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    Even Bob Newhart couldn't have written a sketch this funny. LMAO 'Then what do the passengers do Walt ?'
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    'Passengers will pay 250 dollars to be bused to a small beach which will be filled with waste that cannot be burnt at the energy from waste plant the night before. When cleared, they are bused back to the ship for tea and biscuits not spending any real cash on the island at all. The un-burnable rubbish will be stored in an empty office in Douglas ready to be scattered on a beach for the next ship. A spokespuppet for the starship enterprise says even after the £20000 a day for renting office/storage space from a pal of mine is paid, the word gets round that we are a great place to do business even when you consider the farce of the prom, hospital, schools, busses, pensions, homeless, drugs and countless lumpy carpets'.
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    not quite John - money was raised on things like dog licences, public house licences etc which was somewhat earmarked for road upkeep etc - control of the customs duties was the key reason for the Act of Revestment the UK got this at a bargain price (but they did threaten to surround the Island with warships + to block every port), the money was to come from various customs duties raised - the 2nd was the sale of the Manorial rights for which it is likely the UK paid over the odds but then of course placed the cost elsewhere. It is likely that the Island made a profit in WW1 in running the Internment camps. Lord Raglan resisted income tax but WW1 forced it on the Island as inflation had reduced real wages and some foodstuffs (Bread) needed to be subsidised.
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    Just heard Rob C on the radio explaining that it was just a typo, so the FOM didn’t see a 5.1 % increase, but a 2.5%. Who’d have guessed ?
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    Another thread successfully derailed by the usual suspects accusing each other of being drunk/mentally ill/trolling etc etc
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    a couple of roads so you can escape the place.
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    Firmly in somebody's imagination!
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    Well it would seem they have an abundance of breaking up machines and a severe shortage of reinstatement machines!
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    If it turns out to be a further typo and it's 5.1% decrease I'll believe it.
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    It’s like every other anti 5G claim, it’s fake, it’s nonsense. There is no court Called The Common Law Courts Great Britain. And if there was it wouldn’t sit at Manchester Art Gallery . But well done. You’ve started thinking critically and asking questions instead of swallowing drivel hook line & sinker
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    Laurence reliably states that there'll be a Department-justifying annual increase in people, their bikes and their pets for 2020. In fact, the number of migrant boats crossing the Med will be dwarfed by the number crossing from the Fylde coastline in May and August. Further to that, most of those crossing the Med will actually be TT visitors as well, such is their devotion to the event and response to the DfE advertising campaign.
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    "We don’t know of anything else like this anywhere else in the world." No shit? I wonder why.
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    People surely fork out large amounts in cruise fees in order to enjoy the privileges of viewing and sailing through pristine environments, you know, the fjords or Arctic. Or see colour, sun and culture. I know I would. It must take a special kind of cruise client to want to fork out a couple of grand to have a session scratching around in jetsam and flotsam on a beach like a clutch of hens, between the black tie onboard dinners. Mind, if we bring in 50k passengers a year as per Laurence, we'll have to stop Bill cleaning the beaches the rest of the year to ensure there's enough rubbish to keep them all busy. Remember the old Tourist Board strapline. "You'll look forward to going back". Never a truer word spoken.
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    Amazing he now seems to have found the stupidest tourist demographic known to man. People who will pay £3000 for a cruise and then spend an extra £250 to clean shite up off a beach. They won’t care how crap the prom is when they’re being bussed up to some beach to get elbows deep in good old Manx shite. We need to milk this if there really are people so stupid out there that they will pay do this as part of a paid for luxury holiday.
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    http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=53815&headline=Cruise visitors to clean up our beaches in south&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2020&cat=Environment Wow!!! Toursim have managed to scrape together a new first for passengers visiting Douglas.. Rome - see spectacular remnants of the ancient Roman Empire, Norway - see Glaciers and incredible scenery, St Lucia - see crystal clear waters and white sand beaches, Douglas - pick up dirty shite and old fishing nets off some windy beach. It's almost up there with one excursion I saw disembarking from a coach outside Jurby Junk shortly before it closed.
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    This has been dealt with many times back in this topic. There were concept plans !! But never detailed plans , hence why currently there are a few engineers brought in from across working on plans etc to try and produce plans that enables contractors to work . It's referred to even quite recently on my Prom minutes by the contractor when asked about work schedules and time lines that when detailed plans are received this can be addressed . Incidentally this was raised as a critiscm on the MUA power station and departments were told then to never go into a contract without detailed plans and true to form nobody listened. This is one of the reasons ,not the only one , why the job has been so piece meal. It's a cluster fuck and just over a year gone and and it's 10 months behind at least ! Expect that figure to grow massively . Another reason and fall out to why they had to dig up the walkway to put in pipes as it was never any intention to do that and in fact DOIhad stated that walkway wasn't been touched .Intrestingly the last board meeting took place on 10th January but as yet no minutes produced so I'm thinking that might make interesting reading .
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    Or it could be that a number of posters are impartial and would rather see justice administered by the correct authority and not the nutters on here. If you happen to end up in court, would you want to rely on the moon howlers for justice?
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    Listen Ray, you’ve royally fucked up. Do the decent thing and just fall on your sword
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    I bet when they get home their house will be nice and warn and cosy.... courtesy of gas. We should make allowances I guess...there're only young after all....
