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    I was much amused to see that IOM “Newspapers” website reported that a man made “lude” comments to a female police officer. Obviously worse than rude but not quite lewd, so lude it was.
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    Ah, but our airport is naturally of much higher status and would be a much higher value target for a terrorist attack. Like everything else over here. Apparently.
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    The unfortunate victim in this is still in a serious way, properly knackered. So all you Lycra haters, just think about what can happen, all big balls on here and in the car calling Lycra wankers but that ordinary person you then hit and turn into a brain dead or kill was someone’s father/ mother, son/daughter, brother/sister. So stop being a compete cunt and just give the Lycra wankers room. They don’t hold you up and they don’t need to pay “road tax” (whatever that is) and you’d be rather surprised how many have insurance.
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    not yet, give it time. remember how diesel went up in price when diesel cars became mainstream, get ready for electric to go up in the same way.
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    I don't believe in mixing my cultural references, or my drinks.
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    The problem is Roger that no matter what evidence anybody produces in support of cyclists, it doesn’t fit in with the anti cyclists rantings. Yes there are idiot cyclists but my guess is there are more inconsiderate motorists.
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    Taking the piss a bit above but just take the Vic ST trams, why not restore them? Because they would be a damn nuisance ! Why not close down the MER and Steam Trains? Because they are NOT a damn nuisance. Should these Prom works have been taken as an opportunity to get rid a the Horse Trams? Yes. Why, because they are a damn nuisance!!!
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    TBH to describe it as a security fence is laughable, it is little more than a garden chainlink boundary and if someone wanted to get in , well they could without much effort at all ! Box ticking of the highest order !
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    Maybe it was a different sort of 'lude?
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    Thats why Rob is grandstanding re rent increases for public sector and/or deficiency payments and/or Onchan commissioners rents (even though theyre the only ones who count their sheltered accom separate). The person with responsibilty for LA housing in DoI? Why, his likely rival next time up, the other mhk for Onchan, Mrs Edge.
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    What this boils down to is that onchan mhks dont have anything to do with bins and dogshit in lakeside (garff). The sooner our supposed national politicians stopped dicking around with local authority matters and questioning operational matters the better.
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    Highly probably because there aren’t any. You’re clutching at straws to try to challenge manxst. I couldn't find any examples, though individual traffic accidents of any type tend not to appear when you google because they rarely appear in national papers. But it's not implausible is it? For example: a pedestrian unexpectedly steps off a pavement into the path of a cyclist who falls off, hitting their head or ending up under another vehicle. Remember all the statistics are about which categories of road user are involved, not who causes any particular accident. To get reliable figures for that you'd need to find and go through thousands of coroners' findings at least. The figures we do have, as others have pointed out, show just how tiny the involvement of cyclists is in pedestrian deaths. As the Full Fact website pointed out last August[1]: Of course even that comparatively tiny number may not all be caused by the cyclists involved. As in my example, pedestrians can also be careless or feckless (there's some discussion in the US about whether an increase in pedestrian deaths is affected by smartphone use), but no one suggests that we should all be forced to take out Third Party insurance before we step out of the front door. Of course cyclists can also be aggressive and incompetent - angry Middle Aged Men In Lycra who think the roads are for their own personal convenience and everyone else is wrong[2]. But they're probably behave the same when they get behind the wheel of a car - and much more dangerous. [1] There's some interesting other information in there as well, notably the fact that the most vulnerable road users (per journey-mile) aren't cyclists or road users but motorcyclists. Which makes sense when you consider they combine the physical exposure of cyclists with much higher speeds. [2] I speak as someone who was once nearly mown down by Boris Johnson. Mercifully he wasn't in lycra.
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    Usually he knocks shit out of women, least he’s toned that down.
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    I think we are a bit slow to catch up with what is going on in the depths of society sometimes. People in government positions are not up to speed with the unfortunate, it would help if a more diverse type of politician was elected and not the usual out of touch moron that we tend to have who lurks around the retirement homes at election time!
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    BM4Mbi or whoever said..... Should've made the JUrby Airships work then, shouldn't they? Also, the Port Soderick and Falcon Cliff funiculars, Douglas head tram and why not put the trams back in Victoria St??? Could bring in millions???
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    Douglas. The arse wipe of Onchan.
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    Maybe the focus is to get rid or lower the number of car journeys. How’s that for forward thinking. Time people realised the car isn’t the be all.
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    You will find that he generally follows this forum relentlessly 24/7. Quite why nobody knows. Years ago good old Neddy Flanders (another Onchan based RC) used to do exactly the same. I’m not sure whether having those initials and being an Onchan MHK is a contributing factor to obsessively following Manx Forums and then making embarrassing statements when you see negative comments about yourself or not.
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    It must be shuffle time. Whom do you think will get social housing?, as I don't believe it will be you if you can't spell it correctly..
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    Taken from a drone, allegedly, equipped with night-vision. Possibly from 10,000 feet or more. What benefit a false flag operation? Do those nations really want to go to war? The Ayatollah's might want the escalation but I doubt very much the majority ot the Iranian people have the stomach for it, they've suffered enough via the sanctions imposed on them as a result of their supremacist leaders and the power struggles with the arabs, especially the Sauds. Nothing new there. Of course, it could've been that evil Mossad trying to stir things up. If anyone is going to bite it'll be the Israelis, they have the most to fear from a nuclear-capable Iran.
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    Meanwhile I can just afford to buy a car for £1000ish and keep it maintained myself to save costs. Leasing sounds like fairyland.
