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    As I explained in an early comment, those are the percentages of flights, not the percentages of passengers. easyJet has bigger planes and so carries more people on a smaller number of flights. I actually gave the number of Flybe passengers and total number of passengers in 2019 in the footnote - would you like an explanation about how to do division? Don't feel bad about it. Manx Radio made exactly the same mistake. I just expect higher standards on Manx Forums.
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    We keep on repeating this thing about the cost of getting to the Island by air as if we were still living in the 60s. It simply isn't true. You only have to look at the sort of prices easyJet have been offering for years. If you avoid TT (where there's no more space for people anyway) flights are pretty cheap through the Summer. You'd be pushed to find many over £100 and there's loads in the £20-£30 range. People may be unaware of how cheap it is to get here, but it is.
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    This is what happens when you replace a female PM with a male one. They can only do one thing at a time.
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    Well as reported last year: So £2 - £5 million would make the Guernsey taxpayer extremely happy. I never fail to be amazed by the way that some people, especially ex-government employees think the only solution to any inconvenience is to throw vast amounts of taxpayers money at it in the vague hope that something will happen. Flybe carried about 40% of the passengers who travelled through Isle of Man Airport[1]. Many of these of those will be on the patient transfer flights[2] for which alternative arrangements are being made. Another 172,445 passengers flew to/from Manchester - nearly half of all Flybe passengers. It's not actually that much longer to get to Manchester City Centre from Liverpool Airport than it is from Manchester's because you don't have to trek through the latter to get to the station - maybe an extra half hour. Airlines have collapsed before and the Island has coped without setting up yet another government department to lose money. [1] 349,289 out of 865,617 passengers in total. [2] According to an answer given in the Keys last year "the Patient Transfer Office books around 17,000 return journeys a year", so 34,000 flights in total - about 10% of all Flybe passengers
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    Can but encourage Mr Henderson to give this course of action some thought
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    Sorry that I didn't respond to this at the time, but you're not actually quite correct. As it happens a new FoI request was processed on the topic this week (Case ID1193749; Title: Country side payments: Public Authority: Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture; Date submitted: 24/02/2020) but it says the same sort of thing as they have previously. I'll give the reply in full because of the servlet problem.: So it's the land they claim not to have the full details of. They won't give you the details of who gets the cash for a different reason, though I can't see why they couldn't make receipt based on this being available. Actually you could argue that not knowing what the land is, is a much more serious omission. After all if they don't know what they are paying out the money for, how can they be sure that it is being managed according to the scheme or even that it exists?
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    There will be a new airline in a couple of weeks, same aircraft, mostly same crew, roughly same ownership, less routes, liabilities dropped etc. Usual bollocks, people like dilligaf get screwed, probably some contractors/suppliers too.
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    Grrr, it's always the French! I blame the EU.
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    They probably only do testing/screening Mon-Thursday
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    Nothing to do with it. You only test people who need testing - there are set criteria. If everyone with a runny nose gets tested (and swabs have to be sent to the uk) the labs would get overwhelmed - I imagine the test is a PCR, which is a little more involved and time consuming than say a urine dipstick. In my view if cases pick up in the UK then TT would be cancelled. Not to prevent spread of the virus necessarily, but because ITU beds all over the place will be rammed, with no capacity to look after the dozen or so smashed up bikers we produce each year.
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    A whelk would be a genuine and realistic alternative to both of them.
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    Yes it's the One Cameraman of the Apocalypse. More reliable than circling vultures as a portent of impending doom! Though I must point out that Ronaldsway often looks deserted in the middle of the day because of flight patterns and Manxies only ever turning up at last minute. They claim to have something sorted out for the patient transfer (presumably from Tuesday), but the problem is that no one knew exactly when this would happen. So unless you were prepared to pay for an entire parallel airline sitting around doing nothing for possibly months on end, even the best planning will take time to get into gear. That said they could have been more pro-active about it - was it beyond someone to issue a statement last night about what patients should do today? Given what all these managers are paid, a bit of initiative and working outside 9-5 might be expected. For the rest we'll just have to wait I suspect. The airline industry is quite good at jumping in and filling the gaps where there is an actual need.
