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    I blame that Margo. Once she mentioned it on the telly, you can't get a Kinder Egg for love nor money.
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    yes i do, nobody can walk over the carpet of government without needing oxygen these days.
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    "The DoI added: The department takes seriously its role as part of the tourism industry of the island, and the railways contribute significantly to the island’s GDP". It doesn't stop. In an effort to clarify the earlier misleading comment a further misleading comment is made. I understand that Tourism, in total makes up less than 3% of GDP. As this includes the major Motorsport events which account for a large proportion of the total visitor spend, I wonder what proportion of visitor spending contributing to GDP arises from the Horse Trams. Let us be generous and say that a 10th of all visitors come because we have horse trams and would not come if the horse trams were not operating. That would account for about 0.3% of GDP. DoI must have a different interpretation of the word significant than me. My dictionary says significant is "important or noticeable". Perhaps the DoI uses another dictionary where 0.3% might fit the word "significant". They ought to look up "Truth" as they do not appear to understand what it means. I suggest they use the Oxford English Dictionary rather than the one they currently refer to when writing press releases.
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    Hey sid our kid, has someone hacked you account?
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    With social media so pervasive this is going to be the worst election campaign ever, until the next one. Nobody listens to policies, they just cherry-pick the latest meme to suit their preconceived view. I’m sort of glad I’m not voting in it.
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    It generally only upset alcoholics and druggies.
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    It's a serious subject. We're talking about Stayin' Alive. Personally I think it would be a Tragedy if the shelter were to be demolished. Perhaps someone needs to have Words with the Corpy and get them to ask the public How Deep is Your Love for this public amenity?
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    Well that's a thread killer!
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    What was wrong with that post dilli? Why sad?
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    The Independent didn’t exist then. Dor was hopeless at industrial relations, row with editorial staff, year long strike/lockout. sacked Journalists set up the Independent in 1987. Dor sold the Examiner, Times and Star titles to IoM Courier in 1987. Independent was sold to Morton Group in 1992 and then to Courier group in 1993.
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    hardly surprising with the bullshit and lies along with the shit service the government provides.
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    She will of course still be responsible for her witless observations and complete lack of ability. No amount of media notices will alter those either.
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    Man, 18, was fatally stabbed during council-run knife awareness course https://www.manxradio.com/news/uk-news/uxbridge-man-18-was-fatally-stabbed-during-council-run-knife-awareness-course/ it really needs dealing with rather than the softly softly approach........
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    Can I congratulate you on your use of English. That is better than 50% of posters on here.
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    Only after the publican had sold them enough to get them drunk???
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    But the allegations and scare tactics by the Tories and Express/Mail etc were no different to the ones used by Boris and the same press today. But the Labour Government set up the Welfare State, NHS and built 1 million homes in 6 years. Meanwhile, 5 years on, after promising 200,000 new homes by 2020, Dave, Teresa and Boris have built 0.
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    The wax works link provided me with the best laugh I've had for ages! Thanks, PK.
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    Oh I think it did. I don't know the details of this particular matter but a first deemster once gave the resounding homily to "Keep away from people involved in drugs. They are violent, dangerous and evil people". I would have added ' ..and at some stage you are going to be shoving drugs up your backside, and don't come crying to me in the future when your worn out sphincter has to have a tampax shoved up it to stop you defecating left right and centre.'
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    Yes I agree with that, but this thread is surely for adding condolences
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    They've recycled Jimmy Carr for that one surely
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    Pissed and/or coked up thugs with all that power to continue to walk into licensed premises and fuck up people's night.
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    That's sad. Especially with Christmas now so near.
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    What’s the point of joining a thread and then ignoring the most prolific poster? I know he just makes stuff up, but it does give you an insight into the incel mindset.
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    Stu and Beth had some hilarious chats at the changeover from TH to WT. The funniest was when Stu asked her whether her easy feminine charm and magnetic attraction were innate or learned at her mother's knee. For once she was rendered speechless and eventually replied, "You do realise we are having this conversation live on air? "
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    It isnt. It costs more in the long term in respect of low experience levels impacting service delivery and the cost of recruitment and training. That said, a pension system with 6/12/18/22/30 yr hop off points would be better
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    I am in favour of any opportunity to put a traffic cone on a statue.
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    The whole place has basically shut up shop, a few diehards will argue the toss and pretend everything is rosy but that is far from the truth!
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    Quite. And how much better to raise an arm and make eye contact with the driver than to stand vacantly and feel like a twat as the bus sails past. It's simple self-interest.
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    Jeez... You have always had to signal the bus to request them to stop. You should try getting a bus in the centre of a major city and seen how you fare.
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    There is some woman traveling the Island and you have to guess where she is it would be more interesting if she went further abroad...say Australia...on a one way ticket.