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    My take on car leasing. It can be a good way to drive a £45k car for £15k over three years. If you are self employed or in a partnership. You could claim back 50% of that as a tax deduction. If you are VAT registered then 50% of that as well.
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    It looks like a skidmark rather a burnout Max, and there are "skips" in it towards the end. Take a look if you're passing that way, I think it'll be there a while
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    You do understand that people are debating accidents with cyclists? Accidents being the appropriate word. There is nobody going round deliberately trying to kill or injure cyclists using their cars in the IOM. Unfortunately our narrow roads are not really suited to mixed traffic. So god only knows why Ray Harmer and his team seem to be focusing a lot of their efforts on getting more cyclists to use our totally lethal road network and putting in ever more dangerous cycling lanes like the one in Ramsey. Perhaps the focus should be on more off road cycleways and paths. It’s not like we dont have the space where they wouldn’t need insurance or to pay road tax anyway.
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    More nonsense? More nonsense than what as I rarely express any opinion about your good self as more often than not it seems to inevitably lead to long and embarrassing forum meltdowns (such as this). To be honest that’s quite rude with respect and I think you will find it was Ian Rush who suggested that not me. I just agreed with him. You should at least get your facts straight. You do seem to make quite a fool of yourself on here frequently jumping to silly conclusions about posts you don’t like about yourself.
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    3 under 30 years old suicides already in June both male and female - there is a very visible and ignored mental health problem on the Island which massively out weighs the UK stats - I don't have an answer or any suggestions but the Govt need to take urgent and immediate steps - it is endemic almost epidemic and requires immediate assistance.
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    @Sheldon My hopes for the phrase "gargle blaster" in the middle of your post have been cruelly dashed.
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    He meant next October not the last one (the Report was only produced this Spring). The 'two sittings' rule[1] is meant to give the civil servants enough time to produce a 'response', though you'd hope the normal lead in time to a Tynwald sitting would be enough - especially as they probably have copies of the Reports before they are published and may have input and given evidence. Effectively it means a delay of 2-3 months before any recommendations are considered - enough time to let any public fuss and anger die down, claim that everything has changed since the report was written and nobble the politicians to vote against anything that doesn't suit. It's yet another way in which even the limited powers of scrutiny that Tynwald has over the Executive are undermined, and increasingly so. [1] According to the footnote to Section 5.18(3) of Tynwald Standing Orders
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    Thats a bit like my printer, it died, so a google search revealed that the printer was programed to print a certain number of copies before throwing up errors, and someone had built software to overcome this, which i downloaded to the printer, and it still works fine to this day.
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    Surely the new RADAR is now the old RADAR, and will need to be replaced soon, along with the old fence ?
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    Come on, you're all thinking it, aren't you? It's a concealed 5G mast from a pan-Galactic mega civilization who want to be alerted when we've evolved enough to be ready for the technology. They could at least have buried it in Tycho.
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    two hospitals. one social care system how hard can it be ?
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    ............ Or Douglas Corpy Estates, Willaston, Pully/Spring Valley and Anagh Coar.
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    There's not a single member of that outfit that could run a bath let alone a town!
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    Lovely example of how seemingly disparate areas of maths are in fact connected.
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    Not can, already is!
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    A rare dose of sanity. Most will just get angry at the headline figures, though and the act surprised years down the line when we've cut back on everything "unprofitable" and there's nothing left.
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    Thanks for the info Rob. It does seem a bit odd that having produced your report quite quickly in about four months, Tynwald has to wait another four to debate it.
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    Crisis intervention charities are doing what they can Government has abdicated responsibility for the vulnerable
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    Because that’s as long as the incumbent will be able to last before burnout
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    All power/authority is being gathered in the Cabinet Office?
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    It would if they forced the bikes to be registered and have plates. Stops the smarmy cyclist riding off after maiming someone without being caught.
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    It will take two years to recruit via the convolutions of Jobtrain alone. Is there a Harley requirement for this?
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    What the hell? I am trying to help you present a coherent argument and asking if you understand the technical detail you have copied and pasted. Your childish little outburst really confirms that you do not understand it. I appreciate that you have concerns over 5G and that is fine but you need to understand the subject before you can preach about it.
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    There was a guy who was involved with the grandstand pit lane, parc firma etc who introduced a whistle - rather than shout like a bastard at 100 revving bikes that they could now take their bikes onto Glencrutchery Road start line. It was an excellent idea and worked very well but they sacked him. He was from England and did not realise the golden rules of the Isle of Man - no idea no matter how good or sensible, will be accepted unless it comes from (or is made to appear to come from) a senior Manx member of an organisation. This phenomenon is most striking in government.
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    Richard is not being lazy. We want to know that you understand what you have copied and pasted. I could copy of paste pages on Quantum Dynamics and Chaos Theory whilst not understanding one word of it yet say that it supports my argument that the sky is falling down. If you are going to post technical details you should be able to interpret what is being said.
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    Do you regret being a tool? the article doesn't say the cyclist weren't insured, but if someone hits someone else the injured party don't usually claim on their insurance. They claim on the other driver's. The courts found this driver guilty so why would the injured party need to claim off their own insurance and potentially lose any NCB etc? Cyclists should not have to have insurance, that would stop children from using pedal cycles and what about pedestrians?? This is just a bigoted rant against cyclists with a good measure of homophobia thrown in.
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    European or African? And presumably unladen?
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