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    The prime function of our airport is to allow people to travel off and on to the Island is it not? Anything that can be done to increase the likelihood of that happening is surely the right direction for policy. That’s an opinion of course. The technical aspects of what we need to be able to land legally and safely is something I’m intimately familiar with. Being at the sharp end when we can’t deliver people to where they want to be because of a lack of capability at Ronaldsway is incredibly frustrating.
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    Dodgy area. If there's info, then give it to the Police as mentioned earlier. It was in the news recently where a couple of youths attacked a Pediatric surgeon believing he was a paedophile. Get it wrong and action is taken that is witnessed or evidenced in some way and they're jail bound. Leave it to the Police
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    It’s not incoherent. It’s written in English. Do you have difficulty understanding the queens English? You also seem to be quite aggressive and horrible to be honest. There really is no need to be such an odious prick. I thought most of us came on here just to discuss current affairs and the news. Not be total arseholes to each other.
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    I accept the apology, although note maybe it is time to reconsider your unnecessarily aggressive and frankly shitty approach to topics. While I don't mind a bit of abuse, I certainly give it out, you seem to take that approach with other more polite members of the forum too, and maybe you shouldn't.
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    Surely it is a good thing the trams have been running. Had they cancelled them we wouldnt have discovered the surface was unsuitable until the job was complete. Now they are only going to have to dig up and redo a short portion of the track. Longworth has saved us a fortune!
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    The middle bit is only being prioritised so that the DOI can play trains/trams with their expensive toy set. All the tram lines should have been left until right at the very end horse trams should have been suspended for 3 or 4 years (or even better scrapped altogether) - they're the least important and only non-essential bit of the whole project. But no, somebody in DOI had to prioritise them so they could fuck around pulling an empty tram up and down 500 yards of road.
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    If I ever decide to add my own (unqualified) thoughts on the subject of 5G you can rest assured it won’t be on this car crash of a thread, where anyone who expresses any sort of opinion contrary to yours is described as “a shill”, “ignorant”, “a psychopath”, “lying through their teeth” or “an absolute tool” – and that’s just in the past week. You’ve pissed on your own chips when it comes to civilised discourse, I’m afraid.
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    I wonder how much Stagecoach would want as subsidy to extend their existing service that terminates at Trumacar Lane so it carries on half a mile to Heysham Harbour to drop off and pick up after sailings. 2 or 4 services a day? That £37 mill could have been so much better spent. i do agree that fares should take account distance, sailing length, and speed, as well as load/demand factors.
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    Efficiencies and savings didn't seem high on his agenda when he sorted the farmers out ! Kerrching !!
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    That doesn't exactly narrow it down....
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    Now there's a interesting bit that was let slip...." 6 million-odd vehicle movements" (presumably per year) along the prom and it's a main artery. And to think that they were going to introduce shared space! What planet are these people on?
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    I loved the interview with Jeff Robinson, Director of Highways, on Manx Radio Mandate this morning. ....we've confidence going forward.....we've put that behind us now and we're moving forward on the front foot.....it is what it is to an extent...maximise opportunities..maximise those opportunities... In the game of government bullshit bingo this was full house stuff.
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    Well that's true of course, but it's actually not a bad idea if you look at it as a piece of marketing. If you can get people to make trips that they wouldn't otherwise, then it's worth giving them a discount so that you're getting something out of them rather than nothing. And the retired have flexibility about when they travel, so if you can get them to take up space that would be empty than that's great.
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    I do love a Dilli character reference.. always makes me smile.
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    So....with a large fanfare quote from Phil Gawne extolling efficiencies and savings (could you make it up?), there is a proposal to merge Arbory and Rushen Commissioners (iomtoday). Maybe we're finally going to start slimming down and realise that an Island 15miles x 30miles doesn't need 22+ independent states?
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    In these days of risk assessments and stories of emergency services being held back from danger, it's refreshing to hear of these acts of bravery being recognised. Peel seems to be regressing into the wild west town it once was though? http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=49591&headline=Acts of bravery honoured&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2019
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    Like you just did here?
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    Another incoherent post. Like this one: Perhaps English isn't their first language....
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    But the headline in that article is correct
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    What a waster. Ignore....
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    Just fit pneumatic wheel to the trams and fuck the rails off altogether!
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    A project of this magnitude, commenced KNOWING that there were going to be so many variables and unknowns has the potential for huge cost and time overruns. With no other option if those unknowns are encountered other than to simply embrace those overruns and suck it up. Once it was started there was a one way ticket on it (no pun intended). That's why there was such cynicism over this project and its budget, only partly due to the involvement of the horsetrams. £25M? Lets look at £35M or £40M maybe. And a couple of years more than estimated as well maybe. Nobody knows. Because nobody CAN know. It's DOI justification heaven.
