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    Mental health problems another excuse to trot out. Just legal mitigation to reduce sentencing.
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    "gambling habit" seems to be the go to excuse these days. A thief is just that... a thief
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    Manx National Heritage will buy it and stick the TT museum in there.
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    I have a small business which could be scaled up. I wont do that because of the terrible compliance regime which would probably make the idea a waste of time.
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    online gambling , off line gambling, don't gamble don't get addicted. don't smoke don't get addicted, don't do drugs don't get addicted, don't drink don't get addicted. quite easy really, its not like all the info isn't out there to avoid being stupid.
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    Ramsey Commissioners could buy it and put the Court House in there.
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    It seems to all be rather odd, normally you'd expect the civil case after the criminal one, though this is mainly trying to freeze his accounts and he's being prosecuted for not cooperating. I suspect the sentence was only a token one because he's going to get a fairly long one for the criminal charges (which were always going to be tried/sentenced separately), so it didn't really matter what they did. Not really (unless your complaining that mega- doesn't literally mean millions) I would think that if he's losing well over £100K a year that's going to be mainly the online gambling. Maybe £100K on coke and booze is a good night out to you - obviously we move in different circles. There's a number of odd features though: why were the losses not picked up before? (he got picked up for drugs); it's unusual for someone in this situation to steal from a new employer as seems to be the case here; usually you'd expect having a lot of cocaine and scales to lead to a dealing charge - particularly if you're being cagey about your bank accounts; what is the story behind the "cash to various associates".
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    Not such a daft suggestion, judging by some of the idiotic and positively mental and money wasting induced schemes already partaken. You can guaranteed there will be a civil servant that will have already thought of this. It’s easy when your spending other people’s or taxpayers money
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    It's become blatantly obvious that you need no experience or skill set to run any aspect of this isle!
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    That's your boredom kicking in and making the voices in your head tell you people are angry when it's actually you. Sad.
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    They agreed to pay their parking fees...ooh hang on the public were already paying them to pay their parking fees Rob Callister confirmed this in his expenses breakdown.
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    And a maypole, please let there be a maypole
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    So once again proving you have nothing. Can we expect another epic flounce soon?
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    The article doesn't, but the judgement is more specific:
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    Au contraire mon ami. It takes a big man to admit he was wrong après tout ce temps. Chapeau.
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    The Department needs only a relatively small amount and of management from the CEO as he/she has very little responsibility or authority regarding operational issues in a largely operational range of functions. What it does need from the CEO is good judgement and a helicopter view about the impact of policies on the Criminal Justice System and the public. Unfortunately there is little evidence that he has that judgement. The Minister should also have the political awareness to recognise what is and what isn’t a good idea politically. No evidence of that either. As for the Prison Governor, he should have the operational nous and loyalty to his staff to protect the professional reputation of the Service. Not apparent either. The overall rating of their performance must be Fail; Fail; Fail. At least they got the opportunity to broadcast their rather pathetic and incredible assessment/excuses on Manx Radio. That failed too.
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    To be fair the usual foamy .mouthed lunch mob were out in force laying into government and planners when the guy that owned Pokstars got permission to build the tennis court. And that was someone who had brought enormous revenue to the island. Damned if you do damned if you dont. Who else is leaving because of the Isle of Man and not being able to do things here?
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    We've got Captain Quilliams uniform, the Manx made 'Mutiny On The Bounty' saga, Thurot's battle, Odin's Raven, many steampacket ship models, the man who designed the Panama Canal, the Castletown Tin Bath Race, Nick Keig's VSV, the world's oldest continuing ferry company, etc, etc, etc
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    Losing shed loads of cash is what we are good at ! Start here then rake over other ashes, we need people in public office who have respect for money which is not theirs ! Over the past twenty five years we have heard with sickening regularity the loss of millions of pounds of taxpayers money with many lessons having not been learned !
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    I just can't get my head around people still going on about the loss of a sum of money when we actually made many times that sum of money from our film activities over a couple of decades which now forms a nice chunk of the reserves that we sorely need. It's nuts. There must surely be a public interest argument for putting this to bed and ending the continual raking over of the ashes. Or is the whole thing a smoke screen to deflect attention from the numerous initiatives that actually have lost us shed loads of cash?
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    If someone had a peanut allergy that is THAT bad they shouldn't be travelling in an environment where they could be exposed to it. It's unreal how these things seem to have grown legs. 30 or 40 years ago peanuts never seemed to be an issue. Now they are. Weird
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    Not badly priced either at £9
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    The 2019 award for most sensible post in MF goes to Woolley. Big round of applause for Woolley everyone. Hip-hip...
