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    I read that IOM post are going to stop Saturday mail deliveries, I didn't know thet Manx telecom were doing the same with their manx.net Email delivery service
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    To be fair, there weren't any fat old tarts in porshes or range rovers doing fuck all but driving in to town to do shit all in those days.
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    That is a mighty impressive substrata, and It was well contained too. Looking at the excavations it seems there was little wrong with the foundation layers, certainly none of the horror stories that were put about.
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    " Manx.Net is shit" !!! but is it? I send and receive e-mails, add the odd attachment, am I missing out on some fantastic 'other' use that will make my life so much better?
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    It's the Isle of Man, we love old shit.
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    I didnt think it too bad, it showed the inmates as the mugs they really are, I liked the statement from the Governor something like " Being sent to prison is the punishment , we [the regime] are not here to punish further" The link scenes of the Island were sympathetic and picturesque, I didn't see the shock horror some express, mild amusement with some shaking of the head at the idiots. I don't reckon we will see an upsurge in criminal migration because the "bird" is easy, but you cannot tell with our master criminals.
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    I've seen massive high street projects lasting ages in the UK, people just get on with it, it has to be done. The fact is, nobody is preventing access to these businesses, people just have to walk a little further. What does everyone think should have been done to mitigate any disruption? We all knew what was happening and when, did the businesses not know what we knew? They are simply out for a bit of compo, they are probably manufacturing their claims now and fudging the accounts. Make enough noise and the government will fold.
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    New uniform for the guards at Jurby
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    I’m glad I’m not the only one who spotted this.. I was sure she was one of the guards featured in it.. then there she is dressed as a prisoner.. perhaps someone from the prison could answer as to why this was done? Is it perhaps that they have actually got more officers than prisoners and they needed to make up the prisoner numbers..? How did they think this would not be spotted..?? perhaps it’s because the people responsible thought they could fool the viewers just like they are fooling the law abiding tax payers of the island into thinking this prison is anything more than a holiday camp .. the prisoners have a easy life and so do the people working there, High pay for easy work.. some of the staff working there must be worried to Hell now that someone is gonna pick up on this fantasy prison and investigate it.I wonder how many of these officers would last a month working in a mainland prison?? Not many I’m sure.. keep your eyes peeled let’s see how many times we can spot the moonlighting “ officer”.. who will she be next week?? The cleaner? The cook? Or maybe she will have a part as a male inmate..?
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    I took it as being tongue in cheek. My humour bypass must have failed. Yours is still intact.
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    Alternatively known as ‘nutters’.
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    I love that phrase Derek, an 'underfunded visionary'. Marvellous stuff.
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    How it was done in 1931..
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    Finish one section before commencing the next!
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    higher up, those contractors get told one thing one day and another the next
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    Fixing fridges actually requires a fair amount of skill/knowledge, much more than he possesses I would suspect.
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    Hit the link then the audio in this post:
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    I usually strut along jurby beach stark bollock naked between the hours of 11am and 3pm every third Sunday of each month. Nobody has raised umbrage with me about it yet to date. See you there.
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    Not if we where to use prisoners from the Jurby Hilton, that would reduce the cost of labour, and time, conciderably, ( government savings ) !!
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    If Manx Telecom pitch it just right then they might get the Government to plough millions of pounds in to keeping Manx.net running... it's an old service used by very few people and probably a great tourist attraction by some!
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    Nah. They've all got plenty of funders. Us. And we fund them so willingly.....
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    Come to think of it, isn't that what the Government is largely composed of too at the moment ? !
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    But more disruption. A rolling set of works makes more sense. But obviously you and everyone else on here have many years of civil engineering experience and know how it should be done
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    Get the firm over who did Tesco's parking area job done in no time at all P.S They should have sent the Horse Trams to Ramsey to compliment their new Marina
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    For a shorter period = less cost?