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    Walton's reborn... http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=49666&headline=Waltons re-opens with new owner&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2019
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    Just let them get on with it....allexperts at sod all.
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    But wait, PG will one larger salary and pension /cynic
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    Dear me. What a complete and utter waste of bandwidth you are...
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    From other fucking loons no doubt
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    Is this apart from the Betteridge who got done for touching up a woman when he went to fit her carpet and traumatised her for life? Apart from that one do you mean?
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    Tim Betteridge is one of the madder characters on Vader’s site.
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    I think the name " Buster" speaks volumes. Saw a few videos on youtube of these paedo hunters. Dangerous territory I reckon. Let the police do their own work so it is done correctly and these pervs will get what the law says, not what these weird vigilantes say. I think they do more harm than good.
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    Maybe, just maybe, if folk used their phones to PHONE, instead of going online they would be better informed.
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    That’s not the reason it happens. It happens because it comes out of a different purse. This happens all the time. Take the Laxey sea wall as an example. For years the commissioners paid for a worker and digger to move the stones, lowering the beach at the eastern end. I’ve no idea of the cost but let’s estimate 30 000 for the year. The lowering of the beach assisted sea toppover. Then come the financial cuts to the commissioners. Then comes the notion of a sea wall costing 6.5 milllion pounds. The height of the sea wall will increase by 12 inches. Bugger all use when there are waves of 30 foot or more during the winter. But the commissioners don’t pay for this. It comes out of another purse. It saves them 30k a year even though it’s useless. This happens all the time and it’s happening with the prom too. Money shite. The problem is at source. With administration, with devolvement, with everything. Shite. That’s what it is.
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    You didn’t, I have a long memory...
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    I would imagine you have been insulted in better places than this, so don't blame you flouncing out.
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    @Neil Down As it's clearly user error I think you're owed an apology by Gizo and Teapot. Not that I expect you'll get one....
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    Just don't mention "the war". I did once , but I think I got away with it.
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    We have taken 13th from Indonesia which has dropped to 31st! Lets hope Snaefell doesn't turn out to be a volcano!
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    In red is all you need to know. Market forces are controlled by the rich men and they only see as far as the next quick buck. Everyone else - tough. We elect MHKs to look after our interests but many including the Chief Minister are money men themselves, others are easily manipulated by the great and the good with great bank balances.
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    Kinda thought there was no more speculation. Stroke of genius challenging BS.
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    With respect that takes no account of the engineering practicalities
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    And they want to run horse and carts among the 6 million vehicle movements! You're right to ask... what planet are these people on!!
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    Arbory, Rushen, Port Erin and Port St Mary commissioners should all merge.
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    it will be like the gays that went around bashing other gays back in the day so that non gays didn't suspect them of being gay too. a sort of smoke and mirrors self preservation plan.
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    It is a massively under exploited sector. I looked for an opportunity to create a malt whisky distillery for about 4 years, but after losing out earlier this year on the Bungalow museum site, I’ve drawn a line under it. It was fun, but after a rough 2018 I’ve taken a position on what the rest of my life looks like and whether I wanted to be working 80 hours a week. It is simple enough to set up in a warehouse somewhere, but one of the big problems is finding a 5000 sq ft building, or space to build one, with a decent aesthetic where you can do all the nice periphery like a visitor centre, which helps tourism, and adds another attraction to the fold. I know Fynoderee are really in need of another move, and have similarly struggled to find the right place. I really do believe that there is potential growth in this sector, to create some really unique, world-beating spirits across gin, whisky and particularly rum, which is the new emerging ‘thing’. They can all be exported, create a VAT and Excise return too. Surprisingly I found little appetite from Government. Big opportunities to be had for the right people. PS - if anyone does know of any premises that might fit the bill, esp. up north, give Fynoderee a shout. I’m sure there will be a drink in it for you!
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    As with 99% of craft gin, it starts as neutral grain spirit, which is shipped in. After that, they use as much local stuff for botanicals as they can, and it’s all done on three open-flame stills up at Jurby. Their distiller, Gerard, is ex-Tanqueray and Masons. Knows his craft. What they’ve achieved from a standing start is remarkable - not just in product quality, but branding and placement as well. A real IOM success story in what is a very saturated market
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    You, like us all, will be old one day. Get a grip of yourself and face reality.
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    They seem to have A - Z timetables. They need to run fewer trains and they might just lose less money!
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    It’s common sense.
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