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    This weekend, Caroline Flack took her life. I wasn’t a fan, but lots were. Her death has been a wake up in terms of the way we treat each other, especially online. I’ve seen the effect first hand, and my daughter, Beckii has talked extensively about it on Twitter the last couple of days. It compelled me to blog about it too. https://www.kbotraining.com/blog/just-be-fcking-nice-to-each-other I wonder if we might actually have our own sea-change on these forums, and finally turn it in to a medium for mature social debate? Rather than knocking lumps out of each other behind anonymity, we can do better. Challenge, call out, and critique, but keep the personal attacks and vitriol contained. maybe we can be part of making the world a better place?
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    The problem with that is when you get two people responding to each other in kind you end up with a series of tit for tat posts which ruins a thread. A better ideology, in my view, is that if you’re insulted ignore it and move on. Trying to get the last word is simply childish and belongs in the playground not on a forum supposedly for grownups.
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    One of the things you can almost guarantee with these 'vigilantes' is that if you google their name, a criminal conviction will show up. In this case Mr Rice's concern for the protection of children didn't extend to not getting into fights in front of them.
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    This forum and many forums like it aren't the problem. I look on this one and liken it to a pub conversation. Stays on track for a while, veers south then back on track again. Mods do a good job in stopping the really nasty vindictive comments. All of the public outpourings of grief whenever a celebrity does something is shameful. How many of these "grievers" actually care about their own neighbours. good idea Derek but the bigger problem is the news rags
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    No. In fact the boot is often on the other foot, with the police holding their collective heads in their collective hands at strange CPS discontinuance decisions. I sometimes think some people on here hear/read different things to me on radio and TV or in the papers. It may be me, who knows. The “facts” I've heard/read, and of course they’ve not been tested in court, but the case is no longer sub judice: Boyfriend woke up being bludgeoned by a heavy lamp base. Boyfriend and/or neighbours and/or both called 999 and There’s a full recording of an ongoing frenzied attack. Emergency services arrived, both Ms Flack and BF were covered in blood, blood all over apartment, BF had injuries. Lamp base seized. Ms Flack arrested. Made unsolicited “it was me, I did it” comment. If that’s true, big if, then CPS decision to prosecute is hardly surprising. BF not supporting is very different to BF saying it didn’t happen. Once charged and bailed it is standard for the accused to have condition of bail imposed of no contact with the aggrieved and prosecution witnesses. Of course, she has absolute right to plead not guilty. But my conclusion is that she brought much of the pressure on herself by doing that, rather than admitting at the earliest opportunity. And the nearer she got to the inevitable result of conviction, the more inevitable the outcome, which was staring her in the face became. The reality facing her was in 180° conflict with her artificially constructed public persona. Her cognitive dissonance, self belief in her innocence in face of overwhelming evidence, began to crumble. Should CPS have withdrawn? Would your view be any different if she ( and he ) was working class, homeless, black, Muslim, in fact anyone other than a media “personality”?
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    I think she took her own life not because of social media issues per see but the way the mainstream media (such as the Sun especially) and the CPS had decided to treat her recent domestic incident. The CPS pursued what was always going to be a high profile and widely reported court case even when her boyfriend said he refused to press charges as they wanted a head on a spike. I’m not sure social media was a huge factor. The fact that the Sun has taken a huge amount of online content relating to her down over the weekend shows who is largely to blame. But then again these are the same sort of people who hacked Millie Dowlers parents answerphone. Complete scumbags.
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    This is very true, but it's worth pointing out that things like whether the CPS decide to prosecute (as opposed say to just caution) may be influenced by the way the media (and especially the Press) cover such stories. If they hadn't brought charges exactly the same people in the same papers would be denouncing them for that and complaining that it was because she was a woman. The papers love to blame social media, but never ask where the small offensive minority of loons on social media gets its 'information' and attitudes from - because the obvious answer is the papers. What is more they then amplify offensive social media by reporting it as 'news' when it suits their own agenda - even if what they report is unrepresentative.
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    My point was this; can we perhaps consider stopping the very personal attacks that take place? I’m an absolute advocate of vigorous debate, but some of the stuff that goes on is just nasty. This isn’t about whether we could have saved Caroline. It’s about having some love and respect for your fellow man.
