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    That's not the point I was making. That's he's a cyclist is immaterial to whether he's a wife beater, yet you focused on cycling in the title and then moaned when the discussion when down that route.
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    It continues to be a disgrace. There is only one reason the report will not be released. He should sue the fuck out of them.
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    If you wanted a discussion about domestic violence rather than poor cyclist behaviour, you probably should have chosen a different title. One that put the focus on Bellis's abuse rather than his cycling. You nudged the conversation down this route.
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    Sadly the Isle of Man is a follower not a leader. For a small allegedly affluent nation we could be setting ourselves up as an example for the world daring to be different rather than blindly following along behind bleating after whatever the other isle does.
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    lumpy carpet getting lumpier Why is Mr Thompson still in his position, he had ultimate responsibility for the course that day as Clerk of the Course.
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    I disagree. I think it is clear that the non cycling fraternity on here have used this example of domestic violence to have a go at cyclists in general. For the record notwithstanding his injury his behaviour is inexcusable and had his partner been my daughter I would have taken matters into my own hands.
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    It is 10p for god's sake I will guarantee if any of today's kids saw 10p on the ground they would not be arsed to pick it up, what a performance. The busses today are luxurious compared to the unheated wooden slatted seated vehicles we had and it was 1d which probably was dearer than 40p today. We only got 1d if it was absolutely pissing down, we walked otherwise. Those in need get free bus passes and free school meals so it will not affect the poorest in our society. They even have wifi on, what a storm in a teacup of course daft Daphne is shouting the odds grandstanding being her no 1 sport.
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    That is why I seldom go on Manx Forums because the first clown that arrives bests me..I wanted to leave school at 15 as well but my parents insisted I went to University..In the days when only those with decent grades got in..
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    John Elliott, who is a UK manufacturer in the washing machine and dehumidifier business has this to say about the EU: “I think the problem with the EU is it is not a very good organisation – they add nothing but cost and bureaucracy." EU in a nutshell. Nail firmly hit on head.
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    This is just a lazy mans statistic that they can hide behind and try and justify and quantify. (Bit like the Everest excuse at TT time) Just because we are apparently 0.0016% of global emissions doesn’t mean we can’t be doing something about it. Being proactive and being a world leader in environmental issues. That is where the IoM should be.
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    Agree his career is likely totally screwed as well and still no real information on the massive cock up that happened. The way they manage to keep the lid on this stuff in the IOM is impressive. The Sicilians could learn a lot from IOMG. .
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    I think the public as taxpayers who fund this lark should be told the truth. Anyone caught without a tax disc, shoplifting or even smoking a joint at home has their full details given to the press to publish. This massive cock up could so easily ended in mass deaths and we should not be treated like idiots, not needing to know. Shameful
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    If Steve Mercer was taken care of and everything settled why is he seemly less than delighted that he cannot see the report. It stinks.
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    Bollocks. Some of you need to wind your necks in a bit.
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    It is a disgrace and there should be no cover up. Probably the non disclosure is because a private settlement is being negotiated to keep face. Not good enough, far too many of cover up scenarios on this Island where transparency is supposed to reign. These riders should be able to race with confidence that everything is under careful direction it is dangerous enough as it is.
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    He is. No doubt the document will be subject to a Court disclosure Order at some stage
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    It’s always the lycra, you never get these problems with spandex.
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    Good question. He's been a buffoon since day one.
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    Today’s belter coming from the newspaper. Apparently the Mercer TT crash report is so secretive that Steve Mercer can’t see it himself. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=47606&headline=In this week's Examiner, TT rider not allowed to see report into his own crash&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2019 Something to hide?
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    Careful, the one in the middle has a proper death stare going on. She's ginger as well, we all know that they are the worst for it.
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    Happy to be corrected but I highly doubt that anyone has done a real study into the correlation between cyclists and domestic violence. I’m not a cyclist (I suspect the tyres are long rotten on my own bike) but I get that people often don’t like militant cyclist. However to assert that angry cyclists are a real cause of domestic violence is weird. Presumably using that logic angry car drivers (plenty of them) must be a major cause as well?
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    You know Neil, you don't need to always reply to everything. If you just joined in when you had something worthwhile to say then it would be much better, although your post count would admittedly be under 100 still. Looking forward to the lame response with smiley btw.
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    The Mayoral chain is stuck in it.
