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    I'm with you on this one, Sidney: I finally got around to giving a listen to the NEW SOUND of Manx Radio. Wowwww! Now I know why they were bigging themselves up for several months before the relaunch. It is absolutely amazing - loads of new presenters and innovative features! The early morning guy does a feature where listeners text in if their car reg number adds up to the same number as the one he has just pulled from his random number generator.(This NEW item should not be confused with a feature he has been doing for several years.) There is also "Where's Where's Where's Where's Wotton, Where's Where's Where's Where's Wotton?" Here the listeners have to guess where Ms Wotton is. This is nothing like the little comp that Brindley used to do several years ago.(Possibly called Maps to Mind.) Other "new" items are Guess The Mystery Sound, Guess The Mystery Voice, Radio Charades, Yes-No Interlude. And amazing prizes, such as a pen, mug or car-sticker! It is good to know that The Nation's Station is not afraid to try new cutting edge original ideas. (I can hardly wait for some other new programmes such as: "Lunchtime Lucky Dip", "Know Your Parish", "Kelly's Eye", and "The Green Scene")
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    So says HRH Chief Minister....... even 14.5 full-time posts are too many.
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    It's shite with people setting off fireworks so early - there's been some round here tonight, the dog bolted and knocked over the Xmas tree....
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    Only on an Island whose government is increasingly losing its marbles and any inkling of leadership (ie itself being led by the nose) could no fewer than TWENTY FOUR, to start with, public servants be put in post in an attempt to influence the habits and practices of 75,000 people on GLOBAL climate change. We can't keep rivers clear of debris. We can't sweep roads regularly. We can't cut back hedges and trees to accommodate road safety. We can't fix a promenade in the timescale that was promised. But we can afford to create 24 public non-jobs for a totally negligible effect on climate change. No wonder those with an ounce of common or business sense are departing this Island. It's a lunatic asylum with the inmates in control.
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    We are in the hands of people who have been conditioned to believe one side of the climate debate. We are basically buggered and are about to be royally shafted! Who will oppose this madness and bring some balance to the findings?
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    Well given that Quayle's immediate reaction to the 'declaration' of climate emergency was basically "Oh goody! We can spend lots more money", it was always going to turn out this way It arose from one of Moorhouse's more artless questions (he does have his uses): I would like to ask the Chief Minister how many Government employees have been allocated to the Climate Emergency Consultative Transformation Team chaired by Professor Curran? It does look as if this secondment is temporary and despite Quayle's confusion (even the most obvious questions from the most innocuous sources seem to flummox him) there doesn't actually seem to have been much allocation of resources to cover their absence. Which may suggest that they weren't doing much in the first place. Edge then piped up to claim that the Post Office had been left off the list , to which he plaintively bleated that it wasn't on his list. Which suggest some of the PO's numerous managers have been bunking off work and climate change is the new grandmother's funeral. No one seems to have noticed that DHSC also isn't on the list, easy to forget the biggest department.
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    No we don't. If you dislike something, write a reasoned comment as to why and post it. You can even use emojis if you like. Agreement needs no explanation (I often use the Thanks one to indicate a comment similar to something I was going to say, but now don't need to) but disagreement needs something more than a pantomime "No it isn't". Which I suppose is what I have just done.