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    It'll continue until the electorate stop voting for politicians based personalities rather than policies. The thing I find ironic about Watterson wanting to modernise the Tynwald budget process is that it was his committee that massively watered down the Lisvane report to the point it wasn't worth the paper it was written on. He's only a reformer when it suits him.
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    Is it though? I think its pretty mild here. Personally I love a good insult, and a well placed 'fuck off' is a thing to be admired.
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    All they now need is a plague of frogs or locusts and it’s the perfect excuse. It must have been so mentally challenging massaging this years figures that they’ve realized that next years actuals can’t possibly show any upside on this years made up numbers so they’re getting the excuses in early.
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    I'm not too worried. I crossed the i's and dotted the t's on my accounts...which has confused the hell out of them for at least five years.
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    Oddly enough I don't, never have and won't in the future. I do wonder however, that should an invading force attack the UK and it's Crown Dependancies that the youth, rather than produce that Blitz/Dunkirk spirit, would in fact run for the hills waving he is arms in the air or locked away in a bathroom taking selfies and posting on Instagram. The trouble is, we, as a society claim to be all too altruistic when in reality we only show these properties, even if, when the shit hits the fan. I'm not saying her life and death is meaningless but it's no more or less worthy as such than anyone else's. Suffering is part of life and rather than bitch and whine about it or feel sorry for one's self, you own it, you get on with life and you stand tall and proud, it's the way we deal with challenges that defines us, not what we own or what our status is. No matter how bad you think you've got things there are countless others that have it ten times worse.
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    The UK has an official independent fiscal watchdog The Office of Budget Responsibility https://obr.uk/about-the-obr/what-we-do/ The Quayle gang can't even find the cash to fund an Auditor General (a role approved by Tynwald) but can find £1m for the Manx Radio Cash For No Questions Deal almost at the drop of a hat The UK has both parliamentary & independent scrutiny - the Isle of Man has neither
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    I usually give mine to the kids collecting for bonfire night. Actually, thinking about it, they haven't been back to pick any up for a couple of years now.
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    Well said Derek. The Forum would also be a more effective forum if commentators focused on issues rather than insulting each other or third parties.
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    tynwald will make sure there isn't, self preservation and all that.
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    Seems to be surprised that he's received abuse from people linked to those he has been naming. Dickhead.
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    Seems to be the thing these days. Outraged on somebody else's behalf
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    Absolutely. Derek’s points about social media have merit but the wrong un’s here are the tabloids and particularly those loathsome creatures at the Sun.
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    Surely the sensible thing to do would be to paint the building after all the work was done?
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    How has her death been a wake up? I hardly think the internet invented suicide just for half arsed celebrities
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    How do they pick that then? Get all the vulnerable people down to the NSC and make them race?
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    No, no, no, what we need is a new grandstand.
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    The trouble is what should they have diversified into? There's very little that would attract huge crowds to a tiny island in the middle of the Irish Sea. The amount of money thrown at it is still a reasonable investment in the everyday economy, maybe there has been more pumped in recently but not in past years when the event was in its heyday. It was quite a good return on investment and probably still is. This happens every year, people's circumstances change and now is the time they have to pay.
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    Mr Callister is just doing what Departmental Members like to do; identifying issues that he/she will be "addressing" in order to give the impression that their hands are on the tiller and they are busy providing insight, direction, vision and guidance in order to make the thing they are responsible for successful. Of course the reality is completely different. He will be doing none of these things but will be briefed abut what others are doing in order that he can appear on the media and in Tynwald and give the illusion of competence and necessity. What makes this little media exercise slightly more ridiculous is this that none of the things he mentions are within his power or remit to actually influence. When your ambitions far exceed your accomplishments or competencies the need to provide these illusions and market yourself to the easily-influenced becomes more desperate.
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    I've seen people mention ant mcpartlin as a comparison he drove drunk crashed into another vehicle and was arrested. Now he held his hands up admitted he had issues and sought help and took himself out the limelight. He is now back working he probably had a good amount of support round him. Now I've seen a load of celebs over the weekend tweeting their condolences and saying what a great person she was. My question would be where were these people? Why weren't they supporting her yet when she dies they are out in force. There is more to her death than the media or trolls
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    Sure there's the rest of that word missing there.
