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    Cheesy Wheezy, There is a tendency for some people to take a perfectly reasonable medical diagnostic term and turn it into a term of abuse.Sadly, there have been many. You have no exclusivity or originality there. The terms degenerate into a vitriolic label, increasingly damaging to the the individuals who have the condition, and eventually a new name has to be found. Dr Langdon Down was a brilliant and compassionate physician who contributed enormously to the understanding of the condition in the 19 Century which was only decades later discovered to be caused by the an abnormality of the 21 chromosome. Your casual and careless abuse of the term “ Down” is a vile insult not only to his work but the thousands of very fine individuals who have the condition of trisomy 21 and the legions of devoted carers, relatives, friends and professionals who look after them and respect them. For them , I regard you with the utmost contempt.
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    Just what we need. Professor Stanley Unwin campaigning for our pension rights.
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    You should have had someone proof read your petition.
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    It would indeed. He was suggesting a mass protest outside the Sea Terminal. WHAT DO WE WANT NO FREE BUSES WHEN DO WE WANT IT HANG ON DID HE SAY NO FREE BUSES? BALLS TO THAT
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    It's possible that Michaels is advocating something very different from the "leadership and direction" that was the previous policy. Hence no room for the current incumbents and their way of doing things. Weak management always prefer to call in consultancy. Their own people already know what's what but they are not used as they can't be trusted not to turn the situation to their advantage. Plus when you implement the consultancy findings you have a built in scapegoat should it go to ratshit to wit "Not my fault. I brought in the best people (public money) could buy...." Believe me it can go to ratshit as well. You can sometimes feel the hostility from the people you are dealing with as you try to define and measure what is involved. Especially as they may well think their job is on the line. Unfortunately people like Lisvane and Michaels have no authority with which to force change. That lies elsewhere....
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    its called attention seeking stupid cunt.
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    Or CIII vs XXV if you don't want to user Arabic numerals
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    As Declan said ... what is needed is self restraint, not ASBOs.
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    "Total meltdown and pages of abuse" indeed. Total nonsense. You deliberately goad others for your own amusement and then big up their reaction as much as you can. You really are totally despicable......
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    Someone, anyone, report @Cheesy Wheezy and we can see if an ASBo is justified. Cheesy, if you use the offensive Down-syndrome jibe or offensive picto cartoons making fun of people with mental development issues, chromosomal or otherwise, you won’t be long for the forums. And cross referencing to another thread I don’t have a sense of humour, not from wiki, google or e-bay. So don’t push it. I won’t understand.
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    You seem to be trying to get yourself banned by posting like a dickhead.
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    I think there could be a few Asbos tonight.
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    Will you boring pricks just shut the fuck up please?
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    Anyone got any? Are they any good?
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    No, I just know how to look at "posted at" times. You replied to Cheesy's veiled reference to you within 1 minute. Not that I'm surprised.
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    just out long enough to get his arse rammed with drugs before he goes back in.
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    I think it is a brilliant idea for visitors to get over the promenade to their hotels and to the electric tram station. I use the Onchan bus a lot and it is always busy taking people along the promenade, there are a lot of apartments now as well. The world does not exist just for motorists. The bus has many pick ups both ways, the mini busses will be great especially as they are free. Good idea, well done.
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    See, any normal team would be massively dispirited by an away 3-0 loss to Barcelona, the loss of twoof their best players and that shit result last night, but no. FUCKING HAVE SOME!!!
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    Your name was at the top of the list. That's good to know, sir. Yes, well, it was a very short list.....
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    Side issue, I think the number of Manx registered vehicles driving around on UK roads (usually in the higher tax bands to keep a cherished number) and in France and Spain, far outweigh the amount of UK vehicles on Manx roads for any length of time. It's just that we are able to monitor them as individuals where UK and continentals don't give a toss about their neighbours driving cars from out of area.
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    Don’t think so. The buyer are a large shareholder of Sefton Groip but I believe not a majority shareholder
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    Of course, recruitment processes are ALWAYS what they seem and NEVER a case of just going through the motions.
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    Is this why they resist the idea of a public register of beneficial owners?
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    Isn't it a financing transaction? SG needs cash and so sells hotel but also needs hotel to trade and so leases it back. This frees up some cash and allows trade to continue but has a cost.
