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    I don't think it's much to do with this administration. It's just another block out of the "Independent, self-governing nation" bollocks that is maintained to keep the local establishment in jobs and egos. We do as we are told, simple as. And if that means making public who beneficiaries are, then we'll be told to do it. We don't even get a say in or know who uses our "independent" airspace either. It's all a very, very expensive sham.
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    FFS, it doesn't make any difference to anything, they are all the same. Might as well have Kim Kardashian for PM for all the difference it would make.
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    I don't see what all the fuss is about. It's not as if we ever really had a choice in the matter. What are we going to do, declare independence? Not going to happen as long as the UK has a navy, air force, and land army, and no wish to let us have our independence. The Isle of Man might sell kool aid to everyone else, pretending we're independent to justify a unique position as a tax jurisdiction, but we should never drink our own kool aid and believe such nonsense. We're the UK's little client state under colonial governance. What they should do is make the beneficial ownership register so you have to physically walk in an office and pay for access and specify what you're asking for, not give any sort of index or search function. Keep it old school. That should slow down dick heads like Murphy.
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    He had no choice. Anyone labouring under the misapprehension that IOMG actually has any clout in wider affairs is deluded. We did exactly as we are told. This may actually be the start of the rout of offshore. And if labour get in....
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    I think you’re deliberately mis quoting me to over complicate it as I went on to say “Compulsory third party insurance for all public road using cyclists makes perfect sense.“ Many or most cyclists don’t actually use public roads. On the last point. I have a classic car I use three times a year but I still have to tax it for the whole year, and insure it for the whole year regardless that it drives about 200 miles a year. It’s not really any different to an occasional [road using] bike user.
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    For every cyclist? Every small child on their first bike or person who gets theirs out once a month? It's an enormous amount of bureaucracy to cover a very low level of risk, especially from such sort of users. As discussed the very low additional cost of Third Party on broader cycling insurance implies that it is a very low level of risk indeed. Other countries that have tried registration and compulsory insurance (you need the first for the second obviously), such as Switzerland, have abolished them because of the cost of bureaucracy and those who have retained registration do it for theft prevention (for which there are voluntary schemes). I know there are those who love the idea of even more bureaucracy on the Island so we can employ even more civil servants and impose even more stealth taxes. I've not noticed it being that popular on Manx Forums before.
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    Seems fair enough, especially for a small place. The NHS in its present form even for a place the size of the UK is unaffordable and must be funded other than just by direct taxation. For the IOM it's crazy to even try to continue using the UK NHS model.
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    No. She started hitting me back.
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    These things tend to draw out over many years. As a case in point, look at the long process that has ensued from the EU declaring the IOM resident/non-resident company regime harmful in the late 90s. IOM announced zero/10 then took years to implement. Then implemented with DPC which was also found harmful. Then brought in ARI which was also declared harmful. Promised to abolish ARI and finally did so in 2012 with unspecified anti-avoidance measures to combat abuse. So we are almost 20 years on in this wrangle but we still have zero tax for non-resident companies and their members. It's an ongoing game.
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    Precisely. Some people in the herd avidly continue to believe in the myth to the extent that we should tell our masters to do one. Time to wake up and smell the coffee. And when they've done that, start asking some questions about how much it actually costs the local taxpayers to run our "independent" government with its dozens of politicians at all levels and their expensive entourage of thousands.
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    As for the leadership, a more unsavoury bunch would be hard to envisage unless it included Corbyn, Abbott et al.
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    With the possible exceptions of Stewart and Javid I quake at the thought of any of these freaks exerting influence over the governance of the UK. This is not about the well-being of the UK or its relationship with Europe. This is all about survival of the Conservative party and self-promotion.
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    The UK psc register is without verification and I have known at least one manifestly stupid registration. Trying to correct it with CRO was equally frustrating. I am sure there are more examples. I believe csps in the UK are going to be subject to better regulation. About time, I had a long running argument with one who saw nothing wrong with having nominee declarations from directors and got into quite a heated conversation about how not only was the declaration useless, it was probably a breach of director's duties.
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    Though it was funny in 1990(?) when Suzuki managed to strike a deal to sponsor all the bales round the course in a Honda anniversary year..?
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    I'd actually rather they be sent to South Korea and learn the virtues of free market economics.
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    Rather than Apron wearing secret handshaking bible quoting brown enveloping TT contracting awarding Freemasons waiting for the next drop Max as is the norm...
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    Do you squeak when you walk?
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    They should be identified and sent to re-education centres.
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    Who are these weirdos that sit in the gallery anyway? I mean, I can understand if they're family or friends and about to meet up with one of the MHKs for dinner afterwards but I can't for the life of me imagine being sad enough to want to sit and watch a session of the Keys. I'd sooner sit and talk to pigeons at Lord Street.
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    The only person on here who isn't an anti-Callister troll is that nice Teddy Smith bloke.
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    Gladys has been quiet for a while I hope he is ok.
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    Well yes but the Irish guy was quite cooperative and polite and got £1,000 fine and the local who was abusive and carried on regardless was fined £250.
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    CaN wE iNsUrE pEdEsTrIaNs ToO.
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    There must be a loophole designed into it surely?
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    This is the second or third time this has been mooted on these boards but nobody seems to be able to flesh it out. Though I suppose if the VAT share had been increased they'd want to keep it quiet. Firstly to keep Richard Murphy and Co. in blissful ignorance. And secondly to keep the local plebs off the streets who might otherwise be asking why they're still being personally taxed to the hilts whilst IoMG has started creaming it in from elsewhere again?
