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    "The DoI added: The department takes seriously its role as part of the tourism industry of the island, and the railways contribute significantly to the island’s GDP". It doesn't stop. In an effort to clarify the earlier misleading comment a further misleading comment is made. I understand that Tourism, in total makes up less than 3% of GDP. As this includes the major Motorsport events which account for a large proportion of the total visitor spend, I wonder what proportion of visitor spending contributing to GDP arises from the Horse Trams. Let us be generous and say that a 10th of all visitors come because we have horse trams and would not come if the horse trams were not operating. That would account for about 0.3% of GDP. DoI must have a different interpretation of the word significant than me. My dictionary says significant is "important or noticeable". Perhaps the DoI uses another dictionary where 0.3% might fit the word "significant". They ought to look up "Truth" as they do not appear to understand what it means. I suggest they use the Oxford English Dictionary rather than the one they currently refer to when writing press releases.
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    What was wrong with that post dilli? Why sad?
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    They've recycled Jimmy Carr for that one surely
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    That's sad. Especially with Christmas now so near.
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    And Kerruish before him.
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    I am in favour of any opportunity to put a traffic cone on a statue.
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    The whole place has basically shut up shop, a few diehards will argue the toss and pretend everything is rosy but that is far from the truth!
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    We should be issued with our own personal stingers to avoid any confusion
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    Another good man sadly gone from us. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/roger-watterson-passes-away/
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    https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/northern-ireland/motorbike-racing-star-michael-dunlop-caught-speeding-on-north-west-200-course-38673919.html?fbclid=IwAR3RcvYgsQOoIgQe12tr_EGfarNUDmF5BNc3NMjBo-31HtLZsclBhRKoP2w Been there and got the t shirt. Was spotted driving past Summerland in a 1.3 chevette with 5 on board (35 years ago). Caught up by a Sierra, whose driver said I was doing 63 mph through Port Jack. I said that was not achievable and that he had driven at 63 mph to catch me up. £200 and 4 points later, guess who lost. C***s. Seems to be universal.
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    "I am not voting for some crazy right-wing nationalist organisation calling themselves a Conservative government - but that, I think, is laying it on a bit. I don't think that's where we'll wind up." #fake1880news General election 2019: 'Misleading' Abbott tweet used in Labour campaign https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/50352176
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    Well said Uhtred. Regarding the notice she must have taken legal advice on this perhaps it is to do with the cleaning contract with the hospital that was pulled when she was in charge. Karma, no sympathy at all.
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    Awful irony to the story. Maybe the local MP can do something?
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    Well after 2008 nothing surprises me about those buggers.
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    Just as an aside. I wonder how the man doing the radio advert for Santander would pronounce that figure ? In the MR advert, he says the interest rate is “ one point fifteen per cent”, instead of “ one point one five” . It is 1.15%. That advert is for a bank ffs.
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    Who knows? https://blogs.spectator.co.uk/2019/11/diane-abbotts-fake-news/
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    It means that Mrs B has some defence for being responsible for any debts taken on by Mr B after her announcement.
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    Are they called Kinder Eggs because they are kinder to insert?
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    Yes. At least it does over here.
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    As I posted on page 1 #4, this will not be a motor racing event on closed public roads. As a point of interest, the last true road race was run in the 1950's. The splendid Willaston Races of the 1990's were in fact run under pursuit sprint regulations by the MMRC.
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    Fair enough, I think their little brother who wasn't born here lived here for a bit too maybe at that time.
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    His politics and economics are not anywhere near as far left as Attlee, Bevan, Bevin or Stafford Crips. However the MSM are much further to the right than at any time since the 1930’s, certainly more than in 1945.
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    I was told that at one stage they moved back to the Island and had houses in the Belmont hill area off Peel Road Douglas...I worked with someone who worked for a removals firm and helped to move them...They did not stay long apparently. Maybe it was a tax related residence...
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    On a serious note. Why can't this statue be located in the new 'Cultural Quarter' when that part of the Promenade vanity project is complete (currently estimated for completion C.2032 - 2045AD) - if we really even need this statue at all.
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    It was a ridiculous idea in the first place, used to bully people. Was it the MENA list? 1 night club owner with all that power, madness looking back.
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    The Treasury didn't know about the loans
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    A top banana in local politics. There wasn't much that got past him unnoticed.... as the MEA loan issue proved.
