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    Park and ride in the isle of Man means leaving your car on your drive and getting the bus. We've been through this, it is simply too small and people are too hooked on their cars for it to ever work. Look at the ongoing castletown fiasco for examples of how fucking thick and lazy people are. On the horse trams there really should have been a proper decision made at the start of the prom redesign to knock them on the head. Utterly pointless. But that decision wasn't taken, and now we're stuck with them forever, so we need to figure out how to run and use them in a better way. The current management certainly can't, their solution to everything is charge people more.
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    There are many talented people on the island, including some quite capable of being a "Manx Care" board and running the proposed "Transformation Programme". Few if any in the Civil Service for pretty obvious reasons, the Civil Service is inherently about bureaucracy and administration not leadership or change so it neither wants nor attracts many of those people. As to who the heck would want to do the job, that's another matter - it's going to be a pretty thankless task. Most of the suitable talent pool on the island doesn't need the hassle, doesn't need the money - similar problems to the inhibitors the island has in trying to get good quality politicians. Key thing is to start with people who are firmly from outside of Gov't. One of the things that worries me most about the Michaels report is the theme that the transformation team should report to the Chief Secretary. I think it should be arms length and reporting to CoMin or Tynwald, not a civil servant and not any specific minister, because otherwise innovation will be stifled.
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    Because it would cost hundreds of millions of pounds.
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    Yes HR did so well last year that 3 weeks before this TT week they still haven't even booked any security or acts and got their license withdrawn by the licensing court. They must have done that well that they couldn’t be arsed doing it all again this year
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    Yes probably a middle of the road figure of £6M and this from a department which said it would be able to operate the trams more efficiently and save costs over Douglas Corporation. The DOI is pretty much a joke how it can “save” costs by spending £6M of taxpayers money to upgrade something that has made a substantial loss for the last 20 years and more. It’s almost like it’s a competition to see how much money they can actually lose.
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    So 1200 claimants were costing some £10m. Quite a big number. Some £8300 pa per claimant. I'm not at all convinced of the basis of this action though. The Treasury Team on what salary exactly putting the squeeze on those near the bottom of the food chain to save how much? Based on what? Looks to me like some public servants trying to justify their pampered existance....
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    Well thanks for that. However, I disagree that I don’t have a perspective. I actually think the dismantling of the north western rail lines in the 70’s was a strategic mistake. I also think the Island has some incredible heritage, scenery and locations. There are some early signs of some real new impetus in focus on both the enjoyment of locals, and the benefit of tourists. However; We are dealing with the here and now. The Island is in a dire mess, across all sectors, and in respect of the horse trams, the time had come to draw a line. DBC actually demonstrated more strategic perspective than IOMG in this case. There are limits to the amount of money that can be literally pissed down the drain, and as we are using the health service in our conversation, 300k equates to around four GP’s or ten nurses. and where did the suggestion that I knew anything about the health service come from? I only worked alongside practitioners daily, and closely for twenty years, and do so daily now. And as for wider Manx life, working in the public sector, seeing first hand how departments ‘work’ and paying my taxes as a resident. Yes, I suppose you are right - clueless! and as for the boat in the morning quip - probably the biggest indictment of what remains wrong with the place. I only offer opinion. I’d be enlightened to hear an expansion of yours some time. Im sure we all would.
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    Heritage Railways are a huge draw across the UK and pull in thousands and thousands of visitors. I've been on loads, Severn Valley, Llangollen, Great Central, been to the railway museums in York (fucking amazing btw) and Crich Tramway museum, they're all really popular and very cool. And I don't even own an anorak! The point Derek Flint made about Sodor is a good one, and it is a huge shame they pulled the other tracks up. That would have been a massive draw. As it is the trains we do have are still a serious draw for tourists. I use them fairly often living down south and there is always someone on them who has traveled specifically because of them. Talk to people, you find stuff out.
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    I completely agree, if everyone on the island, man woman, child, cat, dog cow, sheep and pig broke wind at the same time, there would be a pretty much zero effect on worldwide emissions. This is like the IoM declaring war on ISIS, pretty much meaningless. If there were accurate and regular air quality information, we could measure any improvements as they are implemented! As it is we are just following the findings of science fascism which many scientists are afraid to disagree with. I fear that we will soon be banned from driving into Douglas or charged very heavily for doing so. Fuel and road taxes will rise, all to fuel the PS pension and other government waste!