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    He did quite a few though. As I said in the MR thread, Roger was a great bloke who knew his local history and would help anybody. I used to enjoy listening to the live shows when some boring git would come on the phone and rant on about nothing. Roger didn’t hide the fact he was bored rigid and I think sighed loudly to let us all know. Good man gone too soon.
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    Yes it is a hugely bureaucratic experience running an enterprise on the Isle of Man You very quickly get the impression you are working for IOM Government rather than the other way round
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    Take the Brown Bobby for example heading out of town. a bus goes past every few minutes, some heading to peel, some to Port Erin, some time Foxdale, some to the business park etc. They can’t all stop because the bloke sat there wants to go to Peel. It’s up to you to let the relevant bus know you want to get on.
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    We should be issued with our own personal stingers to avoid any confusion
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    So you consider Kahn to be more powerful than the Prime Minister. Ok, everyone is entitled to their opinion.
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    Awful irony to the story. Maybe the local MP can do something?
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    Jeremy Corbyn Staffers And Some Journalists Had A Secret WhatsApp Group Called “Greggs” To Coordinate Election Messaging “Also as ever, please do not talk about this group to anyone outside the group.” “From us expect — updates on JC & Shad Cab movements, lines, briefings, transcripts, invites to events and asks of support for certain content.” “As ever, big groups like this can sometimes become problematic so please keep it comradely and strictly business (of getting JC in No. 10). Other than two Corbyn communications officials and an assortment of Labour party activists, the members included Guardian columnists Rachel Shabi and Owen Jones, Guardian multimedia journalist Maeve Shearlaw, Novara Media’s Joseph Todd and Michael Walker, i Paper columnist Liam Young, Private Eye and BuzzFeed News contributor Solomon Hughes, former BBC Newsnight and Channel 4 economics editor Paul Mason and freelancers Dawn Foster, Michael Segalov and Vincent Bevins. It also included some non-journalists, such as comedian Josie Long, author Alex Williams and Kings College academic Nick Srnicek. https://www.buzzfeed.com/markdistefano/jeremy-corbyn-journalists-whatsapp-greggs when the media become campaigners.......
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    Are they called Kinder Eggs because they are kinder to insert?
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    As I posted on page 1 #4, this will not be a motor racing event on closed public roads. As a point of interest, the last true road race was run in the 1950's. The splendid Willaston Races of the 1990's were in fact run under pursuit sprint regulations by the MMRC.
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    Fair enough, I think their little brother who wasn't born here lived here for a bit too maybe at that time.
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    I was told that at one stage they moved back to the Island and had houses in the Belmont hill area off Peel Road Douglas...I worked with someone who worked for a removals firm and helped to move them...They did not stay long apparently. Maybe it was a tax related residence...
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    They did something much closer to DIDs when Women Today was on. I think it was based on the tunes you would take if marooned on Conister Rock and Beth would interview the Island worthy who was the subject. Stu even used to rib her on air that it was a rip off of DIDs.
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    Such a shame looking back at what wasn't that long ago. There was a very healthy nightlife here. About 7 clubs and plenty of choice for the party goers or clubbers. What is left now ? I don't go out much or drive a taxi, but it looks to me that the nightlife over here, in Douglas anyway, is dead.
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    They used to get fed a lot better though until the regular Govt ads placement got pulled....suddenly the local rags started being a lot more willing to engage in a bit of criticism?
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    Is she trying to stop a bus?
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    Going back to the original subject of DoI being, at the very least, misleading, about the contractual obligation to run the trams, the merits of doing so; the implications of doing so and the detail of how and when they were run are not really the issue. The issue is far more fundamental. It is about the nature and responsibility of Government. If Government lies to, or misleads the public, is that acceptable? The answer, of course is that it is not. In a democracy the public should elect Government and expect the Government to act on their behalf, including being transparent and honest in response to questions about operational and policy matters. Of course, everyone knows that Government here and elsewhere, lies, spins, obfuscates and uses any other technique available to present the version of the truth that is most convenient to them. The question is, what happens when they get found out? The result should be that those who are responsible for misleading or deceiving should be removed from their responsibility without delay, either voluntarily or by force. In this case the Minister and Chief Executive should be gone by now. To accept anything less is to accept that the public have no right to the truth and that Government deceit is just part of the Game. It is not. Mr Harmer and Mr Black should now be seeking alternative occupations.
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    Well said. Any normal society, parliamentary assembly, or media, would have relentlessly pursued Quayle over precisely the points you raise. However... I’ve genuinely reached the point of despair with this government and, probably more so, the failure of Tynwald to hold it to account. But that’s occurred of course because they’re essentially the same thing. The 50% turnover of Keys membership at our last election has, in fact, proved to be a disaster.
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