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    I think they all clubbed together to give a man called Jonathan and his family somewhere to live. A heartwarming story if ever there was one.
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    Oh land of our birth, MHKs bring such mirth, An island now broke, much despair, It's now ran by fools, Who failed at their schools, That make us all want to pull out our hair.
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    There are a lot of people who respect our National Anthem myself included and I find it disgusting that Manx Radio are playing it to advertise some second rate eating place. I know the people placing the adverts have the say about its contents but surely there is a limit and Manx Radio should not have accepted this, there are plenty more tunes that could have been used. I know the usual suspects will shout me down over this but it has to be said.
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    Couch’s failings, whatever they are about to be demonstrated as, are not attributable to Beecroft. Beecroft’s failings are exclusively her own.
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    No. Join the 21st century. This topic has been discussed numerous times. Use the search function.
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    I reckon it was worse in the 70s. Always used to be fight or two going on in the streets at kicking out time of a weekend. Although I suspect it was more to do with booze than drugs and their related tabs. Just the norm in those days. "Saturday Night's all right for Fighting" sang Elton....
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    There are lots of alternatives...but a lot of people here have spent a lot of money on painting vans, and printing business cards and letterheads invested in a manx email address. It's not rocket salad these days to keep it operational. My bet...there are probably at least 500 manx.net email addresses that alone generate a £million or two for MT each year. Get it sorted MT. You lax feckers.
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    As with much from IOMG, you look at their 'requirements' & wonder if life would be better if you chewed your own arms off https://www.visitisleofman.com/trade/registration-schemes/accommodation-registrations
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    Could we not have a "manx tv station", maybe a "panaroma" type investigation sort of program, something like "joe blogs investigates", it could be the horse trams, the prom, the recent regs from the DHSS / hospital / TT, Richmond Hill / the sefton, Steam packet ?
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    Indeed. His answer to issues like this is the third sector. Which is ironic really when you think he was Minister for Health and he ditched DASH (who were offering counselling for more than just drug addiction).
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    Rob was not the only one who could not work with Beecroft there were three in all, she was on TH saying see tried to sack Couch for incompetence, strong words she may regret unless she can prove it. Poor old Hooper will be downgraded now she has reappeared I think he was far better at putting a point over than Beecroft her whining voice is dreadful and he was picking his battles she just opposes everything that moves. It was a very welcome rest not having her whinging for the past few months I expect she had to get back before her six months full pay was up and she was put on half pay.
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    Yes Calamity was getting star treatment by Stu on TH she said she had tried to sack Couch in her reign of terror for incompetence, strong words that may just turn and bite her. She made no mention of the three MHKs that found it impossible to work with her and the one that left her party during her tenure because she felt she was being gagged and could not represent her constituents properly. Hooper will now be downgraded to nodding dog now that she is back, shame because I was warming to him at least he picked his battles unlike Kate.
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    Whoever thought putting a crappy advert on to the tune of the Manx National Anthem is well out of line.
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    Nothing freaky about it. Liverpool are awesome.
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    Oh, OK. I've been checking Rob's blog but he hasn't really explained his actions in light of the latest revelations. Strange, given he is Mr Transparent. I wonder if Teddy Smith could help explain......
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    It's possible that Michaels is advocating something very different from the "leadership and direction" that was the previous policy. Hence no room for the current incumbents and their way of doing things. Weak management always prefer to call in consultancy. Their own people already know what's what but they are not used as they can't be trusted not to turn the situation to their advantage. Plus when you implement the consultancy findings you have a built in scapegoat should it go to ratshit to wit "Not my fault. I brought in the best people (public money) could buy...." Believe me it can go to ratshit as well. You can sometimes feel the hostility from the people you are dealing with as you try to define and measure what is involved. Especially as they may well think their job is on the line. Unfortunately people like Lisvane and Michaels have no authority with which to force change. That lies elsewhere....
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    Or CIII vs XXV if you don't want to user Arabic numerals
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    Give him a damn good thrashing, you know its there. Fat headed 50 year old man giving a 14 year old boy 10 of the best. Ooooh yeah, can you feel it?
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    Because some kids have preexisting conditions that mean they can’t be vaccinated. They are also the kids most at risk if they do get measles etc. Also vaccination isn’t 100% effective. So it’s best to have everyone vaccinated who can be to reduce the number of people that can spread the diseases.
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    Certainly not everywhere - in fact the Isle of Man is pretty unusual in demanding registration and inspection for all tourist accommodation. Of course there may be other requirements such as change of use or fire certificates elsewhere, depending on how big the premises are etc in many places. But for smaller properties, providing you're not violating any other agreements, such as tenancy or insurance conditions, you can just let a spare room or even a property out on Airbnb without any other permission. That's why some cities, such as Barcelona, have started putting local restrictions on. The IOM VAT limit is effectively a turnover of £85,000 per year, so someone letting out a couple of rooms or even flats is unlikely to breach that. Of course it would have to be declared for tax. Airbnb do offer some insurance etc for their hosts as part of the service (plus dispute handling and so on) but as far as inspection goes rely on guest feedback.
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    Birching did not work all the time, some reoffended Hanging though was a 100% success, apart from the ones who were framed
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    Stick to cocaine out of the 3 is my advice
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    ...not to mention stupid, cruel and self-defeating.
