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    Do you have any plans for next weekend?
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    What a coinkydinky - I'm just around the corner at 22 Madeup Lane.
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    Jeezus, that looks a bit too much like me for comfort!
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    That would appear to be because he is a politician of absolutely no substance whatsoever. Sounds like an angry bully who is just upset that half the nonsense he spouts on social media is challenged by folk who don’t fit into his brain-dead granny farming re-election campaign criteria.
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    What an absolute narcissist. He needs to get over himself. There are politicians who receive far more abuse than him and they don't cry about it. In fact, this is kind of a circular economy going on because it's his paranoid claims of being abused on social media and his spamming social media that actually generate criticism of him on social media. Other than that, nobody is really all that interested in commenting about him.
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    No way. It's about half her width.
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    I thought it looked like that Tanya August-Hanson woman at first glance.
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    He does have a remarkable aptitude for ineptitude
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    Dearie me that’s a whole heap of illogical paranoia is that real? I’d have thought the best way to avoid engaging with fake accounts if that is what he wishes to do would be to avoid engaging on a forum where the default option is fake avatars like Manx Forums so it’s hard to see why this forum has been referred to. As I’ve learned though best avoid all mention of him whatsoever to avoid another glitch in the forum matrix.
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    Taking the p1ss, in fact.
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    The man clearly is having some sort of social media meltdown this week. I don’t see Chris Thomas, or Lawrie Hooper or Skelly publicly moaning about some of the challenges or stick they get on social media. He’s just making himself look like a complete whopper with this public bleat. Clearly it’s all LIES, LIES LIES again whenever he is referred to anywhere online by anyone even if enquirers are being polite and even if what they ask him makes total sense. He also seems to have cultivated some weird obsession about wanting to know who people are even when he freely engages with an anonymous forum like here. Does he want to pop round and put some people straight. If so a worrying mindset perhaps? He probably needs to grow a thicker skin rather than crying in his blog about the fact some folk have dared to challenge him about some of the rubbish and fake news he comes out with online.
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    Hardly. By Manx standards it's almost philanthropical
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    Nothing to do with Global Warming then?
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    Bollocks. If life was so good in the dales or wherever, why come here. They earned their money over there, but retirement is shite in UK, so came here and want it on a plate. Shame the boats are not that reliable as to go Every Morning. Are those people not embarrassed to be seen as scroungers ?
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    It was in the papers about 12 months ago.
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    Take a look at childish topics, like "spewing juan" and similar. Juan is bright enough to ignore the children who mock him and laugh about it, yet RC, takes it all personal and gets into a hissy fit a bit too often
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    Perhaps the WI are "transitioning" in approach...?
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    The people who were complaining on Facebook about delays in getting X-ray results were genuine enough to put their names to their complaints. It was on yesterday.
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    I think it means transexual, whatever that means? Possibly someone who identifies as a person of the opposite sex to that which they were born? Or it seems it can also mean transgender, someone who has had the job done? All too much for me! http://www.michianaglbtcenter.org/difference-transgender-transexual/
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    He's not that mature
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    Indeed - man who posts on anonymous forum states that he won’t be responding to anonymous people who ask him any questions! He wants to post on here but gets angry when people question the rubbish he posts so he has to resort to classic gaslighting techniques that people with psychopathic tendencies tend to deploy to try to make other people look wrong not them. It generally works on idiots.
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    The point your missing here BC, is that even if you put the dealers up against the wall, that won't put a hot meal in little Miguel's tummy. It's poverty that's little Miguel's problem, and for the dealers he's an economic opportunity.
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    Know nothing is a very strong statement. I don’t think all statements are equally valid. Knowledge exists and allows us to understand and operate better within the universe. The idea the universe was magicked into existence in 4004 BC with the instant divine creation of life within its kinds is either false or involves a deliberate deception to hide this fact behind copious evidence inconsistent with it. The knowledge of the Big Bang explains the distribution of elements, the radiation we can measure from outer space and much beside. This knowledge is of course vastly limited and I totally agree with what you say about the limit of our vision. But that doesn’t mean we know nothing. We are able to say some ideas are so inconsistent with what we have discovered about the world they can be put aside unless other evidence throws light on those inconsistencies. There is no need to give equal weight to the biblical creation story and the discoveries of modern science. We know enough to know one is useful the other myth and legend.
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    123 Fake Street
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    Let me no yor address... PRICK
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    bit harsh on pharmacists.........
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    just had to smile at a picture of one of the little dears in the news holding a slogan against plastic...................on a plastic number plate as a noticeboard.............oh the irony.