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    Walking around with your genitals hanging out is kind of ok if you are doing the helicopter and/or doing the 'woo woo' noise.
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    What,walking around with their genitals hanging out,drinking heavily,shooting Indians and being lucky?
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    Howard's talking out of the wrong hole again. There's nothing progressive about running a holiday camp style regime. A real progressive system would provide optional opportunities in tandem with a basic, no frills prison experience which was tough but fair. Positive authority is what creates the atmosphere and environment for real rehabilitation and change; a change that comes from the experience of prison itself and which is self-actualised. It's not about creating a playground, it's about changing people's lives - for the better. The rehabilitation is in the whole experience, not in some progressive ideology which turns prison into Butlins behind bars. Jurby is doing no one any favours - neither the inmates or the taxpayers.
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    It’s not the first time it’s been said something will be over by Christmas. Look how that turned out
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    maybe I'm viewing things through rose tinted glasses but I'm sure back in the day there was plenty of back and forth and arguments and name calling but somehow it was still an ok forum and place to be
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    Rubbish, if they "committed" to it, they would completely decimate a nation. But they don't want that, they want to destabilise it enough so that its "safe" enough so that contractors can repair it at great cost afterwards, but still be "dangerous" enough that they can maintain a troop presence to keep the local "government" in check. Each time it has been text book.
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    I would like to know which fucknugget sanctioned this. A the very least he/she should be sacked
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    It will be great at showing the scouse drug dealers how cushy it is here though so they can flood the place with more heroin safe in the knowledge that if they get caught it will all be a bit of a laugh.
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    Don't worry the PR people in the Cabinet Office are preparing an equally toe-curling and embarrassing response.
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    Hopefully screened for the benefit of our judiciary with a view to reviewing sentencing. Good to see our tax money supporting their vacation...
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    The raw images used to make the videos can be found here: https://www.missionjuno.swri.edu/junocam/processing Goodness they are beautiful when you realise they are created by a satellite orbiting a gas giant 780 million km away:
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    I've auto started this talk from the American Geophysical Union at its final speaker, Prof Candice Hansen, who works with both the navigation camera and junocam on the Juno mission. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoSmSBFI6hc&t=5354 Prof Hansen introduced me to to the work of Gerald Eichstadt: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UConituhAAnXbdrd3FDtXTfw/videos Beautiful imagery taken over Jupiter.
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    I stand corrected as I found this piece on the nobles exposed site “Ex Hospital Manager, Barbara Scott was effectively demoted during the restructuring of the management staff a few years ago when Mark Charters was in charge. He then brought on board Michaela Morris as the Executive Director to Health and Social Care with the accountability of the hospital. In recent news, Barbara Scott has had secondment to the Chief Executives Office to do Transformation work - not sure where that job was advertised but seems to be a motion to remove her from the hospital altogether...” It seems she was the first deadwood removed but the CEO gave her a made up role, I wonder If Couch and Morris will join Scott in a new made up role. But Scott was not demoted, she appeared a few months later promoted.
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    I have a few valid comments to make on this programme. In my opinion this makes a total mockery of the Isle of Man prison system as a whole. Most of the ‘guests’ in the Hilton have been in and out of prison for most of their lives. One even said he is doing ‘life in instalments’, he seemed proud of that Just a simple google of their names proves that they are reoffending again and again, so how is the rehabilitation and resettlement working? It clearly isn’t. As a tax payer for all of my adult life I am angry and embarrassed. One inmate to one guard??? If that isn’t over staffing I don’t know what...privatise the place. Also I seen a comment on Facebook that was quickly and obviously reported. One of the female guards in the programme with the bad teeth was actually dressed as an inmate when the female inmates were going to the gym passed the drug dog, how desperate and embarrassing, having to get an officer to dress as an inmate to make the numbers up. And as for the Governor writing to the victims and their families then saying that it’s their choice whether or not they turn on the tv or not...how cruel and insensitive.
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