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    As a cyclist who has played a reasonably significant part in the cycling community in recent years my take is... STAY AT HOME! Trying to justify exceptions for one activity over another is not what everyone should be doing at the moment. The authorities, experts, police etc have made it clear that they want people to stay in as much as possible. An hour outside doing the permitted activities is enough. The self isolation argument falls down when every man and his dog drags a bike out the shed and the place ends up like Box Hill on a summer weekend. In so doing there will be more accidents and more contact. Then the walkers will want to stay out, then the runnefs and before you know it every mother fucker is outside enjoying a 6 hour leg stretch. It is currently a 21 day lockdown FFS just play the game that the authorities want and stop bellyaching and spouting self indignant justification for your own activities exception!
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    Sorry Dilli, couldn’t resist the edit
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    The ICU case is "recovering" too which is great news. On a lighter note, does Howard have a little thing for Jess @ IOM Newspapers? I'm sure I can hear a subtle change in his voice when he says "Hi Jess". It's not quite a Leslie Phillips "welllllll helllllllooo", but I'm certain there's a change in inflection. Does he want Howard's Way with her?
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    Well over 60,000 people on a small rock are currently not working. If they all decided to walk around the block you'd need traffic lights on the pavements. There is no harm whatsoever in some people walking, some running, some cycling, some driving to a secluded plantation and others across the countryside. Spread the load and flatten the curve. It'd be refreshing if our local constabulary used some common sense.
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    Top banana.... well said!
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    Apparently corona is more deadly for males than females. What about the other 57 genders?
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    Let’s do some sums. Positive cases double every 3 days without any social distancing etc. We currently have 40. So, in 3 day intervals, we’d have 80, 160, 320, 640, 1280. That’s in 2 weeks. For 3 days after that we’d get another 1280 cases. It’s more complex than this, but if say 10% need hospital care, and 25% of those intensive care that’s 128 admissions over 3 days of which 32 need ITU. For on average 10 days. The next 3 days we have 2560 cases, so that’s 256 into hospital and 64 needing intensive care. For 10 days. This is why social distancing is important. Get that doubling time increased significantly and the numbers become more manageable. Estimates of total numbers of deaths from around the world vary widely, but in Italy right now they’ve had 10000 with more to come. That’s 160 per million of population. Translated to us that’s about 14 deaths - doesn’t sound much, but when you figure in double that need ITU, and many more need admission with oxygen etc, and that they come over a period of a few weeks rather than months, then health services get overwhelmed. Which is why reducing the transmission rate is vital. No matter that we ‘only’ have 2 admitted cases - this is exactly the time we need to do it. Wait until the hospital’s half full and the boat has been missed. For an example of this watch the numbers in the US over the next few days.
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    My god I’m drunk. I do apologise. As you were...
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    It's true, once boredom sets in people will have to be more creative in activities that don't involve a phone or a TV. I can even see me sleeping with the missus if this lockdown carries on much longer.
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    Indeed. How do you fall back on a farming industry that now majorly "cares for the land" and supplies as much cut grass and hedgecuttings as you can eat?
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    Our lot are bound to swallow flutes. Either is just as likely.
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    Dear me. As usual, this helpful thread has mostly descended to the normal silly personal insults instead of being a sensible source of unbiased information. Try to self isolate within the common sense rules, theirs, not any improvised ones to your own cases. If you are really bored, plant some seeds or read a book.
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    Mostly PK whining, Woolley telling him he's wrong and Rog being, err, Rog.
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    Roger Mexico - joined June 2010, posts 5696. Dilligaf - joined Jan 2010, posts 17,817.
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    Having a go at 'Lycras LOuts' at least gives us MFers a chance to vent our spleens without mentioning 'Colour' or 'Gender Identity' !!!
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    Well that's usa sorted. Seems a bit selfish he only cured them and not the rest of the planet. https://mobile.twitter.com/i/web/status/1244344119545208834
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    In some respects I guess so. When/if people do start to die then perhaps the right to roam mob might take a different view.
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    They're not in the business of losing money. Heads they win tails you lose.
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    But the main reason for stopping unnecessary journeys, is to avoid any accidents that would tie up medics or other emergency service.
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    There's not much in the way of exercise benefits, but there may be in terms of mental health because of of 'getting out of the house'. And if the main concern is to prevent spreading the virus, then a drive is probably lower risk that going out for a walk - you're remaining in your own environment after all. But people have accidents at home as well: There's nothing else for it dili, you're going to have go out and live in the garden for the next six months. And no you can't have a tent - do you know how dangerous those things are?
