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    They're right to run to the EU? How does that tie in with your general anti-EU sentiment? Can't have it both ways Rog.
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    Hear Hear. To glibly describe it as "going back repeatedly" is nothing more than purely symptomatic of the unaccountable attitude that exists in the Island's Public Sector. Let us not forget what happened in this instance. A person or persons entrusted and paid by the taxpayers to manage a Public project decided on a number of things above their station. Including the taking out of illegal, unauthorised loans. Other persons who were supposed to have oversight of aspects of said project, including the financial, also utterly failed in their duty of that oversight. As a result, every household on this Island (and by obvious implication, every taxpaying individual), is now saddled with extra charges totalling @ £6M per annum for the next ten years at least. Some of those households could undoubtedly have made better use of their now £250 per year. And yet, following an expensive inquiry, NOBODY was to blame for these excesses and failings of Public Duty. Not one person. There were no sanctions. Nobody stood down. No admission. No apology. Nothing. For saddling the Island's taxpayers with £6M worth of payback per year for the next decade at least. Remarkable. And utterly disgusting. But not surprising, given the attitude that exists. The public can cover it. Every time. Until, as Derek Flint has suggested, an offence of Misconduct in Public Office is put on the Statute and enforced upon Politicians and Government Officers it will continue to happen. And until such legislation is raised the public will continue to regard most of our elected and their officers (and their statistics) with the total lack of faith that they do. And entirely justifiably.
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    It is a mess though Chris, that should never have happened and never needed the complex accounting now in place to sort it out. We all know this has been a huge burden on our little nation. and it is not ‘going back repeatedly’. Individuals made this happen. The investigation was unable to levy suitable sanctions because there aren’t any on our statute books. Whilst that is the position, there is no ultimate deterrent to prevent people in public office running fast and loose. If you can work so far out of your level of authority, massively damage the reputation of your country and cause it substantial financial damage, then walk away Scott free, then there is a problem. Those massive loans were “unauthorized”. Tynwald had to legalize them. We saw a similar situation with Sefton so nothing improved. I don’t think many would disagree. Until there are clear implications and a likelihood of going to jail if you malfease in a public office, these things will continue to happen.
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    Let's face facts here Chris, you are going to appear on this forum from time to time with "statistics". Why not just have the decency to admit the government past and present have let the voters down with their decision making and continue to do so
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    Perhaps to find and identify a guilty party? To ensure the public that the person who made the mistake has been identified and dealt with appropriately, fired, demoted or for an MHK, removed from all Depts and financially punished till the next election?
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    Minister Skelly???? Like all IoMan citizens, Mr Skelly is, no better, no worse than the rest of us! What you call him in his office is of little consequence to rest of the population who are in fact, your employers. It is particularly galling to see a person elected to the Govt. and then, the first thing that they do, is to elevate their selves above the electorate! First you give yourselves a title, Chis Thomas MHK,, this is before you have proved yourselves in your performance of that office. Then you are referred to as, Honourable or worse, Right Honourable! We will decide whether you are honourable and right. Possibly at the next election? You are there to represent the People, you are, if you wish to create a hierarchy, the bottom, We would be the top and you, our servants! Skelly or Mr Skelly would suffice. In journalism, first referring to someone by first and surname and thereafter by surname is the normal? OK Thomas?
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    I believe you were arguing with ND concerning dates of deployment and/or service qualifications of Prince Harry and the "release dates" of the public statements. You decided to bring up your time in the RAF as if it carried any substance and made your statement appear more factual,whereas it doesn't do anything of the sort,that's the point. Was your time in the RAF spent checking pop rivets by any chance?
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    Agree with you but if they can't be bothered with my custom then they can kiss my butt! They've lost the business.
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    Like totally amoral narcissistic serial philanderer and inveterate liar Boris Johnson. The only differences being Bercow had a sense of duty to his office and is not for sale...
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    Unpopular opinion: The IOM should become the world’s first totally secular state by introducing legislation banning gatherings related to organized religion and removing all religious elements from state and private education.
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    No - they should explore why - yet again - there’s an overspend and challenge Ashford as to what’s being done to address it. But they won’t, because not one of them seems to have any motivation to challenge a single aspect of Quayle’s inert and talentless government.
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    This was in 442 the other day. Would be great to see the island involved more.
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    If you read what I posted, you’d see I wasn’t looking for sympathy as I had it easy. It’s about the poor sods on debilitating shifts - who are there to keep the peace for us i was highlighting.
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    You telling me they didn't?
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    Yeh, which means it isn't indicative of sector-wide pay rises. The figures are skewed by people at the top who are seeing increases, while people on low to medium incomes have seen their salaries stagnate to the point that they do not match inflation and are therefore actually contracting in real terms. It's disingenuous to increase public sector pay based on the very top in the private sector having increases. It's not comparing like for like.
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    Yes your so right . But sadly as lots of CS and goverment jobs on the Island too much for incompetent staff and dishonest staff . But hey not the people making the appointments money right !!??? All I know it's clearly costing lives . And one of these days it will blow up and show up the service for what it is .. disgraceful .. but then we will get lessons have been learned blah blah as some poor soul is buried because of a lack of help , There's already been to many !
