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    She was only the road worker's daughter but she liked her asphalt
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    This deep water birthing can be problematic though!!!
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    It’s not the mods fault that you’re such an angry argumentative dick who incessantly bickers with people on here. Think about that.
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    I always thought that politicians elected democratically should be allowed to decide what was best for us. I am now of the opinion that I was wrong. These idiots should be stopped in their tracks before we are sold too far down the river to paddle back. This scheme is absolutely mental. It just has to be a joke.
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    The other thing Max is that the UK have motorways which are comparatively safe. Strip motorways and dual carriageways out of the UK figures and then do the comparison.
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    Well according to the website devoted to the tram horses there are currently fifteen working horses (fourteen geldings and one mare), so it's a bit late to start worrying about that.
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    Didn’t it go all soggy .?.......sorry Did you name it Victoria ?
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    And we’re off again... that didn’t last long.
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    I missed the evidence for this..
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    Here are a few full stops and commas for you to use FOC …………………. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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    Brilliant. A cruise terminal to solve parking problems. Let’s have a Felt Museum to tackle homelessness.
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    But he can say all this crap can't he. He can easily say it and get away with it because there's no election for 2 years. The only people that could possibly argue against it - can't - i.e. voters. No voters elected him CM anyway! He's the third CM in a row in a holding pattern...keeping govt salaries and pensions at 36,000ft...while the majority of the rest of us have to fly at 50ft dodging hills and trees. Just another bullshitter...dodging the real issues again. A big fat phoney!
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    Staff this evening said Sunday. Having said that, they do talk bollox a lot of the time. Ask them a straightforward question at the counter about the availability of one of the regular activities and eyes glaze over as though you asked them for a brief synopsis of General Relativity.
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    And in the real world the CS will carry on in the same fashion that they always have...
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    haha you reckon...Harmer actually shot himself in the foot when trying to explain the 10 week delay blaming it on services and unkown pipes etc. Then a paragraph below says well actually we didnt need to go down anywhere near the depth we envisaged etc..So that should be a reduction of materials and works and no delays you would have thought !! You'd be wrong it would seem
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    And the Douglas prom project has the potential to end third-world starvation as well. We just don't have our leaders' vision...
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    Time for an mx5. opentop.
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    I’m not sure but I do imagine that the typical meeting at the DfE and DOI these days must consist of all parties sitting round a table freebasing cocaine until they come up with the most expensive and stupid idea imaginable.
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    He didn't have a fall from grace. It was all his wife. Nothing whatsoever to do with Richard. He wasn't even called as a witness.
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    Those are powerful arguments, but Quayle is actually worse than either of them. Neither as you say were up to the job but Corkill[1] had been OK as a Minister (compare Quayle at DHSC) and Brown could come across as a competent speaker, as said above, in a slightly folksy 'cunning peasant' mode - though Gelling played that game better. Neither came across quite as stupid as Quayle. In addition Quayle manages to project an air of self-importance, especially when challenged, that is all his own, (maybe Bell had hints of it). Any attempt to question what he says or the actions of his government is met with incredulity and indignation; 'achievements' announced with the firm expectation that the entire population will erupt with praise. It is indeed Dunning-Kruger on hyperdrive. [1] It's rather amusing that his Wikipedia entry says absolutely nothing about the circumstances of his fall from grace.
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    If you read even that Manx Radio summary, while they claim "the ACU has been providing all rehabilitation required as medically advised to assist Mercer's recovery" this is actually based on the idea that "its robust insurance package provides the best possible support for riders while recovering from injuries". So in other words it's got nothing to do with what the ACU provides of its own free will, but what the insurance company is providing because it has been paid the premiums. presumably by Mercer.
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    .....Caesar Juan sic in omnibus Brutus sic inat
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    Caesar adsum iam forte Brutus etalongtail
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    He’d have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for those meddling kids.
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    I have made about 6 posts now since being on the naughty step for 14 days and 14 hours (?) so will sign out now before I am banned for good ( having amassed 9 bans)
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    In a way this entire complete and utter shambles epitomises everything that's wrong with IOMG. They're blindly stumbling into a massive outlay of public money on a project with clearly no proven financial basis and there's NO process in place to stop them! I can't help thinking that in an organisation with a paucity of good ideas ANY idea, no matter how stiupid, is siezed upon as the solution to the public sector pension deficit. Because there's nothing else on offer...
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    Maybe they ran out of games for the Xbox and he was allowed to get the bus in to Game for some new ones?
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    Nah, my opinion remains the same. There'll be turmoil for a while, granted, but trade won't stop, deals will be done in a 'swings-and-roundabout' fashion. Change is inevitable. 2 years from now we'll look back and wonder what all the hysteria, fuss and bluster was about. And I still contend that the bloc won't exist, in its present form, in 5 years time. We'll see...
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    "In 2017, Mr Clanton launched a GoFundMe bid to raise £1bn for the E.G.G - ’Ecological Geophysical Galleon’ - a 180-acre floating city off the Manx coast.So far, his crowdfunder has raised the grand sum of £4,815" The Reading University PhD student called Ian is £999,995,185 short of funds for his plans. He seems articulate and pleasant sort of a chap, but clearly is untainted by reality.
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    There is no point in having speed limit if no one respects them and they are not monitored. The number of crashed cars that appear outside Haydn Minays every week and the state of them makes me think that most crashes do not get reported or acted on as long as no one is seriously hurt, must be bump for bump or just one vehicle involved. It is a wonder people get out of some of these wrecks alive.
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    So the first person to be abusive was Cheesy Wheezy, not one of the bad boys
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    My wife did that with our youngest child, but she said it was a piece of cake !!
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    He had to resign as Chief Minister - that sounds pretty much like a fall from grace to me. Even if it was proved that the entire thing had been set up by the CIA and Corkills were as pure as the driven snow, that would still have been worth mentioning in the Wiki article. It's the complete omission that I found amusing. In fact of course Julie Corkill was found guilty and received a heavy fine. And there was much muttering even after that. And of course the whole thing came just after the Mount Murray affair, so gave a lot of ammunition to those who saw the Island's administration as corrupt. In fact an examination of the Wiki article's history shows that previous versions did mention the incident and over the years it became minimised and then vanished altogether.
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    So where can we see the results of the survey.... you know, the numbers/statistics? Lots of news agencies reporting the same thing (almost word-for-word which you would expect since there's only one source) but not one of them has a link to the numbers.
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    UKIP have form for candidates with Carry On names. https://metro.co.uk/2015/05/04/wayne-kerr-is-standing-as-a-ukip-councillor-in-barnsley-5180146/
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    Why couldn't they just shelve the idea of horse trams in the centre of the bloody roadway...
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    Excellent analysis Roger; entirely accurate.
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    You sound like you are having a mid life crisis
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    I’m guessing you’d know best.
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    like peel marina then ??
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    A 180 acre floating island off Scarlett might be a better investment though. It’s hard to really differentiate the merits of the two at first glance. Maybe we should pay for both just in case?
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    To me his idea for a floating city seems just as implausible as a 1500 car space floating pontoon in Douglas bay from which a gazillion cruise passengers will most certainly alight to spend a trillion pounds a year on biscuits and cafe lattes. He’d fit in very well in government. In fact some of his plans might not actually be mad enough or expensive enough to pass muster.
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    The man is deluded if he believes any of the crap he has spouted.
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    From a few miles north of Cromer (Norfolk)
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    Quite a lot of people seem to be into those 1960s British sports cars these days, don’t they?
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