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    If someone is struggling for long enough to breath into a breathalyser because of a "cold" then I suspect they should be self isolating.
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    gettafa is howard quayle .
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    Hyperbowl, is that like the Superbowl but better?
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    This is quite tiresome. I’ve returned here because, for the first time in a long time, there’s a calm air about the place and topics are being discussed rationally and most of the tit for tat nonsense of the past has gone. And then there’s you. You disagree. I get that. You both do. Neither of you are going to win because there are no winners. Just opinions and we’ve heard the same ones over and over again. Like I said, it’s tiresome.
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    Our lot are bound to follow suit
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    I should also have said that you've got to remember that many of those who get infected in that age group (18-34 or 20-29 in the South Korean example) will have had that happen before the restrictions were being brought in - or may have been infected by a partner, housemate or whatever who was. The point is that if a group has more and more varied interactions then they are more likely to catch something, even if they are careful as other groups. On the subject of epidemiology, I think we out to be careful about the 'light at the end of the tunnel' announcements we are already seeing. We've seen similar hopes (for example with Italy) fade before, but in this case there's another thing to be taken into consideration. It's Monday. Previous weekends have related to similar apparent slow downs in the numbers for both cases and deaths. Presumably this is a function of reporting (and it's confused by the timing of reporting over time altering as well) and maybe issues relating to testing. It's very tempting to hope that social measures are already having an effect, but we really need to see quite a few days figures before calling it.
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    In comparison - Confirmed cases of coronavirus in the Isle of Man now stands at 49. 47 patients have been instructed to self-isolate and two are being treated at the hospital. The contact tracing process is already underway led by Public Health. There have been 825 concluded tests, 236 tests are awaiting results and 182 people are awaiting tests." Jersey - Confirmed cases 81 - deaths - 2 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_coronavirus_pandemic_in_Jersey Guernsey - Confirmed cases - 60 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020_coronavirus_pandemic_in_Guernsey https://www.itv.com/news/channel/2020-03-12/live-updates-number-of-coronavirus-cases-in-the-channel-islands/ 10 Cases in Jersey are hospitalised - https://www.itv.com/news/channel/2020-03-30/ten-of-jersey-s-positive-coronavirus-cases-are-in-hospital/ Couple of hundred test results to come back so probably, but it's only gone up in dribs and drabs so far. If it's only with mild symptoms ( self isolating) and not hospitalised that would be very good.
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    So would 4000 holes in Blackburn Lancashire all the holes you've dug for yourself on here
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    And the taxes that fund the NHS will be paid from where exactly? If people don't want to participate in sports that's up to them, if they want to smoke, or drink alcohol or eat pizzas that's also up to them...you can shove your pious pontificating right up your fucking arse.
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    No it's simply that people in those age groups are more mobile and in contact with more people. Both socially and in terms of work as well - they will tend to be the junior staff who have more contact with customers and others working at the same level. I linked to some South Korean data a while back that showed a similar pattern. If you test a lot of people (and we are now) then you will pick up more of these cases because many will have few or no symptoms. But they can still infect people and that's why it is important to identify them.
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    Indeed. I know of someone who normally runs miles each morning with the dog. On a recent morning since the lock down she didn't and stayed home. Finished up in A & E after falling over the dog in the kitchen. Suspected broken hip. Luckily not. Most accidents are in the home.
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    So, people who would like to go out for a drive are forced to stay put but a cyclist is free to roam the roads? They're either both at risk or neither. Which is it?
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    I have, got a grip. I confess that I'm finding it hard to understand what some people (like you?) don't understand. Reducing the time that the emergency services spend dealing with non-virus issues has to be a good thing, no? Anything else is selfish.
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    Yes, I recall Howie Baby using it....now he's wanting shout outs for 'Howard's Heroes', it's a bit like Hogan's Heroes but that they're not looking for gold, the troubling thing is that it's Howard trying to make a make for himself rather than using the hashtag Island's heroes, they're not his heroes, not one bit, they are all our heroes.
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    I wouldn't get your hopes up.
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    That's important as well, which is why I distinguished before between activities that have a higher risk of injury or would take more effort to get someone to hospital (such as fell running) and those that don't, such as going for a sedate drive. Everything has some risks, including staying at home. And in any case I suspect the non-COVID bit of A&E are busy twiddling their thumbs a lot - there's a real danger that people don't get treatment when they should and when it is available. I'm not saying that everyone should immediately go out for a drive or a ride or even a walk (per mile possibly the most dangerous of those), but everyone needs to stop obsessing over low-risk behaviour.
