation. Why add to the problem by in effect paying people to add to the problem? While on the subject of paying people to have kids having large families is resulting in certain sectors in particular the could work but won't work lot,and there's a great many of them around, not to mention groups where women having ten plus kids is normal. Overpopulation is bad enough but using tax payers money to in effect add equity to it? Crazy.
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    If anything it just makes it even odder. Which I wouldn't have thought possible: I pointed out earlier that these cases where someone was prosecuted for a rape committed that young were very rare and invariably the prosecution was carried out soon after the offence. So this was already a very strange case and one that raised all sorts of problems - what penalties could you impose, given that they should have been the ones relevant to the age the defendant would have been at the time? Now it turns out that the alleged offences were committed abroad in two different jurisdictions, which adds a whole other layer of complexity, even assuming the laws exist in the Island to prosecute people for such offences committed off Island. How the AG Office ever imagined that it would be possible to get a conviction, even without the issues of the ages of criminal responsibility[1] is a mystery to me. [1] The age was raised in Malta from 12 to 14 in 2014, so, depending on when the offence took place that might technically not apply, though it would be seen as 'not right' to do such a retrospective prosecution normally.
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    I keeping with the rest of this event tonights Festival of Light is a little half arsed. Still, I'm sure Luminaires did alright out of it.
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    Apparently (according to Manx Radio), he’s spent £23m over 7 years constructing it? Sounds like a DOI project...
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    Would this be the same Margaret Hodge by any chance? https://www.accountingweb.co.uk/tax/hmrc-policy/margaret-hodge-benefited-from-tax-haven One rule for them, one rule for the rest of us.
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    "A nation which can prefer disgrace to danger is prepared for a master, and deserves one." Alexander Hamilton
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    Actually I feel slightly sorry for Thomas in this particular case. The whole Year of Our Island fiasco was originally dreamt up by Quayle (who did nothing about it) who then got Skelly to organise it (who did nothing about it) and the mess got dumped on Thomas at the last minute - as I explained in a comment at the start of last year: Some of those links will be superseded or dead, but you get the idea. I suspect the Cabinet Office had neither the budget nor the will to clear up DED's mess. The row about the cancelling of the commemorative coin, as shown in the Keys Hansard, is only noteworthy because it involved the "political board of the Year of Our Island" actually making a sensible decision - ie not wasting more money on this half-cocked Quayle vanity project by producing coins celebrating a complete non-event that even the most fanatical coin collector is not going to want at £17.50 each and which would barely make a profit at that price, even if they sold every one. For some reason this seems to have upset the Treasury, presumably because they think that wasting money is what IOMG is for.
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    I study PGW’s comments...
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    Not sure of the appropriateness of the forum’s legal expert posting screenshots from my FB page. Read the t&c’s recently JW? But yes, it was me. Most impressed with the professionalism of the SP staff who helped me do what I could. Also impressed with the amount of kit/drugs they carry - puts airlines to shame. Captain and I decided returning to IOM was the best course of action. I handed over to paramedics who were waiting for us at the port, and then went back on the boat to restart my trip. Hope the chap’s OK.
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    According to the original press release, issued at the start of December, this is all as apparently "As promised in the Programme for Government". Which contains the line[1] "Organise a Year celebrating our Island as a special place to live and work in 2018". This document was issued over a year ago, since when everyone clearly forgot about this pledge until much more recently[2] when the whole thing was clearly dumped on poor Chris Thomas to come up with something to kick the whole thing off. There have been four Dark Skies-related events already (which you suspect would have happened anyway, Year or no Year), but the associated Facebook page reports "2018 Year of Our Island does not have any upcoming events". And the website seems to consist of a single page, the only links from which are that Facebook page and a grant application form. Now obviously if you are going to organise a Year of anything, you organise the vast majority of it way in advance, announce a lot of the details well before the year starts and then update as you progress. You don't leave everything till January, pretend that some things that were going to happen anyway were part of it and desperately plead for someone (anyone) to come with with more ideas. It would be an insult to most amateurs to call this amateurish - the Island is full of organisation and individuals who could do a better job. For this sort of incompetence you need professionals at it. It looks as if the whole thing was given to the DED to organise and no doubt they gave it their usual treatment of having lots of meetings with lots of people with 'executive' in their title sat round spouting bullshit at each other, while carefully avoiding doing anything or talking to the people who might actually make anything happen. The whole thing then appears to have had to have been rescued by the Cabinet Office[3]. The contact on the webpage is Nick Hawkes, who is the most junior member of the ever-expanding External Relations team, which presumably means he gets all the shit jobs. This is probably the same Nick Hawkes who was asking for help on "a research project for his dissertation [to] reveal why people are disillusioned with Island politics". Well he kens the noo. [1] Under the section SUSTAINABLE ISLAND - ACTION BY OUTCOME. Which if it means anything, implies that everything else they do are meaningless gestures. Which may be right. [2] The website http://www.ourisland.im/ was not registered till 18 August by Freya Buckingham who is the 'Digital Marketing Executive' at the Department of Economic Development (as was). [3] The proper action would have been to apologise, cancel or defer the Year, and sack the people who failed to do their jobs, but know that doesn't happen. Incidentally we know this one can't be blamed on Chris Corlett as he went in December 2016, before the idea of the Year was announced.
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