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    You know for a while I forgot what a vile and cancerous individual you were. And then you post one of the most hateful, tone deaf and insidious things I have ever read on this forum.
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    You’re going back over three hundred years there - a century before the 1798 rebellion when Protestants and Catholics fought side by side as United Irishmen. Who are you to say that Irish unionists, even the ones that consider themselves ‘British’ today are colonialists when their ancestors who were part of the plantation have been there since long before the Mayflower set sail, whilst many of their ancestors were drawn from the indigenous population, and many others from much more recent immigration. Over three hundred years the populations have inter-married, and otherwise chosen to change religion too, so it is very difficult to guess political allegiances by surname alone. Protestants in Northern Ireland were also, up until hundred years ago just as likely to speak Irish too. I don’t think you would say that third or fourth generation Afro-Caribbeans in London, or English people in the Isle of Man were ‘immigrants’. Do you see now how extreme it is to say that unionists in Northern Ireland are ‘colonists’? Identity politics, whether it comes from the left, or the right, ‘Irish’ or ‘British’ is very dangerous, and has been a blight on the lives of the people of the North of Ireland and, to a much lesser extent, the people of the West of Scotland, for a long, long time. Pandering to the prejudices of one side over the other is no help at all. Don’t forget also, most of these ‘colonists’ you speak of also make up some of the poorest and most marginalised communities in the island of Ireland, living as they are in the economically, politically and socially backward failed statelet of Northern Ireland dependent for the most part on whatever Arlene can shake out of the magic money tree.
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    Douglas - chewing gum machine Ramsey - Courthouse Castletown - bollardgate The reason Mr Wolf is that local authorities spunk money away quicker than Vinnie Lynch at a kitchen window
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    I've walked past some of his displays. Mannequins of mutilated bodies on display isn't art and if he thinks it is then great, but keep it for his own consumption. In my opinion he's either a little twisted or a wind up merchant.
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    I think the time has come when Social Services need to be getting involved in the brainwashing of our young children.Plus the Education and Environment Ministers need to grow a pair.When the population of the World is expected to grow by 25% over the next few years and the Clowns in Tynwald want our Island to take in 50% more people surely the time has come to restrict population growth.Cause and effect...Just a thought...
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    Yeah, all entirely organic. They just without so much as a by your leave marched out of classes. No hipster parents influenced them at all, no way.
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    I certainly am! Well, it's an emergency service in the imagination of A̶l̶a̶n̶ ̶P̶a̶r̶t̶r̶i̶d̶g̶e̶ ̶ Stu Peters. But that's about it.
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    Well, i can guarantee it aint here.
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    You keep your selfies to yourself.
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    Plus why would any other radio operator be arsed? It’s a loss leader tender with no guarantee of any repeat business. But those in the DfE couldn’t even work that out as none of them have ever made a commercial decision, ever, in their lives about anything. I have to say the more you hear from the DfE the more you’re convinced this place is totally fucked. It’s just a load of unemployable dickheads hanging on to a sinking ship as they can’t get paid anywhere the same rate for any jobs going in the private sector.
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    The little chits should be in school learning how to write, read and express themselves properly. They were probably all dropped off at school by car and are jetting off to Disney World to see a mouse in the holidays. Load of rubbish, hope the shower of rain concentrated their brains.
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    They certainly were more effectual and had an awful lot more support after these two incidents in 71 and early 72. These are not two periods chosen at random, they were the catalyst for all that happened afterwards and the escalation of violence. I am not a supporter of the IRA or terrorism, my family were from the other side, staunch Orangemen but even before the troubles, were disgusted at the way catholics were treated in Northern Ireland and had many Catholic friends. The murder of soldiers and civilians is unforgivable but the action of the governments escalated the trouble, I don't blame the paras, they were trained to kill, that was their job which they are trained to do, they should never have been sent in, it was like releasing a pack of wolves. Likewise the killings gave a cause to psychopaths and gangsters on both sides of the divide.
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    hahahahahahahaha, good luck with that thought
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    An experience of protest won't do them any harm at all. Hopefully it will get them away from the gitual world of their phones for a short time.
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    I used to go on strike every week when it was PE.
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    I should probably stop reading about the guy and his beliefs really, ignore the fucker and all that, but it is really interesting. Stinkys favourite Bellingcat have been weighing in too https://www.bellingcat.com/news/rest-of-world/2019/03/15/shitposting-inspirational-terrorism-and-the-christchurch-mosque-massacre/ The dickhead claims his murders were because muslims are 'invaders outbreeding the white race', which is interesting the the context of the history of New Zealand.
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    Bunch of non-believers, if they had true faith their prayers would have already been answered and the house destroyed, I am setting up a new church for only the hardcore, its a straight 50% tithe, no pussy 10% tithers allowed.
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    It is those who perpetrate such acts who are vile and cancerous individuals, not those who highlight uncomfortable truths about the multiculturist policies of past decades of mixing nutters of various persuasions in and among our open societies to wage their proxy wars. Indeed, the crazies are in the minority as Bees says, but really you don't need too many to create mayhem. Given human nature being what it is, and not as you wish it to be, such events are the inevitable consequence and everyone suffers. Nothing to be gained by shooting the messenger. Or should everyone just keep quiet and hope for the best?
