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    Would it not be cheaper still to just set up your own distillery?
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    You save over 330 quid a week by shopping at Tesco? How much are you spending a week? The wife's ps pension is obviously too much.
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    Anyone is entitled to their beliefs. There are certain circumstances where it’s impermissible to publish them publicly. One of those circumstances is when you are a highly paid ($Aus millions) public face/employee of an organisation which promotes inclusion and diversity, and you’ve had it explicitly explained to you previously, by your employers, after a recent public public expression of your beliefs, that repetition isn’t acceptable. You choose to repeat what you previously said. You’re in breach of contract. Go. Its nothing to do with liberalism, culture clash, snowflakism. He can believe and say what he wants, in private, but if he wants the multi million salary, and lucrative sponsorship and endorsement opportunities that comes with his privileged position, he stays shtum. And certainly doesn’t republish on social media. Whats hard to understand. He’s not the victim. No amount of playing the victim card helps him. It takes a certain degree of dumb or arrogance for Israel to think he’s so entitled that he can ignore the rules and norms of his job with impunity.
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    It's a Government initiative to increase the population. You can travel TO the Island at 33 knots, but you can only return with the boat in astern propulsion at 3 knots. Treasury calculations have forecast a 22% increase in population leading to a 4.17986% increase in GDP over 7.2 years.
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    Believing literally what the bible (or Koran, or whatever book you choose) says is a form of retardation and you probably shouldn't have been employed in the first place.
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    I’m always wrong. Ask @woody2 I’m no fun at parties. Apparently the ones at Cronkbourne were wild. ( you’d better check with Victim Support, Manx Amateur Drama Federation, Arts Council, and other charities that benefited from fund raisers, my ex staff because that’s where we had summer works dos, my fathers life celebration, when we had Jim Caine and his jazz quartet. Lord knows what they got up to when I got tired and went to bed.) Cant do right for doing wrong.
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    Sadly yes, I’ve find myself getting very disillusioned of late. Been dealing with a relative who has had to pay out literally thousands of pounds he can’t afford to get private consultations for things he has paid 50 years worth of NI for which he should be getting for free. But if he waited for NHS services he’d probably be dead right now. Then you see the mile long fleet of Admin workers who clearly don’t give a toss from the way they deal with people bailing out of there at 4:30 everyday clogging up half of Braddan. It makes me sick. I actually think this place has had it.
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    I try that, but she keeps getting away
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    We don't have freedom of speech. No country does. If you cannot say certain things without being punished then there is no freedom of speech. And such freedoms relating to speech have only reduced in the last twenty years.
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    MEANWHILE...........Trump's older sister evades tax problems/investigation by retiring from being a judge so that she can no longer be investigated. Me cynical? What makes you think that?
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    Just because the sock puppet clause was relaxed doesn’t mean you can post your paranoia and start the issue all over again.
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    Fair enough it just annoys me when regular posters register new forum accounts to start going on about this sort of stuff. It happenened in the post office thread as well with new posters appearing. So really if they want to wind people up by justifying their own job they should at least use their usual forum names otherwise expect a bit of push back.
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    Oh come on!! "European companies will enjoy equal treatment," In China?? Well the very best of luck enforcing it. That will never come to pass. And you told me you didn't believe in unicorns.
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    Somebodies opinion of whether an individual is worth what they are getting paid I don't think is actually relevant and certainly how somebody that hasn't actually experienced the working conditions and responsibilities can comment beats me. I don't think anybody on here would not "kick off" if suddenly their wage or working conditions that they had experienced over many years was suddenly under threat as we all live a lifestyle in keeping with our available income.
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    Harsh on the firemen that. They had to assist when Mount Murray burnt down and of course had to deal with the aftermath of rolling their own fire engine a few years back too. Have they replaced the people on the information desk with two arrows pointing to check ins and departures yet?
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    Yes I agree. We are now second class citizens in our own country. New workers arriving here get a 12 month NI break and their employer gets their relocation expenses paid. I’ve had sod all for 30 years except paying tax and NI at the full rate for almost nothing. I’m starting to feel like a right mug.
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    And in the case of the hospital we seem to have replaced the missing patient numbers with management jobs?
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    It's all very depressing at the moment.
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    I need to find a Trump video as he mentions God quite a lot Apologies for not watching this all the way through as I had err... things to do
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    I think you can safely say that 99.9% of produce in any local supermarket isn't 'local' 5
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    Honkers in 1972 was still colonial and being British I did not need a work.. I had two servants...One learning the trade was known as a Watchee Learnee. A warehouse or store was a Go Down... It was often embarrassing as some Chinese called me Master and we spoke in Pidgin English... I do not suppose they meant it but was still that colonial era. They let us parade and posture whilst they got on making money.. One work colleague married a Chinese girl and got sacked but he became part of the Chinese community...My employers paid any medical bills but the contract said not self inflicted wounds known as Bangkok drip... There were Sikh body guards with single shoot Greener shotguns guarding jewellery shops. I worked for shipbrokers and shipowners Harley Mullion. James R Mullion owned race horses and held the Ardenode stud. One son Roderick Mullion is still active the other Stuart Mullion married the daughter of Sir Douglas Clague Honkers businessman buried at Lonan...She was Dublin high society and spoke Mandarin and Cantonese being raised in Hong Kong but later was killed in a bad car smash in Ireland By the time Chris Patten became Governor much of Honkers had changed and moved on. Some aspects of IOM remind me of Hong Kong such as the Governor, Government house, Tynwald fair, Chief Secretary and the inner core of Civil Servants and tax officials UK schooled and sometimes seconded....
