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    I believe that after the success of the horse tram 2019 launch the DoI is taking over TT2020 and running races only from the Grandstand to the bottom of Bray Hill and back again. Lap records will be broken for sure (will anyone beat the 38 second lap?) and nobody will question the other 37 miles missing out of the 'old' course. Low cloud over the mountain will certainly no longer be an issue and the roads can be closed for fixing potholes over the fortnight instead.
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    Sad to see on facebook, that Peter Hickman is blaming the scrutineers for his failure to win in the senior today. He said he wanted the same bike he won on yesterday to race today as they were aware they had problems with the other bike. The scrutineers btw wanted the race winning bike stripped down for inspection as is the norm, but hickman says they should have just sealed the engine. You came second mate, get over it and stop taking the glory away from the winner. ( Dean Harrison ) I fucking hate bad losers.
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    It does remind me of an episode many years ago which I may have related on here before. Mrs W had a close friend when we were all in our early 20s, and this friend had caught the eye of what might be termed a man of substance who lived with his parents in a large country house. Fit, handsome and clearly from a moneyed family, he was potentially quite a catch. The young lady was excited at her prospects with him and even more so when the dashing suitor invited her home to meet mum and dad. On the appointed evening, she had made every effort to impress with her appearance and was sitting in the large and luxurious lounge when she thought she caught a whiff of something, while simultaneously glancing down at her shoe. To her profound horror she realised that she had acquired a thick, juicy turd which was perfectly speared halfway up her right stiletto heel. The lady of the house seemed understanding as she brought a box of tissues, wordlessly handing them over while averting both her gaze and her nose. The night passed off as well as could be expected under the circumstances, but after returning her home he never called again. Must have seen it as a bad omen. The vicissitudes of romance.
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    RIP Dr John, loved your music.
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    it's just courteous to ask if folk would prefer that you remove outdoor shoes before tramping over their carpets.
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    Yes. Spread out the cops on the Ramsey - Laxey road. Riding standards are getting worse year by year. I have never seen riding as bad as this year. The ratio of idiots to good sensible riders is changing fast and not in a good way. There are still loads of very good, even good quick riders who do not deserve to be tarred with the same brush as the lunatic minority.
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    it was a joky response to Uhtred's reference to her leather beauties! lol
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    Well that's it for another year. Crap weather this year but some good racing overall. Only 351 days to go till TT 2020
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    Is that the TT finished for another year now or is there another race still to go because of the weather?
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    It was supposed to rain but it didn’t.
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    Even worse are people who put the space before the full stop, or write etc as ect.
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    I think I read somewhere years ago that the Steamy profit margin was then in excess of 30%. I don't know how true that is because it was a private company. Maybe it was just "man in the pub" talk. In the absence of accounts, I also don't know how much heed this took of the periodic requirement for fleet replacement. Figures without context are meaningless. Now that it is owned by the government are we going to see accounts published? As for acceptable net profit margins more generally, unless your offering is a monopoly or totally innovative or unique in your market, you will be doing very well indeed to top 10%, despite all of the talk of profiteering that we hear. Manx Gas is under the cosh for its 10% when similar utilities are making only 5%. 15% is excellent and unusual. Supermarkets make about 2% nett. Amazon, about 1.75% and that after 20 years of massive losses funded by shareholders and grinding businesses that could not survive at that level into the ground. The business model is the hope of jam tomorrow driving a relentless rise in the share price. They never paid a dividend and never likely to, but if you got in early you made a killing on the stock.
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    ..and have an issue with using the space bar after a full stop.
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    What about being careful not to walk in dog shit etc. and wiping your feet on the doormat as you enter? I think I would prefer such wiped soles on my carpet to taking a chance that someone has godawful stinking feet like rotting hunks of flesh hanging from their ankles, the evidence of which would linger in the room long after they departed. Cannot abide sweaty feet and some sufferers are blissfully unaware.