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    Team from across: UK NHS does not have a good record. They may be such folks but the majority of UK NHS folk would be unsuitable for the transformation bit. UK Health Regulation / Bureaucracy: One of the greatest inhibitors to progress in the UK NHS because it is so complex that nobody wants to risk trying to invent a better wheel, the regulatory environment stifles change - but it can be done. I was part of an external organisation that forced the NHS (kicking and screaming) to adopt changes to a particular part of NHS "Guidelines", and by 'eck they fought back. (And no, I'm not putting myself up for any part of this). Change / transformation is about communication, motivation, will, coordination and enablement. Let the health professionals worry about how to change operating methods whilst remaining compliant, the job of the change leadership is to make those professionals want the change, see that it is possible, and support them in achieving it. Not going to be easy, but it is do-able.
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    You kind of get the impression that the climate emergency headline is to try and distract attention away from the fact that they are still doing fuck all about it apart from the pissing about around the edges. I suppose when you have a chief minister who drives a v8 Jag and an environment minister who drives a range rover, any action was never going to be particularly radical. A load of condescending crap!
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    ..............of the wider benefit to the economy as a visitor destination. We need things that set us apart as part of the total offering. Otherwise, why should anyone bother to set foot on the ferry or plane to come here?
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    The expression is very well known even amongst the scarcely literate.
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    But they did convince you wearing pringle was 'cool'...
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    This is well documented in this and previous threads. To give a flavour: 1. Mr stanfield cajoled the Louis group opened their building and enjoyed trips at the benefit of mr lakos, who is one of the directors banned from serving as a director by the FSC along of course with current pastor Rousseau moss also banned. I’m sure those that contributed to Louis group under the favour of living hope certainly feel aggrieved. 2. I know personally of people who attended the church in the past and dared to question the methods adopted by the leadership in never ending world wide mission trips and free gratis benefits like rent being paid whilst trying to find a house while selling their own, and all at the expense of the flock. Their questioning was met with pure venom and they were named as slanderers and where blackballed by not only the leadership but also by other members and set up as an example of how control meant no questioning was allowed. The leadership know best. They have been greatly disturbed by the hurtful ness of the experience and in many cases never went near another church, never mind the fact that in some cases the leadership would actually have born false witness to other leaders in other churches about the members behaviour. To give a flavour of this doctrine check out chris staples latest blog.https://www.four12global.com/authors/chrisstaples/dont-do-the-devils-work-for-him/ 3. The “house” nothing more needs said. 4. The secretive nature of their control now. People leave and are scared to speak up as the teaching in the church is that in speaking out against the “work” you are doing the devils work. 5. How they moved from being a satellite church of broadway baptist to getting broadway trustees to disassociate themselves from control of port st Mary church so mr stanfield could take control of all finances through his chosen directors many of whom are the pastors, deciding things like wages etc. 6. The desire to distance themselves from any other church on the island and whilst they cunningly would negate this by saying they are in various bodies that work together the reality is they see themselves as the only real church that has it right. See what happened in the schools. Many years of great work by scripture union and other church charities were nearly done away with due to people’s reluctance to have any living hope people about the place. Just a taste of many worrying things.
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    so what is the truth or is it commercial secret?
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    Even the police command team get by with one PA between the seven of them- and she is paid a lot less than this
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    I deliberately chose to use Erie for reasons that are probably lost on you.
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    Absolutely agree with your statement, the majority of UK NHS folk would indeed not be suitable (which is exactly why they need turning around) but there are now some crack teams with a proven track record of NHS Trust turnarounds (as Sir Jonathan alludes to). They often present themselves as a 'Pack of Three' - CEO, Medical Director & Finance Director / Company Secretary. Excuse the language but that do not Feck about! Their way or the highway etc. Scotland (to answer DT) is a mess, a right mess, especially in terms of budget control, outcomes and (most of all) recruitment - Wales is if anything worse. It would seem to me to be the height of planning folly to invite an English NHS turnaround specialist (Sir Jonathan), pay him for a year to compare the Island system with the English system, produce a report to that effect, have it accepted in principle, and then to turn around and say that we are going Scottish not English??????? Bizarre.