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    That's through having a democratic numbers advantage though? Not keeping it secret and denying any opposition the chance to even query it.
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    A certain P Karran said much the same a few years back, as I recall.
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    Good of JW to flag this undemocratic idiosyncracy up. What's the next step to ensuring that this becomes part of the open and transparent Govt we've been promised? Wait til the Budget's over and quietly forget about it? How are Lisvane's suggestions doing anyway, Juan?
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    The most depressing thing is that the article says gives the defence advocate said: "He is a family man and recently signed on for income support with his partner". Yes and there are still loads of allegations on there (it's also completely public). The defence advocate claimed that he hadn't been on there since he was arrested, but you'd think taking it down would have been a greater show of contrition.
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    Specialising in vegetables possibly.
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    They build them up to smash them down in order to remind them that the press made them famous despite them having little discernible talent so they know who is the boss. One minute they’re a nobody. Next their a multi millionaire celebrity. If they’re unlucky next they’re swinging from a rope.
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    And a black pair of shoes to top it off!
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    Looking at his photo, who'd have guessed. Wonder if he tucks his tracksuit bottoms into his socks...
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    As the police advised him, he could ruin a potential conviction with his amateur shenanigans
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    And that is just the start of it...
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    It's a good question. The cabinet office have taken it on board and have appointed 3 researchers, a secretary and a manager to look into it.
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    Why do the papers print these stories? Because people want to read about them. It is the whole rolling 24 hour news channels they need to fill in the space. As for Derek's original statement he is right people need to be a bit kinder to each other.
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    I accept there is a bit of that, but in central government it's a religion. You would also lose a lot of local knowledge and replace people who do a lot of work free and gratis with highly paid pen pushers.
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    Wonderful posts and how accurately observed. The 2019 TT/FOM figures were more than massaged, they were gerrymandered and manipulated to suit Governments agenda and certainly the Politicos running IOM Motorsports. Yes, the excuses have started and will build up for TT2020. Perhaps Callister and the Starship Enterprise have a hotline to the Steam Packey and know precisely the booking figures. Callister’s comments are almost embarrassing now, like an admission of failure. Yes years ago the TT suspension of the TT due to foot and mouth, was understandable. This is in turn led to handout galore to the farmers. Perhaps with Coronavirus, Novavirus and Flymaybeitis ccertain sectors of Manx Tourism and others are preparing to send around the begging bowl. Sorry for sounding cynical.
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    That was my first thought as well. I wonder if the IOMSPCo bookings are looking iffy?
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    What the UK needs isn't a fancy high speed rail link between Birmingham/Manchester and London, but more normal local trains running at normal speed along normal tracks, on time. Also land use / planning policies so that people can live closer to where they work and don't have to commute.
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    Agreed. But I imagine they were keen to get it painted sooner than 5 -10 years from now! If I do remember the original plans that areas was supposed to be finished and done before TT 2019 so the owners probably got fed up of waiting
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    Well that’s the real issue. She didn’t but she got it anyway. Reality TV and the mainstream media are the problem here not people on forums or social media. They like creating “celebrities” and then over time destroying them in order to create continuous news content in order to sell advertising. A lot of the people in reality TV are probably mentally damaged before they even set out in that sort of “career” as what sort of attention craving muppet wants to do that to start with? Sadly it’s just going to get worse as so many people are making so much money out of it.
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    I had never heard of her - quite why she deserves so much attention defeats me, but then I've never owned a TV. The old partly true story as to how the Romans kept their masses happy - bread + circuses - springs to mind, cheap reliable food and mass entertainment involving blood sports seems to hold good today though the public deaths seem to have been replaced by public voyeurism.
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    It isn't. Garff initiative is a good model for other LAs to follow, but not takeover by government. In central government, as has been proven many times, growth merely leads to more waste.
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    At least part of this is down to vanity though. Peel Marina has been a success and has certainly boosted the town. But whether these new maintenance costs stack up is another question. £7M now plus whatever future further maintenance costs pan out to be. And past costs too, notwithstanding that it's all at least partly due to DOI failing to discharge their prescribed maintenance duties. Even if the finances don't add up, nobody will admit to either that or what they were told about what would happen by local knowledgeables. That would be a humility too far. Any amount of money will be spent trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear before anybody admits they got it wrong and should have listened.
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