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    Lots of MF members just rushed to garden centres or B&Q to buy “take your shoes off” door signs.
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    First you bring up three year old ‘news’ just so you can call Muhammad Ali by his former name, (yet strangely you always refer to Stephen Yaxley-Lennon by his made-up name). Next you make an unsubstantiated claim about his conversion and fail to post a link. The article you mention doesn’t say ‘the conversion was done to avoid the draft’ - so looking for that was a wild goose chase, it says that he refused the draft because he was scared that the Nation of Islam would shoot him if he did. Bit of a wild claim if you ask me - where would be safer if you were in fear of assassins than joining the US military, knowing that you wouldn’t be sent to the front line? The allegation is based on a couple of third hand reports of conversations with other people. Might be some truth in it, but who knows? The article was written by Paul Beston, who mostly works for a right wing outlet called ‘The American Spectator’ - owned by Alfred Regnery, a first cousin to William Regnery who publishes ‘The Occidental Quarterly’ a racist and anti-Semitic journal, and founded the National Policy Institute which employs the neo-Nazi alleged wife-beater Richard Spencer. You need help, Rog.
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    But he's already shot it.
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    Of course if we attracted a similar number of tourists to any other event, none would ever be killed or injured on the roads while visiting. Safest in the world when the TT isn't on
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    A more welcome rant I’ve yet to read...
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    Do you get many guests TJ? Just ones in long white coats. As in the song by NapoleonX1V
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    He did his national service so he could shag the underage Priscilla!
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    Just waiting out now for the official DfE stats showing that it's been a record breaking year in all areas. Skelly and RC will be trumpeting increased TT visitor numbers, Steamie overwhelmed by bikes and vehicles carried, sales and licence revenues all up from last year and 2020 bookings already full and exceeding this year's. And yet another tier of DfE employment needing to be created to cope with it all.
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    I understand that the Marshals won the Spirit of the TT award. Do each of the Marshall’s get anything? A medal presented by the Hon Member for Onchan? You know what would be nice if the Motorsports Team actually took over Villa Marina and created a banquet and decent live entertainment for the Motorsports Marshals. This could come out of the Motorsports/Starship Enterprise budget. Really, having a person like RC thank me would leave a bad taste in the mouth. On this island we have a knack of taking those who genuinely put something back into their leisure activity, for granted, whilst those civil servants in the Motorsports Team along with their Politico ‘great leader’ struts the islands stage pretending their something important.
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    In all fairness if he is as wonderful and as good as what his CV sounds, he should be able to perform miracles and make sure IOM is at the centre of Whitehall sphere, and London looks favourably on the island when devising policy. What does fill me with a real sense of foreboding is if HRH The Chief Minister has had some control during the recruitment and selection process - GOD HELP US - remember CHARTERS! I did read something, that Mr Boxer was supposed to have come to island years ago to watch the TT?
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    Yes but that would have meant predicting the future. Today’s prediction (based on science) stayed that it would rain heavily from late morning on until tomorrow . By the time the Senior finished the organisers probably decided they were lucky it finished in the dry and called it quits Of course, if they’d had you and lightbulb in the office meeting to discuss closures, you could have told them categorically that it wouldn’t start raining today till 5pm. You missed your chance there today boys.
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    What happend to all this rain we were supposed to get, be flooded out by 12 noon, but not a spot of rain at 4.30pm, they could have run the 4 lap sidecar event, so what went wrong ?
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    Ah, well that is a different matter. Of course, if the shoes are a disgrace then the boorish behaviour has moved to the other side of the equation. All it needs is civility on both sides, really. Just common sense and common courtesy.
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    Take your point "JW", my step father was wheelchair bound and I got a bit sniffy when folk asked me instead of addressing him , my response was "It's only his legs that don't work too well his head is perfectly OK why don't you ask him" . Similarly my old mum at 90 responded to a nurse calling her sweetie by saying "Really nurse that is no way to address an adult " ...made me so proud. A work colleague , way back , with Spina Bifida ,hated people leaning on/pushing his wheelchair without asking him for permission .
