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    What a ridiculous comment or were you trying to show your superior intellectual ability? How on earth do you know that they were re-using an old number plate? It appeared shiny and new so my view is just as valid as yours. If you really want to know about re-cycling then drive a second hand vehicle and keep it for years. Store and save old wood. screws etc. Don't buy new things, repair them. Never use any plastic receptacles. Don't keep buying up to date phones. computers, etc. This computer for instance is over fifteen years old and it's internals have been updated as necessary. If the children had a life style that encompassed these ideals and actually understood what they are talking about I might give them and their parents more credibility. You may sneer but when we were young we all re-cycled to survive. Have you ever taken old wooly clothes to pieces and re knit them into new garments? In other words don't even think of putting me down, I live re-cycling and don't need folk like you to try and force their populist ideas onto me.
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    It’s getting to the stage that @Neil Down, @MrPB and @dilligaf are clogging threads ( not just this one ) with incessant sniping at each other. Calm down. No one expects the (Spanish) suspension.
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    Advice from the biggest anonymous trolling dickhead on MF. Think I’ll pass.
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    Blew below on the evidential breath machine. Something else available to stick him on for, job done, names mentioned at the tax payer funded awards night. Meanwhile, those house robbers from a while back, b and q robbers and people who beat the crap out of others still walk about. Easy targets make up lazy police figures.
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    Its the manufacturers and retailers that should stop providing the single use plastics, like when fruit and veg is wrapped for no good reason
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    We had to recycle as likely or not our parents had very little excess cash to splash around
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    Good on you doc. We used to re use botles now they get smashed up! Each bottle a beauty when you think about it. Packaging in general is hideous in most cases, and the main contributor to our "waste". The older generation always knew how to recycle and reuse. The points you made illustrate this well. If we want to get serious about recycling its time to get back to basics, and reality. The manufacturers and the suppliers are the main culprits. Also, plastic bags are not single use , they can be re used indefinitely and for many tasks
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    But that sort of validates my point. They didn’t get him for one thing so perhaps fitted him up with another just for the fun of it because they could.
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    Where do you post as Fuckwit?
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    “I’m sure there’s more to this but as reported“ - clearly, grounds to stop and search developed, and he was found in possession of an item which would be deemed an offensive weapon per se.
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    He's a big bush trimmer.
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    Each time I drive down the lane from our house, I have a fair chance of seeing my neighbour stood in the road (a public highway) with a pair of hedge cutters in hand. Blade length estimate 12 - 14". No sheath or guards in place. When I pass, the neighbour invariably turns from attending his hedge (from the public lane) towards me, raises the hedge cutters upwards in gesture, and smiles. Should I stop the car and inform the Police? He is clearly in possession of a 12" unguarded blade (or two). My neighbour is a Deemster.
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    Dilli, I have to admit to being disappointed reading this (and your subsequent posts). I am not Manx, but I 100% support your position to be Manx, to be proud of it, to be proud of the Island, and (as I often read on here) to be a great defender of both Nobles and other Island institutions. But is it necessary, in order to be a proud Manxman, to denigrate others who are not. In particular, it is not necessary, indeed it is highly undesirable to knock those who contribute to Island life in all sorts of positive ways whilst not themselves being Manx. If you take but a simple example, you quote MRI and Ultrasound and "people with quite strong northern English accents" - well, as it happens, not one single Substantive Post Consultant here providing those same MRI / CT / Breast scans is Manx! Indeed one of them has a 'Quite strong northern English accent'. The two new Consultants / GP's (for whom we are truly desperate) due in June are both from North England. I happen to know that they read this forum - what message do you want to send to them - that they are not welcome here? Be careful what you wish for Dilli - I know that your heart in is the right place - perhaps a breathing space to let your head follow?
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    I think you misunderstood when someone told you the pen is mightier than the sword.
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    At least we can rest easy knowing that the people responsible will be reprimanded and lessons will be learned! What are we doing employing an Irish company to clean our schools anyway? Obviously the cheapest quote but surely there are local cleaning companies who could have employed locals in the same way? The whole matter of outsourcing needs a serious review, local organisations should get preference unless the skills do not exist on the island. There always used to be janitors employed by the schools who looked after things, the dark side of being obsessed with privatising everything I guess. If they hadn't let the whole PS get out of control in the first place we would have less problems.
