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    @The Orgozoid @The Dog's Dangly Bits You're correct, circular pointless ad hominem tit for tat arguments between two posters are boring and get you nowhere; except a suspension.
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    They're still trying to keep the fantasy bubble inflated. Everything points to it IMHO. Including the current reliance on construction to keep things sunny side up. Edicts from Govt but only on the good news that happens and deafening silence on any negatives (still waiting for 2019 FOM visitor figures?), and if there is no factually based good news, Govt will invent some (6 Banks Skelly for instance). The economic reset has been well under way over here now for a good three years and it's time they smelt the coffee and took the fact on board.
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    It's a very odd thing to do isn't it? If they had simply left them there the story would have moved on - now, by not just closing the article to comments but removing those already made, they've revived the story and added an element of government censorship.
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    I tuned in (from BBCR4) to catch the local news at 08:40. I felt a duty to do so. I'd missed nothing, and straight away the three presenters started chatting about their Christmas/New Years TV viewing. I really can't be arsed with it anymore. I'll just have to trust the newspapers to keep me informed. And if there is anything local I need to hear I will hear it on the BBC. OK, that may mean once a year there is a flood or something, but that will do. It's all up to Manx Radio how they run the station but please, can the Isle of Man Government stop throwing taxpayers money at the Manx Radio mess.
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    Seems Brindley and co are already bracing themselves for the latest listening figures news from the rating company RAJR The fieldwork period is from 30th December 2019 – 29th March 2020 the results go to radio stations on 13th May and gets released to the public the next day. Do not expect to see a massive change in numbers as the smaller stations numbers are averaged out over the previous returns sessions to make any major changes less hitting. Do expect them to get the good news that they retained the TT commentary from a challenge from Energy FM. What will be interesting is how much the government contract will be worth. Most media pay to cover sports events but with the TT its the other way round.
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    To be fair though there were about 30 comments and every one of them pretty much said he was a tosser. It might have been a case of all or nothing?
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    No financial cost, maybe, maybe not. But a cost to the perception of good governance. The Governor might, for example, have to look into the affairs of The Home Affairs Department. Which would be a bit difficult when his newly found pal had his wedding reception at his gaff.
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    Dollin Mercer and that other idiot Manx fella on a Sunday seem to be having a competition to see who can effect the most ridiculous Manx accent known to man. It’s hilarious to listen to. Noooooooowwwwwwww theeeeeeeennnn, lets have a loooooooooooooooooook at whaaaaaaaaaaaats cooooooooomming up in the neeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwsssssss at oooooooooonnnnnnnee o’clooooooooooccccckkkkk ...
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    Because our cultural connections are to the North West of England, and the Celtic Countries. Not London. Just because a few weirdos are moving here from London (and you would have to be a weirdo to move here from London) doesn't change the fact that if the majority of locals had to move they move to the North West where they are more likely to be familiar and have family - friendship links. Also the way of life would be more similar outside the big cities. They want to know how the price of their homes here compares to what they would get if they made that move not what would happen if they grew a topknot and moved to Hackney.
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    Last summer I was out in the garden playing with some antennas and left YouTube playing a music video. YouTube then decided to entertain me for the next hour with a superb selection that beats the pants off MR / BBC etc. I occasionally listen to MR - it's really piss-poor these days.
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    I'm curious, what has been swept under the carpet?
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    House prices are, apparently, on the way down. My basic understanding of economics tells me that prices are a result of supply and demand. If prices are on the way down, it must follow that demand is too. Meanwhile, we need more houses to meet the demand, according to Government "planning". Somebody, somewhere is getting this all wrong... or is it me?
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    "Et ses mains ourdiraient les entrailles du prêtre, Au défaut d'un cordon pour étrangler les rois."
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    If they continue to expand the windfarms after a while we'll just be able to hop from pylon to pylon to get to UK
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    A market dominance and financial resource they accumulated precisely because governments don't treat them as a private company who publishes or edits content. My criticism is that they benefit from being treated as "public commons" by the government, while at the same time they are anything but that. They can't have it both ways. Pick one.
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    Well if he is, he's providing better value for it than most of the rest of them are. But as I keep on repeating, it doesn't matter who asks something, but whether it is worth asking. Those defending the Government by suggesting that it's who you are that is important, not what you do, are unwittingly illustrating something that may lie behind too many Government actions. Well no one's stopping you (though there is some information around anyway). But this discussion on resources nearly always misses the point that most FoI requests are for information that, if the Government doesn't have it, it damn well ought to have. Some of the most telling FoI (and Tynwald) questions result in a response where we are told that the information isn't held and you think "Why not?". To some extent FoI means that the public acts like an Auditor General asking awkward questions. And for free. Civil servants and Ministers ought to among those using the answers to improve things - and not just because the results might be embarrassing. So there' should be no real extra cost beyond looking the information up and writing a (mainly pro-forma) letter. The Act includes all sort of provisions that mean frivolous questions or those requiring excessive work can be turned down if it is otherwise.
