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    The commercialisation of the event and its obvious milking by all interested parties from greasy spoons up to IoMG itself is slowly but surely throttling (no pun intended) it. Its grassroots visitor support is being priced out of it and the pressures being exerted by commerce are slowly killing the goodwill effort that the event relies on in so many ways.
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    Until maximum sentences are given out and stuck to, then we are going to be stuck in this downward spiral. I’ll wager if some little scrote pulls a knife on somebody and gets beaten to a pulp for doing so, the magistrates will come down harder on the guy administering life’s lesson to the scrote
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    What's the point of increasing the sentence when the maximum sentence at the moment is never used?
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    They'll never catch us up once the cannabis smoked kipper is released
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    Oh fuckery... It's tomorrow. Weather's looking nice.
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    Think I'd have done the same thing in his position. Disgraceful that he's been suspended for ejecting the protestor but the righteous outrage of the PC brigade has to be appeased. There was a time when this wouldn't even have made the news, never mind the front page.
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    yes, if the hottie yoga tart was on the bike and ugly beardy weirdy was the pedestrian the cyclist would have won no question.
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    They shot him and buried the body just off the road up to Druidale.
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    My dog is insured, his pet insurance for illness covers him for accidents although always on lead, it is inclusive, makes sense.
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    Looking at some of the repeat offenders over here, does any sentence work?
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    How would I describe a robot? My son when in his late teens every time he crawled into the house smelling of burning haystacks, heading unerringly to the 'fridge muttering"need munchies" then staggering into the living room, turning the telly to Kerrang and promptly going to sleep. He has improved over the years. A bit.
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    Simple. Because the suggestion was direct and came from someone else. The question needs to be structured in such a way that Malarkey can offer the required answer. eg (and this is intentionally pompous): "Does the Minister not agree with me that in order to prevent further incidents of knife crime and to reinforce the deterrent that the sentencing options should be reconsidered as part of the anti-knife crime strategy" Answer: "Yes, I have discussed sentencing options with my departmental officers and the police and a 10 year maximum sentence has been considered... blah.... blah..... blah"
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    If a potential five year sentence doesn't deter someone from carrying a knife I can't see doubling it having an effect. Perhaps revising the sentencing guidelines for those caught in possession of a knife might have an effect but I doubt it.
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    Is this the first time in living memory when Mr C hasn’t been making a quick entrance to refute critical statements toward him? He must really have dropped a bollock this time. In the naughty corner with a gagging order I reckon.
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    When King Charles Kerruish was President of the Isle of Man there were 4 members found by him to be in contempt. They had committed the heinous crime of discussing a matter with Manx Radio without first consulting him and before it was discussed in Tynwald. Charlie was looking for a suitable punishment and it was a bit if a head scratcher.. As it transpired there was a forthcoming general election. The matter resolved itself and saved the search for a suitable (and legitimate) punishment in that the four members made their 'own' decision not to stand.
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    how do you spell towel ?
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    To be fair, it is moderating opinion that differs from his own. Jeez Kopek our kid, four and and a half thousand posts it has taken you to come out with a corker like that. Nice one mate. Nice one.
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    Oh I don't know. That neon electric blue is very early 90s. Though I suppose for true authenticity it should probably be on a leotard.
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    You mean the one Rob's wife is involved in publishing?
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    The ceremonial robes should be binned and banned. These people are there to represent us, the people, they are not there for their own self agrandisement. They look ridiculous, yesterday they were ordinary folk, today they are in wigs and robes!!! What do they think they are playing at? ...and while we are at it, the phraseology, such as 'standing in my name', ' the other place' should be binned, a mere copy of the English parliament proceedures and to what end? More agranisement, I would suggest. We elect them to represent us, they should be kow towing to us if anything or just behaving like ordinanary people who have been given a job to do? Rather like the rest of us?
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    That’s online dating for you...
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    I just wanted an indoor treadmill, not a lecture on why I shouldn't want one.
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    It's a good question from Mr Moorhouse. It should be increased and the current maximum sentence should become the minimum sentence.
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    I don't know who Mark Field is.
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    In what way? Certainly not insofar as the distinct British character has developed in the British Isles. There is no single European parallel, nor should there be. Spanish and Finnish, for instance. Or Dutch and Italian. Chalk and cheese and all the better for that.
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    It won't be in Hansard as this was broadcast by Manx Radio AM before the sitting had begun It was just idle chit chat
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    2 years old and a relevant post again. MF, where topics and opinions get regurgitated ad infinitum
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    Rhetoric? On the contrary, it is entirely accurate. We are not talking politics here. A good proportion of us have Irish ancestors even though we don't identify as Irish. That's undeniable? If I go to Dublin it feels much as any other city elsewhere in the British Isles archipelago, and the people live their lives with similar habits to those in Britain. As for the population not being homogenous, I gave you the figures. 0.6% foreign born in the mid 1800s, and well assimilated. How much more homogenous can it be? (Unless we built a wall after the Romans left!). Irish vilified in Britain? Means nothing. Southerners vilify Northerners and vice versa. Yorkshire vilifies Lancashire, even fought wars! And don't get me started about Scots versus English. Hasn't stopped them living together working together, breeding together.