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    Bad pennies never go away, and like the phoenix rising from the ashes, Hufftown is back in all his thick, inarticulate glory. I almost crashed the car this morning hearing his voice talking about his new calling. From the MR website “A new charity is aiming to raise money to purchase and run the hyperbaric chamber on the Island The facility is used to treat divers with decompression sickness, as well as patients recovering from surgery or other injuries where a high dose of oxygen is beneficial. However, the old chamber closed last June due to various problems and hasn't been open since. The new charity, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Isle of Man - or HBOT IOM - has been formed by a group of supporters of hyperbaric medicine. Vice-chairman of HBOT is former MHK John Houghton - he says the old equipment is now obsolete and the new charity is aiming to raise the funds to both purchase and run a new facility. It's hoped the new chamber will be running before the end of the year.” In my world, there is another meaning for phoenixism – dodgy liquidation to evade creditors followed by resurrection as exactly the same business with the same owners but a slightly different name. So what has happened to the Kevin Gray Memorial Trust and its assets? Hufftown said that even though the hyperbaric chambers have been knackered since last summer, its faithful attendants sit in the office every day waiting for us to call and pledge our dosh to the new charity. Do they take wages, and if so, from which bank account? There is something seriously out of whack in all this.
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    I heard that there are still employees drawing a wage and that there were funds available when the unit closed , don't know how much truth there is in these allegations but it would be interesting to see the accounts. The reason I made enquiries is because I am a trustee of a charity that has supported the K G memorial trust . There does seem to be a paucity of information available .
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    School leaver apprentice. If it is any consolation, I started my apprenticeship (sp) at 15 in 1971 on the grand hourly rate of 15p. £6 per week.
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    The trouble is that the benefits system is supporting employers who pay low wages and offer poor working conditions, it's a disgrace!
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    Nobody should ever have to work for £7.85 per hour. Disgusting. I feel very sorry for the hundreds who do though and have to have a second, or sometimes a third job to make ends meet to support their family, without resorting to fiddling the benefit system.
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    If there’s anyone who needs excess nitrogen pumped through his blood system it’s Houghton.
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    I thought it was 50p a trip before anyhow..Non story ..So many in alleged "poverty" that not many will pay anyhow..Bring more Eastern European cleaners and coffee house workers over on the minimum wage so that they can have children educated at £6k a year each and claim free school meals..Discuss...
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    Nail hit firmly on head
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    Typical, no one to blame, no one responsible, lessons learned...no wonder people think we believe in fairies. Someone, somewhere, along the line made a really serious bad call. Misjudgment or lack of training or stupidity, there is always fault when incidents happen and this is a really bad incident. Steve Mercer, with a family to consider, will probably take the compensation and sign a no disclosure form, I do not blame him but it does not make it right.
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    What utter tosh. Only one victim here. listen Max , you have defended this incident from the very beginning, you obvs a TT fan and must be close to someone involved in this. But you need to take your blinkers off here and look at it from another point of view. To defend or even believe that everyone is a victim from the clerk of the course to Mercer himself is beyond comprehension. This incident proved that the clerk of course is not fit for the role and the brazen attitude of safety car drivers on the course and fundamentally it proves the TT is a closed shop when the shit hits the fan. There is no openness, honesty or even empathy. Yes, my dislike of the TT is well documented on here, and this incident goes to show that this event finally needs being put to bed.
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    According to you the victim is the man who might get a nasty knock on his door, oh yeah as if. and your other point, I take it you didn’t look at the link which reactivated this thread and read the front page of the paper. Someth8ng to think on in the future when posting shite.
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    FOI will no doubt winkle it all out in time. Like the tram. Just looking at the sidebar on the right hand side of the page too. Govt to recruit ANOTHER press officer, on £40k a year. Truly a burgeoning empire. Must be to rebut bad news about the TT?
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    Don’t worry, these things are cyclical. Someone will be back peddling some tyred old pun soon enough.
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    Getting ready for 5G in Marseille, France. All part of the strategy for a Smart grid and electric cars (so they say)
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    You need to look into the risks associated with dihydrogen monoxide... terrible stuff. Everyone who comes into contact with it dies.
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    Next topic (not): "(derogatory racist term) commits crime" ergo all foreigners are criminals.
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    Woody. You put up a great info graphic showing the vote break down last time. If there’s an updated version for this vote do put it up or link to it.
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    LOOK, you're just acting like a crank, we need to shifter the discussion on.
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    Has he done enough for an entry on the Likeable Rogue Register ????
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    It doesn't mean a jot re weeding out cowboys, all it means is they pay the government an annual fee to be perceived as kosher.
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    Digging around a few aviation websites reveals the most likely explanation for all this. FlyBe are now owned by a consortium that includes Virgin Atlantic. Virgin Atlantic are, in turn, partly owned by Delta Airlines. Last week, Delta acquired some new slots at Heathrow from the Indian carrier, Jet, which allow them to arrive and depart Heathrow at exectly the times of these IOM flights. This is why the Flybe has a very long turnaround at Heathrow. The rules on Heathrow slots require airlines to use, or lose. Delta can’t use this slot themselves at such short notice, so they are leasing it to Flybe on a ‘slot-sitting’ basis, until they figure out how they will use it in their own network. Expect the whole thing to disappear, by the end of the published timetable.
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    they got rid of coal........ although labour shut more pits..........but they don't like to talk about it..........
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    No "bordering" about it.
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