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    Ironic ( first ), then insightful ( second ). Remember, these are all privately owned platforms, the owners can be held liable for defamation as publishers of third party posts. Some idiot posts something claimed to be defamation and if you don’t remove it as soon as you receive the complaint then you lose the protection of the Electronic Communications legislation. Its not censorship. You have no right to post here, or comment on IoM Today articles. Its very different to gossip at home, or in the pub.
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    Especially as its in Onchan!
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    Lol... Like you don't know..?
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    It’s strange how that site works as it’s a bit like here. Most of the commentators are pretty much the same people all the time so you can almost predict what they’re going to post based on the story so Richard Butt must have known what he was doing allowing comments as immediately all the usual malcontents logged on and said what a wanker he is.
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    Lol. I'm not entering your game again. Really boring.
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    It should now be changed to You're Shite judging by the comments generally made.
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    This feels like one of those circular arguments where you haven't read anything so you (and some other identical types) are stuck on repeat. Massive surprise you showing up now too - said no one ever.
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    Me too. Coupled with the fact that the employment market is limited so a person can come over here for a specific job and if that folds it can turn out to be an expensive mistake.
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    It's what appeals to you as an individual. I've lived in cities. I've lived in the country. I sometimes live abroad. I've lived here. If I had to live here full time or London full time, it would be here. London long term is a nightmare in my opinion. If that makes me a weirdo I wear it with pride. It wouldn't do for us all to be the same.
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    Why are you so concerned that the general public want to know answers to some relevant (to them) questions?
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    Oh. Those pictures still on the internet?
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    Strict financial controls might also see any number of jobs at risk. Clearly something to be avoided at all costs. If you're holding down one of the jobs....
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    How many years have the US and UK spent influencing Iran, Iraq etc? Unfortunately for the West "you reap what you sow".
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    Govt house hasn't even got a hot tub in the garden... Claaassy Bill. My lad is having his bar mizvah soon, maybe we could have the after party up at H.E's
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    This has been a long time coming. Trump did the right thing. It's a cliche but Iran et al have been sowing the seeds. Now it's time they reaped the whirlwind.
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    Yep, i understand that. What i don't understand is where these new tennants / owners are coming from. For every new build occupied property, there must be an empty property somewhere on the island that some-one own's. There is an awful lot of new builds !!
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    I didn’t even know he had remarried.
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    Well I don’t doubt the data if it’s from an official source. There’s some very big discounting going on at the higher end of the market. The reality is that the market is only moving in the range average people can mortgage themselves to. Outside of that property is languishing on the market for ages and being massively discounted. You’d be crackers to buy now as an average person. If people who can well afford expensive houses aren’t buying them why the heck should anyone else be mortgaging themselves to the hilt to buy in the lower and mid range?
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    I do really hope all this goes well having now cast that 'in stone'. Ed: 26% of the UK population vote for less freedom for the whole country....yay!
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    So surely every other elected MEP has the same right? Especially those that actually turn up unlike Farage et al who take the money and benefits but only turn up for "show piece" events.
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    Never does. They are usually two sentences long but he always changing a word or two or leaves crucial bits out. Because he can. Apparently it's a syndrome, can't think of the name. Like you take something to your boss or whatever to be checked and they always change something or amend it, no matter what. Because they can. As a result, I'm not sure if there is anything I can trust that he says or confidently professes on the air. Give Stu his due, he wasn't a smart arse. And none of the presenters of the Manx Radio phone-in shows ever really have been over the decades. It's just another reason to flick the switch.
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    You don't need to be an accountant to read a budget and see that the IOM Government spends too much money and that the only sensible long-term answer is to reduce the size and scope of bureaucracy.
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    Is this the same useless and powerless European Parliament that in the next breath is claimed to wield such power over the UK Govt?
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    That’s one of the issues with government though in that if you act a big enough and awkward enough twat everyone backs down. It wouldn’t happen anywhere else. They’d still fuck you out the door and be prepared for a fight in court if necessary.
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    I wonder who were the interview team? Blame them!
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    The Maltese are up there with our lot. Bonkers, the lot of 'em.
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    That would be in the moments before he woke up with his face in his cornflakes...
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    I can see the English building the tunnel to the Island. The Irish building the tunnel to there. Then road between the two being closed for a motorcycle race.
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    They wouldn’t get past the Tower of Refuge if they started at the mouth of the harbour and would still be into it for billions.
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    Yup. Religion as a whole is a blight on humanity. "Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion." - Steven Weinberg
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    I would hate to think of the consequences of this rushed to market technology bursting into flames on a ferry. At least with a petrol fire you stand some chance extinguishing it!
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    Bit creepy. Were you hiding in her wardrobe? Or was it your high power binoculars?
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