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    Said as much in population thread.
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    Fat fingers obviously. We save at least £30 per week, maybe a lot more. As for the distillery, if only Obviously the £ sign is above the number 3, so not hard to hit the wrong one.
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    Wow.....I had forgotten about Chicken Maryland
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    It's quite hard to argue against that.
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    Pamela Anderson says "Britain is just America's bitch and just needs a diversion from the idiotic Brexit bullshit"
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    Barrie Stevens cools off in the pool....
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    Read my books. Where God got it wrong...God's greatest mistakes and Who is this God person anyway.....
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    Brexit cake...The one Boris and David said we could have and eat whilst holding all the cards not having prepared anything because it would be the quickest deal in history...They need us more than we need them...Watch out for soggy bottoms....Here is the recipe for Brexit cake... https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=brexit+cake&view=detail&mid=0635EBE21941B3A9E4B70635EBE21941B3A9E4B7&FORM=VIRE
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    Just because the sock puppet clause was relaxed doesn’t mean you can post your paranoia and start the issue all over again.
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    To replace it with what? Call Me Dave and Thick Nick had a referendum on PR in 2011. There is no appetite. However, I would be interested to hear what form you suggest. Would it not finish up in a kind of round table mess where nothing could be agreed, much as we have now when there is a hung parliament? Except then it would be permanent?
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    Yes, but you know how it is. People start off by saying things that can be substantiated then others come along, get wrapped up in the hyperbole and start throwing around debatable and possibly actionable stuff, especially late at night. That's what I was fearing.
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    Hotel was run down for last 15 years of operation. Food offering terrible. Functions a nightmare. Most bedrooms cold and damp.
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    Thanks John, I happen to run No.19 - if any of our members are in when I am there, let me know, it’s always good to have a chat about local issues! Will
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    I followed a couple (not deliberately, they were just walking in front of me) from Athol Street down to Tesco. As soon as they reached the Tesco door entrance I assumed they'd turn right and walk inside to go shopping. Nope. They kept walking forwards. To their car. Which was parked. In Tesco car park. Sickening.
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    People who were elderly in the 70s are long dead!
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    Life is that hard eh for doing a bit of walking about? Good to see all of your MF posts have been about Ronaldsway Airport.
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    Yes that too. Trying not to get wound up but the last few weeks seeing the disgusting way we provide (non-existent) care to people who have paid into the system for their entire lives has hit me. Yet we now give NI breaks to e-gaming people who will stay here at most 3 or 4 years and pay almost nothing in. This government has lost all its values. It’s even sold out it’s own residents in an attempt to keep its own pensions in payment. It’s literally disgusting.
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    You seem pretty pissed that your cushy number may be coming to an end. I didn’t miss anything.
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    Jersey has a population of about 110,000 and it has less public sector workers than we have and a public sector pension scheme which is pretty much paid up. It does make you wonder how we got it so wrong while at the same time pointing fingers at Jersey for allegedly not being as successful as we were!
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    After Stu Peters impromptu security advice on the Radio today I might try Cafe Two-Six and see if there are any drunk pilots in there who can use their secret key to get me into the airport security area unchallenged
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    The sooner the better they will build a full sized out of town store with a big car park. Somewhere roughly opposite PC World would clearly be sensible. And then no need to even drive into Douglas for the weekly shop.
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    I've found them to be courteous but efficient on the whole but then I try to treat people with the same level of respect as I would expect from them.
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    More likely more money to meet managers pay rises by cutting workers costs. As you say the likely total budget saving will be Nil.
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    The charities are funding this to create a "state-of-the-art facility which would rival anything available at a UK hospital". You can't honestly think that the tax and NI of 83,500 people (of which approximately only half or less pay into the NI ring fenced health fund) could ever provide state of the art health and social care for everyone? We must accept that a part and parcel of living in a small healthcare economy is not having everything that they have in the UK. I'm not dismissing everything you say, there do appear to be problems with the management structure. But before they do anything, they need some form of needs assessment to work out what the Island's health needs are (as currently nobody knows), and then decide what can and cannot be done on-island.
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    Hope St., and a couple of places in Peel. Wonderful plaice and chips and mushy peas in the Peel ones. Going Waaay back, I'm talking 1953 ish, Main Road Onchan. Used to be taken there by my grandmother.
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