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    OK you two. Stop your bickering or you are both banned!!!
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    I think the thing is a change of Minister does give everyone the excuse to shift their positions. The unions can feel that they have been listened to with Cregeen going and the Department has the chance to blame any positions they want now to drop on the departing Minister. Allinson doesn't really have to do anything except be polite and not be Cregeen. Standing back may also give him the opportunity to intervene later if another deadlock is reached.
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    No such thing as bad publicity, I'd never heard of her before. I'm not impressed by anyone who 'plays the victim', people are quite horrible to each other (especially people they do not know) she's a grown up and shouldn't let it bother her. Milking it is dramatic and unnecessary.
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    Last aircraft just landed at Exeter, website closed, looks like the end. My thoughts go out to all the wonderful Flybe crews and staff, hope you get new employment soonest.
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    If you are never going to claim, you don’t need insurance
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    Not quite, especially as we don't yet know the details of what he had admitted to as reporting would have been restricted till the other charges were settled. General attacks on his character or details of the case might be deemed to be prejudicial. It does explain where the other charges went though. Tempting though it is to speculate we need to be cautious for the moment.
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    Quick reminder that this is a jury trial which is still underway so we need to be very careful about what we say about until a verdict has been reached.
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    Agreed but the tosspots in Tynwald will be coo cooing her and wringing their hands in mock indignation. She's a shoe in...
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    I do appreciate that you have recently arrived from Mars, but once you get to know our Earth papers (specifically the British ones) a little better you'll realise that this is exactly what they do. Day in, day out, on every topic under the Sun and indeed in the Sun. Tabloid or self-appointed posh paper, local or regional or national, daily or Sunday - they all fill their pages with such constructs. Often the 'story' will be put together from social media and other internet sources without any further reporting by some freelancer working on a piecework basis who may not even be in the same area (or country) where the newspaper is based. In this particular case they didn't even bother to disguise this is what they did. They said she had complained about the incident on Twitter and then printed her tweets exactly. Then they added information on her derived from her nomination papers for MLC (saying where it came from) and used a photo taken from the internet. None of this needed any permission - all this information is in the public domain and can be and usually is used without consulting those involved. So IOM Newspapers literally told you what they did, the Hoosens confirm that permission wasn't sought and yet you somehow need to believe that it's all a cunning plot to do something or other. This is bonkers.
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    "Chief Minister, Chief Minister what do we do? Mr Cregeen just arrived and told us our top priority is the arrest of some woman called Corona Virus."
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    But this is the reason why nothing has been done over the years. If anyone actually tries to save money by actually changing terms and conditions and closing loss making things (which impact on peoples jobs) they immediately end up being unpopular and have to stop because of the public backlash. I imagine that’s why bugger all of note has happened to shrink the public sector in 30 years. It ends up in the ‘too controversial to do’ category.
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    I think you would have to be a bit of a moron to think that Alex Allinson hadnt brought something to the table as an MHK. Absolutely certain to be elected again in 2021. If every MHK operated at his level the island is in a better place.
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    At least half the population doesn't trust experts anyhow. Personally I'm happy with the government response, so far. Both locally and in London. And with the presentation. There isn't much to be done anyhow. But then I'm not the sort of person who treats every situation as an opportunity for a moan.
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    Well I hope I for one am wrong. Oh btw, I still listen after 9pm, 7 days a week, I have no real problem with those shows. But as for the day time especially morning Mandate - Manx Radio left me, sort of thing, not the other way round.
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    There's a helpful-looking article on Moneysavingexpert. Note that some of its examples involve airline/travel collapses such as Monarch and Thomas Cook. Possible leave it for a couple of days to see what happens with existing bookings.
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    It's been on the cards for quite some time Dilligaf, you don't really have anyone to blame but yourself if you've booked flights reasonably far in advance and not used a credit card.
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    Well some fucker maybe getting a 55x35x20 insertion if I find who has robbed my money. Just saying
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    Anybody fancy buying a return ticket to Liverpool for next Wednesday...
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    Well FlyBe's situation started with a disastrous MD some years ago. I can't remember her name but she crippled the company.
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    Local for the win. I had an off island insurer once. The one and only time I needed to claim turned into a bloody nightmare. Had to finally get the ombudsman involved. He agreed with me and insurers had to pay out.