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    Sad news indeed. The problem with policing is that in general it is evidence-based and intelligence-led. So that is where you position your patrols, and lobby the DOI for better speed controls. The problem with the current set up is that the Mountain Road arrangements are massively labour intensive. Permanent car at the Creg (could be sorted with barriers). One at Brandywell (to close Road in event of collision between there and Creg) One at Bungalow (to close road in case of collision at Hailwoods Rise) and theee, but preferably four at Hairpin (one to respond to collision, one to close at Hairpin, one to close and one to back up for the big one. That is seven units that can’t be carrying out preventive work anywhere else. Which brings us to the reality that solving the Mountain dilemma is the game changer
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    That is why you have all your alter egos, you are lonely.
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    Just mention Everest...
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    In other words, you are just a faceless loser...
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    Are we talking about the legendary "Norseman" on here.The clown Bernie Moffatt has never had anything to offer and has been a failure since he worked in Norman Corletts yard all those years ago making tiles as no-one else would employ him.Then he got on the Government gravy train and then "became" a trade union organiser (lower case intended) and passed on his job to his equally hapless buddy Mick Hewitt and then his daughter.And then back again.Those trade union organisers are positively incestuous.Added to the fact that they have never had a vote in their lives the whole situation is laughable.Do not get me started on the celtic league and organisation that has more letters than members...
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    They would have to be de-clawed first. Think of the risk
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    An acolyte? No I'm not religious. The PO strike thread - you have a long memory for people with a different opinion to your own. Take a chill pill and stop hurling abuse at anyone with a different point of view to your own.
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    That explanation fails Occam's Razor.
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    Its been known about for some time (6 or 7 years). They and the Steam Packet and other Ferry companies have had plenty of time to modify or adapt. All new tonnage has been fitted with LNG power for a number of years. Any new Steam Packet boats will also be fitted with LNG engines. Brittany Ferries did decide to put in after market scrubbers, even entered into contracts, but that was cancelled and they've gone ahead with a massive replacement spending spree, getting the new ferries designed and built by Stena, who will lease them to BF. New build is not without its problems. The two new biggest CalMac LNG powered ferries, being built on the Clyde, are 18 months behind in construction and at 100% cost over run.
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    You are completely missing the point. The law ( Road Closing Order ) and offences under the Road Races Act and the Road Closing Order are clearly and incontrovertibly in the general interest. Whether or not to hold the races may, or may not, be in the general interest. Once the decision is made to hold them, then regulations to enforce public safety and racer safety by stopping the public being on closed roads is in the general interest. i know nothing about the case apart from what is posted here, and media reports. None of which is clear. But if, and it may be a big if, someone was on the course, threatened to go on the course, was waving a weapon, then that would give rise to a reasonable suspicion, engaging the right to restrain, and to go onto, and into, private property to restrain, and to remove the weapon, as long as the requirements in the last subsection are complied with. so the power is proportionate, and compliant, and the HRA/ECHR is not engaged. Whether the guy is guilty is for the courts. As long as they had reasonable grounds the marshals are immune from claim for false detention.
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    You appear to be mistaken. That trip was what is referred to in technical terms as “a jolly”.
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    Don’t dispute any of that Derek but it seems to me that any local complexion/Manxness/awareness of our particular nature because senior civil servants are local people, was lost a very long time ago. We clearly have a civil service; there isn’t a Manx civil service though.
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    What happened to the methods we were supposed to be plagiarising from New Zealand too?
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    Renault Clio, cost me £1800 3 years ago and still going strong. It's a lump of metal that gets me from A to B and it's economical. Leaves me to spend my money on travel and nice holidays, not gazing at an even shinier lump of metal sat on my drive.
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    Know a young fellow who doesn't earn a lot but finds enough to lease a flashy car. Don't know why, but it's important to him. Seems a good way to throw money away to me, but each to their own.
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