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    I'm with you on this one, Sidney: I finally got around to giving a listen to the NEW SOUND of Manx Radio. Wowwww! Now I know why they were bigging themselves up for several months before the relaunch. It is absolutely amazing - loads of new presenters and innovative features! The early morning guy does a feature where listeners text in if their car reg number adds up to the same number as the one he has just pulled from his random number generator.(This NEW item should not be confused with a feature he has been doing for several years.) There is also "Where's Where's Where's Where's Wotton, Where's Where's Where's Where's Wotton?" Here the listeners have to guess where Ms Wotton is. This is nothing like the little comp that Brindley used to do several years ago.(Possibly called Maps to Mind.) Other "new" items are Guess The Mystery Sound, Guess The Mystery Voice, Radio Charades, Yes-No Interlude. And amazing prizes, such as a pen, mug or car-sticker! It is good to know that The Nation's Station is not afraid to try new cutting edge original ideas. (I can hardly wait for some other new programmes such as: "Lunchtime Lucky Dip", "Know Your Parish", "Kelly's Eye", and "The Green Scene")
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    But countering it with a ‘crack’ team of 24 dedicated civil servants is bollocks. Maybe if they generate enough paper they could make bales out of it and use it as sea defenses?
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    Peel Commissioners had brought their fireworks forward to 25th to coincide with the start of a scallop(?) season, I think. Delayed it to give more time to find the last remaining scallop....
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    I have never received a ban. And rightly so. You people need to consider raising your standards of behaviour and decorum to somewhere approaching my levels and you should have no further problems. I put it down to a lack of discipline.
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    I think he means the appointing of gazillions of staff
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    If they're even half as 'helpful' as the Promenade scheme liaison officer then I feel bad for you!
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    so says the guy with the smiling imbecilic face avatar...
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    Even by IoM Civil Service standards that's ridiculous.
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    Don’t know what to do? Throw money at it. In danger of being sued for negligence? Throw money at it.
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    Why wait? What a stupid sales pitch.
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    When I was young many moons ago we had bonfire night and fireworks on November the 5th if it rained tough we would stand under some shelter to set the bangers off, now they are at it for weeks. Peel have called theirs off for 25th October because of inclement weather, ffs. this is ridiculous.
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    It is little wonder then, that HMRC acted with the alacrity that it did. What it basically amounted to was the exploitation of a loophole aka a total scam that was relieving the UK taxpayers of £300M per year. As many recognised. Whilst at the same time endowing our Government with a profligacy that it has shown little sign of shaking off since this "overpayment" was withdrawn, leaving our esteemed Govt with a fiscal shortfall that the rest of us have been paying for ever since. Perhaps this was acceptable to some. But to others, not. Nor the loss of a further £26M whilst further games were played without mandate and legitimate political queries brushed aside. Little wonder that questions continue to be raised.
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    Your pick up lines need work.
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    And me, despite it being no secret, the poster himself having made it perfectly clear who he was. I think by now it is just some sort of forum ritual like having your head shoved down the bog by the prefects. I also thought that editing the posts of others to put words in their mouths was frowned upon.
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    Excuse me.... Roger has more important things to do..... like contribute to MF topics!
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    What a load of bollox.
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    Usually thanks for nothing around here, Albert. The "sad" one looks more mystified than sad.
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    To you they mean nothing, to the user they mean something - does that work for you?
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    He seems to like fake Facebook accounts delivering news amazing he didn’t welcome you with open arms.
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    Much trumpeting from the Nations Propaganda Mouthpiece about the Princess Anne’s visit today. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/princess-royal-visits-isle-of-man-today/ Will be interesting to see which Tynpotwalder makes a complete tit of themselves when being presented. I don’t know whether Peel Bridge was a local government effort or a private company? Either there will be-much back slapping and self congratulations amongst themselves and politicos - that is until something screws up, unless I’m being cynical? Im looking forward to the picture of HRH The Chief Minister in his best Rupert Bear suit, presenting his cabinet. I’m sure the Peoples Prince Chris Thomas will be on hand to bore her to death with statistics about the island ........ I have seen on the news of 3fm The Manchild/Boy Ashcroft is opening the new £5m Adult Centre up at Nobles. Interestingly the area is called Greenfield Park. There won’t be much greenery by the time Government and Braddan Commissioners have chopped it up for development. https://www.three.fm/news/isle-of-man-news/5million-adult-day-care-facility-to-be-unveiled/ What sort of an idiot decides to officially open a new expensive building on the day of a Royal Visit? Must be civil servants making the arrangements! I’m sure HRH The Chief Minister will be good at multi tasking, especially eating at all those buffets and teas and coffees and cakes!