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    I thought you said you liked him?
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    Yes, he went away for an eye operation and on his return a taxi took him home when the driver pulled up at his destination he found he was stone dead. May have been the thought of the fare!
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    Poor Sid still has faith in our elected.
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    all your bases are belong to us
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    If New Manx Radio aren't going to be an IOM culture & community broadcaster then there's really not a lot of point in having them around
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    I know listening to manx radio you would believe it, but even they are not daft enough to buy it.
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    And pay for it! A wall. A big beautiful wall.
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    Quality link, some good advice in there. Banks/mortgage providers should read it. Cavity wall insulation is another one, on slightly less old buildings. The cavity is there for a reason, don't fill it up ffs.
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    Why is it for the taxpayer to refund them? That's what travel insurance is for.
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    I suspect that if the virus hits in large numbers in the Liverpool area the Fast Craft will be cancelled and the Ben run as freight only, if nothing else to save staff for the Island's 'lifeline' as self sufficiency in food went years ago - anyone needing to get off the Island will probably have to fly - the crowded conditions on the boat during TT period will be a significant factor - door handles, toilets , handrails etc will need regular deep cleaning, maybe riders in full leathers etc could sit it out but families with children ? - the UK government seem to be suggesting that May/June looks likely to be peak month - all we can do, apart from the oft repeated basic hygiene message, is to sit it out.
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    It will be a plus if they don't have to close the Mountain Rd for weeks for otherwise unnecessary repairs. Especially with all of the other diversions which are currently spamming everything up. And the money saved might go towards offsetting the likely economic impact of the virus. Not just NHS costs. People will, quite rightly, expect the same special sick pay arrangements as are now being guaranteed by the London govt.
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    Christ! You can catch Coronavirus by sitting on a hedge? I’d better add that to the wealth of helpful and accurate information online.
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    Well that's not their website.
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    depends on the wood......
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    Agreed. The wood facings on that (Haven?) development on the left approaching Fort North roundabout from Douglas are already starting to show signs of our climate, won't be difficult to see them rotten in a few years' time.
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    One slightly odd thing about the reporting that I have only just realised is that it refers to Deputy High Bailiff Louise Byrne as being in charge. But she isn't the Deputy High Bailiff as far as I can tell - that's Christopher Arrowsmith who was appointed only last September. Byrne is actually a senior advocate at Quinn Legal. I suppose they can appoint temporary Deputies and this case was clearly a bit of an anomaly (a longish trial in the summary courts) but I can't find any evidence of her presiding over other trials and it seems an odd one to start with.
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    If that’s external wood facing it will be a nightmare to maintain. In 10 years time it’ll either be peeling, rotten and grotty looking or requiring some rich anal fool willing to paint it every 3 years. In either case the resale value will be affected. Wood in our climate needs to be internal and not exposed to the elements.
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    he was found not guilty, but?
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    Link someone, please?
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    No. For nearly 100 years the division was First Deemster did Douglas and Castletown civil cases and all chancery cases, Second did Ramsey and Peel civil Cases, Matrimonial and criminal. Criminal was a pleas date once a month, plus the odd trial. Criminal was always a small part of D2 work. The vast majority of criminal work was/is dealt with in the High Bailiff and Magistrates Courts.
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    Unless you are driving a car on closed roads...
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    Omg 21 people in this thread, shows how important this is for so many
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    Look up debit card chargeback, may help though not sure
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    Errr .. well that isn’t going to happen is it?
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    Bill has posted a pic of the proposed development It will have a great vista - the view from there is one of the best on the island, if not the best It's a very exposed position tho' How robust are those window corner things?
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    Thanks for that it just goes to show how it’s easy to put the boot in on the lowest rung of the drugs chain to make it look like we’re being hard on drugs when, as you say, so many more serious offenders get off or are treated more leniently. So the end result is sadly two kids in foster care for another year (presumably at our cost) as a result of this failed appeal. I doubt she is some international drugs lord, just some poor woman conned or coerced into the bottom end of the supply chain by people who have presumably got off scot free and are probably now using some other mug to import their drugs into the IOM while reaping in the bulk of the profits.
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    She obviously has little board level experience to guide her. But then again she also seems to have very little life experience of anything else either.
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    Or indeed, a question they should ask themselves I see no benefit to society from what's going on up at the Head at the moment
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