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    Tynwald does not have the power to bring it back. It was abolished and taken off the statute books along with death sentence and nasty laws unfair to Gay folks etc..That is why Sir Miles Walker got knighted... You can't bring it back unless UK gives Royal Assent and they will not do that because that sort of degrading punishment is in contravention of European Convention on Human Rights and the Human Rights Act which you have in domestic law as well.. If you did birch someone they would have a brilliant case for massive money damages against some branch or Dept of IOM Govt and also in the same context the right to bring a case against the UK at the Human Rights Court in Strasbourg. That is how the birch went west anyway. The case of Tyrer v UK about 1973 without looking it up. The UK is not going to be put in that situation again. Not sure of IOM Govt legally exists as an entity stand alone so I refer to the case going against an IOM Govt Department as they do exist as legal persons. The Human Rights Convention is not of the EU but a long standing organisation the Council of Europe formed in 1949..So Brexit means no change unless UK leaves the Council of Europe or derogates in some way which is most unlikely.
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    53 page booklet you have to comply to, so someone can piss on the toilet floor. its not exactly user friendly and in part does not encourage anyone to start up which I reckon is their intention. And yet for 2 weeks of the year some scally in Pully who hasn’t paid any rent for years and the carpet stinks of rats piss can have Juergen over for 2 weeks, 2 grand on the hip.
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    well they are in a bit of a pickle!
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    It's a shit anthem and a shit piece of music. It needs some gentle humour injecting into it. Looks like the lads have re-written the words. I shall sing them at St Johns on Tynwald Day.
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    It takes a while for Bazza to keep up
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    Did you hear about the semi-colon that broke the law? . . . . . . . He was given two consecutive sentences.
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    Unfortunately, from what I'm hearing I fear that the report may in some respects be based on what Michaels has been fed by people with an agenda. I hope that he has been able to see around that and discover true facts. We will have to see, but I'm not optimistic.
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    That’s what I thought originally. It appears it wasn’t the BM BA merger ring fenced ones. I think that asitis identified ( pages up ) that the IoM LHR slot was one sold by Indian based Jet Airways which was in difficulty ( and has since failed ) to Delta. Delta own a substantial chunk of Virgin which owns a substantial chunk of flybe. Delta couldn’t use it immediately so has sub let it to flybe for the summer. Think it’s called slot sitting. If you don’t use the slots enough ( 80% I think ) you lose them.
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    Whatever bad news is in store for Couch and Morris in the soon-to-arrive Michaels report, Beecroft has a bloody nerve crowing "Ah well yes, I tried to oust Couch and had no support" on MR this morning. She seems to overlook that even the sloth-like Quayle eventually dumped her due to the absolutely disastrous sojourn she spent in health and the apparent horror expressed by other politicians tasked to work with her. Irony appears to be lost on Calamity Kate.
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    Food for thought? ETA:
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    It's a relatively easy search. Season 3 streams on nowtv...
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    Some performance too.
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    That is some result, it has to be admitted.
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    See, any normal team would be massively dispirited by an away 3-0 loss to Barcelona, the loss of twoof their best players and that shit result last night, but no. FUCKING HAVE SOME!!!
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    Mental Health should not be an election issue, anymore than cancer, heart problems, or any other natural health problem should be an 'election issue'. It is an 'affliction' (in the nicest sense of the word) from which any of us or our families may suffer. A 'competition' for funds between say, MI, Cancer, Heart problems et al, would be a travesty above which we should all rise. In the last 24 hours, I have seen on this forum, a piss-taking description of a 'syndrome'. I felt like spewing up. Whatever our differences on here, political or otherwise, I would hope that we may rise above the bile and look after one another.
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    Goodness gracious, I agree with P.K.!
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    Isn't it a financing transaction? SG needs cash and so sells hotel but also needs hotel to trade and so leases it back. This frees up some cash and allows trade to continue but has a cost.
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    It’s usually done to strip out the operating business and move all the assets and income up to the holding company. The hotel management company basically just services a lease debt to the holding company supported by trading receipts. Holding company gets to keep the property gains when realized and all the lease income. So £7.4m hotel might be worth £20M in 20 years plus £12M in rent paid. Will probably be a repair lease too for the hotel business.
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    its called attention seeking stupid cunt.
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    You should have had someone proof read your petition.
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    I know I don't voice opinions on this forum very often, and very often my comments concern the wanna be comedians (it is a profession enjoyed by those qualified by the way) who post ludicrous, nasty, personal responses that usualy derail some of the most serious posts. This miscreant is a prime example. Definately no natural sense of humour, just argumentative for the sake of it. Whether you agree or not, there was a time when some serious comments made politicians/'important types' squirm a bit and brought about changes...not any more. Manx Forums has become a laughing stock, just to be ignored. If I was a bit paranoid I might suggest the efforts by certain IOMG employees on here to destroy any credibility MF had has really paid off. How long must this misuse/abuse contiue before someone says simply (sorry 'bout this)...fuck off you horses ass...just fuck off!
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    In a crowded field of competitors!
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    O Island so strong and so fair; Bollocks. Complete and utter unexpurgated fucking bollocks.
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    Hopefully MFers will establish the full truth as best they can
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