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    It's pretty standard. There's a shorter deadline for questions (seven 'clear days') than for motions (14) and they should be 'distributed to the public' by 12 tomorrow. Even if any questions haven't been submitted, Tynwald members will still have the chance to comment on the motion to authorise the supplementary vote of £8 million for the DHSC
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    No. You’ve completely missed ( deliberately or because you have misunderstood ) the Art 8. point. Its nothing to do with surveillance, in this case. In any event legitimate evidence gathering, by the authorities, in case of fraud is both exempt and proportionate. The Art 8 rights that are referred to are clearly referred to in the paper report. It’s the home and family life of the defendant and her two young children. This was a case on the cusp of custody or community Sentencing, and it’s a relevant reminder to the sentencer.
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    This was interesting on IOM Today...on the basis that repayment will take over 20 years! http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=53184&headline=Woman admits £21,000 benefit fraud claim&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2020
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    Neil. Please don't derail the thread with a personal attack on another poster.
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    All technology is intermediate and lasts until the next thing comes along and renders it obsolete.
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    1. Your opinion doesn't matter 2. Maybe you should write an ignorable letter 2. How are you getting on with the DVLA?
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    Just use a bit of common sense. Oh wait ----
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    And when they die? Then you'd be on here saying "why didn't Manx Radio grow their listener base". The way to do this - without wanting to be boring over and over again - was to leave the radio to tick over as it was and to expand into content such as podcasting and video. They've started, but it's all a bit half-arsed.
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    Why is it corrupt? It's exactly how you want your government to work, to be flexible enough to protect companies and jobs in the short term. It's a temporary fix to ensure long term health.
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    Bit harsh? Shit the bed this morning? I can't see any reason to be such a twat. I havent personally attacked you, I don't think I ever have? No, I have no experience in the military but I do recall them having to abruptly pull him out of operations once the press got wind he was deplayed. That should tell you something. I've already said I probably framed my original post incorrectly, it's a forum, we're not all of a certain standard of expressing ourselves. You're attitude to other posters is shit, you should calm down and not trawl these boards constantly looking for a fight or to get a rise out of someone. It's funny up to a point if done well but you're a bit trigger happy with your scathing critisms.
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    So the story was fake, but it was faked to raise money for a charity that helps people like the one in the story. I suppose she could be mendacious, and this is another lie. Or wanted to help people but she's thick and suffering mental health problems herself and this caused her to take a bizarre and criminal path to raise money. The court which has had the opportunity to meet her in person, investigate the background and the timeline of events seems to have believed the latter. I do worry that facebook creates a platform and a following for people who are emboldened to take action, but really aren't the sort of people who should be leading anything. Perhaps that happened here.
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    I do not know why people have a hang up about anyone working 3days in the office and 2 days at home it is common practice in the modern world with all the electronic equipment available, Skype etc. Backward thinking is holding progress back, smell the coffee and join the real world.
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    When you're in receipt of a substantial salary with an £8000 receipt free expense account you are not in the right place to be making comments on the cost of living.
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    Like calling for entire countries to be nuked safe from your living room 3500 miles away.
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    Frankly it's no worse than most of the "reputable" charities ripping people off, pretending your money is going to help people while their executives and the pyramid scheme under them are raking in hundreds of thousands or millions. My guess is this person is just not as clever as those executives to pull it off.
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    Yes we’ve tried a dehumidifier but we think it’s new damp as it’s got worse since the heavy rain. We think answer is probably to get the side of the house re rendered but u would rather find an alternative solution as re rendering would cost a lot .
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    Anyway I am glad the local rags are having their wings clipped.
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    You're just spouting unsupportable tripe from the Brussels leaning lobby.
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    It's quite easy to work out if you try. Most people don't care,but hey ho.
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    Q400s aren't fuel efficient? Have you got the fuel burn for say IOM-LPL available for Q400 and A320 (or the A319)?
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    Alitalia and Air France spring to mind as having beenin receipt of state aid. How Alitalia keeps going is amazing
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    Is it still coming in or drying out? Sometimes removing the old plaster and leaving it open to the air is the solution. As you've a new roof and sealed everything the residual evaporation has nowhere else to go. What about your guttering and down pipes, are they clear? Good luck with it...
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    I trust this government more than any since Mrs Thatcher stood down to do the best for the UK.
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    Well from a business perspective they're trying to put a competitor out of business and so reduce competition and provide the opportunity to charge more to consumers. I can see why they would want that, but not potential consumers (unless you are a substantial shareholder). Actually the EU is pretty relaxed about temporary state aid out to help out ailing companies, in large part because it helps maintain competition. I think there's quite a lot of case law about this, so I can't see any complaints getting very far. Of course it may give the UK government the excuse to let the company collapse and blame the EU for it. The British government and its tame media have been blaming the EU for things that were its own responsibility for decades, so there's no reason for them to stop now even though it gets even less plausible.
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    Of course Roger et al know for certain that the Iranian defence capability and their Command and Control systems are all the latest available, have all the capabilities they've been banging on about, have highly trained and disciplined crews and the whole lot works flawlessly.... Except it obviously does not. You have no idea operationally what it's like ergo you don't know what you're talking about...
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    Again, for clarity, why are you so personally wary about something you don't appear to understand?
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    Are we all in this together?
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    Maybe a million would cut it..?
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    Maybe a very desperate one?
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