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    This is not the first time that I have heard this said recently, and by pretty wealthy and well known residents too. It actually scares me when I think of how our island is being run sometimes, we appear to make things up as we go along, with deliberately vague rules for everything. How long before every one of them just gets fed up and moves elsewhere and we lose all those inward investment opportunities? Reading through this thread, I think we are due for a serious review of our tourism offer, heritage transport has its place, usually in a museum but I'm sure it can be made to work alongside a modern transport network such as trams etc. I agree that it is part of what we offer overall to the tourist, whether they choose to ride on them or not. Without it we would just be all the poorer I feel.
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    Top post that Non-Believer.
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    Totally agree - it's not reassuring to have the transition team reporting to the top bureaucrat. As to the (eventual) membership of Manx Care I fear that, as is so often the case, the quality people won't bother, for all the reasons you list in your post, and we'll end up with Tynwald appointing their mates (again) and hence very much eroding the principal of 'arms length'.
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    Nope. Had peripheral involvement in Scottish care, but not NHS. No idea how their practices or performance might differ. If this article is true then it may be that NHS Scotland is well worth a look https://www.thenational.scot/news/16326265.can-you-compare-the-nhs-in-scotland-to-the-rest-of-the-uk/
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    Is he? Does he? Didn't know that. You've said pretty much what I said. Eire means Ireland, so why the angst about a word? The RoI constitution may have dropped the claim to NI, but that doesn't mean republicans in general have. It's still a bit Irish that the word for Ireland in the Irish language is considered to be a pejorative in my book.
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    That is the 'Premier Inn Franchise Fee'
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    And Govt delegations to New Zealand. And such.
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    @ Sultan: I never get hot under the collar on here. Or at least not for a very long time now. There really is no point. I just laugh when I see people indulging in such behaviour. I've just reread my post you cited and I really think you are imagining heat there. I'm just asking the "research, evidence, invest" protagonists for some pointers. That's all. Or do we just give up? From your above comment concerning pensioners and middle aged men, I can only conclude that you never actually see the passengers on the trains and trams. They come from the widest cross section of age and type profiles.
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    Pay licensing fees and TT sponsorship to the commercially astute Gods in the DfE to keep them in jobs according to Joe Bean! Otherwise he’s a TT sponger!
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    What an incredibly stupid comment - the Golf club I used to be a member of never belligerently promised me an afterlife if I kept up a membership or that I'd burn forever if I didn't, there was some bigoted individuals but they never brainwashed me against homosexuality or abortion. A donation should be just that and nothing promised or expected in return - let alone eternal life.......
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    There is a distinct difference in what attracts some visitors now and what you invest in to attract visitors in the future. Coach loads of older visitors are fine but they represent a shrinking market. Victorian quaintness is not necessarily attractive to our future visitors. Investment needs to be based on research and evidence-based strategy. I just don’t see half a million pounds annually sitting very well in such a strategy, if return on investment is a consideration. And it should be.
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    I'm sorry, but this is simply wrong. Coachloads of people every week come over to travel the railways. They do most definitely provide an incentive to travel to the Island. The combination of Victorian transport systems on the Island is unique in the world and the people who come for the first time are totally enchanted by what they find here. We seem to have a lot of people who know the cost of everything and the value of nothing. I find it astonishing that some see no value whatsoever in the wealth of treasures that we are so lucky to have. What is needed is much better marketing, and FAR less pen pushers attached to the services who raise the costs without adding any value. As far as the operational staff at the coal face is concerned, if anything there is too much casual cheap labour and not enough of the decades of experience that was once there. They got rid of lots of people in a very short space of time and brought in seasonal contracts without guaranteed hours. They lost an awful lot of operational knowledge in so doing.
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    To be honest, they'd be better off putting together a team from across with a previous track record of producing change of this scale in a health setting - I'm sure that Sir Jonathan could make enquiries. The sheer volume and scope of policies and procedures, protocols, not to mention actual Acts of Parliament is daunting to adopt on a week by week update basis - the idea of starting where Nobles currently is, and achieving all that in the given timescale is something that I cannot even imagine being achieved - and I've overseen it for my own healthcare businesses for the last 15 years. Pure 'business' businessmen may well be what is required in many financial respects - but unless they are already in healthcare then the terminology alone can take years to master, the NHS really is a one-off institution and as for CQC!!! It needs a team that could hit the ground running - a 'learning as you go along' approach would quickly get bogged down in detail (usually detail produced by those with an agenda against change in the first place) - it can be draining taking those sort of people on (not to mention the unions) - and they seem to have an inbuilt miraculous ability to produce a rule or regulation from some dark corner to say "you can't do that - it says so here". You need people who cannot be waffled because they have already been there and done it in terms of large-scale change in a health setting. It's tough.