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    What fucking drug dealers? Where can I find them?
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    Happens a lot in Ramsey. Fortunately, most of them are now in flats over the north promenade.
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    We had serious drop outs for months before it was sorted. In the, removing the house phone fixed it. We bought a new phone a few months back and seemed ok, but this last week or so it has been dropping out several times each night and taking about 10 mins to come back again.unplugged the house phone again last night so will see what happens Maybe , as you are also having issues, it may well be a local problem.
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    The whole purpose of home delivery is to increase market share, as is 24/7 opening. Its to offer a service to people who cannot shop during normal hours, or are housebound, or plain lazy, or penny pinching. I'm in the final category, I think. £50 a year, £1 a week, is less than the fuel I'd spend and pushing a trolley around, and getting stuff from the top shelves, isn't easy from a wheelchair. Choice is more limited, because not everything is on line. That means I probably don't spend as much, less impulse buying. As I still travel a lot I can shop whilst away, placing my order, so it arrives just as I get back. Its public knowledge I did some licensing work for Tesco. I asked about the picking policy. Its longest date stuff, not short date stuff.
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    Mr Callister doesn't engage in open discussion on issues of political policy, rarely mentions it in fact
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    This news is years old. I remember someone sending me the cutting. Someone I used to work with told me that if you think something happened 2 years ago then double it and add 2 years so I’m guessing it’s 6 years out of date.
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    Hey Dilli, you bin doin' a bit of tabbing lately?
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    Just googled that and it sounds good Must try catch up and see what I've missed. Cheers.
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    Is your internet dropping out often too ? You don't live far from me so maybe it is not just ours which has been shite for a while now .
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    You must of taken the long way home? Er, no and it is "have" not "of" sorry finlo. just one of my pet hates.
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    My learned friend as ever makes a valid point or even points most forcibly. However, Mine own submission and indeed inspiration relates to the alleged motto of the Bedfords aka Dukes of Bedford of Woburn Abbey. My source is a humble souvenir consisting of a model stag's head in plastic mounted on a wooden shield signed by an earlier but now deceased Duke of Bedford in his own hand along with the words "Que Sera Sera""..ie the family motto. It is written in the latter format. One is inclined to think that Jacob Rees Mogg would incline to the motto Que Sera Sera as signed by a Duke of Bedford, he (JRM) being of the 18th Century and inclined to favour or at least flatter the aristocracy. On the other hand if one visits Woburn Abbey one can see the motto in variations "Che Sara Sara" and "Ke Sera Sera" mounted and inscribed in various locations including a mausoleum... The Duke of Bedford who first opened up Woburn Abbey to the public often quoted the motto "Que Sera Sera" hastily adding that he did not own the rights to the song. I merely drew my inspiration such as it be from these sources...
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    http://www.porterin.gov.im/s.nl/sc.15/category.5/ctype.SS/SS.5/.f new plans restaurant, exhibition area (I dunno) 159 car spaces, retail and apartments. would love to see this area rejuvenated, Port Erin needs investment, it’s slowly happening. It’s got the best beach and has brilliant summer evenings (winter is a shit however). Needs one good restaurant, glad we have Little Fish but PE needs more to create that spark.
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    New owners of a monopoly service in many aspects decided to sweat a bit more out of the plebs...?
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    Aliens! Buy a tin foil hat immediately and cover yourself with honey!
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    Yes I agree. We are now second class citizens in our own country. New workers arriving here get a 12 month NI break and their employer gets their relocation expenses paid. I’ve had sod all for 30 years except paying tax and NI at the full rate for almost nothing. I’m starting to feel like a right mug.
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    They really shouldn't be allowed to keep using that name whilst operating from another jurisdiction, their excuse will be being the Royal bank of SCOTLAND based there, but it's not quite the same thing.
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    It was around 60,000 or something when I was growing up, never seemed to be underpopulated, we had pretty much everything we needed with some genuine skilled workers etc brought in like doctors etc. and some seasonal workers I think It worked pretty well. It was around the 30,000 mark for most of our history before that over the centuries. I think it's around 85,000 now going by the amount of cars on the road it doesn't seem to be rapidly depopulating.
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    These fluctuating stats are pretty worthless, we go slightly up or down so what? - we went up by thousands and thousands in just a few decades - which seemed to result in our quality of life reducing and loss of facilities -most leisure buildings, hotels etc. seemed to get turned into offices or apartments, look at the state of the hospital for example - how many have contributed to it ?
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    hmmm, a new company turned up to build the hospital too.
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