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    "Here comes a guy on a bike" "His name is ......." "There he goes" Repeat
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    manx radio ear pieces may have a use, unlike the manx radio mouth pieces
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    You are aware that MR is apparently an emergency service.
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    The army were called in to protect the mainly Catholic population of certain areas from attacks by Protestant gangs. They were welcomed until the IRA, who were at that time an ineffectual and ragged band, were accused of attacks where a British soldier was killed. Enter the Paras who were tasked with flushing out the IRA from estates like Ballymurphy. The IRA had already scarpered but the Commanding Officer, who was a former colonial who had been used to killing the Mao Mao and other innocents in a previous posting, applied the same tactics on British subjects who were innocent of any involvement. They just happened to live on a Catholic estate. After this slaughter, the Paras moved on to 'police' a civil rights march in Londonderry with well known consequences. After this, the army were no longer welcome, the IRA was swamped with recruits seeking revenge. A perfectly justifiable civil rights issue became a guerilla war through the ineptitude of the British government and army! You may have thought that they'd have learned from the mistakes of the Easter Rising and subsequent events with the Black and Tans?
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    Typical left wing essentialism from RB turning hugely complex and nuanced history to black & white virtue signalling over trendy lefty shibboleths like colonialism.
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    Here we go again, delusions of grandeur from Mr Peters! Anyone with the knowledge of and passion for the TT can commentate on it. It certainly doesn't require 7 years of training. Commentating on the TT and Brain Surgery - another Classic! Keep them coming, Stu. Keep them coming! Twitch is right - Manx Radio TT has a very poor standard of commentary. Where does the £100k go?
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    I'm still struggling with the fact that taxpayers are stepping up another £100k to broadcast the races. Is there any other sporting event in the world where the organiser pays the broadcaster as opposed to the other way round? Plus the Radio TT ad revenues should have been enough to offset the costs of broadcasting. Even the commentary (of a poor standard in my view) is predominantly done by existing MR news staff on existing AM transmitter. What a joke.
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    There are crazy Muslims and also crazy non Muslims, unfortunately innocent people are caught up in the crossfire of the crazy's being crazy. I see what Rog and that man are saying but it's not like that really - the crazies are in a minority. Absolutely horrific news though. So so sad.
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    Yeah, Westminster clearly needs more racist cokeheads
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    You must be upset that his criminal records disqualifies him from standing for election then.
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    "It's pretty, but is it art?"
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    Christ there’s some flakes on here.
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    It's in very poor taste and it ain't art. If the guy's twisted enough to make that sort of stuff then that's his business; but putting it in the window is to display it to others and it should be removed, no matter what some religious nut-jobs think. By some of the logic on here I could stand in my window showing my arse to all and sundry if I chose to.
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    I'm half tempted to go to Peel now.
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    It's The Living Hope FFS - as a comparison these deluded fucking crooks show their kids drawings of a Middle Eastern Jewish white man nailed to a couple of planks and think there's nothing wrong.......
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    As usual in surveys, the questions were designed to get the answers they wanted. A fast craft would have been a white elephant if it had been scheduled to work in the last few days. When they can work, they are extremely fuel inefficient and costly, and they can't act as back-up for freight.
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    No, he wants the young 'uns to be sterilised.
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    Cross country did it for me. Could never work out why in the world they thought I would benefit from running across fields and through freezing streams in the middle of winter.
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    I've no idea, don't know exactly which part of Ramsey they're planning to illuminate. Or which pub you'll be in.
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    Will I be able to see it from the pub?
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    Wow! That is some forward planning! No wonder they are renowned for efficiency.
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    Have to agree with Richard for once. Some tasteless and offensive comments here, and I wonder what hole that Senator Fraser Anning has crawled out of. Disgraceful to make those comments in the immediate aftermath of this gut-wrenching atrocity.
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    FLF - I expect you also think brain surgery can be done with a spoon...after all, who really needs 7 years med school and aseptic technique?
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    Shouldn't you be in school today, or is it a public holiday ? Perhaps your mum has kept you off.
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    It looks like this thread's upset the nutters Strange, some of the upset people don't bat an eyelid when humanity and decency are attacked but get into a bit of a froth over a manaquin. Snowflakes indeed.
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    The "core" audience listen on FM that's why the TT is on AM.
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    A fella with a loudhailer could broadcast to all of the Goodwood estate standing on a chair. Same with Radio Le Mans etc. The whole Isle of Man is a bit bigger an area to cover with hills in the way.Over the years MRTT has flogged cheap pretuned radios - I've still got one here somewhere. I'm not sure why they predominantly broadcast on AM - possibly because they don't want to abandon their core audience. They do have separate FM transmitters in Douglas and Ramsey though now, which serve the majority of people.
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    I love this window display. It’s shit but good. My son goes past it to school every day and he’s always loved it. Kids love a bit of gore. Alas however the cult has its dirty fingers in high places over here so expect some state sponsored heavy handed Manx Stasi police in action.
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