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    They did something much closer to DIDs when Women Today was on. I think it was based on the tunes you would take if marooned on Conister Rock and Beth would interview the Island worthy who was the subject. Stu even used to rib her on air that it was a rip off of DIDs.
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    That's just your jive talkin.
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    radio 2............ken bruce.......tracks of my years........
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    Clubs, pubs\bars, and music venues have been closing down across the US and UK for a few years now, I wonder how much of an effect the smoking ban actually had. https://www.radiox.co.uk/features/music-venues-shut-famous-weve-loved-and-lost-uk/ https://www.standard.co.uk/go/london/music/the-borderline-closing-soho-venue-a4141231.html http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/article/34343040/why-the-uks-small-music-venues-are-under-threat https://www.theguardian.com/music/2012/may/26/rock-music-venues-bust-britain https://www.loudersound.com/features/what-s-happening-to-all-our-music-venues https://www.forbes.com/sites/dannyross1/2017/08/10/why-you-should-care-about-closing-music-venues/#7a96cfddf8bb https://www.nazandella.com/single-post/2016/10/21/Why-are-so-many-music-venues-closing https://www.gigwise.com/photos/92945/ https://www.buzzfeed.com/perpetua/iconic-nyc-music-venues-then-and-now
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    That will be handy for him, up in Jurby.
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    Is Woody2 the 5th Bee Gee?
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    They used to get fed a lot better though until the regular Govt ads placement got pulled....suddenly the local rags started being a lot more willing to engage in a bit of criticism?
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    The media needs to continue to pester, nag and bite.
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    They should get the guy that did the Christiano Ronaldo statue. If theres one thing I enjoy more than a really good likeness statue it's a really bad likeness one.
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    You only have to stick your arm out ffs. It's not difficult and it's ALWAYS been the same. That's that sorted. Now for the climate catastrophe.
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    A line of stone phalluses to remind us all of the management team who talked Govt into undertaking the promenade refurb.
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    Well said. Any normal society, parliamentary assembly, or media, would have relentlessly pursued Quayle over precisely the points you raise. However... I’ve genuinely reached the point of despair with this government and, probably more so, the failure of Tynwald to hold it to account. But that’s occurred of course because they’re essentially the same thing. The 50% turnover of Keys membership at our last election has, in fact, proved to be a disaster.
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    An election will make no difference. Many of the same will be re-elected, and any new ones with force and vision will be sidelined. This is likely as good as it gets I am afraid.
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    Well, this puts a new complexion onto how our lot think, or don't. Here we have the Fat Controller claiming that £500 is the most they could justify. He then went on to suggest there were approximately 15 properties affected - so a bill of £7,500 assuring it is 15 and all of them claim. £7,500 is all they can justify? Really? Well, maybe an MHK reading this would like to tell us how much they "justify" on the Tynwald Banquet every year? How much they "justify" on accommodating, wining, dining and entertaining the visiting Tynwald Guests for Tynwald Week each year? Maybe they would like to justify Isle of Man Civil Servants spending nights in Douglas Hotels at the Taxpayers expense because apparently they cannot be expected to have to drive home after entertaining said guests? And these poor folk in Laxey have had their homes ruined and you can only justify £500 and a lot of pathetic excuses? Beneath pathetic. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/flood-payment-of-500-as-much-as-government-could-justify/
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    Like the others he was totally out of his depth last night. The audience could see his exhaustion. One of them asked why, yesterday, tons and tons of river rocks had been deposited on the beach and wearily he replied that he was going down to look at them RIGHT AWAY! He didn’t leave but it got the biggest laugh of the night.
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    They knew this last night. They knew that for all their suits and their apologies and their slick presentation, that the residents of Laxey had them sussed. As one woman who questioned them said, “The reason. you have finally started working together and have come up with this comprehensive plan is not because you care about the residents of Glen Road but because you are scared witless that you’re going to be sued!
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    I see Kate Beecroft is changing her name and has a notice in the Courier stating she will not be responsible for her husband's debts.
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    But that is just for effect. You don’t actually believe that, do you ? I mean, do you ?
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    The Bee Gees statue is one of the most dopey ideas yet. What a total waste of money. There should be statue to dopey ideas or an annual award or something.
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    Bell and Mount Murray set the standard...
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