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    teapot character reference........
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    getting mixed up with amazon........
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    That can’t be correct. Wouldn’t have charged either without a positive result on the intoximeter. More likely neither were in the car when police arrived, did no comment interview, so prosecution couldn’t prove who was driving, who was insured/uninsured, who was aiding and betting.
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    Got to keep that pension cash rolling in somehow!
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    Which one are you again?
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    I do enjoy the strange logic deployed on these forums at times. So you have an anonymous account which you seem to use to make this forum pretty much intolerable most days with your constant bitter sniping. But you choose to use your anonymous account to suggest that someone else who also posts anonymously stops doing it and contracts someone directly rather than anonymously sniping on Manx forums. Am I following your logic correctly so far?
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    They did make the Hooper amendment to the Communications Bill.
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    Out of work doesn’t necessarily mean unemployed, just away from his work place, out of work hours. Likewise, poor journalism, the report doesn’t say he was involved in the RTA, just that the police attended an RTA and came across him.
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    And their missus always looks the bleeding same....
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    The word is clique.
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    @Uhtred @TheTeapot Block Party! (That's if you can get parking, it's usually completely full around here!)
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    I’d hazard the guess they might have good perspective? They are used to having “good” treatment from the NHS where they grew up and are a bit confused as to why the treatment they get here is “shit” in comparison. It’s pretty unlikely that their expectations of tests and treatment are unreasonable in context. You seem to support the sloppy delivery of services as long as those delivering those services are paid well and don’t have to do too much.
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    Come now nelly, you were caught in a preposterous contradiction. Its not the first time you have been on the receiving end of a bit of sharp humor! It certainly wont be the last x
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    Fuck off idiot.
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    Hang on are you of the thinking that he was charged went to court probably a few weeks later had the charges dropped then the police went out and thought well he had a knife at the time knife crime isn't really issue so let's just leave it on the off chance he gets off with drink driving and we can stick it on him then. Wow.
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    Well that’s charming. Time to get Virgil to tunnel up through your kitchen floor in the Mole.
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    You seem quiet angry. There’s no need to be rude. I think most other posters understood my point even if you didn’t. Thanks.
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    Are you just here for the 5 minute pointless argument today Neil, or have you booked another 7 hours slot
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    Haven't heard of that - he's blocked me on social media
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    That’s straight out of Thunderbirds!
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    Havent seen your other account fuckwit, is that your real name?
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    When has that rag accurately reported anything...
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    He's an interesting case. His son got hooked on drugs and so to help him get off drugs he went on them (or that is what he claims). And now they are both hooked. And hooking more people in. Actually, I think he would be a good example of the piece of shit you can become if you take drugs. But maybe I am biased.
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    To be fair, some of your comments on here are quite cutting!!!
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    Why dont you post your shite under your real name nelly?
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    As the hills, just not as self entitled and fundamentally lazy and grasping as you.
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    It was in the papers about 12 months ago.
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    You certainly lead a rich and varied life, counting cars in tesco and shoprite carparks, scrounging reductions in tecso, playing poole with kiddy fiddlers and rapists, watching shit on Netflix and discovering the manx coast via google earth, and you don't work in government?
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    I guess with such a legacy of debt in the utilities we are shafted !
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    Taking the p1ss, in fact.
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    Stop being Dilli’s butt plug you dickhead.
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    We'll end up paying the same or more if this is privatised in. It's just that the ones doing the job will get a pittance and hence less to spend in the economy while the rest is filtered away to the company providing the service never to be seen again.
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    It might be fresh off the boat, but most of the fruit and quite a bit of the veg has already traveled half way around the world after picking so it's not exactly fresh.
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    Yes we all have to make do with the hands we are dealt. This is the same as the postmen who seemed to end up in a real dilemma actually justifying why they were paid the rates of pay they were paid and why they went on strike. If you can’t justify it (and it doesn’t make much sense above) then pretty much you’re probably overpaid for what you do. It happens across the board.
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    Certainly a worthier ambition than building on every fecking green field & importing people who aren't Syrians
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