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    Sad that they have finally gone but its been coming for years. As far as I am aware the problems stem from an ill conceived expansion plan that saw them purchasing too many planes, they were then left flying too many unviable routes.
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    Be an interesting TV series Jeremy Spake runs an airport with no aircraft, probably on a par with the Prison one already!
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    Oh no. This is really, really bad. Another indicator as to how flaky money can be here. Even bank accounts get 35 grand less protection.
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    I would be tempted to crowdfund people to move to Peel just to stand against Harmer. As Roger Mexico says he only got in last time due to lack of candidates. Even the pisshead dentist would have added more value to the Peel voters than Harmer has achieved overseeing complete carnage and budgetary irresponsibility at the DOI.
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    But we were talking about people coming on holiday in this case and holiday flights very often are at odd times. Some will pay extra for more convenient travel, but we simply can't pretend that the barrier to more visitors is that it is too expensive to get here. People have been using this as an excuse for decades rather than actually trying to find ways of bringing over more tourists. One of the more bizarre things about travel and tourism is that the hardest-headed capitalists suddenly start believing that the world has the obligation to provide whatever they want for next to nothing. People who will lecture you for hours on the laws of supply and demand, start whinging about unfairness because it costs more for a family holiday when the schools are off. Businessmen who scream at the slightest hint of state interference, demand that airlines be made to provide flights at times when it suits them, no matter what it costs the airline or government (and whether they actually bother to use those flights anyway). It's all very odd.
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    Actually BA bought Manx Airlines six months before 9/11 happened, so that is irrelevant (though I don't think the insurance thing was true anyway). BA did of course asset strip the Heathrow slots, but there was nothing that could be done by the Manx government at that stage. Possibly they could have bought Manx Airlines, but you can only shudder to think how much money would have been lost by them running it.
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    What's wrong with soap?
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    Yes, easyjet fares are great - if you want to pitch up at Gatwick at 2200 or Bristol at 2140 on a Friday evening - or have to get to Belfast for an 0530 check-in. We are at the arse-end of easyjet's scheduling thought process and will always remain so. The Island requires regular, timetabled services and not as-and-when-it-suits (the airline) schedule. There are some services that cannot be left to laissez-faire economics and have to be underwritten by the state - and transport services to and from an island community is surely one of them. Gladys; it is well documented that the then MD of Manx Airlines offered Manx Airlines plus Heathrow slots to that intellectual colossus Brown T - and it was turned down.
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    It's OK. The Transport Minister has told the Commons that Flybe passengers can switch to trains.
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    Well done to the Isle of Man Bank, I have just had a text saying if I had paid for a journey with my debit or credit card to go onto their website and they would assist me in making a claim. Now that is what I call a service We’ll done.I am referring to Flybe bookings.
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    Ray Forbes married a former colleague of mine from the GMP. I always found him a likeable guy, plenty of cash in his pocket (unsurprisingly) but he cheated on her shortly after they were wed. She was/is a lovely girl, too good for him. when I came to live on the Island I bumped into Ray a couple of years after his 'holiday' he was first class at bs and claimed he had plenty of irons in the fire even working for banks??? He stood me up for a meet up in Ramsey and the next thing heard he'd fallen off the perch. N.B Bent coppers should lose their pension rights
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    Prefers to front up ventures largely with other people's money. No fool.
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    Yes, there's a strong likelihood that this will be a 'pre-pack administration' with the profitable bits sold on to a new company, very quickly. We'll see......
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    That'll just be supply and demand, as people with short-term FlyBe bookings make alternative plans.
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    Where are DfE, Mr Skelly and his members and agencies with this business. Where is Tim Baker head of the Airport. The only people who didn't see this coming is these clowns.
