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    They blew their H&S credentials the minute that they decided to run the trams in their original position and not with a single track and kerb to help people step on and off! Much cheaper, safer, aesthetically pleasing and better for traffic, horses and pedestrians!
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    It will cost more to administer this BS charge than it will bring in, but hey ho, a step backward is still a step, right? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-isle-of-man-50842395 Owners of electric vehicles on the Isle of Man will face a new tax from April 2020, the infrastructure minister has said. Zero emission vehicles, which are currently not taxed, will be subject to a £14 charge, Ray Harmer told Tynwald.
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    No one cares, politics is as boring as hell. We are all.used to letting things just tick along and then cry foul when something goes against the grain.
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    Once a bike lets go, for whatever reason, it’s a complete lottery where components of it will end up. Only a few years ago a wheel ended up through the window of a house at the bottom of Bray Hill. but there are definite areas where there has to be a higher than average risk. Hence prohibited and restricted areas. And where there is a need to operate in the areas you can’t sufficiently restrict, you need to mitigate with the likes of catch fencing. Which again begs the question why there isn’t any on the other side of the road?
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    You'd be pretty annoyed with him if you lived on Port-e-Chee, hogging the so much space parking so many cars, that'll probably cost him few votes.
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    It's true that a £15 charge is pretty dumb & won't cover the cost of administration Better they raised it to £45 & used the proceeds to help fund free electric bus services on major commuter routes?
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    If they (Government) want the island to move to the, still experimental, electric vehicle technology, they are going to need to install the infrastructure to support them. Charges will increase on petrol and diesel vehicles to force them off the road until it is only the wealthy who will be able to afford motoring in expensive EVs. The rest of us will have to rely on public transport or get on our bikes. In the words of Bob Dylan, 'the times they are a changin'.
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    It amazes me how the police can do all the back-slapping they do whilst Cocaine is readily available on the Island and there are people well known in the communities of Douglas and Ramsey who are supplying the stuff with apparent impunity.
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    it cuts down on cost a bit for us as we don't need to employ a translator.
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    This is beyond the pale. If there truly was a health and safety requirement, they wouldn’t have relaid the tram tracks in the middle of a a live highway. I did question Chris Thomas about this on Twitter. He stated the DOI had ‘taken advice’ before deciding on that routeing. I did point out that bad advice isn’t actually a defence when someone gets run over. In a nutshell, I have never heard such utter bunkum. The setup they have built is inherently unsafe.
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    I'm deeply shocked. This has been open for nine hours and no one has been along to complain that the Happy Christmas thread gets earlier every year. (All the very best to all MF contributors and lurkers for Christmas and any other midwinter festivals meaningful to you and a happy, prosperous and peaceful New Year. And please fewer complaints about people being drunk when they say something you don't like. Especially as they probably will be).
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    I see there is a review of parking. I always wonder what the purpose of double yellow lines is. Once the sun goes down and the parking officers have gone home they are totally ignored. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/future-of-car-parking-in-douglas-up-for-debate-says-council-leader/
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    Awesome prose, Uhtred. 1) The Bish shouldn't have a vote in a democratic process (even Tynwald). Not seated in there by any democratic process. Other than tradition of Methodist farmers wanting more support? 2) Umm, er... Establishment to the bone (Charlie's daughter). But had the honesty to say after the VAT reduction, "We're in the shit" (in close circles anyway). And state that the film industry had lost over £100M. 3) No comment 4) Probably retired on an obscene pension to a Spanish estate with private beach 5) Yes 6) None in this day and age. Unless you're a farmer. 7) Taste just like chicken. Apparently. 8) Get rid of the fxxking lot.
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    The word 'Horses Arse' comes to mind whenever I read tripe like this.
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    Christ! They kicked you out of the pub early.
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    Assuming that you meant companies and not countries then hugely. Even our utilities up to and including sewage treatment plants. However most of the companies are multinational with no particular loyalty to any individual country.
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    It's certainly made up for in fuel duty and VAT by us non electric luddites.
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    Yes, but they had blocked it, until 10pm last night!
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    It is this prime minister, the best that we have had since Thatcher, selecting the best and most able politicians to be a member of the British cabinet. In any case in the UK the electorate vote for a party, not an individual.
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    Picture should have been credited to Amadeus, who is apparently never far from flashing blue lights (!), and sent me the report while I was on the wireless last night!
