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    Inquiry time. Cease work. Find out what's gone wrong (must be fairly obvious to all by now). Dismiss some people forthwith as examples and bring some UK Contractors in. Before this scandalous exhibition of Public Office incompetence consumes any more money for zero return other than a laughing stock construction. And do it NOW. ETA. And we've got Chris Thomas MHK posting on these boards telling us how everything's tickety-boo in Government and its finances.
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    We all accept that the DHSC and its various arms, including Noble's, is doing good work for the benefit of our communities. There are glaring exceptions, but I think that most people will accept my generalisation. It is interesting to think about the DHSC (or other government departments) in the light of the economic theories of William Niskanen - essentially that bureaucracies always tend to grow in size and cost - often in ways that are at variance from the wishes of their political overseers or the needs of the people they serve. This is because in a public sector environment, the size of budgets and teams equates to power, influence and the bureaucrat's salary - and this analysis applies at any level - DHSC CEO or physiotherapy team leader. It would take a rare talent to crack through this mentality - which has been developed over generations in the Manx public sector - and deliver genuine value for money.
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    It’s just dire. I mean everyone knew that they are a bunch of complete fucking idiots before this work even started but the general scale of their idiocy is still astounding as a lot of those minutes attest. The whole situation over the horse tram tracks should have got someone sacked but the reality is that they’ve actually promoted the guy who has fucked it up and sacked the people who were brought in to ease his transition out of the job instead. What do you actually have to do to get hoofed out of the DOI? Rape a cat in the middle of the road? Do a shit in Alf Cannan’s top drawer? Set fire to Howard Quayle’s house? They appear to have a plan for nothing other than how much money they can get away with spending and how much they can fuck everyone else around while they’re doing it.
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    Can't wait to hear what statements of impenetrable nonsense are made in response to this question
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    Charging points can be supplied and run by commercial entities with no taxpayer involvement, just like a cash machine. What I have not yet seen is how you are supposed to charge your car at home overnight if you have no off street parking, Are you going to have traipse a thick cable out of your house and over the pavement to your car/van/motorbike so that people can trip over it, unplug it as joke so you end up with no charge, damage the cable and end up getting electrocuted. I have zero intention of getting a solely battery powered car until they can sort out the range and get the charging down to maybe 5/10 minutes. Hybrid yes. I still think Hydrogen fuel cell cars are the future.
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    Could I politely suggest (if Susanofshite will permit) - that the bank and locum costs (agreed their effect on the budget) are a result of deliberate internal political planning?
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    Ditch the horse trams for good and get the tarmac done asap. Job done ✔
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    You just don't have the receptors to see what is important. That is why you think it's funny.
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    Trading bloc having a foreign minister and a foreign policy = tiniest little thing. Very easy to see how things slid so far around the bend with attitudes like that.
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    There's a lot to unpack for some of these 'women' too...
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    Idiot. It’s not the Bronx, no, so they won’t have to deal with daily shootings. But then I’m guessing the Bronx cops don’t deal with numerous RTCs every day, often involving derestricted speed. I’m also guessing they have a somewhat larger budget and numerous departments so that the average street cop doesn’t deal with missing people, vulnerable people, visit schools, do community work, deal with victims following incidents, on top of their ‘criminal’ workload every day of the week, like the Manx boys and girls do. They’re a small force here, so unlike the UK (and dare I say it, New York), the cops have to have knowledge and training and deal with all incidents, rather than have specific things usually allocated to departments.
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    So for me. CDs main virtues were portability and that reissued lps would have demos and none lp singles added due to the extra length. Streaming provides all that and I don't have to carry cds around with me. A lot of the benefits of vinyl do exist in cds and even cassettes, but it's more convenient to stick to one medium and records suits me best. Aesthetically. Practically. Vinyl isn't really about nostalgia for me, it's just the most practical and durable medium. I've records released in 2020, that I bought in the Seventies and that me Dad bought in the fifties, all played on the same equipment. I don't need to worry about the technology going obsolete or a hard drive dying. I like the convenience of just putting a record on the turntable and it playing, not searching through files, no booting up a computer.
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    Hear Hear. To glibly describe it as "going back repeatedly" is nothing more than purely symptomatic of the unaccountable attitude that exists in the Island's Public Sector. Let us not forget what happened in this instance. A person or persons entrusted and paid by the taxpayers to manage a Public project decided on a number of things above their station. Including the taking out of illegal, unauthorised loans. Other persons who were supposed to have oversight of aspects of said project, including the financial, also utterly failed in their duty of that oversight. As a result, every household on this Island (and by obvious implication, every taxpaying individual), is now saddled with extra charges totalling @ £6M per annum for the next ten years at least. Some of those households could undoubtedly have made better use of their now £250 per year. And yet, following an expensive inquiry, NOBODY was to blame for these excesses and failings of Public Duty. Not one person. There were no sanctions. Nobody stood down. No admission. No apology. Nothing. For saddling the Island's taxpayers with £6M worth of payback per year for the next decade at least. Remarkable. And utterly disgusting. But not surprising, given the attitude that exists. The public can cover it. Every time. Until, as Derek Flint has suggested, an offence of Misconduct in Public Office is put on the Statute and enforced upon Politicians and Government Officers it will continue to happen. And until such legislation is raised the public will continue to regard most of our elected and their officers (and their statistics) with the total lack of faith that they do. And entirely justifiably.