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    Last aircraft just landed at Exeter, website closed, looks like the end. My thoughts go out to all the wonderful Flybe crews and staff, hope you get new employment soonest.
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    Welcome to the insane world of the coronavirus panic where all sorts of devious underhand shit in capital markets will be blamed on the knee jerk clampdowns and restrictions created by the idiotic overreaction to Coronavirus!
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    Well FlyBe's situation started with a disastrous MD some years ago. I can't remember her name but she crippled the company.
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    Likeable rogue was he Max?
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    UK Government planning predicts that the peak impact from Coronavirus will be in April and May. This means that the Hospital will be facing the most pressure in this period, caring for those that require in-patient treatment. Caring for the most serious cases will necessitate ventilation and a bed in ITU. Inevitably, TT races generate the need for ITU beds and put pressure on these resources, without an ongoing endemic. I fully understand the desirability of waiting for the situation to develop (or not) further but does anyone actually think that a Government, that put the health of its resident population as first priority, could take the risk of running an event that would increase the population by around 40,000 people during a period when it's health service could be under severe pressure to provide the necessary treatment to the sick? In my opinion, those that think the TT could or should still go ahead, currently, are putting hope, motorcycle racing and the desire to make a bit of money in front of common sense and a focus on making plans to provide proper care for our people. Business as usual, Mr Skelly, should involve making difficult decisions without undue delay and putting the needs of IOM people before cash.
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    Yes. HRH The Chief Minister in his quest for domination, ensured this current fiasco. Let’s not rock the boat! Some MLCs have quit their roles on points of principles. All well and good but shows how MLCs have hijacked the political scene. A sorry state of affairs.
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    The state owns the Steam Packet Government should use it
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    Belongs to Stobart but flies in Flybe colours. That raises the interesting point re Flybe franchisees and wet lease operations. There are Stobart, Eastern and Blue Island. Blue Island have their own booking system. Not sure about the other two. So even if Flybe going down doesn’t kill them, with money owed for operating the flights, they maybe can’t operate because they can’t take bookings.
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    Well that ok then. Nothing from the Isle of Man Chamber of Commerce either, they must be to busy with making these 140 decisions as new agencies members to bother about real issues.
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    A decade ago, Flybe was listed on the stock market as part of an ambitious pan-European expansion plan. The listing raised money to buy more planes, including an £850m order for 35 Embraer 175 jets to "underpin" its expansion into Western Europe. But for years after that it struggled with overcapacity. "They ended up putting planes on routes to use up the aeroplanes, rather than buying a fleet to fly routes effectively and successive managements battled with that burden," - Andrew Lobbenberg, analyst at HSBC aviation research
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    Because the European Commission is fundementaly as near to being communist in its aims as makes no difference.
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    Yet more drivel, dross and bullshit being spouted, this time about the old Summerland Site. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=54302&headline=In this week's Manx Independent: How coronavirus is hitting Ronaldsway flights&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2020 Is it the new launching site for Skelly and Callister’s ego’s into space? It’s amusing, expensive talking shop for this quango, and shows how little anything has been proposed or followed up in the time that these bodies have been set up. Estate Agents have had their turn and failed, either no takers or no money! This site has been empty and derelict for a long time, in fact too long. It’s not as though there has been a shortage of developers. There is a developer for Lord Street Bus Station, what’s the delay? Government inaction?’Red Tape? Perhaps a housing developer could build something there? Social Housing?
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    So will the marshalls, doctors, police and paramedics who are brought in and so necessary to the running of the TT.
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    Not much they can do really. I hope they have a good solution for the hospital transport sorted out, taking the boat in winter will be no fun at all. My local airports Newquay and Exeter will be grim this morning.
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    that was a fast demise after so many false finishes
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    I thought that was musicians - how do you become a millionaire in the music industry? Start as a billionaire.
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    How does the saying go, isn't it "If you want to make a small fortune in aviation, start with a large one"?
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