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    Was always going to happen. The zero rate was the starting sweetener, the more popular they become (and also reducing the number of fossil fuel vehicles paying tax) the more of a target they were going to become to replace the lost fossil revenue. But they contribute wear and tear on the roads too and the charging points have to be paid for. They should be contributing. It's not all about the environment though. Don't forget the pensions and payroll too. Pushbikes next, Mr Harmer?
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    Oui,beaucoup plus accommodant.
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    LOL! I WONDERED how long that would be brought up! As it happens modern day Israel is a fraction of Eretz Israel. It is also a fraction of the designated area that was to be recovered from the ottoman empire to build the much reduced modern day Israel. But then - you're aware of that eh?
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    Going through Onchan yesterday, I noted that they still haven't sorted out the timing of the traffic lights, or is it just that everybody keeps coming out of Avondale Road whatever colour the lights are? There were cars coming out of there long after the main road lights had turned green.
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    This is a rare drug smuggling case that apparently doesn't involve shoving the drugs up their arse.
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    So has anyone actually asked their MHK directly?
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    I do hope you are making this up.
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    In a way...shit loads. It backs onto the cemetery. With probably 100,000 in there by now, it serves as a reminder that at least 1,000 of them would have appreciated better risk assessments in place the time they arrived. I've seen a few bikes go in unexpected places over the years, usually on oil or due to seizures. Imagine if the scouts did the scoreboard for F1 as close to the action as they are here. There'd be an outcry. Probability suggests it wouldn't be long till one of them fell off accidently, or some bike lost control in that stretch. It's unlikely but possible...and in this case, with vastly increased speeds over the last 50 years, IMO this warrants that protection for them. The price of not doing it would see calls to end racing here.
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    Reminds me of the football manager when he says " the board are behind me to turn this around " .................
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    Post their names, they'll soon stop.
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    Not only was the Golden Egg murderer sentenced to death but so was every other person convicted of murder on the Island between 1872 and 1992. The death sentence was mandatory for murder. And not a single one of those persons was executed. We were one of the last places in Western Europe to abolish capital punishment for murder and one of the first to abolish it in practice. Guernsey and Jersey show a similar pattern (ignoring Occupation) and I think that LGs of the various islands were unwilling to allow executions for various reasons (local political ones or because there would be no one else to blame if they got it wrong). Life has never meant life and it has always meant life. Never because the sentence was "At Her Majesty's pleasure" and so prisoners could and were let out after any length of time. Or possibly not, but it was a decision of the government. Minimum sentences are a fairly recent innovation. But it 'always' means life because life prisoners are only released on licence on can be recalled to prison at any time, usually for committing another crime, but sometimes for other reasons. As I said above we've always paid for life prisoners serving time in the UK (as all do for most of the time) but I don't think it's true for transferees.
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    It's doubtful whether many brexit supporters have given Scottish independence much thought up to now. Personally, I'd wish the Scots well, and am all for Irish unification but see any resolution of either possibly a decade away.
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    Bill Malarkey now giving his take on the fast track legislation subject on iomtoday (sorry, can't link) - essentially, move along, nothing to see here, had to be done, it's to do with "live and ongoing" matters (wonder if that's a clue?) and his own enquiries had "been satisfied". I feel so relieved.
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    I tried to get a couple of staff upgraded in my time. People look at you as if you are daft. Yet they were clearly doing more than their pay grade determined.
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    They're living in some kind of fantasy land that's for sure!
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    "Cobham, which employs 10,000 people, has extensive contracts with the British military and is seen as a world leader in air-to-air refuelling technology".
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    What, like telling the truth during an election campaign? Heaven forbid...!
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    One of them was voted out by their constituents yet still manages to get a seat in the cabinet and therefore the running of the country. Is that the will of the people in action?
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    Not so Roger. I quoted Johnson lying and your response was this: Go and read a decent newspaper....
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    I'm sorry Roger but I just can't take any more of your using the word "scotch" to describe the folks north of the border. The people are Scottish or Scots. You use "scotch" to describe their food and drink like scotch pancakes. Mind you, I am the man who breezed into a cafe in Fort William and asked for a full english breakfast. First and only time I've heard the word "sassenach" used in anger. I quoted Boris Johnson using his very words. You must be the only person in the UK, besides his girlfriend I suppose, to believe what he says...
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    Yet some plug in hybrid (which still use a petrol engine therefore have emissions) only pay a fiver. go figure.
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    the living hope church are a fantastic lot. and they'll take anybody
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