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    "There is no harm whatsoever..." = famous last words
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    I’d like to see a future Mann where, for especially the young, and especially the young women, to come out of this with more of a sense of what is important and what is not. I’d like to see them reconnecting with themselves in a more wholesome way and realising that everything that is pushed on them making them feel inferior to others is simply a money making scheme. All of it, the make up, the hair, the Daffy Duck lips, scouse brows, infills, false eyelashes, dressing like a porn star. If they were happy about it then maybe it wouldn’t be such an issue but they’re not. Their state of mental health is worrying. I spend a lot of time with young people and I know how stressful all this nonsense has become for them. So yes, that would be just one of my wishes. A long period of social distancing seems to be doing many people the world of good. I hope the same can be said for the young people - if they let it.
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    Quite, there is no exercise benefit to going for a drive. Yes, staying in the house for a long time is unpleasant but it will not kill you. Why can't people just comply with what they are being told to do?
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    It depends how long they've had it. Symptoms are always fuzzy but head colds tend to have different ones from COVID-19 (more a dry cough) and of course we don't know if the vet had already been tested to see if they had the virus and cleared. But it does underline how some in the police need to realise both that they need stop trying to find things to do (the same applies to politicians, by the way) and that if you behave like prats in the age of social media, you will end up looking like that very publicly. A policeman acting in this officious manner in WWII would have been the subject of tutting in a couple of rural pubs, nowadays they're lucky if they stay out of the Daily Mail. Some in the police seem to find it a 'problem' that everyone is being so law-abiding. This is partly dictated by circumstance - most drunk driving for example is due to people driving back from pubs and social gatherings, neither of which currently apply. But it's also due to public feeling and there's a danger of damaging that if the police behave in a heavy-handed and thoughtless manner.
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    That's probably just Howard's grant applications, cut them and it'll all be fine.
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    Vere are your papers!
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    Everyone should just go for the credit card comnpanies to sort it. Easyjet will soon learn then once their processing company starts having to deal with it.
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    No - the lower the threshold salary the easier it is for someone to get a job which is valid for the visa scheme. To get a skilled job visa, you need a job offer for a job with a salary of at least £20,480, and if it is below £25,600 they must also fulfil other criteria to gain a visa ... and all the jobs listed (apart from care assistant) are classified as shortage occupations which is one of the criteria. So NHS workers are paid above the minimum and fit the criteria necessary for the visa scheme - the tweet is totally bogus. I've said repeatedly that my view is the Government is listening to advice and when advice changes it has changed its position. I'm unclear how much of the "stupid herd immunity nonsense" is whipped up by ideologically biased reporting. My understanding there was a policy debate between experts and this debate was settled by the modelling by Prof Ferguson at Imperial and accepted by government - all in a matter of days. The government has progressively tightened policies. You'll insist in an arbitary and dithering way. My view is they telegraphed policies and communicated in language which ramped up rapidly as the situation developed. And yes things have developed far quicker than expected and far far quicker than the pace governments usually work at. You seem to think the close to the entire shut down of an economy, with the huge consequences of that, in a matter of weeks with economic and social changes to mitigate those consequences is something that should have been done far quicker. I disagree, and find your continual insistence that everything is incompetent totally overblown. There is always a certain amount of incompetence - we are all only human after all, but your rhetoric doesn't help your argument, and in my view almost fatally weakens it.
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    Nobody ever did that. People of your persuasion dreamed it up. But it may yet be the only way in any case.
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    And I will say once more, as you appear not to have noticed it, that herd immunity is not stupid or nonsense, and it may turn out to be our most potent and only viable defence against the virus.
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    As somebody who likes cycling, it is more to do with the fact that rules have been put into place and at every turn, idiots are looking for loopholes
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    Then the fishermen would ask why they can't fish at the reservoirs for 6 hours because it's "almost certainly doing nothing to spread infection". The fell runners would ask why they can't run on the hills for 6 hours because it's "almost certainly doing nothing to spread infection". The dog walkers would ask why they can't stroll in the plantations for 6 hours because it's "almost certainly doing nothing to spread infection". We're all being asked to make sacrifices and those who still want to carry on with no change think they're better than everyone else. In the case of cyclists they could be forgiven as they spend most of their lives acting like the rules don't apply to them anyway.
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