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    I was just interested what was said as I haven’t seen any mention in the media or Facebook who I’d have thought would have been all over such a gaffe. Interesting answer. So are you suggesting that he also regularly posts here under a pseudonym? I don’t think asking people to back up silly statements voluntarily made is trolling either.
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    I was so shocked I didn't really take it all in My impression was Mr Callister was unhappy that he is targeted more by you MF Trolls if he posts under his real name
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    I need a walking/jogging one, thanks for the offer though.
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    Only as good as the information coming from other jurisdictions though, in the case of foreign registered corporate entities.
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    This is the worst game ever!
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    I wouldn't recommend buying a cheap treadmill (unless its for a dog). ETA - there is a place you can rent gym stuff, I don't know anything about it but maybe you could rent a decent machine for less than the cost of buying one (your probably looking at £150-£200 for a cheap and crappy treadmill at best)
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    I largely agree with Woolley on this. The IOM will continue one way or another to find tax advantages over other countries. I am fairly sure that this is the end of the CSP a d TSP business though. Obviously a small residue will carry on just like tourism. But the large offices staffed by bookkeepers etc are at an end.
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    Some interesting statistics on page 32 (of the PDF) of the IOMFSA’s annual report: https://www.iomfsa.im/media/2489/fsa-annual-report-2017-2018.pdf Whilst some CSPs focus only on class 4 corporate activities, most fiduciary firms also undertake class 5 trust and trustee activities, plus of course a few also do class 3 fund admin work. But just focussing on the traditional trust and company work, and with the enormous caveat that the income derived from, and the employment/work associated with servicing, will differ from structure to structure, so looking at numbers of structures/entities alone may not in itself lead to meaningful conclusions. That said, it seems that IOM companies represent around 27.5% of the total number of structures being served (28% if the F register companies are included). No doubt for many of these structures, the beneficial owners will not care about disclosure, but some certainly will, and this could result in one of two outcomes - the structure being redomiciled elsewhere but the admin remaining in the IOM (in which case, the only loser is the IOM Govt in terms of registry fees), or the client being lost to another territory, in which case both public and private sector lose out. Incidentally, comparing these statistics with those from the companies registry, IOM CSPs are responsible for around 50% of all IOM 1931 Act companies and apparently 91% (***) of 2006 Act companies (*** Given that 2006 Act companies MUST engage a CSP as their registered agent, this figure should be 100% - there is clearly a 10% error between the figures generated by IOMFSA and the Registry).
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    No one said access to said public register had to be free. £1,000 admin fee per access request should do it.
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    I've read that comment regularly on here for over 10 years and elsewhere for much longer. Perhaps one day it will be true.
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    Of course not! Boris knows that good tories always always always vote with their wallets. So he started his campaign by announcing tax cuts to folks on £50k+ to guarantee the 100k or so membership vote for him. Simples.....
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    Double space before the second instance of the word now. No full stop at the end of the sentence. "Now that I have" instead of "Now I got" The second "now" is repetitive and superfluous.
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    No one is denying something had to be done. It was just the heartless way she did it. But hell, they don't vote tory etc..... The folks in the EU have nothing but hatred for Boris and his lies. Don't forget there's someone still languishing in an Iranian prison because of him....
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    I doubt very much if there's anyone in the UK who doesn't realise that something had to be done. But the way she did it, sacrificing whole communities on the alter of political dogma? Little wonder there was such an outpouring of hatred at her demise. As to this crop of self-serving chinless wonders I have to say this made me smile: Rory Stewart is ‘active MI6 agent infiltrating extreme right-wing organisation’ RORY Stewart is an active MI6 agent currently in deep cover in an extreme right-wing group planning to devastate Britain, sources have revealed. https://www.thedailymash.co.uk/politics/politics-headlines/rory-stewart-is-active-mi6-agent-infiltrating-extreme-right-wing-organisation-20190618186714
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    The BBC is biased and is crap. Even the constant repeats are crap. As for that Lineker crisp eating creature he is crap.
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    You ain't diddly pat in Tynwad unless you have had a thread on ya on Manx Forums. (and btw Juan is King in this respect)
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    I have been away for 5 days and now having scanned more threads see that Paswt has been banned for a week for simply trying to counter a vicious attack on his families integrity, yet SJR continues to post malicious comments about one of the longest standing members of this forum. You could not make this crap up.
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    Max - please be careful charitable work is often used as a defence for all the corruption, nepotism and wrong in organisations and those involved / signed up are often oblivious to the facts.
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    Raab's exit was crucial for Boris. Rubbery Stewart, "coherent and lyrical" he may be, is probably Boris's only realistic contender. Gove wriggling like he's just sat on something wet. Hasn't a chance. Why does Hunt always look somewhat surprised? Sajid sounds like his heart's in it, I like him, he would give Rubbery a run for his money. Maitless needs to stop talking over the candidates so much and let them answer. Shame there's no women in it...
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    You need a licence from the BBC if you have any functioning TV viewing equipment in the household that is capable of picking up TV broadcast. That's my understanding of it. It matters not if you're using it for watching Sky, Freeview, BBC, ITV, whatever. You have to have a licence in the household if that equipment works and allows you to view. But on the bright side, one licence covers you for as many tellys as you want in the household.
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    Good to see this is finally back on the rails and opening again. Had the basics of a very good golf course, with the maintenance of a grazing field, should be better this time around. Good luck to them.
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    So despite saying it wasn’t going to happen .. apparently it is http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=49197
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