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    That shows your ignorance of Manx history. The only taxation between 1765 and 1866 were British customs duties which Went direct. Into the British, later U.K. treasury. And even after income tax was introduced in WW1 Tynwald had little power to spend any of it. First charge was interest on the two Atholl purchases. IoMG even funded war borrowings by taking over responsibility for a portion of U.K. debt, eg War Loan.
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    Is this legit John Wright? Has former Prime Minister Theresa May, Nicky Morgan and the Minister for Culture, Media and Sport, been found guilty of several charges resulting in a fine being imposed upon them of £5,555,555.55? The judgement is highlighted below and the conviction in respect of the 5G roll-out being determined as unlawful under both common Law and a contravention under the Human Rights Act. Court Order 22nd September 2019 at the Common Law Courts Great Britain & International [PDF LINK HERE]
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    As rhe ship is battery powered will the Government be installing a charging point on Victoria Pier?
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    I think you and I agree on a lot of things but I think on this we will have to agree to disagree. The EU can't even sanction it's own members who have blatantly flouted tax laws for the best part of 30 years. It's in no position to lecture others. ETA: But despite that we'll still do business with Europe.
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    Lots of people have fun doing beach cleaning and this gives people something else to tell their friends about when they get home, as none of their friends will have done it.
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    I care more for the Irish than I do some of the Europeans.... they have Guinness for a start. And then there's the Blarney Stone....
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    What's all this crap about "going it alone"? The UK existed long before the EU. When De Gaulle said 'non' to UK participation, he was right. Les Anglo-Saxons aren't Europeans. That irony is not lost on me.
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    Ok, but there is nothing stopping them being lined up and ready to go as soon as the transition period ends is there? The UK has the power to step up and go get those agreements and deals ready, stop being so negative about it all. Didn't Prince Andrew used to get sent on these type of business missions? Perhaps best not use him though.
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    Are you seriously denying that you have ever claimed to be Polish? It’s nothing to do with your ancestral religion - you have claimed to be Polish on multiple occasions. If another poster were to claim to be a North African Muslim one day, a native of Saudi Arabia the next, defend the murder of British and Irish soldiers on UN missions the next and then claim to be a ‘British patriot’ on Manx Forums after making quite clear that you hate the British, Manx and Irish and hope they get economy-busting trade deals - well substitute North African for Polish and Saudia Arabia for Israel- and that’s you. There’s absolutely no need to drag up your family background in these discussions and yet you do at every opportunity. You are clearly an anti-Semitic sock puppet.
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    That would be quite funny if it wasn't true.
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    The scientific research could be at risk. A lot of researchers warned before the referendum that leaving the EU could lead to a decreases in funding for science and technology research projects. Not much has been said about that recently so I suspect this is linked with the negotiations regarding the future relationship. There is very little industry left at all in the UK. The industry that is left generally is part of a supply chain to EU countries (automotive, aerospace, food etc) and there future will depend on how trade with the EU will work in future. Given those at the top of Government in the UK now my suspicion is that the UK will aim for a low tax, finance friendly market.
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    Boom and bust are an economy breathing. A sign that an economy is healthy and active.
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    You're right. When Broken disconnected responsibility for handling the economy from HMG it was a cynical move to pass the buck to the BoE leaving HMG to play their own game with the BoE to pick up the pieces and being mandated to maintain interest rates within fixed bounds. The theory was that an independent BoE would be able to operate more effectively without government interference. Unfortunately when Brown attempted to replace the responsibility that the BoE had for control of the whole UK finance sector, especially banking with the FSA that he created was flawed from the get-go because the FSA did not hence the banks were able to play virtually fast and lose which when the US banking also played fast and lose was the root cause of the collapse of the UK banks because in effect there was no one with the power and authority to prevent them from so doing. The FSA simply did not have the power to intervene that the BoE had before Brown screwed things up. The rest is history.
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    Complaints can be vexatious. There’s Mr Duffy, consultant urologist at Nobles. Whistleblower at Morecambe Bay University Hospital Trust. Another allegation to GMC, by those he whistle blew, about divvying out holidays at Pizza parties, racism and drugs, at Lancaster and Barrow Hospitals.. He hasn’t been suspended here. Does the clinical director mental health actually see patients at present, or just run the department? ( I don’t know ) But if he doesn’t, and there is a risk based system, that may explain. Not that the risk based system worked properly for the consultant endocrinologist. DHSC got slated over their heavy handed suspension, overturned by the court. Maybe they’re more cautious now.
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    I think the day of a Parliament full of preening useless tossers happened years ago. Virtually all MPs (all sides) seem to go into it for self centered reasons, I struggle to think of many with actual real principles.
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    This is a serious issue and It has been referred to the GMC and onwards to “Fitness to Practice” They have extensive expertise. It takes a while . Leave it with them.
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    Should keep him busy. Hang on! You're the wrong sex....
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    Wheelchair = genuinely disabled = allowed on the bus Mobility scooter = lazy = not allowed on the bus Simple
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    What happens if you find out which beach and get there first. Will they tell you to stop cleaning it so you don't ruin the true tourist experience?
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    You don’t need to be to know the prom is a clusterfuck
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    Dear me Roger - you give racists a bad rep...
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    Pretty sure people tell the truth in surveys 100%, like they do in the Manx Radio Rajar one where they get a cheeky fiver, to get them to listen. Or perhaps people commission surveys to justify what they were going to do anyway, I don't know perhaps we could poll opinion and get Chris Boring Thomas to start a thread about it that was not just a desperate re-election thread but a real national conversation you know because politicians don't exaggerate, governments don't lie etc.
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    destroy your gag reflex and buy some knee pads.
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