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    The usual Government largesse using other peoples money, that's why we need it Derek !!!
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    This is the bit that irks; “Yes, a Liverpool linkspan and berthing facility is good, but do we need a big terminal paid for by government. After all the Steam Packet have provided the, inadequate, facilities for 40 years” Why indeed?
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    He's an Oxford PPE Grad, not a fool. The ability to just keep talking isn't a quirk, and to be fair it's served him well so far. Doesn't mean it's in our interest, but that doesn't matter.
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    The problem with Chris Thomas is he is unusual in Tynwald in that he has more than a couple of brain cells, plus he is a pleasant type of guy who is willing to help. Hence he is being given all the shitty sticks to carry.
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    Exactly. We all knew this would happen. Why is IOMG/DOI involved in announcing reductions/changes in service? It never used to do that before. Shouldn't that decision be made and announced independently by IOMSPCo., you know, that arms length entity where IOMG wouldn't interfere? Cyril's Servants just can't resist it, can they?
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    My living room has a great echo too if i take all the furniture out. oldest trick in the book.
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    I have been fortunate enough to go Inside this house. I must admit it's not to my taste at all but it is most definitely an incredible building. Every inch of the place is bespoke from light fittings to the lift. Also there is an incredible echo when standing in the main atrium. I can see why it's got such a high price tag.
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    On the contrary - it's exactly what a skilled politician would do. Saving the Chief Minister's pet project is going to get you brownie points and if it goes wrong you can always plausibly blame Skelly and his minions for creating the mess through their inactivity. And compared to most of the terrible ideas that come out of Prospect Hill it was quite cheap - mainly because it consisted of pointing to stuff that other people were doing and claiming credit. Denouncing everything as complete bullshit isn't going to make you any friends - especially if it happens to be true.
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    Wrong. Britain has not moved away from basic rules and standards. Those who willingly joined a very vicious and brutal death cult moved away from Britain! This isn't rocket science...
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    Hitler didn't kill all those people. Actually, it was his doing 100%. Read Hansards. He whinged and whined and then weedled all those £millions out of the taxpayer via the fools/his mates in Tywnald.
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    One of the interesting things about the press release about the Steam Packet plans is that it says: So the Heysham terminal with be refurbished, but it will be paid for by the SP (rather than its owner) while the taxpayer pays directly for work at the Sea Terminal. It will be interesting if we see more of these hidden subsidies.
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    It’s over copper (~200m from ISAM). £46pm https://www.manxtelecom.com/personal/internet/broadband-tariffs/ultima-v-plus
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    Dianne Abbot's claim? I don't believe a word of it.
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    So here go...already the Government has started messing with services - and to cap it all, Ray Harmer (FFS) is left to justify the decision. My money is on the Steam Packet being privatised sometime after the next General Election in 2021. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/ireland-sailings-reduced-under-new-sea-services-proposals/
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    You would make a good chugger. You're missing all the death and misery foisted on how many by ISIS? Convenient of course..... They legally revoked her citizenship. She has a claim to be Bangladeshi where her father still actually lives.
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    I think it is a clever ploy on behalf of IOM governemnt to allow overblown tasteless builds that blight the countryside, no one will ever buy it so they can't leave...
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    That's what puzzles me as well. It's very much built for a particular person - and it's not been completed that long. It's unlikely anyone else would have the same tastes. And the price is crazy - it would make sense if it was in Central London, but not Santon. Lorne House looks a bit overpriced at £4 million and this is more than seven times that.
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    A couple of MPs can't on their own, but if most of the opposition Parties and some influential government backbenchers support something when the government doesn't have a majority, then the arithmetic means that it might happen and it's very difficult to get something through if such a coalition oppose it. As the Brexit shenanigans of the last few months tell us. The City of London isn't sovereign and Parliament does have to legislate for it, but the City Remembrancer does have all sort of ways to influence laws and he is not only a lawyer but has a team of six to help him. Add to that the lobbying might of the City and its businesses and all those part-time jobs for MPs and full-time ones held by politicians' spouses, children, parents, friends etc, then collectively it's a very powerful operation and has been since Tudor times[1]. As to how the Island could get in a similar position - well stick around for 800 years, just a couple of miles down the road from Parliament and have lots of money. Tynwald manages the history, but not the geography or the finance. [1] Presumably before then Parliament and the Commons in particular weren't really powerful enough to be worth a permanent presence (though the City always had MPs) and the effort went to lobbying the monarch directly.
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    Mitchell showed his true colours over Pleb-gate. Hes a nasty piece of crap with an over inflated sense of self importance.
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    I once arrived before we left.
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    Hodge & Mitchell are powerful backbenchers. They know what they are doing and are seasoned parliamentarians who gain support first. From those backbenches they would have trounced the Government. The Government are on Isle of Man side here, hence the amendment was pulled (for now). Gripe in this matter is not with the Government, more with the will of Parliament. It was a waste of time and canapes inviting Hodge and Mitchel here.
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    Perhaps they’ll meet in the middle? I can’t see any justification for different ages to have sex, drive, vote, to be criminally responsible, to kill for your country, marry without consent or form contracts. However, age of consent hasn’t shifted, except for gay men, for a very long time, 100+ years (1880’s) and the last few times it shifted it was upwards from 10 to 12 to 13to 16 (17 in Ireland). Age of majority has stuck at 18 since 1970’s.
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    It's an odd document. It lays out the well rehearsed problem and then sets out six remedies that have been worked up, before all but dismissing each of them twice, in case you missed it the first time. The conclusion is in essence "please receive the report and we'll carry on looking at it". In other words, something will turn up. There are other possible actions but none of them are expedient or politically approachable at the moment. In the end it is a bugger's muddle and it will be approached year by year, piecemeal. A bit of extra VAT, a bit of extra tax and stealth charges, benefits reduced over time, a bit of reserves raiding, a bit of grabbing investment income from reserves that would otherwise have stayed in reserves, hopefully many don't live as long as the actuarial forecasts say they will and yes, in the end, a bit of borrowing - very long term bonds.
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    True,but equally as egregious.
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    Inertia. Takes a long time to stop after it's been switched off