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    The 'truth' is it's ' a commercial secret'. If some bright spark like Dilli wants to establish facts, perhaps he should try and set something like that project up with Government - he may then understand just how incorrect his comments are. Saying that, he's never going to as he'd rather post on here, firing cheap shots at any and everyone, instead of growing a pair, getting off his backside and actually make a positive contribution to something worthwhile.
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    Also agree - anything will run at its best if it is run by enthusiasts and few are more enthusiastic than volunteers. Answer = get volunteers. There is a snag.There is but a small group of potential volunteers from which you can draw.For a job that requires some degree of fitness the list gets smaller and they tend to come from the recently-retired group. As retirement age goes up, this group will be increasingly lost to the voluntary sector .If they live to stagger into retirement they will no longer be able -or willing to take on anything much.
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    I agree these things often work better in the hands of enthusiasts and volunteers. i don’t think it was foreseeable in the 70s - Blaneu-ffestinog was a similar example. Look at it now
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    Indeed. The current picture seems to paint far more than a thousand words.
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    It’s a bit like paying a subscription for religious porn I suppose.
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    Stop making a tit of yourself again. It’s not ‘Erie’ or ‘Eire’, it’s ‘The Republic of Ireland’. That’s been the official name since 1949. I know you went to King Bill’s, but that’s not really an excuse for not knowing the name of the country 52 miles to the West of the island you grew up on. It’s ‘Éire’, in Irish (‘Éirinn’ in the dative), but when you’re writing in English you are a bona fide bellend if you refer to other countries by misspelled attempts at their native names.
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    https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/business/rails-failed-liverpool-tram-scheme-15606876 In March 2015, an advert was placed in Tramways and Urban Transit magazine to sell the rails. In April 2015, Merseytravel approved the sale of the steel. 700 rails were sold to the Isle of Man Government for £200,140 £285.91 per rail. Get rid of the trams. Absolutely horrific waste of money. And, an accident waiting to happen by placing them in the middle of the road.
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    Does he look like he gives a fuck?
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    the trouble is that many individuals CLAIM to adhere to a religion but basically are a bunch of self serving shysters fleecing gullible folk . The joke of it is ,on this island , some of these same folk are afforded greater credibility than other members of the island community , even when they are caught out and prosecuted.
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    I disagree. their absence wouldn’t have made any difference to visitor numbers
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    Quayle not passing wind would be of more benefit to the climate.
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    I anticipate that Michaels would view the membership of the Manx Care Board itself (let’s say 5 people...perhaps a few more) as derived from, say, a prominent successful businessman, a third sector “leader”, a respected retired clinician, a second person with a commercial background and “community leader” (whatever that actually means) along the lines of the Boards that run UK NHS Foundation Trusts, of which, of course, Michaels has chaired several. The managerial structure of Manx Care will largely be the existing DHSC “delivery” personnel, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see an appointment from off-Island as CEO of Manx Care (I’d be pretty certain it will have one). Just as long as they don’t replicate Charters. Edited to add - a quick Google has shown that the UK's Health and Social Act 2012 sets out details of the roles and responsibilities of Foundation Trust Governors and Members, with the former seemingly appointed by way of elections. This all seems a little elaborate for us, if it's a model that Michaels favours for Manx Care. One other thing I'd be wary of is that, while Michaels is right to highlight to the need for patient/public involvement in healthcare delivery matters, there's always a risk with any public involvement of it gravitating towards the zealots, because people with an agenda are always the ones who get off their arses. Their agenda is very infrequently our agenda. I see that the Health and Care Association (HACA) have already been in Manx Radio's website headlines pushing their view. Whereas HACA may be sweetness and light now for all I know, it needs to be remembered that it was set up by Beecroft and the sceptic in me anticipates that it may well still be a vehicle for the voice of Beecroft. Now that's a voice that we certainly don't need in shaping healthcare delivery!
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    Now starting to wade through the report and this just about sums up what a lot of people already knew. If this is just one department, I can only imagine what it must be like government-wide.
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    What community work?, OK they run some childrens clubs and some counselling which as they title on there own website is missionary work, not really serving the community above their own need to recruit new followers / money. If there were a desperate need for a new church, then it would be a multi-faith centre serving our growing muslim and eastern orthodox community along side humanists and the like.
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    Just back after your ban and you start...
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