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    This is a truly appalling post. Your whole ambition here is to infer that the blame, for the act of a radicalised and out-of-control psychopathic lone wolf should be directed at those damn brexiteers and their agenda. That leavers should surely feel guilty and hold themselves somehow responsible for her death and encouraging him is some way. As with many of your ilk you're using that tragedy for your own ends. Sickening. Mair's madness enabled him to de-humanise Jo Cox; when he began his attack, to him, she was merely a symbol of all he despised, a hatred that as you've indicated above, was born many years, perhaps decades before he finally flipped but only he pulled that trigger and wielded the knife. His decision, his madness. Mair, and only Mair was responsible for Jo Cox's murder.
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    No problem at all with the poppy promotion. The bangs have already started tonight lucky my animal does not give a flying f..k but I feel for the poor animals that do.
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    It is censorship and nothing else. You say what they want you to or they delete it. 1984
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    Don’t often agree with you but I do on this
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    Then I would recommend the Positive Action Group, the Climate Change Coalition group, the Liberal Vannin Party group, and the Manx Nostalgia group.
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    No. This will run and run. Massive empire potential. Public support and no measurable end result for scrutiny. There will certainly be taxes and charges. What better basis upon which to build a government agency?
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    Worst commercial port? Really. Tell that to Seatruck. They have doubled freight throughput in last few years. Its got a railway line to/from terminal, parking at the terminal, dual carriageway link to a motorway. Name another with such facilities? Yes, the passenger terminal is crap. But that’s because of sailing times. 4 departures a day, if all sailings were from there, would see enough usage for cafe, shop, open 10.00 to 02.00
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    Even worse is “We’re 24 people from government and we’re here to help”
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    I predict this will all go the way of Lisvane, unless they can rebalance the books with higher taxes and charges
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    No it;s not. It's like stopping pouring money into what is now fast becoming a pitiful over-staffed radio station and giving it up to let market forces prevail. A great pity I have to say. This morning, for example, the usual reminder of 'the clocks go back an hour this weekend' was replaced with 20 minutes (that I heard before going to the Beeb) of stories and chat and google/wiki read-outs about the subject. I dare say much of the rest of the programme was filled with the dumbed-downers contacting the station with their amusing stories of the clocks going back although I don't know and I no longer care.
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    There was an occasion some years ago when a couple of the more mischievous students from the Port Erin Marine Biological Station posted signs up around the village for a 'Firework Display' at 8pm on a certain night. A fair number of people gathered along the sea front and they were certainly treated to a 'Firework Display' - lasted about 5 seconds and after that first firework the show was over. It really was a singular firework display.
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    agreed, now that "we" own it, the emphasis should shift from "making vast profits" to "cover running costs"
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    I'm surprised we haven't had one of these "Les Dawson in a skirt' types reading the news or doing the weather on BBC as yet. Surely it's only a matter of time. I think I'll send in a complaint just for fun. See if I can make it happen.
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    I'm still in - if only to observe the total bollox that's posted there. Must say, I'm getting a tad sick of it.
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    There's actually five options you nincompoop.
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    For Boris this was never about leaving the EU, it was always about promoting Boris.
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    Bonfire night is 5th November. These tinpot councillors would do well to remember that...
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    Anyone giving away free money for doing nothing is admired in the farming community!
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    I wish somebody would seize Phil Gawne. I'll then happily supply some ammunition.
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    Karie Murphy- jezza's chief of staff
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    To be fair I suppose we had better put up Corlett's actual interview (in two parts) with Moulton, rather than just the screenshot of her looking glum: There's not much there to be honest, except a possibly unwitting put-down of Cregeen where she says there's plenty she could say about him but he's not a bully. She makes a thing about reducing LegCo from eight to six, which is the sort of pointless and ineffective constitutional change that MHKs love and better ones about the domestic violence bill and legislation about mental capacity. But it's all tied up with the usual attitude of accepting that everything will take forever to do. In reality things can be done quickly if you organise it yourself and push it hard. Look how quickly Allinson got the abortion legislation through because he was prepared to do the work on it (and link up with other outside the system). But if you take the attitude that such a thing would be nice to have and then sit back an expect the civil service to do all the work, it's not going to happen.
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    Don’t forget, she hasn’t left her previous job. She’s here on secondment.
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    Why do you have to keep moving on?
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    I think would be an impossible task.
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    Well I'm not looking for an argument, you'd just ban me anyway. It's pathetic.
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