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    In the interim fuel costs are going up as the latest sulphur burning restrictions bite. That's why the next boats will be LNG. There's a huge difference between IOMG owning and the Portuguese bank. The bank was shafted by its own greed and the McQuarrie structure where infrastructure assets had been bought (from McQuarrie) by a fund (run by McQuarrie) at inflated prices using a bank loan from Spirito Santo bank and secured on the Steam Packet shares. If you'll recall Steam Packet wasn't performing well enough to generate sufficient dividends to allow the fund to pay back its obligations to Spirito Santo. Spirito Santo foreclosed on its non performing loan and got the Steam Packet shares which it had charged as security. Spirito Santo lost a packet (pun intended) on write downs of its lending. IoMG has not paid a stupid price and now it has had Steam packet refinance the balance of the ex Spirito Santo loan it just needs to get repaid out of income for the actual purchase price of the assets. So profits are still necessary to achieve that for the next 5 years. If that is achieved then the purchase of the Steam Packet will stand IoMG at nothing on its books as all the cost will have been paid for out of Steam Packet revenue. Its the next step that's important, borrowing to acquire two new vessels, say £140-£150 million, realistically by end 2027, and with them having a life span of 25-30 years that borrowing has to be repaid, with interest, and some reserves built up for the next round of acquisitions. I'm all in favour of the Steam packet being responsible for terminals and berthing facilities at any port it sails in and out of, including IoM and Heysham. Given the non availability of Birkenhead between November 2019 and May 2021 at least, and possibly permanently, and the fact we may not have the new Liverpool Terminal and berth available before spring 2022 and there are questions as to whether Peel will allow us to continue using the existing landing stage as they are keen to dismantle and start on their cruise berth extension, I think its about time that the new Liverpool folly is abandoned. If we continue with a fast craft, currently taking about 3 hours between Douglas and Pierhead, you could run it to Heysham, 90 minutes, and lay on a coach to from Liverpool for foot passengers (included in ticket price) for the seasonal day trips and take less time. The purchase guarantees our sea routes. We are in a much better position than the CI and Condor, where a similar McQuarrie non performing fund mess means they cannot even start looking for new vessels and the BF approach seems mired down. I don't expect lower fares, I expect guaranteed routes. I don't expect dividend profits distributed to IoMG I hope for fare pricing structures that pay off loans for boats and a reserve and operating costs, in other words, effectively no distributable profit, as the means of controlling fares
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    But countering it with a ‘crack’ team of 24 dedicated civil servants is bollocks. Maybe if they generate enough paper they could make bales out of it and use it as sea defenses?
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    A couple more would be good. Fully agree...disagree. I don't find the 'confused' one or the 'sad' one handy at all. Confused or sad poster or reader? And 'thanks'? Thanks for what?
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    It's obvious to me you weren't thrashed enough as a child sid. Spare the child lose the emojis
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    Everything I do is spontaneous. One day I hope to combust.
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    Having just spent two hours having my ear bent by the ‘listening’ flood liaison officer I can heartily agree.
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    Peel Commissioners had brought their fireworks forward to 25th to coincide with the start of a scallop(?) season, I think. Delayed it to give more time to find the last remaining scallop....
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    OK, I'll bite. What was "the half cucumber post" and why do I think I'm going to regret asking?
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    I have never received a ban. And rightly so. You people need to consider raising your standards of behaviour and decorum to somewhere approaching my levels and you should have no further problems. I put it down to a lack of discipline.
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    Where do you get off? I think you’ll find I can post what I like without needing to take advice from you - whose only experience of character references seems to be providing glowing references for rapists.
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    On the volley from 40 yards. What a goal!
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    Moulton's report is here. What struck me was that rather than the whole thing being organised by those expensively-paid 'External Relations' types, they seem to have relied on Dot Tilsbury to do it all. Which was probably sensible, but you wonder what they are all employed for. We saw the kids outside with some large, irrelevant, rotund, stuffed object. And as well as the Chief Minister they also had a Mr Men toy. But you wonder what Quayle was doing there as he didn't seem to be part of the royal party. The kids didn't come far (HBN must be the nearest primary) and getting a bit of time out to see something a bit different is all part of school life and always has been. It didn't even look like a full class, never mind the whole school or even every school on the Island, which was what they used to do for royal visits.
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    I suspect this may well come to pass - IoMSPCo tarting up Heysham suggests to me that they plan a Heysham only service in very near future, but that port also belongs to Peel Holdings so I suspect it too could come under threat from a company whose boss exploits the Manx tax structure - the improved road out of Heysham does make a coach trip feasible and with 3 day returns during the summer season the Ben could be 'rested' for half the time (or run even slower on the overnight trip. Getting the rail link improved might well be an option
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    take the car, it'll be quicker
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    At least she's not a kiddie fiddler or a nazi. As far as royals go she's probably one of the decent ones.
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    I think he means the appointing of gazillions of staff
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    Well, as they say, a good heart is hard to find.
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    If they're even half as 'helpful' as the Promenade scheme liaison officer then I feel bad for you!
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    Rather than thinking 'oh the steam packet makes £xmillions so we can borrow tons' how about going 'let's lower our profit expectations for once and do something useful like lowering the cost of putting a trailer on the boat'.
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    so says the guy with the smiling imbecilic face avatar...
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    I had hoped that they would be officials already in other posts who would simply be contributing data, or otherwise just supporting this as an adjunct to their existing role...but I fear not...