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    You don’t seem to realise that the more aspects you list to attempt to knock it down, the more compellingly accurate my reasoning becomes. The politics of union or the longevity of the UK don’t matter. It is the human state of being British in mind and deed as opposed to being anything else that counts. We have already debunked the fallacy of mass migration to Britain over the centuries. In 1851 the proportion of the population born abroad was 0.6%. It had been largely stable and homogenous for centuries. Of course the British identity and the English language borrowed fundamentals from all and sundry in antiquity and the Middle Ages. All of these constituent parts were blended with the indigenous character and eventually yielded the culture we have built over the centuries. This is what makes it such a formidable phenomenon. As it developed its own identity, it gradually became more and more discrete from its origins. To deny that British culture is different from all of those ancient European influences and traditions is akin to saying that the higher apes are in no way distinct from the primordial soup from which they emerged or other species that evolved in parallel. “With Europe, but not of it.” is a famous Churchillian quote. Perhaps we could make a case for “of, but not with.” https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Historical_immigration_to_Great_Britain https://www.migrationwatchuk.org/briefing-paper/48
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    Heads up, folks. We have competition: https://www.independent.co.uk/travel/news-and-advice/isle-of-wight-unesco-biosphere-reserve-status-uk-england-a8965581.html
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    It's a very common misconception that Thomas is the Minister for the Cabinet Office. He isn't - that's Quayle[1]. Thomas is only Minster for Policy and Reform. That means he's got lots of responsibilities for coordinating stuff, but no actual power to do so and few civil servants actually working for him that he can direct. He's basically Minister for Reports Nobody Reads. The real power lies with the Chief Secretary. Even if Thomas or Allinson (the Cabinet Office Departmental Member) tried to impose something that didn't suit some civil servants, the latter can just go to Quayle and get it stopped. Though that also happens with Quayle in other Departments as well as we saw with Beecroft. The idea of the Cabinet Office was to create a Department that made sure things were coordinated, but it was really intended so that the Chief Minister could interfere wherever he wanted, over the heads of the professionals in each Department. Even with a strong CM who knew what he wanted, it would have been a bad idea. But with weak one such as Quayle or Bell, it just means you end up with yet another 'silo' rather than the divisions being broken down, plus occasional arbitrary interference. [1] Initially it had been intended that this be a separate person, but Bell's control-freakery wouldn't allow it - and certainly not if it involved giving power to Robertshaw, the P&R Minister. This has ended up being the norm, because it means there is a large government department without any potential political control, which the civil service likes.
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    Indeed. And it's accumulated in their back pockets because they don't like parting with it mostly...
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    how would you define a robot? Why does popular reference mean a human like form? When does a cybernetically implanted human become a different life form?..............Jeez, we live in strange times? Does brainwashing of humans by AI as in modern media and home interaction units create zombies or robots?
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    Also it was found at the time that Brown was unlawfully imprisoned. Personally, I don't know what Rob is supposed to have said and those chuntering about it are very vague. It's not in Hansard (although maybe when it catches up) and without knowing when in the Tynwald Proceedings the comment was made it is hard to find in a day's worth of gibbering.
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    What is the correct protocol for someone in that outfit -- particularly the gloves -- if they should require a poo?
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    Especially as it’s a Disneyesque confection from 1990 with zero historical DNA. Ridiculous.
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    Not forgetting its keeping a fair few government shysters in “work”
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    God, I just can't understand how someone in the 21st century can dress like that and not realise they look like a total cock.
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    And the word 'honourable' should be dropped
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    at least Slimy G is out, thank goodness
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    If the Speaker said "no applause from the gallery", I'd call his bluff and "boooooo" from the gallery. On a technicality, you could say he was specifically only referring to applause.
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    And it's those MF members that give us surly, burly grumpy blokes a bad name.
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    I think she was arrested for crossing a closed road, threatening a marshal with fountain pen and fighting with the police!! 18 months she got, all for being a rebel!
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    Well I must be as thick as people say MrPB is, because I can’t see why everyone who uses the public roads should not have to be insured. That includes all vehicles, pushbikes, horses and anyone else legally using the roads. It does not matter what age they are, or how often they use said roads.
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    In the interests of raising much needed funds for the Airport perhaps Jacksons could sponsor the little car ride that is slap bang in front of the Utmost branding.
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    I agree that the EU is a modern construct, however, the European people are not. I stand by my assertion that the "British" are not as isolated and homogeneous as you make out. I stand by my assertion that if your argument is sovereignty then the nations which make up the UK should also have a right to a sovereign Government rather than being ruled over by Westminster. I find it interesting that many who campaigned against Scotland leaving the UK also campaigned for the UK to leave the EU. Don't even get me started on those who said that if Scotland left the UK it would have to leave the EU which was not in its interests... There is so much hypocrisy and personal power plays going on that the interests of the general population are being forgotten and trampled on.
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    It's a wonderful community event but yesterday's heat did raise some questions about the event. It's very well organised and I hope the organisers take on board any lessons to be learnt. The weather is of course completely unpredictable and many times the event has experienced very poor to dreadful weather conditions, so there are no easy answers here. Well done to everyone who took part, and no matter where you finished, you did well. Those who completed the distance or who went beyond their target were heroes in that heat. It was a marvellous achievement.
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