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    Oh goodness Woody, yes, there is no disagreement that the airborne fraction is about 43% and this has increased by 0.7 ± 1.4% per decade since 1850. What we are disagreeing about is your statement that ‘co2 levels in the atmosphere haven't changed.’ They have increased from 280 odd ppm in 1850 to over 400 ppm now. The paper the press release you’ve linked to is totally in agreement with this - check out its figure 1 What you are saying is basically this: Woody: Liverpool are having a shit season. Chinahand: Woody, that’s bullshit. Woody: Everton are mid table and lost to Fulham 4-nil recently. Chinahand: Liverpool and Everton are different football teams look at the Premier League table. Woody: 4-nil to Fulham ha ha. Chinahand: Woody you’re misunderstanding. Woody: 4-nil to Fulham. Chinahand: Woody you do understand Liverpool and Everton are different football teams. Woody: 4-nil to Fulham. Chinahand: Woody you can go on about Everton all day but that doesn’t mean Liverpool are having a bad season. Woody: 4-nil to Fulham. Chinahand: Woody we are talking about Liverpool not Everton. You do understand that, don’t you. Woody: 4-nil to Fulham.
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    Private healthcare has an important place, but when you are told there is a 22 month waiting list for an appointment at the eye clinic or you can go next week for £700 at the same place with the same consultant there is clearly and obviously something very wrong.
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    That’s total nonsense. People are not nipping off to Harley Street for elective procedures. My relative would probably be dead now if they had to rely on the long waiting lists and shitty scheduling of the Manx NHS. Statements like you have just made make me furious to be honest as they assume the baseline service provided by the NHS is anywhere near acceptable when it isn’t. When people have to go to a private consultant as they can’t get heart tests and heart treatment quick enough on the NHS so I’m sorry but the system stinks and the person in question would probably now be dead if he had not get his cheque book out and flew away to get what he could not get within an acceptable timeframe by the Manx NHS. That is not nipping off to Harley Street, that is deciding to keep yourself alive by purchasing services the Manx NHS cannot provide to you with. I am also talking about someone with a 50 year plus Manx NI contribution history who has paid for those services over their lifetime to find them sadly lacking when actually needed.
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    Ypu could all solve this by just posting in your own names
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    I'm the same with sex as with sport. Partaking is always better than watching.
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    Here you go: The second para suggests they know exactly who they are going to award it to.
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    I failed to get disagreement with Del on the statute books. It would cut down all this nonsense though. Threads would be shorter, and more focussed.
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    Fuckwit, that is not an apostrophe it is a semi-colon I had you down as a full colon mind.
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    You would have us all locked up then for disagreeing with you
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    I deny all knowledge of that photo!!!
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    Based in Port Erin, we repair, buy and sell electronics such as computers, phones, games consoles and retro tech. We also stock accessories, watch batteries, components, video cables and more. If you have any enquiries, call us, email us or pop in for a chat at our shop - 12 Church Road, Port Erin - Just next to the Post Office.
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    Not the twat in the middle is it?
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    It would be a travesty to pollute the place with the likes of him!
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    Sort of "three strikes and we shoot you"? sounds okay to me...
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    Reading, chores, walking and hobbies. You're welcome x
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    why don't we just shoot persistent offenders?
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    I'm not sure what IPTV is. Is it those android boxes people get with all channels? If you are paying for pirated content you're being ripped off.
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    There's a whole world of experience out there, so I would say that the options are infinite.
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    Given a stategic aim of the Isle of Man is to attract (and retain!) high-net worths and entrepreneurs, there is a need for high quality private healthcare and education. Ignoring the societal views of state vs private, in theory - paid-for treatment should lesson the burden on the state healthcare and education systems. I emphasise in theory because I suspect doing so will require effective planning, management and a framework that balances the private customer, and the DHSC. While many see private healthcare as a privilege - unfortunately, many now view it as a necessity. I have paid for a number of private treatments (albeit minor) within my family, simply because the waiting lists were soooooo long...
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    Except that they were funny. And sometimes on topic.
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    I wasn't equating you with an eco warrior in any way China - I already knew you were an engineer. I was saying that the serious technical and political arguments are in danger of becoming inseparable from the loutish eco warrior ones - simply because people are fed up with what is now 20 years of Joe Public being bombarded with conflicting arguments and graphs most of which they do not understand anyway. Just as in other politics, perhaps we are in need of less professional politics, bandwagons, and opportunistic tax raisers and more in need of visionaries and leadership. Whilst carbon taxes (just like sugar taxes and the rest) can have their place and effect - they also increase the opportunity for resistance from vested interests. Personally, I would give more heed to straight-talking by respected individuals and bodies rather than political grandstanding.