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    tree huggers need jobs too you know
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    Even by IoM Civil Service standards that's ridiculous.
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    Don’t know what to do? Throw money at it. In danger of being sued for negligence? Throw money at it.
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    Why wait? What a stupid sales pitch.
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    He's the driving force behind the AWESOME looking new skate park. I have no idea about anything else he's done, or wants to do, or thinks about anything, but purely for his work on that I'd vote for him.
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    When I was young many moons ago we had bonfire night and fireworks on November the 5th if it rained tough we would stand under some shelter to set the bangers off, now they are at it for weeks. Peel have called theirs off for 25th October because of inclement weather, ffs. this is ridiculous.
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    That's post of the year in my book
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    That is the best group in the world. I know so many people who have been banned from there for pretty much pointing out that perhaps you should just use google to find an answer to this stupid and obvious question rather than asking 500 mentally challenged Facebook warriors. The site owner seems to be really thick and oblivious to the fact that “who what where” is not really a good filter and pretty much encourages people to ask stupid questions so why then ban people when a. They ask a stupid question or b. They take the piss out of someone for asking a stupid question. They might as well change the name to “I’m thick as shit and I’d like to advertise the fact that I’m thick as shit to at least 500 other people who live near me!”
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    Your pick up lines need work.
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    And me, despite it being no secret, the poster himself having made it perfectly clear who he was. I think by now it is just some sort of forum ritual like having your head shoved down the bog by the prefects. I also thought that editing the posts of others to put words in their mouths was frowned upon.
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    all money collected going to a good cause so no problem with that at all.
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    Yes, it is true. Cost reimbursement contracts are so incredibly rare here, which would be the only time it might benefit a contractor taking his time over completing the works. It might make sense to use such a contract with emergency repairs or emergency demolition. I'm sure there's probably a framework agreement in place to cover the cost of emergency repairs to highways and infrastructure. You aim to finish in the timescale the client wants it finished, they tell you what the completion date is going to be, it's a requirement of the tender process - that dictates the resources required. To maximise the money you make, you want to finish as soon as possible, without increasing your resources. Say you have to dig a hole 10m x 10m x 10m in sandy gravel, the client wants it done in 5 days and he wants a m3 price. Contractor A, says it'll take 2 men and 2 machines to complete in that timescale, and it'll cost £2000 for the men, and £1000 for the machines, he also want to make some money off it so he adds on 50% as it's only 1 weeks work and is a pain in the ass. So the price per m3 is £4.50. Contractor B, says he can do it in 2.5 days but it'll take 4 men and 4 machines to complete. It'll cost £4000 for the men, and £2000 for the machines, he is content to charge 25% for his profit. So the price per m3 is £7.50. The client, who will be happy to get it in 5 days, gives the job to Contractor A because it is £3,000 cheaper. Contractor A starts on site, the digging is easier than imagined and finishes in 2.5 days. The client is happy because he has the hole for the agreed price, in less time. The contractor is happy because he has made an additional £2,000 profit. Contractor A starts digging, and encounters more gravel than sand and takes 7 days to dig the hole. The client is not happy but still only has to pay the agreed £4,500. The contractor is not happy because now his £1,500 profit for a pain in the ass job is only £300 and it has been an even bigger pain in the ass. The above scenarios are extremely simplified but are representative of the type of contract used on the island.
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    I thought you were going to advocate removing the meaningless, spiteful, vile posters for a moment there. That would never do!
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    Usually thanks for nothing around here, Albert. The "sad" one looks more mystified than sad.
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    It suggests they do a lot of divorce cases and disputes over wills.
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    "Listening" and "Helpful" - two words never associated with government
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    I like the thanks one. If someone posts something useful or an answer to a question. The confused one just seems to be used by a couple of posters when someone they don’t like posts something - anything A dislike one would be a very bad idea. And it will never happen.
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    Empire Garage being a prime example. Peel commissioners & a handful of Gobbags crying foul over some rather scruffy 1960's industrial buildings.
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    But she’d hardly write a manifesto saying “When I get in I intend to do absolutely fuck all to the point that most of my constituents won’t even know who I am”. Edited From her manifesto - I have become increasingly frustrated at the lack of decision making during the last government – shelving issues for the next administration to decide upon. There is a real need for people to be elected who will not shirk the responsibility vested in them by the people of this island. Presumably typed with a straight face.
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