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    No open questions asked in Tynwald. Or anything remotely resembling, dodged and avoided. #clubtynwald - since AD979
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    Longworth's fantasy. I wouldn't bet against him having pushed this little gem through off his own bat in defiance and/or disregard of what was actually announced or even permitted, approval-wise. I'm sure I've read something somewhere about the proposal to run the electric trams on the promenade being knocked back previously.
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    A requirement of car ownership should be that people have off street parking.
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    You could always dangle it out of the bedroom window.
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    I'd put bank & locum staffing costs/& subsequent overspend right at the top of the budget these days.
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    what about people who live in flats with no assigned parking or houses with no off road parking? if you have a drive or a garage at home you are good, but running extension leads across roads and pavements is just not going to work. fitting charging points into public car parks should not be a problem.
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    The electricity won't be free, it will most probably also have a healthy mark up over your home tariff.
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    Old dog and young pup...
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    Don't ask me to explain what they do & why - it's baffled me for decades
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    There is a lot to unpack there...
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    I don't think that's true, PK. It's about the pure analogue sound quality too.
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    They probably do something similar to making up the tax on account for self employed people - last years budget plus 5% regardless of any change in circumstances.
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    This is not true on the island. Over here the public service appointments and grades are all about delusions of statehood and nothing whatever to do with budgets, manpower, responsibility and so forth.
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    If we had access to a proper analysis of costs and spending, written in English we may stand a chance? For example, costs per department of Administration, training, specialists, nurses, cleaners, equipment, drugs etc etc etc. I think we'd probably find that admin is one of the biggest costs, followed by training, sickness, locums etc?
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    Have done everything from vinyl to streaming. Each has its plus points but you cannot argue against the sheer sound quality of well kept and well played vinyl.
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    Come on Isle of Man residents. Stop being so supine. Start asking questions of power. Write to and meet your MHK. Demand answers.
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    septic or sceptic...
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    +1. Particularly the younger offenders. Witnessed them on community work a number of times. Weak and easily disregarded oversight and just wandering around smoking and taking the piss for the large part. Not any real sanction for proven offence and conviction.
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    But everyone knows it's not a overspend but a underfund . That's the truth really as they are getting stung by locums and bank staff as they are short of staff . Nationwide issue with up to 100.000 health staff short .
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    Richard always throws the strawman claim around, it doesn't make you special. I have no idea what you're even trying to bet on, but whatever it is its most likely utterly pointless. Maybe you should have a glass of water in between your glasses of wine, or just a nice pot of tea and a little lie down.
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    I don't even know what your point is. It's just preposterous bluster of the kind you'd find with a certain type of tosser in a London pub. You're always trying to call people out, without really offering much of anything yourself. The Sultan called you on it, and you blocked him! Are you mentally about 12?
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    Rugby teams go away all the time to play, they must fund the travel themselves ?
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    I would try cannabis myself for medical purposes if I could figure out a way to get hold of any. All the prescription drugs I've tried have been a disaster, most making things even worse.
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    https://www.fcisleofman.im/ Can only be good for the footballers on the Island
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    the paper seems to go up in price by 10p every 6 months, that is why they aren't selling. the usual manx business model, less sales , increase price, even lower sales, rinse and repeat.
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    Bravely written by 'A Reporter', I notice. Anonymity all right for us, just not you plebs. The awkward reality is that people will still buy the papers if they provide proper reporting of the court cases, but they don't. They only publish details of the accusations. If someone is convicted they can publish as many details as they want. Even if someone is found innocent they can publish details of what happened without the acquitted person's name (if for example the prosecution was ineptly carried out or malicious). An example I came across by accident recently. A police officer was accused of serious fraud in 2018. The media reported various court appearances between May and December. He pleaded non guilty, but there is no report anywhere I can see of the actual trial. If he was found guilty, justice has not been seen to be done; if he was found innocent people will see no record of it and his name will still be smeared; if the trial still hasn't taken place after a year, then justice certainly isn't being done either and the delay should be reported and explained (note that this doesn't need the name of the accused to be published). This isn't an isolated instance, but something I see all the time whenever you google the name of someone ever accused of crime. It may be that there are full and accurate reports of the eventual trials in the papers or on air (though I doubt it), but they never make it online. By reporting the accusations and not the consequences, the media are condemning anyone accused, whatever the outcome. It's just lazy and structurally biased reporting and (as so often with the British media) when caught out they are now whinging about press freedom, which would be more convincing if they had ever properly used it.
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    It's the usual thing. If one of them raises words against the government the government just use taxpayer money and stuffs their mouths with gold. Oh, they can stop the gravy train alright, but usually just long enough to hop aboard.
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    Baker is a fully signed up member of the junior CoMin Club. He's hoping to become a fully fledged member after the next election. I don't think he's voted against a CoMin motion yet.
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    Open questions need to be asked in House of Keys and Tynwald. It will focus the minds. It's far too easy for these guys to fanny about with Brexit and Climate Change and all that sort of bollocks. The Promenade isn't sexy and it doesn't involve ego boosting meaningless trips to Westminster but it has to be got a grip of.
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    60 2 bed flats, budget £4m, nice big job for the construction industry, sell them as part of a scheme, £20000 deposit £8000 a year mortgage, own the flat in 10 years, £2m profit, bunch of people on the property ladder, mighty success, trebles all round.
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    All religious ideologies should lose the tax-exempt status and cough up.
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    Frankly it's no worse than most of the "reputable" charities ripping people off, pretending your money is going to help people while their executives and the pyramid scheme under them are raking in hundreds of thousands or millions. My guess is this person is just not as clever as those executives to pull it off.
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    5yrs hard labour sounds a suitable punishment for many misdemeanours.
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    you should be relatively safe...
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