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    You lose the will to live reading a thread the following morning and I’m wondering if that is the actual intention. It’s like the way Statler and Waldorf used to heckle everything on the Muppet Show.
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    There are many victims of his reckless and stupid behaviour. Sadly the man is just a nutter who will end up inside at some stage. I’ve never worked out which Christians he’s related to, to have been treated so lightly previously to be allowed to build up 55 pages of misdemeanors and still be walking around most of the time.
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    Another thread ruined. Is it actually possible to have any thread on here that isn’t ruined by childish behaviour?
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    I’d rather be a gang of one with independent thoughts and principles than hanging on Dillies every word.
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    The internet is a wonderful resource - apparently you can use it to look up things -who knew? Anyway a few minutes Googling discloses that in 2016 a press release was issued saying Council tenants can indeed let out their properties for Homestay - but they must get written permission from the Council (this applies to any tenant by the way - not just in social housing). Furthermore it says So it's more about letting out the spare room that giving over the whole house to a gang of bikers. Presumably if you did do that illegally, the Council would (a) be more likely to notice and (b) feel entitled to get the police to remove them from somewhere they had no legal right and (c) feel able to terminate your tenancy for breaking the terms. The same press release says that you are entitled to have people staying with you (the implication is for free) up to about four weeks, so you could have friends staying for TT and any payment would be less easy to detect if you didn't register for Homestay. In any case it's almost too late to register for formal Homestay as the deadline is the end of the month (next Tuesday). Note that "During the TT period ‘Homestay Hosts’ can earn up to £1,800 tax free income.", but I'm not sure how that would affect benefits.
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    It's worth reading the whole story particularly the Deemster's remarks: So refusing to 'send' him to prison (or rather keep him there for a little bit longer) is the only way that they can impose any sort of supervision on him after he gets out. It's the usual situation where we have failed to keep our laws up to date, despite all the highly paid professionals employed to do so. There's another classic symptom of the Manx Civil Service way of doing things in the report as well: You'd think that the smallness and closeness of the Isle of Man would encourage all sorts of innovative ways of working together in and between Departments. Instead everyone seems to prioritise preserving and expanding their own little empires and not doing anything else for any other part of the system.
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    I think I will go to bed I cannot keep up with all the interaction and what with being fingered as Vader it has been a trying day. Goodnight all, happy dreams.
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    Can you post up redacted scans of your school reports? That would shut him up No he can't. he posted some shite up some time ago, but I reckon it was "shopped". I know two girls from his school year who see things differently to him in a big way. Just saying.
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    I still don't need that and I am 105 years old .
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    If dillis viagra kicked in, he will have.
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    Fair enough, never had to pay for sex.
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    The percentage increases are identical. The issue is the change in the effect not its relative size. You wouldn’t want to drink a glass of water with 50 parts per billion arsenic in it. Don’t let parts per million confuse you.
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    Such "Ikes" would be better off in an oggle boggle container halfway across
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    I don't know why, but I get the idea that you are probably more gammon than those you disparage with the term. As for sovereignty being nebulous, you keep that particular faith at your peril.
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    Now that made me laugh out loud...
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    There's bound to be a few people who'd break his legs for a few quid?
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    Read a good book? If you have decent internet Netflix & Amazon Prime aren't bad.
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    Tempting indeed; but bringing with it some repercussions.
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    Not at the time, you don’t, unless there is a risk of harm to yourself. If you’re staring out of your bedroom window I’d presume that there wouldn’t be a risk. I’m sure the police would probably put out information such as “there is an incident at such a place, and to stay away etc.” If there are armed cops running about, I’d also hope that there would be a good chance of streets being sealed off to prevent people wandering into the incident. You should then get told about it once it was all concluded.
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    So when they say he has 55 pages of previous convictions, the total number of convictions is approximately 550?
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    I'm currently dealing with issues for an elderly relative. Needs both cataracts doing in order to avoid going into a care home. IoM NHS Opthalmology wait list is (according to Opthalmology Dept) 30 months to see the consultant, followed by 14 months wait for treatment = 44 months total. She'll probably be dead before then. Private would be fine, she can afford it - but the Nobles Private Patient Unit is closed. Currently looking at getting it done across, probably within the next 2 months, but means 5 or 6 trips to the UK for a nonagenarian. The only reason that Private treatment is even necessary for many cases is that the NHS is so effing inefficient - if we didn't have these stupid waiting lists, which are largely the consequence of poor NHS management and obviously unnecessary because private treatment is usually available pretty promptly, the majority of private treatment would evaporate.
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    Am I right in assuming that the above is underlined because the OP has an agenda...?
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    Would be an ideal spot to park the EU army's nuclear attack submarines
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