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    The Roundheads being the side who believed sovereignty and power resides with the wealthy land-owning aristocracy and the monarchy, as opposed to the side who believed absolute sovereignty resided in the monarchy ---- neither side believing it resides in the actual general population? It's remarkable these two sides were able to con so many people into joining either side.
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    Could Black get it back in the black?
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    The UK state pension is the worst in the developed world, & the Manx one is on a par with it https://www.ftadviser.com/pensions/2018/02/13/uk-state-pension-worst-in-the-developed-world/
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    Anyone in this day and age who is solely relying on the state pension needs their head examined..
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    Taxi's certainly have their uses but to see the lines of them lying in wait on the disabled and loading bay in Victoria St. just proves that they charge too much for their services. They may be better charging slightly less per mile or portion thereof and being in use more often! Of course taxi drivers blame the RTLC for setting the fare too high, just as they need to blame them for all of their woes which to my mind are mostly self inflicted!
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    I thought it was good too. I wouldn't rave about it but it was good
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    I think it is just to annoy taxi drivers. One of them was fuming on facebook about it over the weekend.
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    Are you all sitty comftybold two-square on your botty? Then I'll begin...
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    Translate it into Mandarin and then into Satsuma and it almost makes sense
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    Well, I didn't quite say that. I was hopeful of starting a discussion about whether our trajectory is sustainable or not. Furthermore, do we care or not? Or does the fact that in the long term we are all dead mean that we don't really need to care, so we will carry on as before? I started this thread on Friday evening within an hour of a thread being started on the resignation of Dr Couch. This thread has accumulated a dozen replies so far, while the other thread has amassed 150. I think that this is a reasonable reflection on the gravity the average person attaches to a local news matter which, lets face it, will be forgotten about in a few months by comparison to that of a global issue that according to the more alarming reports, could be threatening the very survival of the species later in the current century. I am not saying that unsustainability is going to sink us all. There is no way of knowing, as you say. I do think it would be a worthwhile long term aim to work to reduce global the population over the next six to ten generations to something like five billion as a maximum. Our activities at their current level already damage our environment and that of other species that we are rapidly wiping out through loss of habitat by human encroachment and agriculture, etc. We upset the delicate biosphere (not the pretend marketing one here, but the scientific global one) at our peril. If you have not seen the programme Supersized Earth, linked in my first post, it is worth a look. It is not at all pessimistic, but it does make you think.
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    1 x 48 hour ASBO. Any more takers? @dilligaf, @Neil Down, @P.K.?
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    When it comes to the struggle between the Cavaliers (Wrong but Wromantic) and the Roundheads (Right but Repulsive), I am firmly in the Roundheads' camp. Off with their heads*. American actress gives birth to privileged child should not be a world headline. It says volumes about our society that it is. *Ok that is hyperbole, I wish to do harm to no one, but the days of inherited position and entitlement are gone. These people are no more worthy than any other Big Brother celebrity, their entitled positions need to be abolished and a new settlement without inherited prominence established.
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    That comment would have been better received when CW started. Why didn’t you post it then?
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    It was for a while, but the mods had to do it manually each time, so fell into disuse. And frankly it’s PK’s responsibility to manage his own behaviour not the mods.
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    Expand on your thoughts there please.
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    I stand corrected as I found this piece on the nobles exposed site “Ex Hospital Manager, Barbara Scott was effectively demoted during the restructuring of the management staff a few years ago when Mark Charters was in charge. He then brought on board Michaela Morris as the Executive Director to Health and Social Care with the accountability of the hospital. In recent news, Barbara Scott has had secondment to the Chief Executives Office to do Transformation work - not sure where that job was advertised but seems to be a motion to remove her from the hospital altogether...” It seems she was the first deadwood removed but the CEO gave her a made up role, I wonder If Couch and Morris will join Scott in a new made up role. But Scott was not demoted, she appeared a few months later promoted.
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    Incorrect. There was a recruitment process and she was appointed with the agreement of Mr Charters.
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    That’s unrealistic expectation will not attract investment. All new builds should provide parking whether business or residential though
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    The Minister’s “thank you” letters were!
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    Dare say the Minister may feel he can do without them
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    To lose the CEO of DHSC is unfortunate but to lose his deputy as well is downright careless.
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    We binned off The Dirty Digger for Humax. The only downside is that if I want to watch my beloved Test Cricket I have to spend long hours in the pub. What a bastard...
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