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    £4.5million? Is it competing with the new Steam Packet Passenger Terminal? Perhaps the insides are paved with gold, whilst the outside pavements are paved in dog shit and chewing
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    Made a stand, remarkable in a Manx politician nowadays
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    Not about being perfect. It's about being sensible and not self centred
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    Read the story, not just gambling. Drug addiction as well
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    Whilst they’re probably no worse that local papers serving a community of 80,000 in the U.K. I really can’t recall an occasion when the local ‘newspapers’ were quite so inveterately poor as they are today.
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    AN Reporter. Or the ones with no name at all. What these are, are are press releases (from the government, emergency services, sports clubs, campaigning organisations,companies or whatever), which at best have been lightly edited, possibly not even by someone on the Isle of Man. Or even in the same hemisphere - some UK papers use a lot of Australian freelancers for this sort of sub-editing (because they are awake at the right time). By the look of it 'A Reporter' ones come from a similar off-Island source, though a greater degree of involvement has been required. To take a quick sample of the current IOM Newspapers front page, there is one authored column (Pullyman), one proper written and authored news story (from Mr Darbyshire), one 'A Reporter' story and the other seven are press releases, some better concealed than others.
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    Excuse me, it was better than MrPb's . he slammed every door behind him ( or her). Amazed that they have the gall to reapear.
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    Did you break in through the rear window ? As far as I remember. when you departed last time, you slammed the front door and told the landlord to stick his forums up his fat arse. Did you win the lottery and buy your way back in here ?
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    You're probably right and knowing a few choice people in the right places makes all the difference
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    I rather think you would!
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    All laudable stuff, but you know deep down that we will have been hoodwinked again and we will pay dearly for time immemorial.
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    And they’re swanning round Douglas like cock o the north, taking selfies with people. Awful.
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    .... and if I recall correctly the "this isn't actually taxpayers money" or something similar!
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    Hmmmm so those previously convicted of drug offences did they consult all their old customers or did they just consult the queen. Or is he suggesting old victims don’t count .
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    In a modern democracy.
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    As long as he continues to receive the largesse that he's become accustomed to, nothing will change.
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    I heard that there may be a little MonoRail around it as there won't be any space on the floor to walk!!!
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    You're not really answering my points. The VAT regime could be used by a number of industries (and was) just how much of the benefits could be attributed to the film industry is unproven - it may be that the very fact it was so visible means that we are overestimating its contribution, money moving around in less high profile sectors may have been more significant. And indeed it's possible that the high profile of the film industry may have been as responsible for the re-examination of the VAT arrangements as any Mansion House dinner. After all there were various film scams going on in the UK as well that brought a lot of attention to the financial set-ups around the industry. But none of this addresses the actual topic of this inquiry which relates to the Media Development Fund, which came after the end of the great VAT bonanza. Even if the film sector had been responsible for all the extra revenue from that, to decide to put more money in after things had changed would be like pumping all your money into a slot machine because you had won the jackpot on it. You point out that most films lose loads of money or succeed spectacularly[1], in that case don't invest in them unless you really know what you are doing and can afford to lose the money. Public servants tend to lack such skills and public money isn't really for gambling with. And you're doing the usual Manx thing of deciding whether someone is a hero (Christian) or villain (Beecroft) and letting that skew what you think about anything they are involved in. Their actions are opinions are what needs to be examined. [1] In actual fact this has never really been quite as people think and the growth of different sorts of media made it even less so. But it's true that financial involvement in films has always been a risky business in an industry where often the largest creative input goes into the accountancy.
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    According to that article it isn't scheduled to open till at least 2022, so if there's going to be a new one elsewhere it hardly seems worth doing it for such a short time. But even from the viewpoint of TT fans I don't think the space in the Museum basement is particularly suitable and they have so many alternatives that it just looks like a typical IOMG case of trying to expensively replicate something that the private sector is already doing. If we need TT displays, maybe something separate with MNH working with the enthusiasts to provide something would be the way forward (not necessarily at the Grandstand).
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    The biggest beneficiary of the industry was Steve Christian, and part of the reluctance to adequately investigate the whole scam is because he's dead.
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    There's plenty of good doctors spending huge amounts of time dealing with people who either have nothing really wrong with them (as Balladoc alluded to) or who need a psychiatrist rather than a GP.
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